Girl Scout Chronicles, Part Five


Girl Scout Chronicles, Part Five.
Early the next morning I awoke and looked at the two bodies lying beside me on the lodge floor. God, what a night we had had! I slowly stood up and being careful to not wake Sandy and Lisa, stole silently out the lodge door and walked down the trail to my tent. I removed my little sundress and then went around to the outdoor showers. The sun was already shining down into the curtained off area, so I opened the canvas all the way so I was standing in the open air.  I stood under the warm water as the rays made my wet skin glisten.
I felt my nipples start to swell as I kneaded my breasts and moved under the cascading water. I backed up so the spray was pouring directly on my shaven cunt lips and I moaned with pleasure at the feelings building in my bodies nerve endings. I opened my legs so the water flowed down between my outer lips and teased my clit and inner folds delightfully. As I got more and more aroused I slid my fingers up and down my little crack and bucked my hips back and forth until I could feel the orgasm coming on fast.
I leaned my head back and sucked on the water as shivers ran through my body. Fingering myself faster and faster, I panted and moaned, louder and louder, until I gasped and jerked as the orgasm wracked my swollen cunt and stiff little nipples. My legs trembled and shook as wave after wave hit me until I was gasping and quivering and clutching my breasts and cunt hard, stiffening at every contraction running up my stomach.
I finally came back to earth and turned off the shower and stepped off the slat flooring and onto the soft grass area beside the showers to dry my soaked hair and body in the warm heat. The breeze blew through my legs and cooled my little cunt down but my nipples hardened again almost immediately from the wind’s caress. I ran my fingernails across the pebbled ends and gasped as I felt them swell even tighter until they were aching and throbbing under my constant scratching.

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I decided that I would go for a walk in the forest until my friends woke up so I headed up the slope toward the ridge where Angie and I had found the little pool a few weeks ago. I stretched as I went feeling intensely horny from the constant breeze caressing every part of my naked little body. I licked my dry lips and panted as I climbed higher until I was on a low promontory overlooking the valley and the shimmering water below.
As I topped the rise I heard laughter and stopped dead in my tracks, and then dropped to the pine needle covered forest floor. I slowly edged forward until I could see over the cliff edge, and looked down on two boys playing in our pool. I could clearly see from my vantage point that they were young, possibly Boy Scouts from the neighboring camp up the valley from ours. But the thing that made my heart race and moisture form on my cunt lips was the fact that they, too, were naked as the day they were born, and both were sporting very yummy looking erections as they cavorted around in the water and on the rocks.
I watched as I moved my hips on the soft bed of needles under me, brushing them across my swelling little puffy cunt lips. As I humped the ground faster and faster I brushed my nipples back and forth, too, so my nerve endings were driving me crazy with lust
Just as I was about to come I gasped as one boy grabbed the other’s penis and pulled on it! I was shocked and mesmerized at the sight. Then the other reached down and did the same to the first boy and they began to jerk up and down on each others stiff shafts as they stared at each other and moaned loud enough that I could hear them plainly.
Then I heard them both gasp loudly and saw white cum fly out of the ends of their penises all over each others’ legs and stomachs. At the same time I reached back under my sweaty body and shoved my fingers up my cunt and sprayed my juices all over the pine needles as I came, and came, and came, jerking and twitching and gasping so hard that the little needles were waving in the wash of my breath as I lay with my face turned to the side on the moist soft carpet. I let out a little squeal, and then realized that the boy’s probably had heard me. I leaned up on my elbows to peer over the ledge and saw them staring up at my face looming above them, with my hair hanging in my face and a wild look of lust just now starting to fade from my eyes.
They leaped into the thick trees and I could hear them dashing away as twigs snapped, and I heard them shout to each other to run for it.

