Family turned on chapter 6


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That weekend, Kenny came down with a mild case of the flu. As Saturday and Sunday passed, Diane both feared and hoped that he would be too sick to go to school on Monday. Her fears and hopes came true; Kenny still had a mild fever, and Monday morning found Diane all alone in the house with her son.

She’d been doing everything she could to fight her incestuous urges for him ever since seeing Mike fucking Penny up the ass. Now the temptation was difficult to resist. Kenny was upstairs, naked under the covers. She had to fix him lunch and bring it to him. He didn’t have anyone to talk to except her. What if…

Diane suppressed the thought and put the finishing touches on a tuna fish sandwich. Then, carrying a small tray, she walked upstairs to Kenny’s room. Deliberately she had avoided dressing so she could continue wearing the bathrobe, knowing how easy it was to shrug her shoulders and make the halves gap open to expose her cleavage. She didn’t like to admit to herself how close she was to giving in to her forbidden lust.

“It’s me, darling. Lunch time,” she said, rapping lightly on his door. “Are you decent?”

“I’m just in bed,” Kenny replied. “Come on in.

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Diane entered her son’s room. Kenny was sitting up in bed, with the covers up to his waist. He was naked, and Diane had to force herself to take her eyes from his slim, leanly muscled chest. Already she could feel her nipples stiffening, could feel the anxious heat penetrating her hairy cunt.

“Tuna on wheat,” she said, putting the tray on the little stand next to the bed. Diane sat on the edge of the mattress and looked at him lovingly. “Lots of protein for you to get strong on. Did you have a nice sleep. ”

“Aw, I slept for a little while,” Kenny murmured. “I really don’t feel that sick. It’s just that my nose is all stopped up. ”

“Well, better safe than sorry. You could have taken the chance of going back today, but I think you were right to stay home. Nothing wrong with taking a few precautions…”

Diane abruptly stopped speaking. Something was different in her son’s face; he was looking at her a little strangely, almost nervously.

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Then she realized that his gaze, wasn’t focused on her face. It was riveted to her enormous tits.

“Do you want me to get you a glass of milk to go with the sandwich, Kenny?” she asked nervously.

“Naw, I’m okay. I’ll eat it later. ”

Eat it later. Eat her cunt… Diane was so horny that everything said seemed to have an obscene connotation. Her conscience told her to leave immediately, to go downstairs and fingerfuck some more if that would do any good. Kenny’s quick glance at her tits had turned her on more than anything, even seeing Mike fucking Penny up the ass. It meant that he was aroused by her. She was close to losing control.

A second later she knew that she’d already lost it, that she’d reached the decision to seduce her teenage son.

“How do you think you got your cold, Kenny?” she asked, deliberately moving her shoulders. The robe loosened; several more inches of deep, milk-white cleavage were exposed in the gap.

And Kenny looked at it, looked at it hard.

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   “I dunno,” he said softly. “Maybe I wasn’t getting enough sleep. ”

Sleep. Sleep with me… fucking me… “Well, you’ve never needed very much, have you, Kenny? Not like your brother. ”

She shrugged her shoulders again, and the robe fell halfway open. Her huge D-cup tits were almost completely exposed, so much so that the sides of her dark-pink nipples peeked out.

Kenny was too busy staring at her tits to reply right away. Something was moving under the blankets, Diane saw. She almost gasped aloud when she realized it was his stiffening cock.

“I need about six hours. ”

“You do, do you? Six hours?”

Diane didn’t dare move her shoulders again, but it was soon apparent that she didn’t have to. Kenny blushed as the bulge under the blankets grew and grew and grew. Soon it had formed a tent under the covers, pulsing too obscenely to be ignored.

“Why, Kenny,” Diane gasped. “Have I done something to excite you? You seem to have quite an… erection there.

