Dirty Little Secrets Pt. 1


Ryan arrived at the bus station, expecting to find one of his parents waiting for him. Instead, he found his Haylee and their younger sister Ashley waiting for him. He was amazed to see how his little sisters had both grown in the months it had been since he had seen them last Christmas. It was now the beginning of the spring of his Easter break. He said a quick goodbye to the cute blonde who had struck up a conversation with him on the bus and smiled as the two girls approached.

Haylee, the oldest had always been a bit of a tomboy growing up. She was a little chunky but the boys always found her attractive. She had slimmed down just enough to make all of her curves stand out even more. Her breasts seemed to have gone from a solid A cup to a very generous C almost overnight. Her now long wavy auburn hair that fell in shimmering waves down to the middle of her back. Her wide set brown eyes smoldered, hinting at a sensuality that simmered just below the surface. Her matured body brought her much more attention from the opposite sex now. He noticed several men, including some old enough to be her father, gawked at her bouncing breasts as she ran chasing Ashley across the terminal toward him.

Ashley was 4 years younger than Haylee. The last time he had seen her she was still flat as a pancake and looked a few years younger than she actually was. She had shot up nearly 4 inches in the past months.

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   Her hair was much longer now and the same irresistible auburn shade as her sister’s. She was starting to look a lot more like Haylee than ever before. He knew in a few years if her growth continued to mimic Haylee’s that she too would have the type of body that men craved.

Ashley threw her arms around her older brother and hugged him tight. He was shocked to feel under the semi-loose fitting t-shirt were budding breasts that pressed hard against him as she continued to hug him. He chuckled to himself, amazed at how much she had changed since Christmas.

He finally pried her off him when Haylee grabbed him and pulled him into a bear hug. He was surprised by her sudden display of public affection. She had never been the kind of girl who ran around hugging anyone, even her own family. He grabbed his bags and they headed for the car. He was shocked when Ashley went racing toward a shiny new red mustang convertible.

“Is Dad finally having a midlife crisis?” He chuckled.

“No. It’s Haylee’s care. ” Ashley spoke up.



He looked puzzled as he looked over at Haylee. “How the hell did you get a Mustang?”

“Mom and dad said if I wanted a car I had to get the money for the down payment and they would get me a car. So I got a job. ” She said as she unlocked the doors.

The rest of the way home Ryan asked about them both about school and such. Any time he tried to ask about her job, she would simply change the subject. He assumed that she was just ashamed of working at some fast food place in town and did not want him to know about it. When they got home, he found nothing had changed. Both of his parents were rarely home. His father was still putting in 70 hours a week at the office and his mother spent most of her time organizing charity events and schmoozing with anyone who could help her causes.

His room was just as he left it. He laid his bag on the bed and rummaged through it, pulling out his laptop, the charger, his cell phone, and a change of clothing, which he left laying on his bed. After the long bus ride, he was in desperate need of a shower. He laid his phone on the desk and was just about to walk out of his bedroom when his cell phone began to vibrate. Assuming that it was not a vital text, he left it and went toward the bathroom.

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   As he passed the slightly open door to Haylee’s room, he could hear her talking on the phone. He thought for a moment about asking her when their parents were going to be home but he decided not to disturb her.

When he got in the shower, he realized how much he missed being home. The shower at the dorms always had incredibly weak pressure and always seemed to be running low on hot water. He stood there letting the hot water run over his body for several minutes before he even began to wash himself. The steamy stream beating down on his tired muscles felt too good for him to want to get out quickly. Ryan was finally able to pull himself away from the massaging showerhead and dried off. He felt much better now that he was clean.

He wrapped the white cotton towel around his waist as he headed back to his room. As he passed his sister’s room this time, he heard something odd. He paused, hearing a woman’s voice softly moaning coming from within. He could barely believe the sounds coming from her room. He assumed that it was just something she was watching on TV or the internet. Ryan shook his head and quickly walked back to his room. The door quietly shut behind him.

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   He looked down and noticed the awkward way that the towel was jutting out. He dropped the towel to reveal his semi-erect cock.

It had been days since he sought any relief for his nearly constant state of arousal. Ever since he and his girlfriend, Jenna, had broken up, he found himself unbelievably horny most of the time. It did not seem to take much to send his mind racing with dirty thoughts. His reached down and was about to wrap his fingers around his shaft when he realized that one of his sisters would surely interrupt him. He tried to clear the thought away and reached for his bag again.

He applied some deodorant and slipped on a pair of jeans and a bright blue t-shirt. He stopped for a moment to check the mirror on the inside of his closet door. Ryan ran his fingers through his wavy black hair. Unlike his sisters, he was blessed with his father’s complexion. He always sported a nice tan, even in the middle of winter. He was tall, athletically built, and quite attractive. His deep-set eyes were so dark they looked black in most light. He flashed a smile at his reflection and reached for a pair of shoes from the closet floor.

