Father's Day


He flashed his little auburn-haired princess a glowing smile of appreciation for the food, but when she smiled in return, he noticed something peculiar in the way she was staring back at him. There was a feral glint in her brilliant emerald orbs, and he could swear she was undressing him with her eyes as she slowly looked him up and down. It was like seeing a full grown woman behind the eyes of his child and her hips seemed to have taken on a sensualness in their sway as she walked up to him. "Happy Father's Day, Daddy. I'm so glad your finally home," she said, her voice like velvet to his ears as she kissed him tenderly on the cheek sending a shockwave of shivers racing down his spine. "Okay, maybe I am getting a little sex starved here . . . did her voice sound . . richer somehow? My God!! What is wrong with me?? My wife skips out on me no more than a month ago, and now I'm imagining my 13-year-old daughter is seducing me! The guys were right, I do need to get laid," he thought to himself and then shook his head to bring him back to reality. He looked about expecting to see India appear right behind Sidda as the two were always together. When she didn't show, Joseph gazed curiously at his youngest daughter while she took a seat at the table like nothing were out of place. "Thank you sweetheart. Where is your sister?" he asked. "India has been just awful today, daddy.

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   She was being really mean to me, so I locked her in her room until I could show you what she did," Sidda explained with large, green puppy dog eyes turning her pixie-like features into a mask of bruised innocence. This news came as a complete shock to Joseph. His girls had never succumbed to sibling rivalry before, in fact quite the opposite. Although there was a bit of an age difference between the two, India having turned sweet 16 only a week ago and Siddalee being a tender 13, they had always been as close as two peas in a pod. They went everywhere together and rarely ever fought over anything, but after seeing the adorably sour face his baby girl was making, he sighed heavily knowing his days of peace between the two were now over. He expected it to come sooner or later, but had hoped it would be much, much later or not at all. Standing up, he took his baby girl into his arms and hugged her to his chest. "Don't worry, Sidda darling. I'll have a talk with India and make sure she won't be mean to you ever again," he said soothingly and then kissed her lovingly on the forehead. Receiving her adoring smile, they sat back down at the table and ate quietly. As Sidda leaned over to begin eating, her robe parted slightly in her lap. Joseph stared hungrily at her baby smooth flesh and the delicate curve of her thigh, stopping himself before he began to imagine what was under the areas the robe still covered. Bloody hell!! What is wrong with me tonight??? Was I really about to picture my own daughter naked???? HOLY FUCKING CHRIST, I WAS!!!" he mentally realized with horror. Flushing profusely, he devoted his gaze to his dinner plate throughout the remainder of the silent meal. When they were done, Sidda stood and began to remove the dishes from the table, just like she always did.

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   Joseph practically raced up to his room to freeze his traitorous loins with an icy shower and get himself under some semblance of control for his talk with India. He jolted a bit as the chilly rain of his shower hit his steaming body, chasing away his hormone driven thoughts with those of India's odd change in attitude toward her little sister. For the life of him, he still could not figure out why his beautiful, raven-haired India had all of a sudden given in to mean big sister tendencies. Charming and delightfully quick-wited, India always had a vibrant, sophisticated quality about her and was growing rapidly into a stunning young lady. With big, dazzling blue doe eyes, she had her pick of the boy's in school, but seemed to have a rather modest social life for someone her age. He most often found India sitting in her room devouring some thick, heavy bound book or off with Sidda happily sharing the freedom of her new driver's license rather than dating or spending hours at the mall. Pondering over what his blessedly well behaved daughter could have done to be locked in her room to await daddy's punishment, he washed away the dirt and grime collected on his chiseled body from a day spent at the construction site. As soon as Sidda heard the sounds of running water, she snuck quietly up to India's room and knocked lightly on the door. When India let her in, she went and sat on her bed with a glowing smile of triumph spread across her sweet lips. "So he's going to come and give me a lecture, right?" India asked with a mischievous smile. "Yep," Sidda replied excitedly. "Okay, good. Now let's get ready to show daddy dearest what I've been teaching you . . .

