Daddy's Wedding Gift



It had been a long day but between Candy, Sherry and I we had managed to decorate the church and set up the hall for the reception dinner after the wedding tomorrow before the caretaker tossed us out at nine as he locked up. Dave would pick up my gown from the fitters on his way into the church in the morning. I bid my farewells to Candy and Sherry as I began the short trek down the block to the hotel. My Dad had insisted he make this small gesture as he could afford little else. I was grateful I had only a half block to walk instead of the forty-minute drive Candy and Sherry had to endure to get home. I picked up the key at the desk and plodded to the room. I was surprised at how nice a room Dad had rented. The double bed beckoned to my weary bones as I entered. I looked about the room and noticed the suitcase Dad had picked up from me at the church earlier in the day resting on the dresser. As I undressed I noticed the door was ajar by the dresser. I pulled on my nightshirt and opened the door to find another room like my own adjoining it. I called Dad’s name to no avail. He was out, of course, probably at he bar getting a drink. I returned to my room leaving the door ajar so that I might hear him when he came and lay down to get some much-needed rest.
 I dreamt of my fiancée, who was off at college the past several months, and his infuriatingly light gentle touches against my skin. His fingers would trace the outline of my body pausing carefully to outline the curve of my hips (which fascinated for some reason) up my side and down my arm only to return up my arm and across my shoulders to neck and around my ear.

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   I could feel his warm breath on my skin as his hand traveled down my chest to gently outline the pink edges of my areoles. My nipples stretched and hardened as they reacted to his caresses begging for a firmer touch only to be denied as his fingers journey down my chest, over my abdomen and lightly tangled in my pubic hair before tracing the outlines of my labial petal. I shifted on the bed spreading my legs to grant him better access, yet he still only teased at the outer lips. I felt his warm breath on my nipple and my hands grasped his head pulling it down. My eyes fluttered open to see my hands entangled in the hair of an unfamiliar head as I lifted to my face our eyes met in the dimly lit room I could see my father’s face. “Baby, you’ve grown so beautiful,” he said. I lips met for the first time in over a decade and I kissed with a passion I had not felt in a very long time.   My hands went around his body as I hugged him and I noted his naked form. For a moment I was startled and withdrew my arms. He began to back away mumbling an apology. “Wait Daddy, please don’t go,” I said as I sat up on the bed and my nightshirt feel back over my near naked form.
 My Dad stopped by the now open adjoining room door I could see his once familiar naked form in the light leaking in from next door. “Baby, I’m sorry,” he gasped as he turned to leave. “For what?" I asked, as I drew my nightshirt over my head and tossed it aside to reveal my now naked form to him. I reached out my arms to him beckoning for his return saying, “Come to bed Daddy.

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  ”  As he walked to side of the bed I slid off it on to my knees grasping his fully erect manhood to pull it toward my pursed lips. Greedily I sucked his cock deep into my throat with an experience the child had not hitherto known. Daddy gasped as his hands grasped the side of head moaning, “Baby that feels so good!”  My thumb and forefinger of one hand gently seized the base of his cock as my other hand gently ran along back of his leg until I could grasp his ass to hold him place as my head bobbed slowly into his crotch. I could feel the muscles in his ass tighten as he fought to stem the tide rising in his balls begging for release. I knew when he was getting close when his hips began to rock into my face. I drew my head back slowly allowing my tongue to trace the throbbing veins in his cock and used the tip of my tongue to trace the ridge of it’s circumcised crown.
 I rose from my knees only to sink back on the bed spreading my legs wide to allow my fingers to spread the labial folds of my now dripping vagina saying, “Daddy, put that where it belongs”. He strode forward and drove his blood-engorged member deep into me our pubic hairs entangled and our pelvic bones shuddered from the impact. My Dad became a man possessed driving his cock into me with ever quickening thunderous blows. I could feel his legs begin to tremble as his mighty load of cum demanded release. I felt him begin to withdraw and wrapped my legs around his waist digging my heels into his ass driving him back in all the way. I felt his sperm slam into me in one geyser after another and groaned my approval as we melted into each other’s arms. I sighed into his ear as I drew him close, “It’s what it’s made for, you know,” and giggled like a schoolgirl. We slept, entangled that way for I don’t know how long until his erection returned and we began anew.
 We were awakened by the harsh jangle of the phone in the morning.

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   We had to get up and get ready to go to the church. I had the most difficult time to shower and get dressed as Dad wanted to wash me in the shower and every time I put a stitch of clothing on he took it off. Finally he insisted on taking some pictures before I was finally able to slip away to the church. He cried like a schoolboy as I left. I rejoiced as I walked to the church in the knowledge I had received the best gift any daughter could have a part of my Dad deep within my body.

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