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   I couldn’t help but laugh at their plight, and at the fact that they had no idea what I had just been doing as I ogled their little white hairless bodies!
I stood up and brushed the leaves and needles off, and then walked down the trail to the pond to dive in and clean my sweaty body. I was grinning from ear to ear remembering the shocked look on their faces as I floated lazily on my back luxuriating in the cool water. I dove under, and then slowly rose back up to the surface and swam around for a while until I got cold, then I climbed out onto a flat rock by the edge of the pond and stretched out to dry in the hot sun. The warm rock felt great on my wet buns and back and I wiggled to feel the smooth granite caress my backside.
I don’t know how long I had been asleep when I heard voices and opened my eyes to look up into the grinning faces of about ten little Boy Scouts grouped around my naked form on the rock. Apparently the two boys went back to camp and told the others, and they ran to see for themselves the naked little blonde girl in the woods.
“What are you doing at our swimming hole?” One asked.
“I didn’t see your names anywhere, guys. ” I giggled, as I tried to cover my private parts unsuccessfully. I was bigger than any of them, and I had the advantage since they were spellbound staring at my naked cunt and breasts. I smiled, and then gasped, as a new person stepped into the circle and stared down at me!
“Jan! What the fuck are you doing  here?”
I stared incredulously at my big brother Bobby standing there in a Scout Leaders uniform. He is a student at Glendale Junior College, and I hadn’t heard from him in almost six months, so I was shocked, to say the least to see him ogling me in front of all his little boys.
“Bobby, is that really you in that outfit?” I giggled, as I turned bright red and tried once again to cover myself.
“Yeah, the Boy Scout Council came to school looking for a coach type to act as counselor for the summer and I accepted since the pay was great. But what are you doing clear down here, and why are you naked? Though I must admit that I’m getting hornier and hornier staring at your sweet little bod that I love so much!” he laughed, as he took his scarf off, then got another from one of the boys, so I could cover up somewhat.

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I draped his big neckerchief around my breasts and tied it in back, then held the smaller one over my stomach to hide my cunt from the scout’s view. I sat up on the rock as Bobby told the Scouts to sit down on a log nearby while we talked.
“So, tell me, what’s up?” He asked as he sat beside me and held my trembling hand. I explained all about the Girl Scout camp, and Angie and all the rest, as he listened with those piercing blue eyes focused on mine. He laughed at the end, and smiled, and then kissed me softly.
“Well, I never in a hundred years would have expected to see you here, and definitely not naked!” he chuckled, as he reached over and pinched one of my nipples through the scarf.
“Bobby, stop, those little guys are already horny enough!” I whispered, as I pushed his hand away.
“Hey, Coach!” One of the bigger boys yelled, “Are you going to fuck her?”
All the rest giggled, and poked each other in the ribs, as my face got even redder. Bobby grinned, and then winked at them as he put his arm around my shoulder and hugged me.
“What do you say, little sister, want to get laid in front of a bunch of Boy Scouts?” He whispered, as he panted softly in my ear.
“Bobby, you can’t be serious! They would blab it all over the valley, if we did anything like that!”
“Hey, guys, can you keep a secret? My little sis here wants me to fuck her in front of you all, what do you think? Think I should?” He yelled, as he hugged me tighter against his side.
The stunned looks turned to lascivious grins as they all nodded in unison and yelled, “Right on! Sock it to her, coach!” then burst out in uproarious laughter while giving each other high fives.
Bobby turned to me and whispered, “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. You know?”
I nodded and bit my upper lip as I felt moisture run out of my swelling cunt lips onto the hard rock beneath me. I was so turned on by the Scouts staring at my almost nude body that I was shaking with anticipation of being totally naked with Bobby’s fat penis up my hot little cunt while all the boys watched and lusted after me.