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   Again, his phone came alive. This time the ringtone indicated it was his best friend Mitch calling.

He answered and the two chatted for a couple of minutes before Ashley came bounding into his room. Mitch told him he would text him later with the info on his latest find. Mitch and Ryan were both avid porn site connoisseurs. Mitch, however, seemed to know just where to find ways to get into most of the high priced sites without ever paying a cent. He always made sure to share the information with Ryan, who would in turn hook him up with copies of notes from class or pirated software he purveyed.

“I wanna go out for pizza. ” She said loudly as she plopped down on his bed.

“Oh you do, do you?” He asked with a sly smile. “And just where is it you want to go?”

“DiSparro’s. ” She answered. “You know it is the only pizza I like. ”

“Well then, have you asked Haylee if she wants to go out for pizza?”

“I am not allowed to go in her room when mom and dad aren’t here. ” She said looking over at his cell phone, which was vibrating once again.

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   “Shouldn’t you get that?”

“It’s just a text from Mitch. ” He sighed. “Go knock on her door and see if she wants to go. I will be downstairs in a couple of minutes. ”

“Fine. ” She said as she hopped off the bed.

He heard Haylee’s voice erupt as she yelled at their younger sister, followed by a loud slamming of a door. Ryan had a feeling that Haylee was turning into quite a prima donna. He slipped on a pair of clean socks and his tennis shoes and headed the hall. He stopped outside of Haylee’s door and heard her typing. He flung open the door and stood there in the doorway. She spun around, ready to yell at Ashley again when she saw him standing there. She quickly turned back around and closed the browser window she had open.

“Let’s go. You are going to DiSparro’s with us for some pizza.

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  ” He said sternly.

“Ryan I really don’t want to. ” He cut her off.

“Come on. I have not seen you two in months. I want to spend some time with my sisters. So you are going or I am going to have to go around the neighborhood hanging up copies of that hideous picture of you in your Cookie Monster Halloween costume. “

Haylee grumbled and got up. She was never quite sure how far her brother would go to embarrass her now. It was always something that he was so good at doing before he went away to college. With both sisters in tow, Ryan headed down to the pizza parlor. It had not changed a bit. While they waited for their order, Ashley dragged Ryan over to the jukebox with her to pick out some music. Haylee sat in the booth engaged in texting someone every few seconds. Once they had finished their dinner, Haylee announced that she had to run over to her friend’s house.

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   Ryan let her go and walked Ashley home.

It seemed like forever before he could get his youngest sister to go to bed finally. He had wanted some time alone to get some relief from the ever-nagging horniness that consumed him. When he got into his room, he checked the messages on his phone. There were three from Mitch reminding him to check his email along with some rambling about this incredible new site that gave access to several smaller specialty sites. Ryan turned on his laptop and proceeded to get the info he needed to check them out.

He bounced from link to link, trying to find one that suited his mood. He found a wide variety of choices. There were lesbian sites, blondes that loved big black cocks sites, bestiality sites and even a few dedicated to fucking machines. Tonight, however, he was craving some hot barely legal pussy. He selected a site named “Legendary Lolitas. ” While browsing through the countless pages of teen seductresses, one in particular caught his attention.
She was called Naughty Nicole, and she was incredibly hot. Ryan started to salivate as he looked at her tantalizing spread. The raven haired, blue-eyed vixen had a body that begged to be fucked.

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   From her perfect heart shaped ass to her perky full breasts, she was a fantasy in the flesh. For some reason the heavily made up harlot seemed incredibly familiar to him. Ryan chalked it up to a coincidence. He sampled so many sites wares that he knew he had to have seen her somewhere before.

He decided to get more comfortable, only after making sure that his door was securely closed. He slipped off his jeans and t-shirt, and moved his laptop to the bed. There he could fully enjoy his newly found guilty pleasure. He began to look through Nicole’s section of the site. He was pleased to find several links to video clips. He clicked on one and laid back to watch it. His fingers wrapped around his rapidly stiffening cock as he waited for the clip to buffer. After a couple of seconds, it began to play.

The scene began to play out. At the center of the shot was a large brass canopy bed, decked out in delicate pink sheets. The room was overly girlie.


   Nicole walked over the bed wearing a pair of little pink cotton panties and matching tank top, with sparkly red hearts. As she climbed onto the bed, the words “Daddy’s girl” were visibly displayed on the back of her panties. She sat on the bed, leaning over and reaching for the small metal knob on the nightstand’s top drawer.