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  "******Once he was squeaky clean again, Joseph stepped out of the shower. After drying himself off, he put on a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt and headed for India's room. But before he could open the door, it swung open on it's own and there before his shocked gaze, stood his baby girl in nothing but a tight, white cotton tank top and matching low cut panties exposing her bellybutton. Averting his gaze from the budding mounds of his daughter's breasts, her tiny, tight pink nipples clearly visible through the thin material of her tank top, Joseph blushed several shades of red. "S . . Sidda, s . . sweetheart, that isn't appropriate attire to wear around Daddy. Especially for lady as young as you," he stammered out in the sternest voice he could muster in his embarrassment. Seeing the look on her daddy's face, made Sidda ever more determined to make him hot under the collar. With a coy smile, Sidda grabbed daddy's hand and lead him further into the room. Joseph gasped in disbelief as he saw his precious India with her wrists shackled together to the wall above her head and wearing a similar outfit to Sidda's only black. He spun to face Sidda. "What the hell is going on here??" he bellowed.

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   Undeterred by his obviously frazzled and confused state, Sidda mearly took her father's hand and lead him to a chair facing India. Smiling sinfully, she went to her captive and grabbed an ornate dagger sitting on the silver tray next to her. "I'm going to show you how mean India has been to me today. Now pay attention daddy . . . first, she tore up my clothes, like this . . . " Sidda began smoothly and then slid the cold steel of the dagger into India's shirt, slicing it open. When his precious daughter's firm, voluptuous breasts came bursting into view, Joseph swallowed hard. He was too stunned to move and sat staring with eyes widened in shock as Sidda proceeded to cut India's panties off, showing him the smooth, shaved mound of his darling daughter's sex. Seeing his eyes roam the graceful, hourglass curves of India's nude body, Sidda replaced the dagger and grabbed a ridding crop from the tray, continuing her tale. "And then, she spanked my little titties like this . .

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   . " she said and then began slapping India's breasts causing her to squirm and whimper as the sting of the hard leather ridding crop made her nipples tighten into buds. With every snap, Joseph's cock jumped and danced in his pants becoming hard as he watched his daughter's breasts jiggle from the increasing force of blows. Angry red welts formed along India's creamy flesh and the evidence of his arousal bulged tightly against the inner thigh of his pants. He began to squirm in his seat as right and wrong waged war in his mind. Every rational fiber in him screamed for him to stop this insane display, but he still hadn't made any efforts to do so. "For the love of Heaven, these are my DAUGHTERS!!! Why can't I stop this?" But no matter how much he wanted to deny it, he knew how much this was turning him on. He couldn't help himself anymore and gave in to his desires. Noting the smoldering gaze his girls were sharing, it occurred to Joseph that perhaps he should have paid more attention to what kind of books India read, as it was obvious who had given Sidda her sexual awakening. But after giving it a second thought the mental image of his little angels experimenting with each other made his dick burn pants and he was shoved beyond the point of no return. The last thing he wanted was to have some other punk kid teaching his daughters how to please, especially since they had an obvious taste for the darker side of sex. Besides, if they were willing to go to such great lengths to make him happy, who was he to refuse such a wonderful Father's Day present?"Then you know what she did to me, daddy?" Sidda asked heatedly. "No, baby girl," he answered, unzipping his pants. "Show me what that mean ole' sister of yours did to you . .

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   . " he urged and pulled out his massive throbbing cock. By now he was so hard, he could swear he was running out of skin and began to slowly stroke himself as he watched his girls with rapt attention. Placing the ridding crop gently between her teeth, Sidda slid her hands down to India's hips and spun her around, pressing her chest against the wall and pulling her ass high in the air. Glancing over to see her father had decided to sit back and enjoy himself rather than waste more time with what was deemed proper, Sidda took the crop in hand again and went on with the show. "She made my little bottom all red, like this . . . " she said and then proceeded to lash India's sweet buttocks as she cried out. Once her ass was covered in welts, Sidda moved lower to the plump, pink lips of her sister's cunt and lashed them as well until they were as swollen and red as her rear end. Joseph listened to his daughter's cries and watched the milky arousal drip down along her slit, splattering across the back of her thighs with every sharp crack of the crop. Sidda stopped her merciless flogging for a moment and glanced at her daddy. Watching him play with himself made Sidda's panties moisten. On many occasions she had "accidentally" walked in on her father while he was dressing or stepping out of the shower and had caught a few short glimpses of his penis. But before she could ever get a good judgement to it's size, daddy had always covered himself quickly making her pretend to be sorry and embarrassed.

