Doing Sis ......


true story, my story
As we matured my sis was blossoming into a beautiful young lady. One night when I was just 19 our parents went on a vacation in the middle of the winter to the Bahamas.

As fate would have it we got hit with 26" of snow that night and were stranded for 2 days. We made the best of it.

Being siblings we had all the same issues, bickering etc. with each other . Some might say we didn't get along well but it was just brother /sister stuff.

I took a look around to see what was in the house. Plenty of food and my dads booze was at the ready. We also had some movies that sis had rented.

We had some dinner then went downstairs to watch a movie. I got a drink and sis asked for one also. I told her "no" she was underage, the drinking then was 21. I was being a wise ass.

With that she told me to "Fuck-Off your not my Boss". She also told me I was not the only one to steal dads booze.

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By now we both have had a few drinks but we were not hammered. She asked if she could sit on the sofa with me, I said yes as it is the best place to watch TV. She sat at the far end with her feet on the coffee table.

We watched a movie or two and had a few more drinks. It was strange but it had been so long that we spent any time together that I actually enjoyed her company. we talked about what we were each up to and had a few laughs.

I had lit a fire and we decided being that we had no place to be in the morning so we put another movie on. By this time I was wearing a pair of Gym shorts and a sweatshirt. Shoes off and just "Kicked Back" on the sofa by now I had a good Buzz on.

Sis went up to change. When she came back she had on a long mens dress shirt. That was the first time I saw her as a woman not a "little girl". No sexual feelings just the realization that we were growing up fast.

After a while she moved so she was laying on the sofa with here head just below mine. Thats cool no big deal.

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When the movie was over I said I was beat and was heading for bed. As I was getting up I noticed she had tears in her eyes. I asked her "whats up" but she just whimpered. After a little prodding she said "I have something to tell you but I don't know how. "

I told her "don't worry your secrets are safe with me". With that she said this is a big one. I assumed that she was pregnant or something so I kept asking. If she was in trouble I would be there to help.

She barks out still in tears "didn't you think I looked sexy in your shirt. "
MY SHIRT I thought. Then I remembered that I once had a shirt like that but threw it out a couple years ago.

Then she sat back down and told me her secret. She was a virgin and didn't want to be one any more. She fooled around a little but never had sex. She also told me that she masturbated to a picture of me and loved the shirt because it had my sent on it.

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As my mind raced I did notice that she looked GREAT in that shirt. I also saw that the first few buttons were undone giving me a view of her fantastic little tits. By now my reasoning became blurred by the Hard-On starting to grow in my shorts.

NO FUCKING WAY I said to myself, this can't be for real.

With that she pulled the shirt over her head and there she was in all her virgin beauty.

She then said "I want you to be the first", my heart stopped. How do I deal with this ! She went on to say that she didn't want just some guy to take her she wanted someone she could trust, someone she loved deeply. . . . . .

"I love you" she cried "Don't you love me?" "Please I'm so ashamed that I told you !"

I went over to give her a hug forgetting for a moment that she was stark naked but it was my natural reaction. As I held her I know she could feel that my cock was about to burst from my shorts.

"You do think I'm Sexy" she said when she felt my cock against her body.

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"Please come up to my room" she asked.

I just nodded and followed her upstairs.

I was not going to tell my secret. As it turns out there were TWO virgins in the house that night ! I had never thought about it but this was perfect. No pressure or judgement on my performance.

At the top of the stairs she turns and gives me a kiss. Not that "sister" kiss but a deep, long wet one. As our mouths explored so did our hands. Before I knew it she was stroking my dick and I was playing with her perfect nipples.

"Oh my" she said as she felt the precum on the head of my dick, "you do think I'm sexy". Then she took my juice a sucked her finger.

Thats when all my thoughts of guilt vanished. "Fuck yes your sexy, so much so that if I'm not careful I'll fill your hand with my juice if you don't stop!"

She laughed , then I got on my knees and buried my face into that sweet pussy. It tasted like a rose. I licked her and I felt her legs go soft.


