Deprived Aunt Pt.3


 As J was soaping my dick I started to get real hard. I turned to rinse. I then turned towards her and pushed her to her knees. She looked up with the biggest innocent eyes and told me she never suckedadickebefore"not to worry,"pretend its a lollypop. " Thats when I parted her sweet lips. She went slow at first. Sucking the head licking my shaft then I forced about half the lengh in her mouth. "Suck it good dear" I looked over and my aunt joined and started showering again. I grabbed the back of j's head and start fucking her throat. About 15 seconds into itshe gaggedreal hard and I let her go. She puked as i jerked off in her hair. Aunt Beth laghed. " Girl you have alot to learn". Why don't you show her how its done, whore!" I said. Aunt Beth dropped and started really going to town. Being that I done came twice in the past 20 minutes it was going to take a little more of her magic.

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   She sucked and slurped fo a while and her mouth was shot. I look To my left and J was sitting on the edge of the tub playing with her puffy pussy lips.
 I pulled out of my aunt's mouth knelt down and placed it at her entrance. "Go ahead and fuck her You're not the first" my aunt said. No but thats the biggest J exclaimed. So, seeing how wet she was I didn't hold back. I grabbed my very hard and veiny young cock and plunged it in. She gasped very loudly and her legs wrapped around me. Iwentslow as that was the tightest little cunt my 15 yr old dick ever penertrated. After about 2 minutes she was cumming. Oh man oh man fuck me dick fuck dick FFFuuuuccccckkkk she was screaming .
 My aunt layed down on her side underneath J and I. She had a bar of soap and started going between j asscheeks real agressive like. J was cumming again. Oh fuk Oh Fuck and right when her little pussy started flowing her mother tokk her middle finger a cramed it right up J's virgin hole.

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   " COme on fuck that liilte slut" aunt Beth said. i picked it up a bit and my aunt then had 2 fingers fucking her daughters ass. Thats it fuck my ass mommy come on and slam that pussy dick J said. I could tell her head was spinning and I looked down at my aunt and winked.
  Aunt Beth yanked her figers out witha hell of a pop. That made J cum again. Aunt Beth got up stood behind her daughter grabbed her by the ankles. She brought her legs way back as far as she could. I lubed up with some shampoo and went balls deep. AAHHHHH!!! J screamed To ease the pain I went slow at first and her mother leaned over and started to lick her pussy. Oh yeah baby fuck my ass J was whaling. Fuck my young ass. I started Fucking her harder andharder. I was raping her harder than I did her mom. That little whore came so hard she squirted.

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   Right in her mothers mouth. Aunt Beth gagged and I pulled out. My cock was beat red and about to explode. I looked at beth "open up whore!" I grabbed the sides of her face and throat fucked the shit out of her. I was gagging her looking down at j. That poor little thing laying there with that tight ass up,her little whole red as hell laying in a  poolof water and her own cum. I said look at your mother chocking on her own nephews cock. LOOk at her slut! J looked up and got some slobber on her face. My young dick was protrudingher mom's neck. I slammed her face to my belly and held it there. Then quickly pulled out. There was mean slurping noise followed by saliva pouring out of the whore's face. I got on top of J and started raping that young pussy. Oh shit FUCK GODDAMN IT FUCK ME. I thrusted about 5 more times.

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   With each thrust I shot  a HUGE load right in her cunt. We Layed in the shower for about a half hour. Those 2 could't walk a straight lineforabout a week after I went home later that week!