Family, Go Figure Pt. 2


The day had gone well, taking care of Dana and Karen again on another trip to the lady's room made me hotter and I eventually had to change into a tank top since my tube top was so streached out it did not stay up at all. My nipples were hard through the material and so I had a lot of the male family around me talking and accidentially bumping into me a lot. Aunt Bess is the moral police of the family and was saying to other folks what a whore and slut I was and should be put in jail and such as that. Of course she said it in polite words and all but still, she had on factory strenght clothes to make sure even in the heat of the day she did not show any of the body under and that body I was sure was really nice, if we could just get to it.
Steve had been in the wods with a cousin of mine and she was talking with him at a table and I walked up. "So Steve, you and and Kay have a good fuck?" She blushed and Steve said, "Oh, she is very tight Hun. " I looked at her, "Good enough for me to eat?" and he said, "I am sure you would love her. " and she shook her head, "I don't do that. " I looked at her, "You just fucked my husband in the woods and you won't do me too?" "No, I, I ah, well," she kept trying to say. "Look," I said, "Sex is sex, and it feels so ood, enjoy all you can. " Aunt Bess came up as I said this and looked at me. "You are really loose aren't you Teresa?" MY nipples got hard for some reason and I looked at her, "And you are all dried up. " I said. "How dare you, you should be put in jail for how you are. " she said trying to control herself. "You know Aunt Bess, you should get naked and have a good time and enjoy it, I bet Steve could do you really good if you let him.

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  " I said and she turned red and walked away, mad as hell. "That was good for amily relations. " Steve said. "You and Kay are going to help me seduce Aunt Bess. " I told them. Kay looked at me, "I am what? I can't do that, she is, she is, well, I can't. Kay said. "Yes you can. " I told her and took their hands. First I kissed Steve really passionately in front of everyone and then leaned over and kissed Kay softly and took their hands and led them away slowly.
I looked behind me to see if Aunt Bess was following and she was, while following she tried not to look like she was so I headed to the lady's room to make sure she had a way to look like she was going there instead of following us to the woods. Sure enough she did and we went just past it into the woods. I waited till she was in sight and pushed Steve against a tree and took out his cock and began sucking him good, taking him deep and reaching into my skirt and fingering myself. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Aunt Bess hiding and her face was flushed red as a beet. Soon Steve let me know he was ready and I made groaning noises and he filled my throat.

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   With his cum in my mouth still I stood and kissed Kay who at fist resisted then melted into kissing me back and then she said, "Oh how did you know I love cum. " "I just did. " I told her. "Now lean against the tree and let me play with you while Steve goes and bring Aunt Bess. " I told her and she did. I kissed her again and she shivered, "Oh his cum is still there, kiss me again. " she said and now my hands went under her shirt and bra and found her nice firm 34C tits. She moaned as I played with them and then sucked the nipples.
Steve had walked around behind Aunt Bess and gotten close to her. He told me the things said later. "So Aunt Bess, you like to watch?" he said making her jump. She turned around and she had her hand on her chest rubbing her nipples through her clothes. She stopped and looked at Steve, "I was just, ah, I was just making sure you are what I was saying so I can tell, so I can. . .

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  " she said. "You are not going to tell anyone that you were watching Teresa suck me off then kiss Kay with my cum in her mouth. " he said. "And while you watched you played with your own tits. " He said. She stood there not saying anything and Steve stepped up to her and took her face in his hands and began kissing her. She kept her lips together at first but soon they parted and she gave up to kissing him. Steve went for the sopt that makes me hot even if I am fuly clothed, under the ears on the neck and she began to moan, "Oh please stop, I am not like that, please stop. " "Since you are family I thought that place would make you hot. " he told her as he kissed her softly there and she kept asking him to stop but her body did not resist. Then his hands went to her tits and she moaned again, "Oh please not here. " she said. Steve kept to them and undid her blouse and then her bra, they hung on her body as he went under the bra and played with her nipples that got harder and harder. "Take them off. " he told her.

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   "What?" she said. "Take off the bra and blouse, now. " he saidand she began to protest but then dropped them to the ground revealing her nice tits and really huge nipples. They took up almost half her tits and were dep brown and made me hot looking over to see what was happening. Steve began sucking them and she leaned against the tree, "Oh please don't do this to me, I can't stop, please stop. " she said. Steve kept up the fun he was having.
He undid her pants and they too came off and she stood there naked and had a very hairy pussy as if it had never been trimmed at all. Steve slipped his fingers first one then two then four into her pussy and she moaned louder and her hips shook and she had an orgasm all over his fingers. He brought his fingers up and said, "Lick them. " she looked at him and slowly did and she said, "I guess it does not taste bad. " and he said, "Hell no, it is great. " His cock was free and hard and slapped against her tummy and she said, "Now what are you going to do to me?" "What do you think?" he said and led her to a table not far away. Kay and I were now totally naked and watching them. We carressed each other as Steve took her to the table and told her to lay on her back and he got betwen her legs and his cock disappeared into her hairy mound.

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   She exploded all of a sudden and began moaning for him to make her cum again please. Steve did just that and she was now bucking back against him. Kay and I had walked to them and were standing over them, still carressing each other. Steve filled her pussy and she noticved us standing there. "Oh my god, how long have you been there so close?" she said her face red and angry. "all the time Dear. " I said and leaned down and kissed her soft. She resisted but I stayed at it and like Kay her lips came aprat and she kissed me back. Maybe because Steve had slipped back into her and was moving in and out but she kissed me.
He slipped out of her and I led Kay to her and told her, "Now family should love family and you and Bess and I are going to all make love and Steve is going to watch. " I told them both. I leaned down kising her again and moved her hands to my tits and Steve moved Kay to her pussy, "It is full of my cum Hun, now eat her good. " he told her and she did just that. Bess was moaning like the whore she had said I was and we were really getting close to an orgasm and so I made sure she looked in my eyes as Kay ate her through it. I got over her face and squated down and said, "Now you eat me.

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  " she did not resist but took to tonguing me like she was an expert. We were at it for another hour and finally we all sat there and began dressing, Bess was kissing Steve and he was playing with her pussy, "You really need to shave that thing Baby. " he told her. "I will if yiu will do what you all did again. " Kay came over and kissed her, "I would love to help shave you Aunt Bess. " she said and kissed her deep. "Okay hun. " she said and we all dressed and left the woods. The tables and the pavillion were now thiing out and Mom looked at us, "Turn out Bess?" she said to me. "Yep, we helped her find her inner whore. " I said. "Well, all of us Cain women have an inner whore. " she laughed and we all had more beer. The lights were coming on in the park and now we made plans to clean up. "How bout you all come over to my house and stay the night?" Mom said.

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   Steve kissed he rdeep and said, "You got a bed big enough?" and we laughed. After we clean up we left for Mom's house and that is another story all together.