Deep Thoughts of my granddad and grandma


Hi my name is cole i am 6'1 and openly bisexual my family and all my friends know. Ok one weekend i went 2  my  grandparents  when i got there we did the same stuff we allways do play BINGO thats fun (not) . Around 8:00 we sat down Grandma (age 43) made dinner she made chicken salad (yummy). Ok here some more abour my grandparents My grandmas 43 has the biggest titties DDD and i get a glimps of her nipples every time i go 2 visit my grandpa is 54 and always has a boner. Lol. ok the next dad i went 2 the bath room and peeked in and saw grandma getting out of the tub i saw he shaven pussy and big titties . so i laid down i locked my door and had a wank and shot my load all over my self and had 2 wipe it off well so i went 2 sneek over 2 the bath room and when in the shower. i got out and got dressed . COLE!!!!! i hear from the kitchen . i walked in really nervesally and said what she said im not mad u did this but did u have 2 ruin my sheets . I got cum on her sheets she said next time just ask ill get u a condom or help u if pap says its ok go 2 bed ill talk 2 him tonight well my pap is bisexual well hes the one who got me in 2 it so yea.
The next morning my grandma said 2 come out they have a suprise . OMG!! i said she was naked and he was 2 they told me they were going 2 get rid of my problem in one day. she told me 2 strip down i was afraid caz my 8 in cock was hard as  a rock and she knew it so i did and she told that she was going 2 let me fuck her but i would ahave 2 let grandpa fuck my ass so i said ok (this was heaven i said can pap fuck u while im giving u 69 she said that be fine well after 2 min i shot my load and she licked it all then he shot his half in half out i sucked him dry we all took a break and 10 min later were ready he lubed my ass and his cock and i sat on his prick it hurt for a sec then she said on my cock so as he humped me i humped her we road for a few min like 5 slow untill papa and me and grandma came at the same times and it was so hot that i cleaned it all up (tasty). AND THAT WAS JUST THE START
. .

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