Daughter, Daughter, Mom and me 12


I walked around the house for a few minutes just trying to get the thought of Carol out of my mind. I really want to concentrate on Britt but Carol and her fertile pussy I was going to fuck made me hard, really hard. I guess just like Britt I got arroused by the fact the woman could get pregnant and Carol was willing to get pregnant by a man she hardly knew.
Just before I went to our bedroom Britt came down the stairs in a my trench coat, a studded collar around her neck and a pair of super high stilletto heels. Those heels just enhanced her great legs and I wondered what she did not have on under that coat. " Britt what are you doing down here I was just coming up?"
My Love I just can't get Carol and you out of my mind so I phoned her. She is waiting for us so lets go over to her place and make love to her.
Are you sure Babe?
Yes and then Britt opened the coat and she had on a white garter and stockings, no panties and no bra but on her tits where a pair of nipple clips with a chain hanging in a half loop. She turned around and opend her ass cheeks to show me her new butt plug.
Britt turned around again looked me in the eyes and said. " I am very sure my love and you know how these clips make me very horny. "
Britt grabed the chain loop and pulled it straight out, her nipples streching to there limits.
" I am so wet and thinking of watching your cock sink in Carol when I know she is so ready to get pregnant with your child it's more than I can stand my love. I just decided not to wait. I hope you don't mind fucking us both while we are both ready to get knocked up? "
I don't mind at all and Carol is waiting for us?
" Yes she is my love. As soon as I heard her wonderful sexy voice I said are you ready to get pregnant lover.

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   All she said was Yes come over now. I have her address so let go my love she is waiting for your hard cock and hot come. "
Britt sauntered to me, her tits giggled and as she walked in those stilletto heels and threw her arms around me and pulled my mouth to hers, sunk her tongue deep inside my mouth and smashed her lips against mine. Then her hand slip down my body to my rock hard cock, massaged my cock and then pulled back from me.
" I see my love your wanting a little fertile pussy yourself mmmmmmm well you will have us both begging for your come, now lets go before I have to fuck you right now. "
I grabed Britt by the arm spun her around, grabed the coat and removed it roughly from her shoulders. Britt smiled and let the coat fall to the floor. I took off my short releasing my cock and pulled her to me hard.
" Suck me slave. "
" Yes master " and she sunk to the floor and started to suck my hard cock. Tammy must have told Britt what I liked as she started to O ring her fingers on the base of my cock.
I really wanted to fuck her pussy but I just let her keep sucking me, it felt ohh so good. I was close to coming so I told her " Stop slave get on the floor so I can fuck you. "
Britt released my cock and got on her back and spread her legs. " Yes master fuck your slave hard.

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I got between her legs and thrust my cock deep inside her wet pusssy.
I moved my hands up her body and pulled her nipple clip chain hard and Britt moaned with the pain and the fucking I was giving her. Britts heels now dug in my thighs as she pulled me deep with her legs.
I am going to take Carol as my slave too tonight and you are going to help me slave.
" Yes master anything you wish master. "
Since you know your pregnant slave I am also going to give you to a man this weekend.
Britt started to come hard around my cock.
I pulled out of Britts spasming pussy and move up her body till my cock was inches from her face, then I began to jerk off, I wanted to come all over her face.
Britt closed her eyes and opened her mouth and in seconds I was spewing come all over her face neck and hair. Britt felt my warm come all over her upper body and moaned as I gave her her first come shower, she took my cock in her mouth and swallowed the last few shots that I had and then cleaned my cock off with her tongue. I looked as my hugh load of white come ran down her face and neck and her fingers now started to collect and move it to her hungry mouth.
Britt looked at me as she was licking my come from her fingers, her eyes where ablaze with lust. You will call me master all night and I have decided Carol needs to come here to our home and become my slave with your wives helping you make her my slave and get her pregnant with my child you understand slave?
" Yes master I will phone her right now "
No frist I want you to get my cock hard again slave. Britt immediatly took my cock in her mouth and started to suck me the way her mother had taught her and I was hard in minutes again. When I was hard as a rock again Britt took my cock slowly out and said.