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Looking embarrassed, Kenny lowered his head. “Sorry. ”

“Well, there’s nothing to be sorry about. ”

Diane was so torn with lust that her expression was cracking. She felt like she had no control. “It’s natural for boys your age to get such enormous, I mean, frequent hard-ons. Do you often get a stiff cock like that, Kenny?”

Her lust should have been obvious, but Kenny was too wrapped up in his own embarrassment to notice. “Yeah,” he whispered. “All the time. ”

“It’s not healthy for you to go without a sexual release, Son. Don’t you ever masturbate?”

Kenny smiled shyly. “I do that all the time too. I don’t know. I just can’t stop being horny. ”

Can’t stop being horny.

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   Can’t stop being horny…

“Well, why do you have a stiff cock now, Kenny?” she said, her voice breaking. “Is it from looking at me? Your own mother?”

Kenny blushed fiercely and started to speak. Then he gasped as Diane thrust her hand under the covers and wrapped her, hand hungrily around the bloated thickness of his cock.

“Jesus, Mom!”

“Don’t lie to me, darling. I can feel for myself how stiff your dick is. You don’t have to feel ashamed of being horny for me. I am your mother. The least I can do is give you relief. ”

The she pulled the covers down his thighs, exposing his huge throbbing cock. Kenny gasped as his mother furiously began to beat his meat, stroking and tugging the pink, veined flesh of his cock.

“Does that feel good, Son?” Diane asked, shaking all over. “Is that making your big beautiful prick feel better? You like my hand on your big, fat hard-on, don’t you, Son?”

Kenny groaned and let his head fall back to the pillow, giving in to the rhythm of his mother’s hand job. Diane stared at her fist pumping on his swollen cock. She could hardly believe that she was doing this, and all at once she felt incredibly ashamed. But she was much too horny to stop.

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“What did I do to give you such a big, stiff boner, Kenny? Were you looking at my tits? Is that it?”

Kenny gulped and nodded his head. With her free hand, Diane pulled the halves of her robe apart completely. Her tits were enormous, pendulous globes hanging on her chest like melons, capped by silver-dollar-sized nipples crinkled stiff with arousal. The horny mother shook her shoulders, making her huge tits jiggle and dance. Kenny’s cock grew as hard as stone in her hand.

“Oh fuck, Mom! Oh, fuck!”

“Why don’t you touch them, Kenny?” Diane whispered. “You can even suck them if you want to. You can do anything to me that you want. I love you so much. ”

Bending forward, Kenny opened his mouth and stuffed one stiff nipple into his mouth. Diane squealed as he sucked insistently, puckering his lips on the fat nipple as if he expected to draw milk. It only took a few seconds of his tit sucking to make her unbearably horny. Diane pushed his shoulders forcibly back to the bed and groped hungrily for his prick.

“That’s enough, Kenny. ” Her voice was an obscene whisper as she pumped his raging hard-on faster than ever.

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   “I’m going to suck your fucking cock!”

Dropping her head to his groin, Diane lavished his prick flesh with kisses as his cock pulsed warmly in her hand. Pressing her lips to the tip of his prick, she sucked in the hot cum juices dribbling from the glistening slit. Then she opened her mouth wide and gurgled with forbidden incestuous pleasure as she stuffed her buttery throat full of her son’s magnificent prick.

His cock meat tasted musky and hot, and Diane’s pussy creamed as she inhaled the aroma of his prick. Her cheeks contracted, sharply increasing the suction around his prick. She clasped her lips tightly around the center of his cock. Then he started sucking her boy’s prick as hard as she could.

“Ahh, God!” Kenny’s face contorted as he watched his mother give him head, feeling the wet pressure around his prick. “Suck it, Mom!” He thrust his hand behind her head and bucked his ass feverishly off the mattress, fucking his aching prick between her lips. “My cock’s so hard! Suck out my cum!”

Diane was in seventh heaven, gurgling and slurping noisily as she relished the taste and feel of her boy’s fat prick. For so long she’d dreamed of seeing and sucking his giant cock, and now her most lurid fantasies were coming true.

