Getting stoned with Lisa and mom


I want to start by saying this is 100% true and it all started last year.
I grew up in a small town north of Atlanta. My mom (Monica) got pregnant when she was 16 and has never been married. She has had some relationships but nothing stuck. I grew up real close to her and since I grew up as she did we were more like brother and sister instead of mother and son. Before I graduated from school I was already an electrician and started with a local company not soon after. I have had the same girlfriend for 4 years and she and mom gets along so well. My girlfriend and mom both have the same bodies. They both have c cups and are about 120 lbs soak and wet. I feel so lucky going out with them because you can see all the guys eye both and can tell they would cut off a finger be fucking them. I still live with mom and but Lisa (girlfriend) doesn’t live with us but is always staying over. Ever since I was 15 I have smoke dope and mom knew but didn’t same to much except that my grades better stay up. I have not smoked anything in front of her until that night. The night this all started I had had a long day and since it was Friday we work extra hard so we wouldn’t have to work on Saturday. I walked in and mom and Lisa was cooking dinner which they both love to do. We ate dinner and then deiced to watch a movie which was a love story but had a lot of sex in it.

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   About half way through the movie I started to go to my room and burn one when mom said that if you are going to do it you might as well do it here because I already know and don’t care. This floored me but thought what the hell and started smoking some good stuff. Lisa doesn’t smoke too much but she started with me and as we got stoned the movie started top get better or it was just the mood I had got in. I was setting between mom and Lisa and could tell Lisa was getting hot because she started getting closer to me. I could tell mom was acting different because she could not get comfortable and ended up with her feet over my lap. There came a part in the movie where two hot chicks start making out and you know when to chicks do this I get all work up and have always wished I could get lisa to do this but just asked her what she thought about it. Well as I was watching my dick started to get hard and I do not have a big dick as you read on these things but I am average. I started to move around so mom could not feel it swelling and that’s when she said to Lisa “I think this is getting him hot”. Lisa looks over and put her hand under the covers and said “he sure is and it looks like I am going to have a fun night”. I am pretty shy so my face was red and I just wanted to crawl in a hole. For the rest of the movie Lisa keep playing with me and I caught mom looking over and saying that if a person gets all work like this by smoking dope she ought to try some. Now this floored me and I thought I would never hear anything like that come out of her mouth. Lisa said that sex was great and mom said to pack one up because she wants to try it. I packed it up and passed it over to Lisa first and then mom. She started off slow but as I said earlier it was some good shit and just a couple hits she was fried.

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   We laughed and talked about everything. Mom and Lisa started to talk about us in bed and this really turned me on and around 11:00 I said that I was tired and was going to bed. Mom said that I was a party pooper and her and Lisa would stay up and talk. I looked at Lisa and said not to stay up to late because she knew what I wanted. I must a have fell asleep but I was awakened with something hat and wet sucking on my cock. I was really getting into it and I swear Lisa is the best cock sucker that I have had on my cock and after about 10 minutes I took a hand of hair and pulled her deep onto my cock and blew my load down her throat. I layed there catching my breath when I heard “lets smoke some more because I want to fuck like animals tonight”.   After we did I crawled up between her legs and could see from the dim light that was in the room she was wetter then I have ever seen before. I started licking slow and around the lips just like she likes and she started moaning and breathing hard. As I was putting her in another world I heard a door shut. It was mom’s door and she never closed her door so the cat could get out if it needed. I started to lick her clit and when I put it between my lips and started to suck it and flick it with my tongue she grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into her pussy as hard as she could. I backed off the clit and worked my way down to her asshole and started to lick and probe it. She loves it and I could tell she was about to cum so I stuck my tongue in her pussy and rubbed my nose over her clit. She was moaning and thrashing all over the bed yelling that she was so close and that was when I put my finger in her ass.