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" Does my master wish to come in his slaves mouth again? "
No you will phone her and tell her to wear something sexy for her new master and that she is staying the night with all of us. I will pick her up in 20 and she is to be ready. You will also tell her what she is to become tonight and for the rest of her life, my slave, also is her pussy shaved?
" Yes master but I will tell her you desire a smoothly shaved pussy. "
Good and then you will phone our other wives and tell then to come home, but before they do they have to buy a butt plug, nipple clips and a collar for my new slave. Tell them they will both help you teach Carol how to be a proper slave to me. Now go and follow my commands slave.
" Yes Master "
I let Britt get out from under me but not before she gave my cock another quick suck. Britt came back and said Carol already had shaved her pussy and that she will be ready when I come to pick her up. You told Carol what she is to become slave?
" Yes master she is ready for you to take her as your slave. "
And my other slaves? Your wives have they been told?
" Yes master they will be here when you return with your new slave, we will be ready to teach her how our masters like to be pleasured. "
When I get home you all will be ready to please me slave as I wish now keep your self ready for my cock till I come back.
" Yes Master I will keep myself ready to take your hard cock in any hole you wish my love. "
I left the house as Britt was finger fucking herself and pulling on her nipple clips.
It was only a 10 minute drive and when I parked at the front door of her apartment building. I rang Carol's apartment and she answered right away.

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   " Hi its Bill "
" Come up for a second ok. "
The door buzzed and I went up to her apartment, the door was open and I walked in and saw Carol for the first time. Carol is 5ft 7in tall 126lbs, long brunette hair down below her shoulders, 33c tits and an ass that is very nice and round. She was wearing a black mini skirt that hugged her hips tightly and just covered her pussy, a V neck top that just ended above her areoles and hard nipples.
" Hi Bill, do you like what I have on?"
With a wonderful smile CaroI said " I just want to talk for a few minutes if you don't mind, please sit down and make yourself confortable, would you like something to drink?"
No thats ok I am fine. I sat down. Carol also sat down right across from me and I got a glimpes of her bare pussy as she did. Smilling I said " So I am sure you have alot of questions. "
" Yes I do but I am kind of excitted too, don't worry this is not an interigation ok just want to find out some things ok. "
Fine with me Carol you can ask me anything but let me phone home first as there expecting us back and I really don't want Britt to worry ok. I had my cell and dailed home.
Britt answered " Hi my love whats up?"
Hi sweetie I am at Carols and she just wants to talk to me for a few minutes ok and I think its only fair, she has not really talk to me and this might be a big step for her so I think its a good idea she gets some answers and I would like to learn a little bit more about her too. I will be back soon and hopefully Carol will still want to come home too but thats up to her so I will phone you when I or we are ready to leave.
" That sounds wonderful my love, Mom and Miranda phoned and said they will be home in a few minutes, there just at the S&M store buying the things you reqeusted for Carol so when they get home we will entertain each other till you come home my love. Take your time and thank you for phoning, you are a very sweet man you know that.

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   I love you. "
Thanks and I love you too. Talk to you soon bye sweetie.
" Bye my love. "
I hung up and smiled at Carol " Now ask anything you would like Carol I am all yours for a now. "
Carol took a deep breath and said. " Well I do have a few thing I want to get clear in my mind. First I know Britt is your daughter and that does not bother me at all. My brother was my first lover and I got pregnant with his child when I was 12. Our parents made me give the child up for adoption. Dan my brother is married now and lives in Florida. I have not seen him in over two years but we did make love alot the last time I saw him. I was hoping I would get pregnant again but. " Carol shrugged her head.
" So I do understand her desire to have your baby even if she is your daughter.

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   I would be very happy to get pregnant with Dans child again. Even become his wife.
Carol looked sad for a moment then continued. " I am wondering if its just Britt that is your lover?
Second I am sure Britt told you I can get pregnant and that I know she is trying as well so how do you feel about having two children at almost the same time if I get pregnant?
Third do you want this threesome of ours to be a long term thing or are you wanting a short term thing because if its a short term thing, you must use comdoms and I hope you will be honest with me. "
I smiled and said. You don't pull any punches Caroll. I like that and I will not lie to you. Britt is not my only lover. In fact Britt was not the first daughter I had sex with.
Her older sister Miranda and I have had a relationship for over 3 months now and Miranda is 3 months pregnant.
Carol's eyes blinked at that one.
There Mother Tammy is also both Britt's and Miranda's lover and knows everything. Tammy found out about Miranda and me and Britt the day we where at your store.
Carol asked. " And there all ok with this? How does it all work?"
Well it seems to work very well.

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   We have all become husband and wives and believe me I am just as surprised as you are Carol. I have had alot of surprises in the last three months including you I might add.
We both laughed.
Anyways the second thing is Yes I want you to be long term if you can also handle three sexy women making love to you too.
Carols said " There all Bi ?"
Yes but Tammy is more a lesbian than Bi but thats a story I will let her explain. So its more than just a threesome you might become involved in Carol. As for you and me having a child. I will tell you I am willing to have three children at the same time and I will not abandon you and our child or children. Carol looked at me when I said chidren but said nothing. All of us have talked about another woman being with all of us and the chance she may get pregnant, we have all agreed to protect and welcome her into our familly.
Also if your wondering I also know another man maybe included at some point in a sexual relationship with all of us and there is a chance a child or children may be concieved out of that relationship. I am more than willing to be a father to another mans child but we have decided the other guy will not be involved in our lives on a perminate basis.
A million things must have been going threw her mind.
"Can I ask you something Bill?"
" What happens if Dan comes back in my life. Would you want me to make love to him and possible have his child? And if I do get pregnant, you can support and be willing to be a father to all these children Bill?"
I looked at Carol.