Deep down inside she knew that what she was doing was terribly wrong and that she would be horribly ashamed once the heat of the act was behind them, but that didn’t matter now. She’d given in, and all she wanted to think of was her son’s enormous cock, how his prick throbbed in her mouth and how good it would feel to gulp down his hot, sticky cum.

Diane began to bob her head up and down, making her huge tits jiggle and shake as she fucked her face with his boner. Kenny’s cock quickly grew longer and stiffer in her buttery mouth.

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   Wrapping her hand tightly around the base of his cock, Diane feverishly began to jack as she sucked.

“Harder, Mom, gonna cum!” Kenny held her head with one hand and pawed at her pendulous tits with the other, pinching the stiff, rubbery nipples. “You look so fantastic sucking my dick! Unh! Suck harder, Mommy! I want to shoot!”

Diane took a deep breath through her nose and forced her head downwards, engulfing nearly two thirds of her son’s massive prick in the syrupy grip of her ripe lips. Her cunt was burning, itching and rhythmically pulsing as she savored the pleasure of giving her boy a blow job. She almost felt as if she could cum with his prick in her mouth.

Kenny’s face contorted, and his cheeks flushed brightly. He pulled his mother’s hair and started to writhe convulsively on the bed, unable to bear the violent pleasure of her cock sucking. Then his prick began to jerk and twitch madly in her mouth, and Diane knew she was about to swallow a hot load of rich cum.

“Suck me, Mommy!” His voice was an agonized, whining cry. “My cock’s so hard! Suck it, suck it, oh, Momma… ahhhhhh!”

Diane curled her tongue like a snake around the puffy, drooling knob of his hard-on. A jet of hot, sticky cum blasted out of his piss hole, spurting down her throat. She tasted the nectar of Kenny’s cum and hornily started gulping, determined to fill her belly with his fuck cream.

Diane’s husband had always been a heavy cummer, but the horny mother had never had to swallow a load like this. The violence of her son’s orgasm was incredible. Endlessly the salty, milky cum cream gushed out of his balls, rushing up his cock shaft and splattering her mouth.

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Diane gurgled and whimpered as she swallowed, but there was more of his seed than she could ever take. Obscenely his cum bubbled out of her sucking lips, running down her chin onto her huge stiff-nippled tits.

“Oh, Son!” When the spurts finally subsided, Diane took his fat cock out of her mouth and milked his prick as she stared tenderly into his eyes. “You came buckets for me! Thank you so much!”

“Fuck me, Mommy,” Kenny moaned. His face was tortured with incestuous lust. “I really want you on top of me. I want to feel my cock in your cunt. ”

Holding the base, Diane stared down at his prick. His cock was still rock-hard, as if he hadn’t cum at all. The sight and feel of his raging hard-on reminded her of how horny she was. Her pussy was dripping for her son’s cock meat.

Rising from the bed, Diane silently stripped off the bathrobe. Kenny gasped at the sight of his mother’s voluptuous body, running his eyes up her long, creamy legs, fixing his gaze on the profusely haired triangle of her cunt.

Diane’s pussy was so creamy that the smell of her musky fuck juices filled her teen’s bedroom. Her tits heaved as she mounted her son as he lay on his back.

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   Digging her knees into the mattress to either side of his hips, she reached between her thighs and grasped the beating shaft of his prick.

“Put it in me,” she hissed. “Fuck your mother. ”

Wincing, Kenny held his cock and fit the mushroom-shaped knob onto the pouting slit of her fuck hole. Diane shuddered and shut her eyes as she felt its stiffness pushing into her, separating the flowering lips of her pussy, stretching her cunt. Immediately she began to hump her ass, thrusting her fuck slit down onto her boy’s big prick.

“Fuck me, Kenny! Aww shit, feel your big cock going into me! I want you to stuff my pussy with it, Kenny! Fuck my fucking cunt!”