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   Now with his pulsing member in the full view of her feasting eyes, she could hardly wait for his massive girth to fill her. India had told her stories of what it was like to have a man inside her, but Sidda wanted to move past the point of imagination and feel it for herself. First things first, she had to make India pay for bringing her out of her shell and then leaving her panting for more. India had taught her well and it was now time for the student to get her revenge. "Then she made me all creamy between the legs, like this . . . " she said with a malicious grin. Tossing the crop back onto the tray she knelt down and pinched India's pussy lips together. Her tongue darted out, zig-zagging across the slick flesh puckered before her. Then, removing her hand, she instead used her mouth to hold them together and slid her tongue up and down India's slit molding the folds of her cave against her vice-like lips. India groaned and tugged at her shackles while Sidda teased her. Her legs were getting weak and shaky. She could hardly stand, but knew her sister was a fast learner and would only torment her more if she were to fall to her knees. India thrust her hips out farther, pressing herself closer to her sister's little wanton mouth, begging her to give her release.

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   Glorying in the sight of his baby girl perched behind India's pert, heart-shaped ass made Joseph groan deeply as the sticky pearl of precum glistened on the end of his cock. Keeping his strokes slow and steady so as not to bust his nut right then and there, he watched as Sidda stood, licking her creamed lips. She turned India back around and grabbed a set of nipple clamps held together by a bright, silver chain. "Then she made my nipples ache like this . . . " she said and then pinched India's budded nipples in the clamps. India inhaled sharply when the gently serrated teeth bit into her skin and then exhaled with a shuddering breath as the pain tingled delightfully through her body. The aching desire between her legs was growing fast and she felt that she would simply die if she was not given release soon. Seeing India's lust filled, half-lidded gaze, Sidda was only encouraged to make her sister beg for the relief of her blissful suffering. She grabbed the chain and pulled India's nipples slowly outward until she felt she might tear them from her body. India writhed and her breath came in quick whimpering pants while Sidda jerked and tugged on the chain, the clamps making India's nipples burn and throb against the hard metal grips. "Spread you legs apart," Sidda commanded and India immediately obeyed. "Now make your tits bounce for daddy," she demanded with a slap of her hand on India's weeping mound for emphasis. As she raised and lowered rapidly on the balls of her feet, Sidda spanked India's pussy a few more times, stopping when she was satisfied with her bouncing pace.

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   Joseph watched his daughter's breasts jiggle hypnotically, her nipples stretching in the clamps while Sidda held the chain taught. With a sadistic sparkle in her eyes, Sidda watched India's face contort into a beautiful display of sexual agony while she slowly twisted the chain together forcing the clasps to meet in the middle of India's chest. Tears of glorious pain streaked India's cheeks when Sidda turned her wrist side to side making her nipples wind around each other just a bit and then unwind again. His nuts were straining so tight they felt like two rippled stones in his lap as Joseph tried to control his raging lust, but still could not stop touching himself. His girls were as perverted and naughty as any adult could be and besides making his gentiles rock solid, he also felt a strange sense of pride. Not only were they learning well the art of pleasure, but they were using their knowledge on him, their loving father. He was overwhelmed and honored as Sidda told India to stop bouncing and then grabbed the dagger from the tray again. All thoughts other than banging his sweet girls raw, flew right out the window as Sidda pressed the cold, steel blade against India's heated cunt. Tilting the sharp edge against her skin, Sidda scraped the wetness from her sister's dewey folds with the expertise of barber giving a shave and then turned to her father again. She lifted the blade to her mouth and darted her tongue out to lick at the tangy pussy fluids while she watched her daddy masturbate. With Sidda momentarily distracted by the sight of her daddy's big cock slipping in between his fingers, India was able to use the key she had hidden in her palm to free herself from her shackles. Instantly she grabbed the back of Sidda's head by the hair and yanked her against the wall. Before she had a chance to recover from the shock, India tore the dagger from her hands and tossed it back onto the tray. She ripped Sidda's tank top from her body, spun her around and used it to tie her wrists behind her back. Once her sister was helplessly bound, India turned her back around and began feasting on her petite breasts, much to the delight of their daddy who was near to bursting from the scene before him.

