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There are only a couple of words you can use to describe my mom, Damn Hot and Sexy. She was 37, Blonde, Slender, Massive rack, and not a single blemish or wrinkle. I had really taken notice of my mom nearing my 15th birthday; I had spied her in the shower, washing her body. She was like a goddess that I couldn't have, even though I wanted her so much. My dad had left mom when I was less than a month old, he left her to pursue a career in Football, and he made it all the way to the pros before getting badly injured and retiring.
"Now Jon, there's only me left to tell you this, your dad wants nothing to do with us, I know school teaches you this stuff, but I'm making sure, You know about sex and using condoms right?" she asked, I nodded, a sigh of relief issued from her, "Praise the lord, I was hoping for that". She got up and walked off, as she stood up I could just see her panties, her robe was very high cut. I walked down to my room and stripped off and clambered into bed. I quickly fell asleep.
I awoke what seemed like minutes later, I could hear my mom walking into my room, "Mom what are you doing?" I asked, "Oh, sorry I didn't realise, I thought you were having a shower, I was bringing in your clothes" she stopped as she noticed, the sheet had slipped and she could see my pubes, "Do you sleep naked?" she asked half laughing, "What?" I looked down and saw my pubes hanging out, "Its all right I sometimes do the same, I just didn't know you did". "I haven't seen you naked in a long time, not since you were about ten", She said, "You have pubes and everything now, you are growing up pretty fast, for 15 you are pretty mature". "Just for curiosities sake can I see your nude body again, just to see how you've changed, I sighed and took the sheet off and stood up.
My mom gasped at the sight of my cock, "that has certainly grown, it was about two and a half inches floppy last time I saw it, now it’s at least 6 inches, wow". She studied my body, my muscular tone and hair. Her eyes were still fixated on my cock though,  "Do you know how big it gets when it’s hard?" she asked curiously in awe. I shook my head, "Mom, you’re getting kind of creepy, stop it", I said.

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   "Your right its just it sure has changed" she said, "Just a couple of questions though, do you masturbate, its alright if you do?" I didn't want to tell my mom but I wanted this over quickly, "Yes, I do masturbate, once or twice a day", she nodded her head intently, "How much semen, a lot or not much?" I answered again; "Quite a bit" she nodded again, "Are you a virgin?" I really didn't want to tell my mom this, "No, I've had sex since I was 13" she gasped at this, "How long can you keep it up for?" I answered honestly,"depends anywhere between, 5 and 10 minutes", "that needs slight improvement" my mom replied. My mom moved over to me and knelt down and looked at my cock, I could see her pink panties between her legs and this excited me slightly.
My mom held out one hand and began to hold the cock, "How come your not hard?" she asked, i replied with,” It takes a bit to turn me on", My mom smiled and gazed back at the cock, examining it with one hand. “Ah, Mom I am getting a little uncomfortable now, can you please stop?” I begged, she whipped her head and smiled, she shook the hair out of her eyes and said, “What’s wrong, I thought you liked the attention” she stood up and turned away from me, all of a sudden her robe fell to the ground and she was standing naked before me.
I could tell she wore no bra by the fact that she had no straps on her back; she wore light blue panties that showed the shape of her ass quite nicely. She covered her tits with her hands and turned back to face me, she smiled and looked into my eyes, she got closer and closer, I could feel my cock stirring. She looked down and saw my cock wasn’t as limp as before and she smiled, “So you get turned on at your mommies body do you?” she questioned, pulling her body closer to mine. ”It seems your cock does at least”. Her head reached in and kissed me full on the lips, she pulled away and told me to sit on my bed, I obliged. My mom asked,”So if you’re turned on by that what will happen when you see my tits?” she removed her hands and my dick got less limp at once, her dark brown areolas were around 2 ½ inches in diameter, her nipples stood out quite definitively on that.
She smiled sweetly and walked towards me, she squirted breast milk at me, “It’s odd that I still make it, but my body seems to think I need it”. She then proceeded closer to me, she knelt down and began to examine my cock, it was now about 8 inches long, “It’s getting big now, just the way I like it”, she began stroking it, licking it with her tongue. Her pink tongue curved and swerved all over it while her hand stroked it increasingly rapid but still equal strokes. I could feel her moist tongue wrap around my hardening cock, her hands rubbing the skin of it, “mom, it’s wrong, stop” I begged, she retorted with, “It doesn’t look like you really think that, your cock is responding well”.
She began to suck on the whole cock head like a lollypop, licking and sucking it with great enthusiasm, she looked up at me with her blue eyes and smiled, she continued sucking and licking for another couple of minutes before she stopped and pulled away, “Yu were starting to cum, I stopped so we could go for longer and better, this will help you with your potency problems too” she said.

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   “So now you can give me oral sex, lick my pussy” she ordered as she laid on the bed. I got near her and began removing her blue panties, soaked with pussy juice. I looked at her pussy with all its glory, platinum blond pubes, grew around it, it had large lips and a big nice clit. I leant in and spat into her pussy, then I began licking around the pink flesh. It was amazing, I had only given a girl oral sex once before and this time it was far better, the pussy wasn’t so tight that it was uncomfortable, just loose enough to make it a lot of fun for me. I probed my tongue further into her pussy, the taste was amazing, it was nice, and I could hear my mom quietly moaning which I took for a good sign.
I pulled out and looked at my mom, I began sucking on her nipples, she reached up and massaged the one I was sucking on, a sweet liquid squirted into my mouth, I drank it down, receiving the breast milk my mother had given me so long ago. I continued sucking until there was no more, I moved up and kissed my mother passionately on the mouth, “mmm” she moaned.
I looked down and arranged myself so my cock was just entering her pussy, before thrusting my pelvis forward and my cock into her vagina, She moaned as it pushed its way, all the way into her pussy, I pulled part of the way out and pushed back in getting faster and harder as I went. The pussy seemed to suck my cock in and give it shelter; it was warm and moist and gave me pleasure like no other. After about 5 minutes I felt like I was about to cum, I began to moan, my mom told me to pull out and stop. I obliged. Just as my cock was clear of the pussy, white sperm erupted from the tip and squirted all over her body, It fell all over her its and stomach, some even reached her face, after a minute the eruption subsided and she looked at how much cum I had blown, “You’re right that is a bit of cum” she said smiling. She began licking her tits, sucking up all of her sons cum, digesting it all, soon she had eaten it all up and said, That was fun but you’ve blown your load all over my body so I am off to clean myself up, goodnight” she said and got up and left the room leaving her things behind.


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