   I scent almost was to fantastic to take. She came all over my face and I tried hard to taste all of her


As we moved to her bed she slowly went down on me. "Hows that Bro?" she asked. "Unreal" was my only reply. She was sucking just the head and then the full length of my Love Stick was in her mouth.

I laid her on her back and she spread her legs enough for me to lick her juices one more time. I moved in so the head of my dripping cock was against the lips of her untouched pussy. I slipped it up and down her slit as she wiggled beneath me.

"Please, I cant wait I need you inside me". "Ok my love" I replied.
"Go slow remember you will be my first". I don't know what got into me but in the passion of the moment I said "and you will be mine. . . !"

She stopped cold.

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   "I will be your what " she asked. "My first lover" I answered. The look in her eyes said so much but I guess she need to let it out.

"This is more than even my dreams" she said. "We will discover the joy together" as her eyes started to tear. I wiped the tears from her eyes and gave her a long passionate kiss.

"Are you ready" I asked. "Yes, please now take me love, take me to places we have never been. I started to push the head in all the while trying not to cum before I ever fucked her.

The head popped in and our eyes locked. "Hold it there for a moment" then she said to give her all of me. I felt the resistance of what I assumed was her hymen and with one more push my cock was buried in the forbidden fruit on my own little sister !

I held it in her as she got used to the feeling. "Thats so good love, better than all my fantasies" she told me to pull it out some, but not all the way. I could see the blood of her cherry on my cock. Oh my God I'm fucking my sister and loving it !

She was as smooth as silk inside and it was the best feeling of my life.

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   Her wetness made it easy to stroke her gently with causing her any pain. "Ohhh I'm going to cum again she gasped" Go ahead, cum all over me cock, I want to feel your orgasm".

She shook like a building in an earthquake "Ahhh yes, pump me ,fuck me hard she cried. " I could feel her milky cum running down my cock. It was more than I could take.

'How about you" she asked. I was on the edge of blowing my load when I remembered one thing I didn't look for, a condom ! Being a virgin I didn't have a box just laying around and the one in my wallet was about 4 years old.

"You are fantastic "I said while trying to catch my breath. "I'm going to cum" !
"Let it go my love my sister moaned". "I'm going to pull out, where do you want me to cum?"

Again we locked eyes. "Cum in me, I need to feel you love juice in me". she locked her legs around me and held me tight inside her.

"But. . .

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  . ". "Shhh just give it to me" she begged.

That was it, before I could do or say anything about knocking up my sister I was shooting stream after stream of my sperm into her womb. It was unlike any orgasm I ever had. I just kept coming until the spunk was flowing out of her pussy onto the sheets.

We both went limp, the room full of the smell of not just sex but incestuous virgin lust. We fell asleep in each others arms both spent from our "First Times".

I woke in the morning to find sis giving me a blow-job. As I looked down she said "I didn't get to taste all of you last night so nows me chance !'

Well it didn't take long before I filled her hot mouth with my cum. She swallowed most and then let the rest spray her face and tits.

'We better wash these sheets or mom and dad will think I let some "scumbag" fuck me". She was right, the sheets were stained with his and her cum PLUS virgin blood !

After breakfast we spent the day as a "couple" would. The roads were clear so we went out for a while, had lunch then walked around town some.

When we returned home we went right to bed. moynakia live nadia cypriota lisa sparkle escort regina moon escort escortgay martina escort 

   This time we had sex every way one could think. It was wonderful to be able to be so at ease with a woman.

After those two wonderful days that was it. We went back to being just Brother and Sister only now we got along far better.

About a month after sis told me that it was so special that we lost our virginity together and found our way. I told her I would never forget the love we felt and still feel.

I gave her a peck on the cheek and life went on.

I never did forget as I can tell this story almost 30 years latter and still have vivid memories of that weekend.

We never had sex again, well not until my injury when she helped me out with a problem for a very short time. . Maybe I'll tell that one at some point.

See Ya,
"Did you ever bang a paralyzed guy?"