Finding Our WayChapter One: The First Two Times(Part 2)


The next three days, Mom escalated the “desensitization” process. “I want to be able to sunbathe in the yard without worrying that you might freak out. ” she explained. So each day the clothes revealed more and more of her lithe 5'10” 120 pound body.

On Saturday the change was mild. She wore a tank top that showed the slightest peek of her hard belly instead of a T-shirt. And the jeans were still full length, but these were hiphuggers, so I could see the red satin strap of her panties riding above the belt line.

The flirtation was merciless too. I guess she liked my abs-flashing from the night before, because she pulled it on me at least three times. And she suddenly seemed to be interested in reaching things that were high up, stretching that body out with dancer grace and ease.

Sunday was a scorcher, so I couldn't really blame her for wearing her long black hair up and a bikini top; accenting the length of her neck and the angle of her jawline. . . not to mention the ideal shape of her breasts. Her tits looked so tempting in that top they made my mouth water, especially since I'd squeezed and licked them recently. The jeans had been swapped for cut-off jean shorts, emphasizing the slender muscle tone of her delicious thighs.

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I tried not to let the strain they were causing me show. Whenever she flirted, I flirted right back. She brought me lunch, and let her perfect melons dangle right in front of my face. I responded by asking for a coke to go with my sandwich, and giving her a light smack on the tightly covered ass as she went to fetch it. She smiled over her shoulder at me, and said, “Hey now!When I was a waitress, I only ever let my best customers do that!”She rubbed my shoulders after she'd brought me the drink.

Monday I had classes, and she had ballet and work. But after we both got home, she changed into a jeans skirt that barely covered her panties, and dark colored high heels that made the muscles in those tight legs pop. She had a white blouse that tied together at the bottom, so I could see her flat tummy. And the turquoise bra showed through the material. She barely flirted verbally, but she kept her legs straight as rails when she bent over to pick things up. It was dark red panties again; cotton, not the satin ones from a day or two before. I couldn't miss it. She even wore red lipstick (a perfect match for the panties. )

I was sweating hard.

“Um, Mom.

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  ” I said after the third time she'd reached for something on the table to give me a generous show of the marvels held behind her blouse. “I'm not sure I can take much more of this desensitization. ”

She looked up at me from her plate with a serious look on that green-eyed-angel face. “Yeah, I suppose it has gotten silly, hasn't it?Gone too far?”

“I don't know, but the way you look tonight. . . I can hardly see the food. I can hardly eat. ”

“Sorry kiddo. Maybe the whole desensitization thing was a bad idea. I meant well. You know that, don't you?”

“Yeah, Mom. I know. ”I looked down into my plate, miserable that I couldn't stop lusting after my own mother.

“Ugh!But we've got to put a stop to that moping, sweetie.

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  I've got one last idea to try. Eat up, and don't worry. I am going to show you that you can trust yourself, one way or another. ”

“What do you mean?What are you going to do?”

“You'll see. ” she said with a knowing smile. “Just enjoy your dinner, and don't beat yourself up for enjoying the view. Everything will be fine. ”

After dinner, Mom asked if I had plans to go out with my friends. I said no, and kept to myself that I was avoiding running into my ex-girlfriend Kimberly. My friends were her friends too, and I wasn't ready to talk to her. She had only called once after I'd stormed out of her apartment, and had remained silent when I didn't return the call.

“If you're staying in, then get ready for bed. ” Mom said.

“But it's just 7:30. ” I observed.

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  I was no kid at twenty three years old!She hadn't told me to get ready for bed in about five or six years.

“I know,” she said. “But, like I said, I've got a plan, and the earlier we begin the better. What do you usually wear to bed these days?”

“Um. . . my boxer shorts and a T-shirt. ” I said. I'd also slept in the buff from time to time, but I wasn't going to mention that with so little information about Mom's great idea.

“Great,” she said. “Get ready for bed. I'll go brush my teeth and put on some P. J. s”

We met up in the living room, dressed as promised. Mom wore a pair of light blue men's pajamas, small.

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  It was still a bit loose on her, but she looked pretty damned cute in it. Not super sexy, but it definitely had its appeal. I knew that mom had night gowns and robes and probably lingerie, but she clearly picked something that wouldn't get my pulse too high.

“Lookin' good, handsome. ” she said regarding my lose boxers and university themed T-shirt. “Come with me. ”She beckoned, and headed towards the hall where our bedrooms were located.

“Where?” I asked in a shaky voice.

“My room. Come oooon. I won't bite or anything. Everything will be okay. Trust your mother. That's what this is all about. Trust.

