First Time With My Mom.


This is my first story.   If you like or want to say anything to me feel free to email me at Dougtron@comcast. netMy name is Doug, I'm 18 years old, and I've always thought my mother was very attractive.   She divorced my father when I was very young.   Since she raised me all by herself she never really went out much, but definitely not because she wasn't attractive.   She always took great care of her body.   She's 39, 5'9, about 130lbs, but still thin, long blonde hair, amazing long legs, and 38DD breasts.   Since it was always just us living together we were pretty open about everything and it wasn't a big deal to sometimes walk around in our underwear or to walk down the hall in the nude after taking a shower, so I definitely knew how good she kept her body.
    Even though I'm older she still never really went out.   She never brought anyone home and she never stayed over night at anyone's house.   I only ever heard her occassionly using a vibrator in her bedroom, so I figured she must be getting pretty horny.     One day my friend Evan was over and we were both just sitting in the living room watching TV, and being very bored.   My mom was outback tanning in a pink bikini top and thong, and Evan kept looking back at her, talking about it, much to my chagrin.   After awhile he turned around and said "Whoa! Your mom is taking her top off, I can't believe it!".   I told him that she was probably just going to tan topless, and that she did it all the time, it was no big deal.   After I managed to pry his eyes away from her we began to watch some more TV.

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    We sat there for maybe another half hour when we heard the back door open.   We turned around and my mom was walking in wearing nothing but her flip flops and pink thong.   "Mom!  Evan is over!" I yelled.   "Oh, I didn't know.   It's alright though.   How are you Evan?" she said not really even trying to cover herself up.   "I'm fine" Evan barely managed to say, his jaw agape.   "Mom do you think you could cover yourself up?" I told her.   "Oh, yeah, sorry" she said as she went outback and grabbed her pink bikini top.
    She came inside and sat down on a chair by the couch.   "So how are you boys doing?" she asked.   "We're doing just fine.   We're thinking of going to the movies later" Evan replied, obviously staring at my mother's large breasts, barely being kept in by her tiny top.   "Sounds like fun" my mom said.   "Well I should probably go take a shower now if we're going to go to the movies.

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    You can just watch TV or something; I'll only be about 20 minutes"  I told Evan.   "Alright, I'll just talk to your mom" he said with a big smile on his face.   I ran upstairs and jumped in the shower.   I took a really quick shower and was down in about 10 minutes.   I threw some clothes on and went downstairs where I saw something I could not believe.     Evan was sitting on my couch with his pants down and my mom was giving him a blowjob.   I could not believe what I was seeing.   My own mother giving my best friend a blowjob.   I just couldn't think of what to say.   I just stood there for a few second with my mouth hanging wide open.   My mom finally look over and saw me.   She continued to suck for a few more seconds before taking his cock out out of her mouth.   "Oh uh. . .

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   that was a pretty fast shower" she said while wiping her mouth as Evan was frantically pulling his pants back up.   "What the hell are you doing!" I yelled.   My mom got up off her knees, still a big of his pre-cum on the side of her mouth, and said "Well you know. . . I'm a bit lonely and Evan and I were talking.   It just sort of happened. "  I told Evan to get out and that I'd talk to him about it later.
    After he left my mom and I sat down on the couch in silence for a few minutes.   She finally broke the silence by saying "I had no idea he was so big", giggling a bit as she said it.   "Do you think I like the idea of you sucking off my best friend"  "Well you know I haven't been  with anyone in a long time.   The only thing I've had for years was a stupid vibrator", as she said that I thought of hearing her late at night moaning slightly, and how it had always turned me on a bit.   "So you think that means you can just give my friend a blowjob while I'm in the shower?"  "Sorry, it just kind of happened.   We all have needs you know.   I've heard you in your room watching porn.

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  "  The thought of seeing her giving my friend a blowjob and talking about hearing me watching porn was starting to give me a hard on.   "Well. . . thats different.   You know you could have just asked me if I would mind.   He's always talking about how good you look" I told her.   "Really?" she asked.   "Yeah, all my friends think you look amazing," I said, and then taking a gulp, "even I think you have a pretty fantastic body. "  She could obviously tell I had a serious hard on at this point.
    "You really think I have a great body?" she asked me.   "Absolutely.   Its one of the best.   I hope this isn't weird or anything but I've always thought you were really good looking, and I've um. .