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   Sidda moaned as her sister flicked and rolled her tongue around her pebbled nipples then nipped and nibbled at them, pinching them between her teeth. India raised her head to meet Sidda's hot emerald gaze and then turned to her daddy, who was doing everything in his power not to cum as he stroked himself more furiously. With an evil grin, India removed the clamps from her own breasts and tossed them away, then dragged Sidda by her hair to stand in front of their father. "Who's the naughty one now, little sister. Look what you've done. You've made daddy so hard he had to pleasure himself! I think you need to be taken over his knee . . . " she said in a deep, seductive voice and pulled her over daddy's lap. With a fistful of Sidda's silky locks, she knelt to the side of the chair holding her down, helpless to the mercy of her father's discipline. Greedily, Joseph pulled his baby girl's panties off, exposing her apple shaped bottom. Sidda winced and whimpered as he gave her tight little bottom one loud, resounding smack after another until he could feel his palms sting and her ass was bright red. Joseph's cock twitched against Sidda's belly as he glided his hand lightly over the hand prints making goose bumps form across the sensitive skin. India pulled Sidda to her feet and pressed her body against hers, standing with her in between Joseph's widespread legs. Claiming her lips with her own, India shoved her tongue roughly into Sidda's hot mouth and massaged it against hers.


   Joseph reached up with both hands and slipped his middle fingers into each of daughter's and finger fucked them, taking great care with Sidda's sweet cherry pussy as he did not want to fully deflower her just yet. He watched while their tongues wrestled and their bodies meshed against each other while he tantalized their clenched, sticky walls and then pulled his fingers out, putting them into his mouth to suck the ambrosia taste of his daughter's cunts from them. India pulled away from the passionate kiss and strengthened the grip on back of Sidda's head. Stepping to the outside of daddy's leg, she forced Sidda to kneel and then pushed her face down into his lap until the plump, mushroom head of daddy's cock nudged against her lips. "Get Daddy's cock wet for him . . . " she commanded and guided her sister's sweet little lips over his tip, down his shaft and back up again. Joseph watched entranced by the sight of his dick sliding in and out of his baby girl's tiny wet mouth as she suckled him and her eel like tongue caressed him. He began moving his hips back and fourth and could feel his head hitting the back of Sidda's throat as India quickened the motions. Sidda loved gaging on her daddy's meaty hard-on and moaned as her sister forced her head up and down in his lap until Sidda felt him begin to pulse against her tongue and drew him completely out. Holding her head in place, India kept her sister face to face with daddy's cock. "Lick it," she commanded and watched as her sister's tongue darted out and rolled around the plump glistening head, snaking down the pulsing veins in his shaft and nestling her chin gently onto his nuts. "Put them in your mouth," she commanded again and using her tongue to draw them in, Sidda closed her mouth around her daddy's large balls sucking lightly. Her tongue caressed his tight sac and she moaned deeply, making her mouth vibrate around him.

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   Joseph's head fell back and a deep guttural groan escaped his lips as his daughter played in his lap, causing an intense shiver to shoot down his spine and his toes to curl. Sidda let his balls fall out of her mouth with a slurp. India reached over and lifted them. Without instruction, Sidda began licking and kissing the soft patch of sensitive skin underneath her daddy's heavy sac and felt him shudder with pleasure. "Good girl," India praised as she pulled Sidda away from daddy's crotch. India removed Sidda's bonds and pulled her around to face her, then laid back on the floor, pressing Sidda's face in between her legs. Sidda breathed in deeply the musky sent of her sister's cunt, but made no move to pleasure her as she was still in a rather defiant mood. Pouting playfully, India looked past Sidda's upturned ass to her daddy for help. "Daddy, Sidda won't eat my pussy . . . tell Sidda she has to eat my pussy . . . " she whined.

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   Joseph saddled up behind Sidda, placing the head of his cock to the entrance of his baby girl's twat. He looked down at India grinning broadly. "Sidda sweetie, be a good girl and eat your sister's pussy so daddy can watch," he gladly urged and then gazed greedily at his little girl's succulent pink oyster peeking out from between her legs. Using his thumbs to spread her plump lips wide apart, he plunged his steel hard rod deep into her hole. Sidda cried out as he ripped through her hymen, shocked by the intensity of the sharp delicious pain she felt inside her. When the pins-and-needles sensation subsided into a pulsing erotic throb, she groaned in ecstasy as the walls of her tiny cunt stretched and milked her daddy's big cock. Using the fore and middle fingers of her right hand, Sidda formed a "V" over her sister's nether lips and spread them apart. She snaked her tongue out, swirling it around India's clit causing her to thrust her hips back and forth. India moaned as she watched her daddy fuck her little sister from behind while she rolled her tongue around the inside edge of her cunt. Slipping her tongue into her sister's dripping hole, Sidda stroked the ridges of India's g-spot and played along her slick walls while Joseph pumped himself harder and faster, in and out of his daughter's quivering cunt. Pressing her tongue flat against India's clit, Sidda stroked until India grabbed the back of her head and began to shudder. The feel of Sidda's taste buds rubbing against her clit made India cum hard and seeing her nipples tighten into knots as her orgasm tingled through her, Joseph couldn't hold back his own release any longer. He watched his baby girl lap up her sister's juices as he pulled himself out and spanked his cock against her ass, splattering the hot, jetting streams of his seed with every sloppy slap of his meat. Sidda fell breathlessly to the side. Far from finished, Joseph straddled India's waist and smiled down at her flushed, glowing face as his now only half hard-on lay in between her ripened breasts.