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I came as asked, and she told me to lie down on her bed. I lay myself on one side on top of the covers. “What's the big plan Mom?” I asked, trying to sound casual.

“It's a two-part plan. ”She said. The first part is that we stretch out here, and have a nice long talk until it is time to go to sleep. Sound fair and reasonable?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure. What'll we talk about?”

“This,” she said gesturing between the two of us. “What happened the other day, how it's got you all freaked out, and what you’re still so afraid of. And about why you've got nothing to be afraid of. Do you agree to lie here with me and talk it all out so that the air might clear and you might have some peace?”

“Yes. I can agree to that. ”

“Good!” she said. Then she locked the door, and turned off the light.

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  I was a bit startled, but said nothing as she walked over to the other side of the bed. The curtains were drawn, but enough light was coming in to see her shape and her movements. She stood there, framed by the late spring sunset rays. Her hands were on her hips as she said, “Which brings us to part two of the plan. ”Then she bent over, and I heard the soft rub of the pajama pants sliding down her thighs.

“Wait. What?”I stammered.

She stood up, and pulled the top up over her head and threw it onto the floor. I could see the silhouette of her breasts swaying as she waded on her knees onto the bed, and under the covers. “We are going to talk, Kevin. I'll keep myself covered up, and you can lie on or under the blankets as you see fit. But we will talk, and you will see that you are not ruled by your lusts and instincts. You can even enjoy them while still controlling your actions. In case you didn’t quite catch it, I'm naked under here, and I want you to see that it is not a dangerous thing to be around by body. ”

I was completely flummoxed, so she continued.

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  “The door is locked, and you are here with me for the rest of the night. We’ve got an attached bathroom you can use when you need it, but we are both sleeping here tonight. In this bed. There is a second reason I want to do this. I also want to show you that I trust you. I want to show you that I know that, no matter what, there is nothing for me – or you – to worry about. I've been thinking about this a lot for the last few days, and I am completely certain that we will unlock that door tomorrow morning, happy and close and no longer worried about disaster. ”

And we did talk. I talked a lot, and she did a lot of listening. When I voiced my concerns of some kind of animalistic part of me taking control and invading her, she smiled and pointed out that the very conversation we were having showed how little I needed to worry about that. She was not upset about what had happened under the tree the other day, and she had no reservations about me. She told me that she was proving it there, in her birthdays suit.

Eventually I talked a bit about things falling apart with Kimberly. She listened, and didn't say much. But I could tell she had many thoughts about the matter.

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  Finally – I have no idea what the time was, but it had been dark for a while – Mom said, “I'm going to roll over now, and try to get some shut eye, Tiger. If you want, you can snuggle up with me. I promise we won't burst into flames or turn into completely different people. ”

I climbed under the sheets, taking my shirt off (it had been tugging at my throat the whole time. )I looked under the blanket at my mother's curved bare back and inviting round bottom. I was sure she knew I was looking, but that was some of the point, right?To look – even enjoy – while seeing that it didn't throw me into a beastly froth. She was shaped like a perfect skinny cello, her pitch black hair swept up over the pillow, away from her sharp jaw line and muscled shoulders.

I found that I wanted terribly to pull up close behind her. I also realized that I wanted to show her what her gesture meant to me. I pulled my boxers off, and nuzzled up against her back, and spooned with her. She took a deep sighing breath. “That feels so nice,” She said. I reached my arm over her, and I knew that my hand was moving towards her breasts; possibly to pinch her nipples. I didn't know how I even felt about the action any more. But then she caught my hand before it reached its destination.

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  She pulled it to her lips, kissed the palm and then held it there against her lovely face.

I was rock hard. She must have felt it against her back. But I felt that this – what we were doing, and nothing more – was all that it needed to be. I felt suddenly drained (emotionally drained, I suppose,) and I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up, still nuzzled against my mothers near-perfect form. I knew where I was, how I had gotten there and what had and hadn’t happened. I was completely aware of myself. In an instant I realized how childishly paranoid and presumptuous I'd been. I had the choice. I'd had it all along, and now I was free to make it with a clear head. I wasn't going to waste another second choosing foolishly.

I let go of my mothers hand, and traced down to cup her breast. I massaged it gently, reverently, and Mom took a deep breath – in her sleep, I assumed – and remained still. I moved my hand to her shoulder, and slowly rolled her back towards me so she lay face up.


  I took a nipple in one mouth, and squeezed the other. “Mmmm. ” Mom hummed absently. I had one hand free, and I slid the palm across her flat stomach. It felt deliriously good. Still circling her nipple in my tongue, I slid the hand down to her pubic mound, which sports a single black strip of pubic hair the width of my pinky finger. I pressed my middle finger into the slit, and it was met by hot silky wetness.