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Yes I can and I am willing, yeah it's complicated Carol but we are all open and loving people, we know its not easy but no sence in hiding from what might happen. Carol theres more you need to know.
First we are planning to move to another place. Too many people know us here as a familly so we can not live our lifes freely so if you get involved with us you need to know that. Its only right you know up front.
Second all the women in my familly are submissive and are my slaves of there own free will. I am uncomfortable right now with this but it is a turn on for me. They are also very kinky, all of them and if that is going to be a problem for you then I will understand if you wish to just stay home. There is more of course but that's the major things you need to know right now.
Carol was thinking now. I may have scared her away but it was the right thing to do. Carol got up and as she did I got another look at her great looking pussy. I did want her but I wanted her to make up her mind.
Carol was looking out her window thinking for a few minutes. She turned and started to walk towards me but also towards door.

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She stop beside me and I thought she was going to ask me to leave.
Carol stared at the door and asked me. " Do you want me to be your slave?"
Yes I do.
I stopped for a few second so she could think.
Are you submissive Carol?
Carol did not answer for a moment and then still looking at the door. " Yes very submissive. "
Do you want a master Carol?
Yes I do Bill
I got up and stood behind her, pulling her close to me.
Do you want me to make you my slave. Of your own free will are you giving yourself to me Carol?
Then I started to kiss Carols neck and she tilted her head to allow me to kiss as much of her as I want.
Carol said "Yes I am. " and pushed her ass into my raging hard cock.
I started to suck and bite her neck. I moved my hands up to her braless tits and thew her top started to pinch her nipples. Carol moaned and push harder against my cock then turned and we kissed for the first time. Our first kiss was passionate but soft at first, then soon began to grow more lustfull.

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   Carol and my lips parted and she put her head on my shoulder and whispered"
You can make me your slave anytime you wish Master. "
Lets go to your bedroom slave.
Carol took my hand and started to lead me to her bed. As we where going down the hall she started to unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor as we walked, she has as cute round ass with firm cheeks and she was shaking it for me as we walked. Her bedroom door was close and as soon as she opened it a Golden Retriever came bolting out.
He went right up to Carol and sniffed her pussy and I could see part of his hard cock come out of its sheath, she said down Charlie and then looked at me.
" I hope you like dogs he is really a very gentile dog and friendly too. "
Charlie came to me and I put my hand out for him to sniff, then after he thought I was ok I petted him for a minute.
" Charlie go lie down" Carol commanded and off the dog went to the corner.
I love dogs Carol, can I ask if he is fixed?
" No I have not done that yet but soon he is only a year old. "
I was going to say it looks like you won't get him fixed but I figure I will wait to tell her I knew she liked her dog and his cock. Carol had removed her top, jumped on her bed then got on her hands and knees facing me. I took my shirt off then walked to her.
I think you should take my shorts off slave.
Carol hooked her fingers on my waist band and slowly pulled my shorts down.


   My hard cock poped out almost right in her mouth and she gasped at how big I was.
"My god I have never seen this big of a cock before, Britt told me you where 8 or 9 inches long but your so thick and your balls are hugh. "
Her hand was now wraped around my cock and with the other massaging my balls, she now open her mouth and started to suck just the tip, then more and more of my cock dissappeared inside her very warm and wonderful mouth.
Carol managed to take 3/4 of my cock but that was it, she had not learned to deep throat a cock like my other slaves had but she will have some very good teachers.
Carol was giving me a great blowjob, lightly running her teeth up and down the top and bottom side of me while her tongue would circle my head everytime I was almost out of her mouth, her other hand still massaging my balls. I enjoyed her mouth for at laest 10 minutes but I wanted to take her pussy.
You ready for my cock?
Carol took my cock out of her mouth and released my balls, looked at me and got on her back with her legs spread.
" Yes your slave is very ready to take her masters cock deep inside her. "
I got on the bed and move between Carols legs, her pussy was gleaming and I needed to taste her. Her lips are big and very pouty, they open to each side and her clit is burried with just the tip exposed.
I dived into her and began to taste her with my tongue and mouth covering as much as I could. Carol started to moan loadly as I worked her pussy with my mouth, then I move up to her clit and sucked on it hard, she came right away.
Carol started to wither on the bed moving like a snake as she tried to remove my mouth from her clit but I keep sucking her till she stopped and went stiff as a board with another orgasm. Over and Over again yelling " OH GOD!"
I left her pussy and let her calm down for awhile, just watching her nice tits toped by hard small nipples and chest rise and fall as she began to relax.
I moved between Carols legs and her arm encicled my back and brought my mouth to hers.

