Daddy's Little Angel


He licked his lips as his eyes moved from her innocent face down to her budding breasts and down further. His eyes were fixed on her hairless little pussy for a moment, staring at how the fabric so tightly clung to it. He slipped into the darkened room and shut the door behind him. She was a sound sleeper and did not even notice that he lifted her right arm by the wrist. He extended it over her head as his free hand pulled out a length of rope from the pocket of the robe. He securely tied her wrist to the headboard and had almost finished with the other wrist when her eyes opened. She groggily looked up at him curiously. "Daddy… what are you doing?" she whispered as she tried to move. "We're going to play a game honey. You want to play a game with your daddy don't you?" he asked, the words almost sticking in his throat. "Yes daddy. . . but" she started to answer. "Open your mouth pumpkin" he said as he reached for one of the balled up socks on the floor. Cassie obediently opened her mouth for him.

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   He pushed the sock into her mouth. She was shocked. He pulled the duct tape from his pocket and ripped off piece large enough to cover her mouth. She did not struggle at all, just watched him as he placed it over her lips and secured the sock inside. He then moved to the other end of the bed, tying each ankle to the bedpost so that she laid spread eagle in front of him. He stood back for a moment and just admired her bound body. He gently sat on the edge of the bed next to her as he pulled the knife from his pocket. Her eyes widened as he opened it. "Don't worry kitten, daddy isn't going to hurt you," he said in a coaxing voice. He gently slid the edge of the blade under her panties. With two precise jerks of his wrist, he sliced through the panties, freeing them from her body. He pulled them off and tossed them aside. He looked upon the part of her he had fantasized about touching and tasting so many times. He put a single finger in his mouth and got it nice and wet. He then brought it to her delicate little slit, rubbing up and down it slowly before letting the tip penetrate her slowly.

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   She whimpered as the tip of his finger met some resistance. A wicked glee sparkled in his eyes as he withdrew almost completely and forced through the thin membrane with a single stab of his finger. She cried out around the gag. "I'm sorry sweetie, Daddy promises to make it all better" he answered her cry with a raspy voice. His manhood was throbbing in his boxers, begging to be freed. He began to work his finger in and out of her tight little cunny slowly and very gently. He could feel her juices starting to flow as very quiet moans filtered through the gag. Once he had her, nice and wet he pushed a second finger in. His eyes were transfixed on her puffy little lips as her pussy swallowed both thick fingers. Her body began to move slightly against the restrains. He thought at first she was trying to escape his touch but soon realized quite the contrary. Her juices were flowing heavily as his fingers continued to dig into her flesh. He spread them inside her slightly, getting her ready for a third finger. She whimpered slightly but her hips continued to buck lightly. He wiggled a third finger into her tight little hole, letting it accept him before he began to pick up his pace again.

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   He could feel the precum seeping from the head of his cock as his fingers continued to work in and out of his daughter's deflowered little cunny. He could hear the moans growing louder as they tried to break free from the gag. He swallowed hard as he continued to work his daughter into a frenzied lust filled state. He watched her sweet little treasure open up before him as he spread his fingers again. Her breathing was fast and ragged as he pushed in deep with each stroke. Within seconds of slipping in the forth finger, her body shuddered hard as a massive wave of fluid washed over his fingers. He stared in amazement as his fingers glistened in the dimly lit room. He wanted a taste of her but he had to wait. He had to keep going before he could not bring himself to do it. His fingers twisted inside of his darling little girl slowly, spreading, stretching her further. She let out another intense moan, having it absorbed by the gag. He could not wait any longer. He repositioned his fingers, pushing his entire hand slowly into her tight little hole. Her body jerked uncontrollably as another orgasm rocked the young girl. He reached up with his free hand, sliding it up under her shirt.

