Giving in to Temptation, part two


David held his small daughter close to him.   Kaci’s naked body warm and breathing so softly.     He stroked her hair as she slept, quite convinced this would be the last time he held her.   God what had he done. The memory of their union was almost too much for him to bear.    It had been so erotic. Her curiosity and enthusiasm for the game in which she’d ignited his most carnal lust.   The little noises she made and the exquisite look on her face as she had her first orgasm. David nearly passed out when he finally came, it was harder than he’d ever imagined possible.    Even now he could hardly resist the temptation to feel his semen seeping out of Kaci’s perfect little pussy with his fingers.   David had gone on like this for hours as she slept, wrestling with his desire to fuck his daughter yet again tempered by his guilt and worry about what he’d done to his angel.  
            He had to get Kaci to her own bed at the very least.    Extricating himself from his daughter’s arms, he picked her naked form up and carried her to room.    He laid her gently on her princess bed, her golden red hair spilling effortlessly over the pink pillows.   David stood there a moment, taking her in as the first sunlight peeked through the window.    Her skin was so perfect and fine along the straight contours of her body.

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     Her nipples, like rosebuds waiting to bloom, slightly hard from the coolness of the morning air.    His eyes moved lower to the hint of baby fat in her pussy lips and small wisp of angel hair.     Kaci stirred, shifting to her side and drawing her legs up into a fetal position as her thumb found her mouth.    She suckled it.   Mesmerized, David ‘s cock stirred with her.   “God no,” he thought, “please have mercy. ”
            His eyes moved down her body, taking in her perfect little bottom.    The way her knees were drawn up he could glimpse just a hint of her little pussy.   It was then he saw the blood, evidence of his cock’s foray into her virgin chasm.   Panicked he went to the bath and wet a washcloth.    Sitting on the bed next to his sleeping child, David lightly began to wash her, his fingers gently separating her delicate nether lips as he cleaned away the remnants of her childhood and with it, traces of the seed that made her.    
            “Daddy?”  Kaci breathed sleepily as she felt her father’s hand on her hips and his ministrations to her pussy.    She turned to look at her daddy and smiled, “Are we going to slide again?’
            Her words teased David’s resolve and he shuddered lightly.    “No angel.   Sit up here and look at me, princess,”  he said gently, his voice wavering as her eyes found his.

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     “You know I love you more than anything in the world, baby.    But we can’t ever do that again, kitty and it’s gotta be our secret. ”
            Kaci looked deep into her father’s eyes curiously.    “You mean ‘cuz Mommy won’t like it?”  she pouted, her lower lip looking eminently kissable.   David nodded, not having the heart to admit what they shared was wrong or what devastating consequences it might have should it be known beyond the two of them.
            Kaci was angry.   When she drifted off to sleep in her father’s arms, she’d never felt closer to him. He had been inside her and somehow that meant he was hers and no one else’s.    Now it seemed he was so far away.    She wanted him back.  Looking at him, her eyes pleading, Kaci wrapped her fingers around her father’s semi hard cock, stroking it gently.    David moaned involuntarily.   He had to stop this.
            “Kaci, angel, no,” he said as his hand pulled hers away from his now rock hard and rebellious cock as he willed his mind over the incestuous lust that had temporarily taken him last night.
            Kaci, however, was not to be so easily dissuaded.

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    Her young sex had been awakened and she wanted her Daddy.    Her eyes were determined as she  rose up on her knees to kiss him.   Her lips softly touched his and she began to shower him with the littlest, pleading baby kisses.    “Please Daddy,” she said in the softest voice.
            As her arms went around his neck, David felt himself being carried away.  He instinctively pulled her to him.    Kaci’s small hard nipples pressed into his warm chest as his hands caressed the small of her back and rounded buttocks.   His fingers found their way to touch her tiny little pucker and then lower to feel the wetness growing between her legs.   Kaci’s scent grew stronger as her body heat rose.   The sweet smell was intoxicating.    David knew he had to taste her.    He’d die if he didn’t.
            “Lie back angel”  he instructed gently as he positioned himself between her small legs.    Kaci looked down at her daddy as his face neared her pussy.   David’s fingers opened her as his tongue found her clit.

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     God her taste was so sweet and delicate.   His tongue circled her and flicked at her button.   He was amazed at how responsive Kaci had become.    Her small hips were soon rising to meet his probing tongue as he dipped it inside her and then back to her little clit.
            Kaci moaned as her hands found their way through her father’s hair.   His tongue felt even better than sliding.   Instinctively she began to push her cunny into his face, wanting more as she felt the little rushes of pleasure run through her body.   Her lithe young body squirming under the ministrations of her daddy’s tongue the closer her orgasm neared.
            David held Kaci’s hips tightly as he drove her over the edge, vaguely aware of her calling out as he lapped up the juices that were spilling from her.   God she tasted like heaven!  He was intoxicated.   Even as he felt her body shudder and relax, he knew he’d need more.
            “Daddy,”  Kaci breathed as her father nestled his body beside her, holding her close, “I love you. ”   Her words seemed to have the opposite effect that she intended on her father as David’s guilt began to crest again.   Looking in his eyes, she knew he was changing again.   But nothing is more resolute than a possessive child.