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  . masturbated thinking about you sometimes" I told her sheepishly.   "Well then. . . is there anything we can do about that?"  she said looking at my bulge.   "Um. . . what exactly do you mean?"  I said not sure what to expect next.   "Here, I'll show you" she said as she reach down and unzipped my fly, pulling out my now rock hard cock.   "Wow!  I didn't realize you were that big, its pretty impressive" she told me with a sort of amazed look on her face.   "Thanks mom.   I think its almost 10 inches.   Are you sure this is alright?" I asked.

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    With one her grasping the base of my cock she said "Don't worry about.   We both want it so thats all there is to it. "  She then got on her knees in front of me, bent over, and put her lips over the tip of my cock.   She tickled the tip of it with her tongue before slowly going further down it.   She began slowly going up and down my cock, gradually getting faster, while rubbing my balls with her left hand.   I couldn't believe what was going on.   It was incredible.   I gently stroked the back of her head while she took my cock in and out of her mouth, going even faster now.   She then took the entire length in her mouth and sucked the whole way back up, making a loud slurping noise as her lips popped of the tip.   "Mom this is amazing.   I had no idea you could suck a cock like that!"  "I'm not done yet" she said with a huge smile on her face.   She then went down and began sucking on my balls as she stroke my cock up and down with her right hand.   I had never felt anything so good in my life.   "Mom, you're better than any of the girls my own age.   I can't believe it!"  She kept sucking and licking my balls as she stroked my cock even faster.

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    I could barely keep my self from cumming right then.
    "How did you like that?" she asked.   "It was better than anything I've ever had in my life.   Now its my turn. "  She knew exactly what to do and unhooked her bikini top and let it fall to the ground, exposing her enormous breasts.   "Oh my God!  Your tits are so big!  What size are they?" I asked amazed.   "They're 38DD all natural. "  "They're truly stunning and I know exactly what to do with them. " I said with a huge grin.   She got up off her knees and laid down on the couch.   I hovered over her and gently took her left nipple into my mouth as I caressed her right breast.   As I sucked, her nipples immediately perked up.   I moved over and began sucking her right nipple as I moved my left hand up her leg and into her thong.   I ran my finger around her pussy lips, already sopping wet, before sticking one finger in.   As I continued to suck I started moving my finger in and out of her tight pussy.

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    She let out a low moan that turned me on even more.   "Alright, its time to get rid of that thong so we can have some real fun. "  I slid her thong down across her legs flung it across the room.   I put my face right down to her pussy and began eagerly lapping up her flowing juices.   I couldn't believe how good she tasted.   I continued to eat her out as stroked her clit.
    "I can't take it any more.   I need you inside me!"  she yelled as I look up from her pussy.   "Alright, I'll give it to you good. "  I said as I stood up and spread her legs apart.   I put her left leg over my shoulder as I started putting my cock into her tight pussy.   She winced as my cock slid into her; her pussy so tight from not having sex for years.   "Oh my God!  You feel so good!  I've forgotten how great a huge cock feels!"  The more she moaned and yelled the faster and I pounded.   I never met a woman who could take a cock like she could.   I went faster and faster, my balls slapping against her.

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    I leaned in closer and massaged her breasts as my cock went deep inside her.   "I want to get on top now" she told me.   I pulled my cock out and sat down on the couch as she manuevered her self on top facing me.   then guided my cock into her pussy and began moving up and down.   Her huge tits bounced in my face as she rode my cock.   As she continued to riding me I fondled her right nipple as I sucked on the left.   She moaned even louder as I fondled her breasts and began furiously rubbing her clit.   "Fuck yes!  Your cock feels amazing!  Give it to me harder!" she yelled while riding even harder.   After awhile I couldn't take it any longer, "Mom!  I'm going to cum!" I shouted.   She immediately jump off of me and got on to her knees.   "I want it all over my face!"  I then shot out one of the biggest loads of my life all over her face.   She then eagerly lapped it up and swallowed as much as she could.   "Mom that was incredible!  I never knew you were like that!. "  "Well I don't think that will be the last of our fun" she said with a huge smile on her face.

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