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“You know me, big brother, better than anyone else in the world, so you know that I am so hot I could scream, wanting you inside me and fucking me until I can’t stand!” I replied, as I watched the boys’ little hardons raising tents in their Scout shorts as they ogled me.
“Okay, then, let that scarf you are holding in your lap slide down slowly until they can see up your hot little pussy, okay?”
“Oh,God, Bobby! I am so turned on I’m dribbling here!” I whispered, as I let the scarf fall away from my thighs and then spread my legs a little until the wet pink folds of my outer cunt lips were exposed to the lusting looks of the Scouts, now shamelessly rubbing their penises through their shorts. I heard soft panting and gasping coming from the group as I leaned back on the rock on my elbows, and then spread my legs even wider to let the sun light up the shimmering wet lips on my little cunt, and my engorged clit starting to peek out.
Bobby leaned over and ran his hand up my leg as chills ran up my spine and my nipples swelled to little mountains on my breasts. He signaled to the boys and they all got up and came over and surrounded the rock staring down at me. I laid back and stretched my arms over my head and arched my back so my cunt was open in front of their lusting eyes.
“Oh, God, Bobby, fuck me now! I want you inside me, please?” I whimpered, as Bobby continued to run his hand all over my trembling little body. He pushed his fingers into my slit and then spread my outer lips so the boys could see the pink inner folds and my clit throbbing inside. I was rolling all over the rack now begging him over and over to fuck me, I was soooo horny I couldn’t take much more or I would cum right then.
At that exact moment Bobby shoved hard and I spurted cum all over his hand and the rock as I screamed out my release, and jerked and shook violently under my orgasm’s shock waves. Then Bobby stood up and pealed his shirt off. His pants followed as did his boots until he stood over me with his stiff erection jutting out and waving in front of my half closed eyes.
He spread his body above me in a pushup position, steady as a rock on his strong arms and his penis dangling and rubbing up and down over my sweaty little body, leaving little trails of pre cum over my belly and down to my cunt.
“Oh, God, Bobby, please, stop teasing me and shove your dick up my cunt, now!” I yelled, as the Scouts one by one tore their shorts down and freed their pulsing little dicks to the cool mountain air.
Bobby oh so slowly lowered his muscular chest until his taut nipples were brushing mine, sending shivers over my stomach and twinges through my nipples and cunt.

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   He kept moving up and down over my hot little body until I was crazy with longing and trying desperately to pull him down on me.
“Not yet, little one, I’m going to get you really hot first, and then I’ll let you have what you want. ” He panted, as he continued dragging his shaft up and down over my slick front, every once in a while dipping it down over my swollen clit and causing me to jerk and buck my hips up at him.
“Oh, God, Bobby! If you don’t fuck me soon I’ll scream!” I panted, as he slid the tip of his penis up and down my sopping wet slit, parting my lips with the big mushroom head so he could tease my inner lips and clit. Slowly he slid a little bit in and than pulled back as he grinned down at me. He did this over and over driving me up the wall, and I kept arching my back trying to shove his fat dick into my hot hole.
The Scouts were all jerking their little penises as they watched Bobby tease me. I pulled my arms from around my big brothers neck and reached out for the nearest two boys on either side of me and grabbed their little cocks in both my fists, and began to squeeze and slide up and down the rigid little shafts as the boys grunted and sweat poured off their straining little bodies.
Then, when I was going almost crazy with lust, Bobby finally eased his big fat penis slowly up into my hungry little cunt and I sighed with pure delight as I felt the ridges of his head rub my nerve endings along the inside walls of my vagina. He slowly edged back out to the very tip and I strained up off the rock to keep him in. I wanted to feel him in me all the way so bad that I begged him over and over  to please fuck me, please fuck me, please fuck me, until he finally eased back in until I felt his balls brush the sensitive area between my cunt and my anus and I shuddered.
I wiggled my hips and he started fucking me in earnest, ramming his cock in and out, in and out, as the Scouts stared in awe at the little blonde girl writhing under her brother and screaming at each new thrust!
“Oh, bobby, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your little sister! Harder! Harder! Oh God, fuck meeeee! Faster, Bobby, oh God, give it to me, harder, harder, fuck me Bobbeeeee!!! Unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, oh shit, I’m gonna’ cum Bobby, I’m gonna’ cum, oh God, here I cum Bobbbeeeee! “
My screams drove the little masturbating Scouts over the edge and they shot cum all over Bobby and me until we were slipping and sliding in the pools on the smooth rock surface. Then I jerked up stiff in the air as I shot a stream of cum out around Bobby’s fat penis, as he added to the flow with his own hot ejaculation. I twitched my trembling legs around his slim hips, until I was completely drained and exhausted, and feeling a deep glow in my cunt and the rest of my battered little body.
Bobby looked down at me and smiled.