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   After our kiss Carol moved her hand to my cock and guided me to her entrance.
" Take me master. "
Theres no turning back once I am inside you, are you sure you want me to take you Carol make you my slave and get you pregnant, share me and share yourself with all my slave for the rest of your life?
Carol looked in my eyes as my cock was just at her entrance waiting for her to decide.
" Take me master. I want to be yours. "
I started my thrust forward and she began to moan again as she felt my head slip between her lips and enter her pussy. Carol was mine now, I slowly went inside her tight cunt, I let her get used to my size as best I could but still moved deeper.
Caroll had her eyes closed and was moaning till. " I have never felt so full, never so wonderfully full, go slow but don't stop till my pussy has all of your cock master, all of your wonderful cock. "
The deeper I got in Carol the tighter she became, I knew I was going where no one had been and I loved it, it was almost like she was a virgin. Then I was fully inside her, Carol was rolling her head back and forth, moaning as she moved.
When I hit the back of her pussy, she orgasmed again around my cock, sqeezing me tight, I almost blew my load as I felt her tighten and spasms going down the length of my cock. I started my thrusting and she just came in one long orgasm.
Carol was screaming" Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. " over and over as I really started to slam in her.

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   I stopped deep inside her, Carol tried to move her hips so I would move inside her but I wouldn't move.
" Please master please"
Please what slave?
" Please fuck me master. "
" I want you to fill me, give my pussy all your come. "
I started to fuck Carol again. Faster and faster I plunged into Carols fertile pussy, my cock getting bigger.
Carol felt it, she looked deep in my eyes and whispered " Come deep inside me. Do what you want to do Bill. Breed me Make me Pregnant"
Carol closed her eyes and orgasmed as I started shooting my sperm deep inside her.
Carol knew there was no going back now, I was filling her fertile pussy.
" Oh God I can feel every drop of your come inside me. "
I just stayed in Carol, her pussy milking my come from me. Carol looked contented as I slowly sliped out of her and then she felt my come start to leak out and run down the crack of her ass.
" Oh that felt so good, Britt said you shoot buckets master, I never thought you would fill me with this much come, I feel like I have an ocean inside my pussy. WOW I love being so full of come. I have to admit I am so turned on knowing that you just might have made me pregnant.

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   I never have felt this way with another guy before Bill. Even when Dan shot his seed in me I did not feel this turned on about getting pregnant. "
So I take it you are happy you made the right chioce Carol. A mischievous smile appearing on my face.
Carol looked at me with her brown eyes bright with happiness said. " Well since I gave myself to you as your slave, I have begged you to fill me with your seed, I maybe getting pregnant as we speak and only an hour ago I talked to you for the second time and the first time we said what 15 words to each other. We are now going to your house. "
I interrupted her. It can be your home too if you want Carol.
Carol looked stunned. " You think that will happen? I don't, at lest not yet. "
We will see Carol and I smiled.
" Well getting back to my point, we are going back to maybe our house and I will be making love to you and all your wives. I would say YES I made the right chioce. "
Carol and me had a good laugh.

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   Lets get dress and head for home and you can meet everyone. Oh and lets bring Charlie with us. I know all the girls will want to meet him.
Carol looked at me. " They like dogs do they?"
Yes as much as you like your dog and his cock Carol.
Carol said " How did you know how much I liked my dog Bill ?"
When Charlie came out of your bedroom he sniffed your pussy right away and got hard, Carol he knows your scent when your arroused doesn't he?
Carol thought for a second. " Yes Charlie knows my pussy well and thats why I have not got him fixed. I guess it does not bother you that he fucks me almost every night. "
No it doesn't and Britt and Tammy will love that now there will be someone around who can teach them to fuck Charlie too. I would like to surprise them and also Miranda has expressed a interest in at lest seeing Britt and Tammy being fucked by a dog. I think she wants to do it too but she has to make her own mind up on that.
Carol smile and said. " I will get his leash and collor, I also have boots for him for when he mounts me. I will grad them too. Your sure?"
Positive and I smiled.

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   We got out of bed, Carol felt my come run down her leg, smiled and went to clean up and put her cloths on.
10 minutes later we where in my car with Charlie panting in the back seat and headed for home.
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