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   His fingers traveled to her small breasts, pinching the tiny nipple hard, first the right then the left. He loved how they throbbed between his fingers as he twisted them, tugging gently. His hand working further inside his daughter's pussy. He could not take much more. He had to feel his cock inside her. He slowly pulled his fist out, staring at the glistening juices that still clung to it. He brought his hand to his mouth, licking the sweetness from it. He stopped, reaching for the knife with his dry hand and cutting the shirt up the center carefully. It fell open around her chest. He began to smear the sticky sweet cum over her little breasts. He stood for just a moment to remove the restrictive boxers. His large member flopped out into full view. She looked at it in amazement then looked up at her father's face. "Do you like it baby?" he asked as he ran his hand up and down its length. She nodded emphatically.

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   She had no restraint left in her. She wanted to feel his large cock slid inside her and fill the hole his hand had left. He positioned himself between her legs, kneeling on the bed. He looked into her eyes as he placed one hand along side of her body. She looked so small and delicate laying there, not like the beast who had given birth to her. He placed the head of his cock to the gaping hole and slid inside. She was already starting to recover from his hand's presence as she clung tightly around him. He let out a loud groan as he sunk deeper inside her, both hands resting on her bed on either side of her. His head lowered as his lips attacked her nipple. He could taste her sweetness as he started to thrust in and out of her slowly. His cock throbbed inside the tight little folds. He bit down softly on her nipple, sending a charge through her body like she had never felt before. He moaned as her muscles clamped down on his thick shaft as another burst of her juices was released. He picked up the pace, knowing how incredibly sensitive the moist pink flesh was. Her eyes were wide, glazed over with sheer pleasure.

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   He did not want it to end yet. He fought with all his might to stay in control. He reached down and carefully peeled back the tape from her mouth. His fingers fished out the sock before he pressed his lips to hers. He kissed her passionately as he continued to make love to the only girl he would ever long for again. The soft sounds of their bodies slapping together filled the room as he quickened his pace again. Her tight little cunny hugged his huge member like a glove, as if just made for his pleasure. He let out a low groan as he felt his balls begin to tighten. He pumped harder and faster into his little girl as she began to shake once again. Her body was so alive with desire. She tried to buck into his hips but her body was still restricted by the weight of him and the ropes that held her spread wide for him. Cassie felt as if she could pass out from the intensity of the pleasure that ripped through her young body. She had never imagined anything so incredible, especially from her own father. With a final thrust, he held himself deep inside her as his warm thick seed rushed into his daughter. He broke the kiss as their orgasms subsided and looked down to the beautiful little girl beneath him.

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   They were both covered in sweat and exhausted from the efforts. "Cassie my angel, If you want us to be able to do this again you know you can never tell anyone. . . right" he searched her eyes as he spoke softly. "Oh daddy I will never tell I promise. I want to play this game every night. Can we daddy?" she excited answered. He smiled down at her and kissed her forehead tenderly, "Yes baby girl we can play every night"He felt his softened muscle slipping from inside her slowly as the mixture of their fluids began to seep from her. He gently climbed off her and untied her. She wanted to move but her body was still weak and trembling. He softly scooped up his naked daughter in his arms and carried her into the bathroom where he ran her a nice warm bath. He slipped into her room and changed her sheets while she relaxed in the tub. When he returned to her, he lovingly washed her body. His wife had awakened and noticed his absence and the light on in their daughter's room.

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   Suspecting nothing had happened between them she knocked on the bathroom door. "Everything alright?" she asked"Cassie got sick is all. I got everything under control. Just go back to bed," he quickly answered. Without a second thought, his wife went back to bed. Chris dried his darling little lover off and carried her back to her clean bed. He picked out a new pair of panties and shirt for her to sleep in. She put them on quickly and lay down. She looked up at him with the most precious smile and whispered. "Good night Daddy, I love you" He kissed her lips softly as he brushed her hair back from her face. "I love you too sweetheart. Now get some sleep. We can play again tomorrow while your mother is gone shopping. ".