Daughter, Daughter, Mom and me 11


We had breakfast, laughed talked about where we might want to move, kiss and fondled each other and then I said I need a shower now so since I cooked they have to clean. All three agreed and kissed me, I turned and went and had a shower. Half way threw the shower Britt knocked on the shower door and asked to join me. Of course and Britt stepped in.
" I need your hard cock My love "
Britt is a sight to behold when she is wet with water or piss. It just makes her even sexier if that is possible.
You do, do you?
" MMM YES. Some how I feel today is the day my love, I don't know why but I have a feeling that right now this minute I am so ready. Call it a womans intuition but my egg is there where it should be. Make Love to Me, Make me pregnant right now My Love, My Husband, Let me give you a child. "
We kissed, not hard but soft and passionatly then Britt turned around and bent forward and I slipped into her wet and warm pussy. It was not a fast hard fucking, no we made slow romantic love.
Britt and I knew that this was the moment that our baby would be concieved, as soon as I entered her I felt that yes the moment was right. As I said Britt and I where connected in every way. We made love so slowly, our movements in perfect sync, low moans coming from both of us as we slowly built to a climax that would give us our first child. If there is such a thing as a romantic fuck this was it, we both knew without a word spoken this was the way we both wanted to make her pregnant.

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   Britt felt my cock get larger and I was ready to give her my seed.
Britt turn and looked deep in my eyes and with so much love in her eyes. " I Love you. Your going to make me pregnant Daddy. "
I started to come, a slow fantastic orgasm, I did not shoot like I ussually do. My seed just flowed from me in a long steady stream. My body was stiff as I went as deep in Britts pussy as I could possibly be. Britt feeling me give her the baby we so wanted to have began to come herself, but her eyes never left mine.
" You just made me pregnant Daddy. I love you Daddy, I am going to give you a Baby. I love you so much DADDY!"
I love you Britt, I love you my daughter, I know you are giving me our child my love, Your pregnant I can feel it too.
Britt and I stayed together, I wanted to stay hard as long as I could, to keep my seed deep inside her. I kept hard for five minutes and both Britt and I never moved,. I began to get soft and then I slipped out of Britt. She did not move, not wanting to stand up so gravity would pull my seed from her.

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   For 2 to 3 more minutes Britt leaned against the shower wall and none of my come came out till finally she needed to stand up.
Britt turned and we kiss again slowly lovingly then Britt spoke.
" That was the most wonderful love making I have ever had my love. There is no doudt in my mind that at this moment your seed is finding my egg. I am pregnant I know I am, I just know. After all these years of wanting this to happen I finally have your child growing inside me, I am so happy. I finally will give you a child. I thought I could not love you more but I love you deeper every moment I am with you. "
Britt began to cry tears of joy. I pulled Britt close to me and started to stroke her hair.
" I know you are too, I am sure you are just like you are sure. Your having my child my love. " I smiled the biggest smile I had ever had. " You have made me the happiest man alive. I love you like no other I thought I loved Tammy and Miranda equally as much but thats a lie I told myself.

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   I do love them but my love for you over shadows my love for them. I can not help myself its you I love the most. I love you My wife like no other!
Britt's tears flowed from her eyes. " I know I feel the same way and what you said make me even more happy. I love you so deeply so passionatly that I want. NO I need you to love me the same way. I should not want that but I do. I am yours heart and soul. I need you to be mine heart and soul! "
I am yours heart and soul I have to be yours Britt and no others.
Britt looked at me " I have to be careful my love. The way I love you may turn me into what Miranda was once. A woman obsessed with having you all to herself. I do not want to be that person but it is already happening. Maybe it is because I know I am pregnant now but I want you to myself and only give myself to you and no one else for the rest of my life My Love. "
I feel the same way and it would hurt Miranda and Tammy so much and we can not do that.