She pinched her thighs together and rolled away from me, carrying my hand along with her. I was worried for a second, but then she said, “Ohhh, yesss. ”I crooked the tip of my finger and found that I'd hit her clit. She shivered and hummed and arched her back, pointing that perfect apple of an ass at my throbbing dick. She may have still been in some erotic dream, but I knew that it was safe; she wouldn't be horrified to find this a reality.

We were both on our left sides. My right hand was over her hip and in her crotch. I slid my left arm under her neck and around to clutch those breasts again, and used the right hand to drag her lower body to me.

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  I used the fingers already inside her to spread the lips and make way for my cock. I heard Mom gasp as I adjusted her position, and felt her right thigh lift slightly to let me in. She was so wet, and I had her so wide. I went balls deep on the first slow and steady push. “Ahhhhhh!Yeaaaaaahhhh!” she exhaled.

I humped her joyously from behind, her soft ass making a deep palmed clapping sound each time it met the hollows of my hips. I kissed her neck, and she tilted her head to give me clearer access. I felt her hand holding my left to her breasts, and she swerved her hips whenever I held deep in her cunt. Those powerful muscles squeezed again, and I could hear her giggling as I fucked her.

This went on for another ten or fifteen minutes with grunting, oohing, ahhing but no real words; only her delightful delighted giggles as I filled her with meat.

I had to see her face, her smile as I penetrated this honey layered vagina. I pulled out slowly, and Mom downshifted to pleased moans. When I rolled her onto her back – tits flushed from excitement and my squeezing pinching treatment – her smile was broad and real, but her eyes were closed.

I could see movement under her smooth lids, but that happened in sleep too. I sat up to run both hands down her flanks, kissed her hip bone, kissed her pelvic bone and finally began to climb on.

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  She spread her slim thighs, welcoming. I bent over her, sucked a nipple into my mouth, and rubbed the head of my dick up and down her slit; sure to tickle her clit. She bucked and tittered, but her eyes stayed shut. I urged the shaft deeper; an easy job in a cunt so sopping wet and willing. “Oh-ho yeah. ” She said, running a hand along the back of my neck, spreading her legs wider and arching her back. One beautiful tit still in my mouth, I reached down with one hand and grabbed that perfect ass (I don't think I could ever leave that ass alone!)with the other hand I reached up and cupped the side of her smooth skinned face.

She took two of my fingers into her mouth almost immediately, and I touched her tonsils in no time flat. This woman didn't know the meaning of “gag reflex. ”I released the breast from my mouth, and watched her try to swallow my fingers as she fucked against my dick. Eyes. Still. Closed.

I began to really pound into her pussy in earnest. It almost hurt my pelvic bone the way I slammed into her.

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  She took it like a champ, laughing with the joy of sex. She lost track of my fingers while my cock carried her away to new places. But her eyes were still closed!

Enough was enough. I slowed down my fucking to a gentle loving pace, and leaned down so my mouth was next to her ear.

“Wrap your legs around me” I said. I could feel her eyelashes flutter; a butterfly kiss against my cheek. She was silent, and only twisted her hips slowly to meet the long deep penetrations. “I said, wrap those gorgeous legs around me. ” I told her, pulling my face away to see her – emerald eyes wide open – staring at me with wonder and joy. “I feel more wanted when I feel a pair of legs around my waist. ”

Eyes locked on my face, still humping her groin up to welcome my hard dick, she slowly lifted and curved her right leg up and around my waist.

Half a heartbeat later, I felt her wiry left arm hook around my neck and shoulders. She smiled a round white grunting smile as her other arm and leg curled around me. Her limbs constricted, pulling my member all the way into her.

“Like this, baby?” she said in a quivering voice, and then she kissed me before I could answer; a peck.

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  Then I felt her tongue flicker against my lips. And then we not just fucking. We were kissing like lovers. I plunged my tongue as deep into her mouth as I could, and she began to writhe and twist her abdomen around my cock. She moaned into my mouth, a sound of relief and celebration. And then she squeezed me; not just my cock with her cunt, but my torso with her muscled arms and sleek legs.

Her tonguing and moaning became a shriek. Her globes crushed against my chest, and she thrashed wildly in orgasm even as she held me tight. For a moment I thought she might break my spine in her forceful convulsions!

And then she broke our kiss and went limp; laughing from her core. I could feel each chuckle in my rod.