The drawer was slowly pulled open and she reached inside. She pulled her hand back out and clutched in her slender fingers was a slim, hard plastic pink vibrator with a black dial on the bottom. She smiled as she brought the tip to her heavily glossed lips. Her eyes sparkled as she placed several kisses on it before letting it slip between her shimmering pastel pink lips. She began to work it in and out slowly, taking only small portions of the vibe in each time. After a few moments, she pulled it away from her mouth. The tip of her tongue traced over it. First, it was up and down, then swirling around the tip of the plastic pink cock.

She laid back on the bed, still holding the toy in her grasp. Her fingers gripped the dial and turned it slightly. The vibe buzzed to live. As she laid there, her head resting on the pile of pillows, she traced the tip of the toy down the hollow of her neck and followed her breastbone downward.


   She then moved it over her breast toward her already semi-erect nipple. Her lips parted as she moaned softly. Her free hand moved to the opposite breast, kneading it as she teased her nipple with the vibe.

She leisurely traced down over her flat stomach, making a b line for her panties. Her legs spread slightly, giving a great view of the slightly damp cotton panties. The crotch of them was snuggly pressed against her tender pussy. She guided the toy down to her covered clit. The moment the vibrations hit the sensitive nub her body stiffened. She lightly rested it again it for a moment. Her other hand slid down her stomach, pushing the material up over her chest to reveal her bare breasts. Her hand moved back to the fleshy mound and began to maul it.

The focus then went back to her panties. The light pink fabric now looked slightly darker as it grew increasingly wet. She pressed the vibrator harder against her clit and began to breathe heavily. Her chest heaved with each breath.

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   It was starting to look as if she had pissed in her panties. The longer she held the vibe in place the wetter they got. Nicole’s body began to shudder as she clearly started to orgasm. Her hips lifted from the bed, as she seemed to want to escape the vibration and press harder into it all in the same moment. The humping motion continued for a few seconds before her ass landed again on the bed. She turned the vibe off and laid it down on the bed before she sat up. She peeled off the tank, throwing over the edge of the bed and letting it land on the floor. Next, she slid her panties down her long, slender legs. They soon joined her shirt on the floor.

She lay back down. This time she did not waste a single second teasing her body. She picked up the vibe, this time turning the dial further. The tip was placed against her clit once again, which made her twitch. She traced down until the tip was parting her meaty pink lips. Inch by inch the vibrator sank into her juicy crevice.


   She let out a loud moan as it hit its mark inside of her. Her hand moved slowly, inserting and withdrawing all but the tiniest bit of the toy which she held tightly in her fingers. She panted and squeaked as she unhurriedly fucked her sweet little cunt. The pink plastic glistened with her juices as she plunged it in and extracted it once again.

Her fingers of the free hand began to tug on her erect nipple, pulling it far from her creamy white breast. Her face was contorted in an exquisite mask of pleasure. Her thrusts became harder and faster as her arousal grew. It was visibly getting harder and harder for her to control herself. It was plain to see that she wanted nothing more than to induce the next earth shattering orgasm. Her pace quickened, as did her breathing. She was sawing the toy in and out of her overflowing cunt faster than ever.

Nicole bit down on her shimmering pink lower lip as she changed the angle of entry ever so slightly. She paused only for a second with the toy buried in her tight little fuckhole. The tip of the vibe rested against her sweet spot, making her struggle to abstain from cumming so soon a lost cause. For a couple of seconds she started to pump the vibe in and out once again.

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   Her hand pulled the vibe clear of her pussy and let it encounter her clit again.

Her eyes clenched shut as her ass lifted a few inches off the mattress. Her sweet nectar began to shoot from between her thick pink pussy lips and squirted all over the sheets. It continued for several more seconds, until she collapsed against the mattress, trying to catch her breath. Once she had rested ever so briefly, she took the toy to her lips again and seductively began to lick and suck her honey from it. Once the task was complete, the video clip came to an abrupt end.

Ryan lay there breathing heavily. A fresh load of his cum was splattered across his chest and stomach. He could not believe how incredibly turned on the video had left him. Even after emptying his balls while watching her bring herself to a glorious orgasm, he still craved more. He decided that a cold shower and a good night sleep was what he needed more and got out of bed. He was looking for the towel he had left in his room earlier that day to wrap around him for his journey to the bathroom when he heard a noise in the hall. He crept over to his door just in time to see his sister Haylee returning home. She carried a large blue messenger bag that seemed to be stuffed full with something. He could see a bit of pink material hanging out of the side as she turned to enter her room.

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He found the towel and waited for her to get inside her room. He quietly made his way down the hall to the bathroom, hoping not to alert either of his sisters. As he passed her room, he could hear Haylee on the phone again with someone. He thought of telling her to go to bed but decided to leave her be and went on to the shower. For tonight at least, Haylee’s secret was still safe.