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   We have to control our love if that is possible but we have to try. Britt and I kissed and we knew it was the only thing we could do, we both wished thing were different but they will never be the way we wanted them to be. Britt and I, just the two of us for the rest of our lives. We do weave a tangled web.
" Well I can start not being that person today by seeing Carol my love. "
Your going to see her not just phone her? I noticed at that moment the shower was still going and the hot water was running out. I shut the shower off and we both got out and started to dry each other off.
" Yes we are going shopping today for cloths and also some toys and a slave collar for Mom, she wants to wear one. "
Cloths? how much is this going to cost me? We both laughed
" Alot but Miranda and I need new cloths and so does Mom. We need to buy dresses and blouses to look older. If Mom had a larger breast size we all could wear alot of her tops, dresses and blouses. Mom needs to dress sexier to, she needs some short hip huggers, tank tops and baby tee to show off her great body. We all want to buy some lingerie, garters, V strings, thongs, merry widows and some teddy's, things you will like when we wear them for you my love. "
Britt gave me a sexy smile. " There is also an S&M shop downtown, we need nipple clips and butt plugs.

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   Leather bras and panties, even Miranda wants a set of nipple clips. Handcuffs and silk ropes, maybe a wipe and a slave collar for Mom. We also need another Stap On since Miranda and Mom want to be DPed and if your not home we can have some fun together. We also have talked about turning the gym room downstairs into a S&M room were you can tie us all up. So it will cost alot. It is worth it Darling trust me. "
Oh I know it will be worth it, so you need my plantimum card then?
" Yes if you don't mind my love and also Miranda and I have the cards you gave us, we have not put a dime on them for all these months. Mom also has her own cards so with your card we will have enough plastic to get everything we need. "
You can put as much as you like on mine my love there is no limit to how much you can buy with it.
" I will try not to spend to much and since most of the stores we need to go too are at the mall I will sneak away for awhile and see if Carol is working. If she is I will talked to her about this weekend and everything else. It is a way to let my desire to have you all to myself go. I am scared it will take over me and I won't let that happen. I promise Ok. You know I have not lost the feeling deep inside me that I am pregnant Daddy I thought it might go away but I know for sure I am carring your child now and I am very very very happy.

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   I LOVE YOU but just to be on the safe side you better make love to me alot in the next six days. "
Britt flashed her Blue eyes at me and that bewitching smile appeared.
I promise I will make love to you alot trust me I will and I smiled at her. When you three are shopping I will make some phone call too. I need to get on selling my bussiness and see how much money we have left to pay on this house, I will also get on the net and take a look at flights and hotels. Where would you like to spend our mini vacation? Carribean? Florida? maybe Vegas? Where would you like to go?
" I really don't care but Vegas is close so if Carol decides to joins us it won't be as much of a problem and we might have to buy her plane ticket my love you know that? "
Yeah I know but that does not bother me so Vegas it is I will make the arrangment Babe.
" I better go get dressed, we want to get an early start because we will have lots to show you when we get home. "
My card is in my wallet on the night stand in our bedroom. Gee that sounds kinda funny OUR bedroom but I really like the sound of that my love.
" So do I Husband so do I. Now your pregnant wife needs to go!"
Britt with that bvewitching smile still on her lips kissed me, turned, wiggled her great ass at me and went to get dressed and in a few minutes Miranda and Tammy came to give me a kiss goodbye and they where all gone. I spent the rest of the morning getting reservation in Vegas for a penthouse suite, tickets for Britt and I and Carol, then I phoned my biggest competitor, I talk to Jim and told him I might be interested in selling my bussiness and wondered if he was still interested. He was and we arranged to meet the following tuesday. I then just relaxed for the rest of the day till the front door opened and Britt came sauntering in.
" Hi my love I missed you, you miss me?"
You know I did and where is everyone else?
" They are still shopping and then there going to go for dinner so they won't be home till seven or eight tonight.

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   I ask them if they minded if I spent some alone time with you. "
They understand that ?
" Its a girl thing my love we all want to be alone when where trying to get pregnant with our mans child and since that is not really possible right now they are trying to give us a little alone time. "
Ok and how was your day of shopping?
" I bought some very nice things to wear, there at the front door and I will change into them in a few minutes but first I talked to Carol. "
Britt had that smile again " I also fucked her. "
You didn't ? I smiled.
" It was a quicky but yes we fucked each other, she has a wonderful body I know you will like alot My Love. "
So she is going to join us in Vegas?
" Yes she is. You did get a ticket for her and a big bed in our room right ? "
Yes and I got us a suite, we arrive wednesday morning and leave Monday. Carols ticket is for early saturday morning but I can change that if that not good for her.
" Let me phone her right now, she is at home. "
Britt got her phone number from her purse and " Hi Carol its Britt. Yes I feel very good all over too and I enjoyed our time together. I am at home and Bill got you a ticket for early saturday morning and we will leave Monday, is that ok?" Britt listen for a second then said.
" Carol says Hi and she can come friday if we want? "
I can change it right now.
" Friday is wonderful for both of us, hold on Bill is changing the ticket as we speak.

