Deprived Aunt Pt.2


  I was awoken the next morning by her shower running. So, with a smirk on my face and major morning wood I went in to take a piss. I was enjoying my first piss of the day when the water shut off and aunt beth stepped out. I shook my dick to release the last drops and thats when she dropped. Right to her knees. She wasted no time and took me down her throat right to my young balls.
   She proceeded to give me a real slow wet sloppy BJ. She sensed the load building and squeezed my balls hard and stood up. She then bent over and shut the lid of the toilet. I got behind her and thrusted as hard as I could. She screamed in pleasure and in pain. "Fuck me fuck me good you little bastard!" So with that I wrapped My hands around her neck and fucked her like a crack whore I found in an alley. In about 3 minutes she was really screaming. " Don't stop you little bastarrrrd, oh yeah I'm your whore fuck meeee ohohohohoh yeaaaahhh fuuuckk mmmmeeee!" And thats whem something caught my eye.
 There her daughter (my 13 yrold couisin) was with her frilly panties pushed to one side. She was giving her swollen little pussy hell with a hair brush on her mothers bed.

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   That drove me nutts! I started watching her wathing me fuck the hell out of her mother. We made eye contact and she licked her lips and moaned and cramed her panties in her mouth. I pushed my aunt down to the floor and pushed her head to the floor. I then grabbed the baby oil from the counter and coated her big ass. "What the fuck I never I never" and then I eased a bout 2" in her big ass. Stop Stop it hurts she screamed. I then took the dominating aproach. I said " you ARE going to shut up spread those fat ass cheeks or I'm Sreading Jessie's little ass" You better not you little cock sucker. Shut up whore and I grabbed two hands full of hair and slammed the rest of the 71/2" up her tight ass. Tears started to run down her face. The door swung open and there was Jessie half naked. Get off my mom you're hurting her. But I contined. I did with long slow strokes and her asshole started to loosen and she moaned. I grabbed the brush out of J's hand.

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   Here aunt Beth taste your daughter and stuck it in her mouth. She licked it. "Oh god J your pussy tastes great. Fuck me Dick Fuck my big ass" I picked up the pace and J got down underneath her and started fist fucking her own mother's cunt. "OOOOOhhhhhh yyyyeeeaahhhhh fuck mommy's twat you slut. Ram mommy's cccuuunnttt! Come on fuck my holes harder harder harder I'm cummingggg! J and I pulled out at hte same time and both holes farted and her juices ran from her wollowed out pussy. J stuck my Dick in her mouth and sucked me till I pumped 6 loads into her mouth and I then told her to spit it in her mother's fat gapping asshole!
 I turned the shower on and hopped in. And sweet little J was right behind me and started soaping my stiffining cock. . . . . . .

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