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  "India honey, press those big, beautiful breasts around Daddy's cock," he requested sweetly and she obeyed like the good girl she was. With his cock still slick from Sidda's pussy, he slipped himself up and down the valley between his darling daughter's breasts as she held the soft flesh against him. He reached down and rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefingers, making her writhe underneith him. Each time the shiney head of his dick peeked out from the top of her rounded breasts, India jetted her tongue out and quickly licked at the remnants of her sister's arousal before he slid back down. It wasn't long before Joseph was fully erect again and he moved back, kneeling between India's thighs. Draping both her legs over one shoulder and crossing them at the ankles, he drove himself deep into his daughter's needy cunt and started fucking her slowly. Having regained her composure, Sidda straddled India's face. Her breath quickened as her sister's eel like tongue played along her silky folds. India savored the coppery taste of Sidda's virgin blood mixed with the tang of her juices while she felt the lip of her daddy's head slowly drag along her ridges as he pulled out and then roughly plunged back in up to his balls. Joseph watched his daughter's tongue roll and flick along Sidda's clit as she slipped her two fingers in and out of her tender hole. As the fire began to build, Sidda moved her hips back and forth, panting heavily while her daddy teased and pinched her nipples until finally, Sidda spasmed and her orgasm dripped into her sister's waiting mouth. Satisfied and breathless again, Sidda removed herself from her sister's face and laid back to watch. With nothing to occupy her mouth, India was able to voice her pleasure. "You feel so good, daddy . .

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   . " India moaned as Joseph kept his pace painfully slow. "Fuck me harder . . . " she begged. Hearing the sweet plea of his beautiful daughter, Joseph drove himself violently into her, groaning as he felt his balls slap against her ass with the force of his thrusts. "Faster, daddy, faster . . . Make it burn . . . " she panted. Keeping her ankles crossed over his shoulder, Joseph held onto India's hips and turned his slow hard screw into a raging beast fuck.

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   His body glistened with sweat from his efforts to please his angel. "You love daddy's big meatty cock, don't you baby?" he asked heatedly. "Oh God yes . . . " she answered breathlessly. She could feel a raw sensual burn start to spread along her walls as he stuffed her with every inch of his massive size, impaling her over and over again. "That's right, honey . . . cum for your daddy," he crooned. He could feel her getting tighter and tighter until finally, she arched and shivered violently as the force of her shattering orgasm soaked his balls. She pulsed and throbed around him, pushing him over the edge of his passion and he exploded inside her, filling his lovely daughter's pussy his hot load. ******************Joseph sat bolt upright in bed. His heart was racing, and he was covered in sweat.

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   It took him several moments to shake off the intensity of his dream and realize he still had a strong grip on his dick. The sheets were rather sticky in areas and he felt as if he had just run a marathon. Even after a full, eight hours of sleep, he was exhausted and his alarm hadn't even gone off yet. He had about five minutes to get over the fact that he had just had a darkly erotic dream involving his daughters before he had to wake them up and get them ready for school. Although he had taken a shower before he went to bed, Joseph felt dirtier than ever and raced to the bathroom to take another one. No matter how hard he scrubbed, the dirty feeling wouldn't go away and finally he gave up. He dried himself off and dressed for work wondering how the hell he was going to look his daughters in the eye during breakfast. His daughters would not see this day as any other, as it was, in fact, Father's Day. He knew there was no way to get through the meal without at least some conversation and, more than likely, several huggs and kisses. Immediately, he became nausious and resisted the urge to vommit all over his floor. "Take it easy man," he coached himself mentally, "it was just a dream, and you can't be responsible for what sick, demented things your mind shows you when you are asleep. Just don't act on it and you'll be fine. "After lacing up his steel-toe work boots while trying to convince himself all was well, he took several deep breaths for courage then headed for his daughters' rooms to start the day. .

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