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   As it slides in with all the love juice running out of the pussy she started Cumming harder then I have ever seen. She has never squirted before and I had only heard that some women did this. This night she filled my mouth with so much and I could not get it all and it ran out over my chin onto the sheet. As she comes down from her orgasm I still had my finger in her ass and she said “I HAVE TO HAVE THAT COCK NOW!” She rolled over onto her hands and knees with it still in her ass. I brought my cock up to her pussy and slide it in. It was so wet and hot I just about blew my load right then. I started to fuck the pussy and ass in the same motion with slow long strokes. She was yelling “FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD. POUND MY PUSSY, POUND IT OH GOD I WAS GOING TO CUM AGAIN” That’s when I heard what sounded like the lamp falling off the night stand in mom s room. I stopped and tried to cover up Lisa’s mouth to keep her quiet but she had none of that and bit my hand. I yelled and not sure my I slapped her ass. She yelled “OH YEA BIG BOY JUST LIKE THAT. OH OH  I’ CUMMING. ” I couldn’t stand it anymore and blew my load deep into her pussy. With my dick still hard and still deep in her I said “listen I think mom is playing with herself listening to us”.

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   As we listened we could tell she was just about to cum when the bed stop squeaking and her yelling “OH YEA JAMES (my name) POUND IT HARD” Now at this point my dick is as hard as it has ever been and Lisa started moving on my cock so I started slowly working it in and out. I leaned down and said that is so hot that she is Cumming thinking about my cock pounding her pussy. Lisa said that she has never been so turn on and then she did something that about made me blow my load right then. She yelled “Monica if you really want your pussy pounded you better get in here before she wore me out. ”  Then I heard “I will me right there!”  At this point I wont lie and I blew a another load in her. As the door flew open I saw what looked like and angle standing in the doorway. Lisa looked over and said “he blew his load again. ” Mom said that’s ok she had other things in mind and has she come up to us my dick is still hard and still deep in the hottest and wettest pussy I had ever felt. Mom said “Ok big boy pull out because I want to taste what I have been waiting to taste for years. ” As I started to pull out she grabbed my cock and took it to the base and cleaned it clean. Lisa had rolled over and placed her hand over pussy to keep my cumm in her. Mom let go of my cock and turn and started sucking the cumm out of Lisa’s pussy. As I look at this I could see the mom was soaking wet. And brought my hand up to it and inserted my finger deep into her pussy. She let out a load moan and looked up at Lisa and said “finely just what I needed” She went back to licking her pussy and as mom had her ass up in the air I bent down and stuck my tongue deep in her ass.

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   I am working her pussy over good and getting her ass nice and wet and lose. I went to insert another finger when she turned and said “Fuck the finger give me that cock of yours”  I looked with a grin and said “yes mom, anything you want” As I brought my cock to her pussy I slipped the head in and I could tell she was so tight. She must not have had a cock in sometime and I am thinking that she never will again except for mine. I inch it in inch by inch and as I bottom out I feel her get stiff and her pussy is squeezing my cock like nothing I have ever felt. I feel this warm cumm wet my balls and could tell she was squirting also. God what a feeling I was having with my cock balls deep in my mom and her eating out my girlfriend. At this point Lisa yell’s “Monica finger my ass I am so close!” I see her back off and run her finger deep in her pussy to get it nice and wet and pull it out slow and wiggle it down to her asshole ring and slowly finger it deep. Lisa lets out a moan and mom takes her other hand spreads Lisa’s lips and started to suck on the clit. She stops and looks around at me and says” You going to watch or pound my pussy mike it needs” I started moving in and out with long stokes until she moans into Lisa’s clit. I stick my thumb in her ass and slap her ass with the other. I see Lisa arch her back and  I could tell she was just about to cumm when mom pulled back with her mouth open and said “ fill me mouth honey and I see the best image I have ever seen. My girlfriend squirting into my moms mouth. As Lisa is Cumming I and pounding mom pussy with everything I have when I fell moms pussy grab my cock so hard I could not pull out and when she did is I yelled “ I’m gone’ a cumm mom!” She looks around and says fell my pussy big boy” I pulled the finger out of her ass and grab a hold of her ass and bury my cock balls deep and blow my load.
Mom falls on Lisa and stand there still hard and still balls deep in the greatest  pussy I have ever had.
After that night Lisa moved in with us and we bought to queen size beds and put them together.

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   We get stoned and at least someone gets some type of sex every night.
Man I am in heaven
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