Family, Go Figure. Pt 3


Mom had said that we should all come over to her house after the reunion and so we all drove there following Mom in her car. Kay and Aunt Bess were now holding hands as they walked to the door and I stopped them, "Well, haven't we "come out" aweful quick. I said looking at them. Aunt Bess turned red and started to turn around to go. I stepped in front of her and reached out taking her tits in my hands and began massaging them thru the material of her bra that was holding them. Kay got behind her and reached under the shirt and undid the bra and her tits fell into my hands. Bess, smiling, looked at me and her eyes were closing. Kay kissed her neck and she leaned back. Her blouse and her bra and fell to the ground near the door. I went down and pulled off her shorts and panties and she stood there naked.
We stepped inside and Mom and Steve were kissing and she was already freeing him of his clothes and she was half naked too. Kay was still kissing Bess as we walked into the bedroom and all of us managed to get on the bed. Mom after a while got drinks for us all and the glasses were full of whatever she had put together. She came to Bess and gave her one and said, "This is especially for you Dear. " she kissed her and gave her the drink. "What is in it?" Bess said.

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   "Nothing that I will not drink myself" she said and took a long sip. She gave it back and Bess began drinking it. First she took a sip then more and then bottomed up the glass. "Oh that was nice. " she said, "And I feel warm all over. " She laid back and Kay and Mom and I laid around her with Steve on the camera. We began sucking and licking and kissing her all over and before long had several orgasms from her. She was using language she had never used in public and sounded like the things we did were all she had ever done. She tok Mom's pussy over her face as if natural and ate her through two orgasms and then Kay and then me.
She laid there, "This is so good, why have I not done it before?" she said. Than she said, "What is next?" We all looked at each other and Mom got a blindfold out and put it on her. "This is really great. " she said. Bess let us guide her to the edge of the bed and with her knees on the floor and her top on the bed and her hips exposed we brought in Mom's Irish Setter she had just gotten. Steve had tied Bess to the bed in this position with some silk scarves and so we led Mack up to Bess.

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   He sniffed her wet bottom and then began licking his huge tongue quickly driving Bess to another orgasm. "Oh my god, that is great, don't stop. " she moaned. "Oh, that is just the beginning. " Mom saidand we pated Bess's ass to get Mack to mount her. His huge cock was out of the sheath and he was ready. He got on her back and I guided him to her pussy and he went in making me shout loud, "Oh yeh, that is good, oh yes, fuck Aunt Bess, fuck her good. " she was saying over and over. We had put a tee shirt over his upper body so she thought it was a guy that was hairy at first then the knot was hitting her pussy trying to get in and she began saying, "Damn, it is not human, what is in me, oh hell, no take it off me, no, no. " and then Mack slipped his knot in her and she went limp and he began humping her fast and hard. Her hips gave in and were moving with him.
He filled her until his knot came out and cum plopped on the rug under her. "Oh, what have you done to me, of hell, you are all terrible. " she was moaning. We let her up keeping the blindfold and Mack was led to her as we laid her on the bed.

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   She was put at his crotch and we told her to take it and clean it up. She did after we forced her face to his cock and then she knew it was a dog. She cried out, "You are all insane, dogs, oh my god, what have you doen to me, I will go to the law. " she screamed. "No you won't Bess," Mom said and she pointed to Steve with the camera. "Come o Momma Mack. " Mom said and laid back for him to lay between her legs and she helped him find her pussy. . . . "Oh yeh, fuck momma really good. " she moaned as Mack filled her . He finished and Mom gave him to Kay, "Here Kay, you need to learn too. " she said, "can I kiss him?" she said. "Sure hun.

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  " Mom said and key laid next to him on the floor and began kissing him and soon his tongue was in her mouth and she was sucking it and kissing him back. "I want him now," she moaned and on her hands and knees she opened her pussy for him and he was in her. It took longer for her since he was already fucking so much but after the knot went in he managed to drive Kay to several orgasms.
Bess laid there spread out and just began laughing, "I can't beliee what you have all done to me. " she was saying. "I am runied forever. " "No hun, but anytime we call you will be over hun. " Mom said and they kissed and they fell asleep in each other arms. Kay and Mack fell asleep snuggled together and Steve and I did the same.
"I love your family. " steve said and we laughed and slept.
Love ya all,
Teresa (Tess)