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I typed in the changes on my lap tops. " Her planes leaves Friday morning at 8 am and arrives in Vegas at 10 30 am and we will meet her there. "
" You leave here at 8 am and arrive in Vegas at 10 30 am Friday. We will meet you at the airport. " There was a silence for a moment. " That's wonderful lover I can't wait to be with you and Bill for a hole weekend. I know you will enjoy having him deep inside you lover. Maybe we can get togehter before we go. " Britt listened. " I would like that too but I will let you go I need to tell him everything so I will phone you later tonight. Bye lover. "
So tell me everything. Britt grabed me by the hand and we sat on the sofa.
" Well where do I start. Miranda, Mom and me started at the downtown S&M shop, we stayed there for over two hours my love, bought some very cool stuff for you to use to play with all of us.

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   All of us are wearing butt plugs now. It did feel wierd at first when Miranda put it in me but I am now constantly horny wearing it. Miranda and Mom have there nipple clips on unless they got like me. I was just too turned on wearing nipple clips and this Butt plug for so long. We where shopping for Lingerie and in the store I had to finger myself ! So I took them off but I will put them back on when I go to change into what I am going to wear for you tonight. "
Britt was turned on, her nipple where hard as rock and acting like tent polls on her lose fitting Tee shirt.
" We shopped for three hours after we left the S&M shop. Bought some very nice dresses, blouses. I got a great evening dress for a romantic dinner with my husband too. We decided to stop for lunch and I asked Miranda and Mom if they minded if I took a mini vacation with you later in the week for a few days. They where dissappointed at first but they do understand why so that is another thing taken care off my love. "
I was wondering how we where going to tell them so I am happy about that.
" Miranda suggested that maybe it would be nice if I spent some time alone with you today, we had almost got all our shopping done and the few thing we had not got Mom and her would pick up, they know my size and I trust there taste in cloths. Mom said I should if I wanted to get pregnant so I thanked them both and I left them at the store. I figure I could take a few minutes and see if Carol was there.

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   She was and did she look good my love, short dress and a open loose fitting blouse and no bra. I forgot to ask her if she ever wore one? "
Britt smiled. " She is even more beautiful than I remembered and when I walked in and she saw me her nipples got instantly hard and a hugh smile was on her face. We both got very close to each other but there was another women in the store or we would have just started making out right there and then. I ask if she had some time to talk and Carol said yes just let her help this woman so she would leave. When she walk away her ass the way it was swaying for me I think I came just watching it.
The woman left and Carol locked the store and put the sign gone for lunch back in 30 minutes on the door, when she came back to me all I said was Lets go in the back, I need to fuck you right now. Carol said she needed me to fuck her too. I was so hot for her my love, maybe it was the butt plug or sex toys or sexy cloths we bought that day but I was soaked as we walked to the back, Carol managed to get her panties off and open her blouse so her tit where showing, but left she left her skirt on and I had my top and panties off from under my skirt by the time we got to the back.
Carol turned around and we where kissing hard. Her tongue was in my mouth so fast, god she is a great kisser Babe, but I knew I needed to taste her tits and pussy so I did. I sucked her hard nipples, bite and pulled on them and she came hard, I was in lust for her and I them got my first taste of her pussy, she taste like honey and when I got my tongue and mouth on her she went off again harder than before.
She told me as I went down to her pussy all she thought about was fucking me since we left the store and was going to come as soon as I got to her pussy. Boy did she! I was lapping so much of her juice and loving it. God its turning me on just thinking of her pussy.


