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Topic: Drunk older sisterLiz was 17yo, 5'8", c-cup tits and nice wide hips. I was 15yo,5'7", 8" cock , fit from all the sports I played. We got along but did not hang out together. All my horny friends always told me how hot she was but to me she was only sister. One night she went out partying with her girlfriends. While mom and dad were out of town for the weekend. I had acouple of my friends over earilier to drink some beers and smoke some weed. Now I was laying in mom and dads bed jacking off. Man, smoking weed just makes me so fuckin horny. Plus when I am high I can control myself alot better. Right as soon as I was rock solid I hear sister comming into the house. I see her standing at the doorway trying to see if I was there. She is drunk off her ass. She walks in and goes to the bedrooms bathroom. I can hear her pissing like a race horse. Keeping my cock hard.

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   I pretend that I am asleep when she comes out.   Has I peep to see what she was doing. I saw she her just standing at the side of the bed. Naked! My friends were right she was hot. Pointy tits with nice dark nipples, flat stomach, small waist leading to her wide hips and a nice trim little brush. She was just standing there. My heart was beating loud I was scared to breath. Then she just attacked me. Like a hungry lion. She was on top of me. Kissing my nesk, her fim tits against my chest, straddling me all at the same time. I just froze. Scared plus all this pleasure at once. I could not think. Her wet kisses and hot heavy breathing on my neck woke me up.

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   I arched up you feel her soft firm tits rub against my chest. I reached down to grab her firm hips. To stop her from hitting my cock. This seemed to piss her off.   She took a bite of my nesk as to hold me still. I did not move. She then lifted her hips up and placed a hand between her legs. Grabbing my swollen cock roughly and placing it to her well soaken pussy. With out warning she slammed herself down on my cock. Hard, it hurt. Not only me but her also. I don't think she knew just how long and thick my cock was. Cause she stopped half way down.   Now I have had a fair amount to pussy but not like this.   Tight, hot , sticky wet it made my head spin.

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   Then she took a bite of my neck again, as she lowered herself onto the rest of my cock. I knew that she never had so much cock in her before. She was just too tight. I streatched her to her limits. I could feel the back of her pussy with the head of my cock. I could feel my cock trobbing against the walls of her pussy as to try and make room. Then she released my neck and bit down on my shoulder as she started slamming up and down on my cock. She was in a world of her own. She rode me hard, no love. Just a hard fuck.   I tried to get my hands under her chest to feel her tits. But she would not let me pressing her tits harder against my chest. I tried to reach around her to feel her ass. But she bite me harder. So I just but my hands to my side.

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   Then she stopped bitting me. She placed her mouth to my ear and started to make little wimpering noises. Man, this turn me on. I could feel her tighten up and knew that she was about to cum. Without warning I was about to shoot my load. I paniced "Sister get off I'm going to cum!" I shouted. But she rode me harder as she tried to beat me to it. I could not take anymore. My nuts release so much cum into her pussy. It sent cold chills trough my body. I must of came for along time cause I don't remember her cumming. Even when I had finished cumming. My cocked was still trying to pump more cum into her. She was spent. She just rolled off of me.

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   And tried to passout. But I was still rock hard. Now I took her beautiful tit and started to suck on it. Squeezing and sucking gentlly. Her nipple tasted good. Now she was trying to push me away. So, I just said fuck it. Lifted her limp legs over my shoulders and slammed my cock back into her. She let out a scream, "Please don't, I have had enough" she told me. I thought who cares as I pushed her knees to her chest. I fucked her hard. She was screaming for me to stop but when I bit down on her neck. She shut-up. I fucked her like she had just fucked me. Caring only for my pleasure.

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   It was over before it started this time.  Now as I was emptyimg myself in her I could feel her cumming. Her pussy muscles could sure squeeze. I held still till she was done. When I pulled out her just roolled over and passed out. Leaving me staring at her beautiful ass. It' going to be a wonderful weekend.

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