Diane corkscrewed her peach-shaped ass, helping her son fuck the long shaft of his cock into her pussy. Inch after inch of his hard-on bored into her cunt. She lowered her head and stared between her enormous tits, watching the veined cock shaft disappear into her greasy, fur-fringed cunt.

Now his prick was throbbing inside her, piercing her womb. The horny mother grunted as she ground her ass on Kenny’s upper thighs, feeling his prick buried all the way inside her. Then she lifted her ass and started fucking him, pounding her pussy onto his cock.

“Fuck me, Kenny!” She leaned forward, letting her fat rubbery nipples brush his chest as she held his shoulders for support. “My cunt’s so wet! It’s dripping on your cock! Fuck me haaaaard!”

Kenny groaned as he started humping, fucking his blood-swollen prick in and out of his mother’s cunt. Sliding his hands all over her body, he patted her thighs and squeezed her quivering ass cheeks, delighting in the silky smoothness of her nakedness.



“Harder, Kenny!” The oversized globes of her spongy tits bounced as she humped feverishly up and down, pleasuring her cunt on his cock. “I’m so horny! Fuck me, Kenny! I need your prick inside me! Fuck me as hard as you can!”

Kenny was overwhelmed by his mother’s stacked body and the clinging tightness of her pussy as the narrow, velvety fuck tunnel sucked spasmodically on his cock. He almost felt as if he wanted to stay there and just let his mother fuck him, feeling her pussy open and close around his cock again and again.

But he was too horny to lie still. Grasping one huge tit, Kenny brought it to his mouth and sucked the taut nipple between his lips. As he sucked her tit, he furiously started fucking her, ramming his ass off the bed, fucking his bloated cock into the syrupy slit of her cunt.

“That’s right, Kenny! You’re doing so good!” The bed creaked obscenely, and her wanton moans were loud enough to be heard in the street. Diane didn’t care as she fucked her pussy on Kenny’s cock again and again.

Her cunt was very wet and tingly now, burning all over his huge cock. The clit protruded from its fleshy hood, chafed raw by the upper side of his prick with every thrust. Diane knew she was about to cum, and she didn’t want to hold back. She wanted her pussy to explode on Kenny’s thick cock.

“I’m cumming, Kenny!” she shouted. Her wet, hairy pussy made squishing sounds as her cunt sucked his steely prick. “Fuck me, Kenny! I’m getting off! Unnghhh! Oh fuck, Kenny, oh shit, I’m… I’m… I’m cuuuummmmiiiinnnnggggg!”

The spasms quivered exquisitely through her throbbing cunt, making her nipples throb and her asshole pucker as she came all over her son’s dick.

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   Kenny felt the contractions of her pussy muscles around his fucking cock, and he fucked her harder than ever, helping her through the apex of her cum. Diane was delirious with pleasure as she fucked back on him. She felt as if the spasms would never stop.

“I’m cumming too, Mommy!” Kenny cried. He grimaced as his cock again began to swell and stiffen inside her buttery pussy, growing even stiffer than before. “Fuck me, Mom! Unh… oh shit, tight fucking pussy ahhhhhh!”

Again it was as if he’d never cum at all. A white torrent of cum opened his piss hole, squirting heavily up his mother’s cunt. Diane squealed as she felt the milky jism gushing into her. It filled her pussy completely, dribbling out of her hairy fuck hole around his cock, forming a puddle on the bed.

Then his prick began to soften inside her, and Diane finally realized what she’d done. Incest! She’d fucked her own son.

Kenny reached up to embrace her lovingly, but Diane pulled away. For a moment she just stared down at him with a wild, confused expression on her face. Then she got off the bed and started to back out of the room.

“Don’t talk to me!” Diane shouted.

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   “Not now! I was… so wrong, Kenny! We can’t ever do that again!”

“But, Mom!”

Diane didn’t hear him. Already crying, she slammed the door behind her and ran down the hall.
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