After she stopped coming she grabed my hair and pulled me up and then pinned me to the wall, she went straight fo rmy tits and sucked and bite and pulled my nipples, I was on fire and I needed her licking my pussy so I pushed her head down and opened my legs. When her tongue touched my clit I came hard and she ate me for what seemed hours. I must of come three times I think but God she can eat pussy! I knew we needed to talk so I stop her thow I did not want to stop. We kissed and calmed down but that was very hard to do believe me. "
You sound like you had a good time my love.
" Ohh Yes very good time, one if the best times I have ever had with a woman. It was intense and full of lust and desire. But anyway I better tell you what she said before I just fuck your brains out right here. "
Britt looked at me and that fire was there. " I ask her if she wanted to go to vegas this weekend with us. I told her we would buy the ticket and supply the room too. She said yes but she had to check and see if she had the hole weekend off.
She asked if you had enjoyed me after we left. I told her we enjoyed each other all day and night after we left and that both of us are looking forward to enjoying her but I have to ask her if she she wants to use or is using birth control. I told her I would perfer not to use comdoms at all this weekend so I could enjoy your come from her pussy.

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She asked if we where using any form of birth control and I said no that I am planning to get pregnant and that we both want to have a baby.
Carol look at me a little funny then smiled and said no she was not using any form of birth control since she had not had a boyfriend for 10 months and had only been with one girl since then.
I told her she could use spermicide but it does not make her taste very good and well I really wanted to eat her alot this weekend.
She agreed spermicide would not be great for me eating her out and she also wanted to have me take her alot.
I ask if she had an IUD and she said no and since they take awhile to get used to wearing she probably would be uncomfortable fucking you with it in. She ask how big your cock was and I said at lest 8 inches long maybe 9 and thick.
Carol got very excitted by that my love and said when you fucked her, if she was wearing an IUD your cock head would deffinatly hit it every time you went deep.
I said I did not know what her cycle was like but if she thought she might be fertile and could get pregnant we would understand if she did not want to come this weekend and we could be together some other time when it was safer for her to have you come in her pussy.
Carol ask if I minded if she still wanted to be with us this weekend even thow she was very sure she would be able to get pregnant.
I said both of us had talk about her getting pregnant and we still wanted her to be with us if she wanted.
Carol looked at me and said she wanted to be with us, she really wanted to take you bare in to her pussy and feel you come inside her.
I then asked her if there was any other reason she could think of for you to use a condom.
She looked at me like she wasn't sure what I was trying to ask her so I just decided to be blunt and told her both you and me where free of STD's and I hope she would be honest with us if she was not.
Carol said she was tested 6 months ago and she was clean. The reason her boyfriend and her broke up was he was fucking another girl behind her back and she wanted to be sure she was clean.

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   She told me should would have had threesomes with him and her if he had just told her. Men are dumb sometimes my love.
Then we frenched for awhile and it was time for her to open the store. I told her she will love when you come in her. I told her you come buckets and she will feel you fill her every single time, you also love to fuck fertile pussy.
She asked me again if I was really trying to get pregnant and I told I thought you made me pregnant this morning but if not then while we where in Vegas I was sure I would get pregnant.
She did not say anything but I know she was thinking she might get pregnant too. She had to go so I kissed her and put my cloths back on. Just before I left she ask me if I really did not mind if she did get pregnant with your child. I said I would not mind in fact it was a turn on for me to know she might get pregnant. I said if all of us are to become lovers and I really wanted us to become lovers for a long time to come then it might happen if she did not go on the pill and even if she started taking the pill today that was not going to make any difference this weekend. I askd her if she still wanted to come, if not that was ok too.
Carol look at me and said she hoped this would become more than a one weekend thing. She said she wanted this weekend to happen and maybe we could get together at her place tonight or tommorow during the day as she works tommorow night.

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   She does not know if she wants to get pregnant right away but she is willing to take that chance and be with us with no birth control, maybe never if we all feel the same way we do now.
I told her I will phone her when I got home. Bill, she stop and got a fertility test and was taking it as we talked on the phone. The test turned green so yes you get to fuck two very fertile pussy this weekend maybe sooner.
She wants to feel your big cock deep in her pussy as soon as she can and I can't wait to watch you fuck her and knock her up.
I guess where both the same My love. You want to watch me fuck another guy. You want to watch him get me pregnant.
Well thinking about you and Carol fucking. Watching you get her getting pregnant is a big turn on for me too.
Now My love I am going to get changed so come up to our bedroom in ten minutes so I have time to change and then fuck me hard till Miranda and Mom come home.

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