I drew back enough to get a good look at those bright green eyes in her heart shaped face, framed by long thick black hair. “What's so funny?” I asked in a voice that was more sleepy than suspicious. I still had all 8 to 9 inches of my dick rigid inside her, so I wasn't worried.

She smiled at me and laughed again, giving my dick an extra squeeze while caressing my ass. “So, what do you think?Do I want you?” and she turned her red-lipped smile up full blast.

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I smiled back at her beauty, and felt each curve of her dancer's body against mine. I didn't reply exactly. But her loveliness inspired a more deeply physiological reaction. I clenched the muscles in my penis, making the head swell inside her. When a pussy has been treated with the sort of force and endurance I'd just given to Mom's, she can very much feel that swelling up.

The silent reply thrilled her, and she got a twinkle in her wide green eyes.

She released me from her grip, and dropped her left leg flat. Then she pushed my right shoulder up and away before twisting her hips so that – popping out of her with a slick sound - I tumbled over her leg onto my back. She immediately, climbed on top, and reached down between her legs for the dick she craved. With a momentary shift and a slow cooing downward slide, she impaled herself on my flesh; rejoining me with ecstasy.

She planted her hands on my chest, and leaned over me. Her hair made a circular black curtain-tunnel with our faces on either end.

“Do. I. Want.

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   You?”She asked, slamming her perfect hips down onto mine with each word. Her breasts – glistening with sweat - were squeezed together by her biceps, and they slipped forward and back with her bouncing motion. I wanted to reach up and squeeze them, but, running on pure instinct, I grabbed her narrow waist. My thumbs were about two inches apart. “WANT! YOU!?” She began calling out with each forceful landing of her ass onto my thighs. WANT! YOU! WANT! YOU! WANT! YOU!!!”She was fucking me like a force of nature. Her eyes closed, and she sat up. Her long pitch tresses flew about as she squirmed and bounced. Her arms were up and out, keeping balance and seeming to be raised in grateful celebration. The shiny orbs of her breasts were free, and they bulged, taut, keeping a rhythm that was slightly delayed from the rest of her torso. She lost even the two words as she lost herself:“WAHH!UUH! AHH! OOH!”And even those degenerated into screamed grunting calls of pleasure. “AUHH! AUHH! AUHH! AAAHHHHH!!!!”

I finally couldn't take any more, and I dumped the Caspian sea out of my balls and up into the sweetest, strongest, most glorious pussy I've ever known:My mom's.

“Afterglow” has such a light and dry – almost sanitary – sound to it, but we were sticky and our limbs felt heavy. Our legs and arms were tangled together in a fallen-together embrace. “It's about time for a shower,” Mom said.

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  “I've got to get to my dance lessons before work, and you've still got your classes. ”

I ignored her observation. I stared at the elegant arc of her breasts, and ran my finger tips along one of them. “Did you know this would happen?” I finally asked.

She sighed and snuggled deeper into my embrace, lacing fingers with mine, and leaving them together on her breast. “No. ”She said to the ceiling. “I didn't know. I hoped,” she admitted squeezing my fingers with hers, “and I'm glad it did happen. But I knew that there was a chance you would do nothing. ”


“Of course. And it would have been a good thing for you in that case as well. You could look yourself in the mirror, and say that you are in control. You would be able to say that you had the ability to choose. ”

“Do you think I can say that now?”

Her hair began to tickle my nose as she turned to look me in the eye.

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  “Yes, you can. You did!You slept the whole night naked with me, and chose to hold back on your desires. ”

“But when I woke up. . . ”

“When you woke up, you were deliberate, but gentle. I was more awake than I let on. I think you know that already. If you'd been forceful or wild or in some way like an animal, I would've stopped you. ”

“Are you sure you could have?Weren't you taking a risk there?”

This time she twisted so that she lay on her side facing me. It was similar to last night, but her rippling and dazzling nudity was exposed and naturally in view. She held my face in both hands, and looked me directly in the eye. “No, Kevin, I was not taking a risk there. I have known you all your life, and I trust you. Like I said last night.

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“An angry shout or – at worst – a slap on the cheek would have been plenty for me to stop someone of your disposition. You aren't some stranger I was trying to test and tempt. You are my son, and it's important that you see how completely I trust you, how completely right I was to trust you and. . . I'm happy that I could enjoy the bonus of getting to show how deeply I like having you inside me. . . again!”

This little monologue was beginning to harden my cock, and she saw it. She reached down and slid her grip along my shaft in a twisting motion. She smirked, and said, “And it looks like we'll be able to enjoy it again. . . but in the shower my sexy young man!Lets go!”

The End of “Chapter One: The First Two times”

Next will be, “Chapter Two: Experimentation”

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