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   Then he kissed me so softly that I began to cry, I was sooo happy, with him inside me and holding him tight against my soaked little body.
He nuzzled my ear and whispered,
“Honey that was the best fuck I ever had in my life! You were totally out of control, and looked soo hot as you lay there under me. I love you honey, more than ever. ”
“Oh, Bobby, I love you so much, and thank you for making me feel so very special. Can we fuck again while you are still here?”
“Well, I don’t know if these guys can be trusted to keep quiet, but I’ll try to see you whenever I get the chance to sneak away, okay?”
“Maybe I could come over to your camp sometimes, too, you think?”
“I don’t know if that is such a good idea, you might have your hands full again if you do. ” He laughed, as he looked at the forlorn looking Scouts with their limp little dicks hanging down.
I laughed then, too and he let me up and we dove into the pool and horsed around with the boys until we were all clean and grinning from ear to ear. Then Bobby loaned me his big Scout shirt and I put it on and grinned when he looked at me with renewed lust on his face.
“I can just see the bottom swells of your cute little butt and your nipples are poking up under that shirt and driving me crazy all over again, little sis. ” He panted, as he pulled me close and pressed his swelling penis against my cool white tummy, through the opening in the front of the unbuttoned fabric.
I hugged him and ran my fingers through his hair and kissed him hard on his sweet lips as he ran his tongue over mine and then deep into my gasping mouth. I moaned and sank harder against him as he reached down and grabbed my rear end and pulled me to his erect penis. Then he lifted me up and I placed my legs around his waist as he entered me once more, while holding me up in the air. He is so strong and I’m so light that I felt like I was floating on the air as he fucked in and out of my tight little cunt.
I squeezed his dick with my vaginal muscles until he gasped and shot a load of his hot cum so far up in me that I thought I could taste it on my tongue! His hips jerked and he gasped as each contraction passed and I came over and over with him, clasping my legs tight around him and gushing all over his thighs.

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He let me back down and I took the shirt off and we dove in again. He laughed as he swam around me in circles. Then we got out and dried in the sun as the boys dozed from their hard days play. Finally it started to cool off so we said our goodbyes, and I kissed all the little guys, and hugged them, until I felt their little penises getting hard again. They wanted to fuck me but Bobby said no, so they trudged off down the trail muttering among themselves about the unfair coach and the hot little blonde babe that he wouldn’t share with them.
I giggled, and kissed Bobby one more time, and he slapped my butt and turned to go catch up with his group. I slid the shirt on and left it open so the cool breeze could blow across my sore nipples and headed back up the hill to camp
As I descended the other side to our valley I could see Sandy and Lisa looking up at me. They met me at the trail, and asked me where I had been, and I told them the incredulous story as they gaped at me in awe.
“Wow!” Sandy gasped, “So when do we get to meet this Adonis brother of yours?”
“Yeah, Jan, you have to share with your bosom buddies. ” Lisa giggled.
“Well, I suppose we could all go over to the Boy Scout Camp and fuck everybody there. ” I laughed, as we headed into the lodge to get something to drink.
The rest of the day we lazed by the pool, playing with each other. Later, after dark, Angie came back and we headed down the trail to our tents while I filled her in on the days escapades. She was as surprised as I had been when I told her Bobby was just down the valley from us.

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   She wanted to go right then, but I persuaded her to eat me instead, and she giggled as she spread my legs and shoved her big fat tongue deep up into my cunt.
“Oh, God, Angie, I love your tongue! No penis will ever feel as good, though Bobby sure runs an awful close second. ”
“I agree!” she mumbled into my smooth slit, as she licked me up and down and probed in and out. I pulled her around until her puffy little pink cunt lips were on my mouth and I ran my own tongue up and down her pretty little vagina opening until we were both gasping and fucking each others faces. I moaned as I felt her moist juices on my searching tongue. She is soo sweet tasting and I love her so much!
Then we both gasped loudly as the orgasms washed over our sweaty little bodies. We trembled for what seemed like hours until the tensions slowly eased, and then we drifted off, two happy little campers with satisfied smiles on our faces.
To be continued --- deedeeo18@hotmail. com
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