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      Remembering his instructions from the night before, Kaci set her mind on her daddy’s penis.    If he could lick her, she could lick him!
            David released her from his arms when Kaci pulled away thinking she was going to go to the bathroom.   Racked with guilt, his cock had subsided.    He rolled on to his back eyes searching for answers in the canopy of his daughter’s bed.    It was then he felt her small hand touch his cock and then her tongue touch its head and begin to lap at it.
            “Oh God, angel, no,”  David protested as he felt the blood rush into his member yet again.    “Princess, ugh”   In seconds, he was helpless.   The sheer erotic nature of having his daughter hold his cock and touch her baby lips vanquished guilt and reason in one instantaneous blow.
            Kaci was thrilled with when she saw her daddy’s penis swell.    It meant he felt good.   Remembering how she played with his leaking tip the night before, she concentrated her efforts on his smooth helmet.    Her pink tongue swirling over its head, exploring, eliciting a gasp from her father as it pressed inside his cum slit.
            “Oh yes kitty, lick Daddy like a candy cane,”  David instructed, his voice shaking as he felt his balls get heavy.    Kaci was nothing if not a fast learner.   David watched as she sucked his cock into her small mouth.

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     The sight of it nearly made him cum, but he held back wanting to prolong his pleasure.   Then,  just as he expected after years of telling her not to smack her lips when eating candy, she pulled her mouth off of him with a loud smack.     As a little precum leaked down the underside of his helmet, she used the flat of her tongue to lick the salty liquid away.
            “Still salty Daddy,”  she purred, loving the new power she had over her Daddy.   She could make him do what she wanted.   As she kneeled up between his legs, her own needs were growing.    Kaci moved her hand down and began to rub herself.   Her fingers moving against her clit, swollen and tingling.
            David watched Kaci’s face, amazed.   In her first hours of womanhood, his daughter’s sexuality blew him away.   Masturbating herself for him, her eyes half closed, the memories of how beautiful she looked as he took her virginity the night before raced through his mind.    His cock was straining.    God he had to have her again.
            “Angel, you know Daddy loves you so much,”  he rasped, doing very little to disguise the urgency in his voice.    “Let Daddy teach you how to feel even better, baby.

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  ”    Clearly he was going to hell, he knew that.    But he wanted this more than life itself at the moment.    David reached out and pulled his daughter up, having her stand with her legs on either side of his hips.   She looked at him expectantly, her fingers wet with her own cum.
            “It’ll be like riding a horsy, baby.    We’re going to slide Daddy’s penis up inside you again, okay?”  David managed a soothing instructive tone as he helped Kaci lower herself towards his cock.
            “Okay Daddy. ”  Kaci smiled sexily, as she lowered herself towards her father’s rigid cock.    David held his cock in one hand while guiding her hips with the other.    As soon as she was close enough, he ran the tip through the length of her wet slit, causing her to shudder.    A little soft moan.
            “Ready, princess?”  David asked as he held the tip at her tight young pussy,  “You take as much as you want, angel, and Daddy will make you cum like a big girl. ”
            For the second time, Kaci felt her father’s cock inside her.   Taking him slowly, this time there was no pain, just a somewhat pleasurable feeling of being stretched.   As she grew accustomed to his size inside her, she found herself wanting more and allowed him deeper.

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     The slowness with which she took him in, drove David mad.    He needed to fuck her, but it was so good he wanted to make it last.    He held her hips and encouraged her, “That’s good angel, just a little deeper. ”
            “Is it all inside Daddy?”  Kaci asked looking in his eyes for approval. “Can I slide on it now?”
            David moaned his assent. Kaci was squatting over his cock as she began to move up and down on him.    He looked at her face, eyes closed, her teeth pressing into her pouty lower lip so seductively as her pace began to quicken.   God she was so wet.   Her tight little cunt gripping him as she fucked herself with his cock.    He watched in awe as her tight lips took him and left his cock wet with her baby juices.     He needed more.
            Kaci’s own needs were growing.   She instinctively drove herself to move faster and faster on her father’s cock, riding him harder.   She felt the electric pulses beginning to go off inside her as her hands found her little clit and began to rub.   Suddenly, all she could think of was how good she needed to feel.

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            David couldn’t hold back when he saw her.     As soon as Kaci began to finger herself, his hips began to buck, meeting her motions with animalistic vigor.   Kaci gasped as she felt his cock thrust up inside her even deeper.   The little squeaks and moans she was making drove him insane.    And then it happened, Kaci’s cunt clenched his cock hard as the first wave of her orgasm overtook her.   David grabbed her hips and thrust deep, his head hitting her cervix, fucking her through it.   God she was so exquisitely tight.    He could feel the cum rising in his cock until her spasms finally milked him over the edge.   It felt like had seen the white light of heaven as he exploded, unloading countless mini thrusts of cum into his baby’s pussy.
            Kaci was the first to speak as she lay on her father’s chest, her body spent holding him inside her.   David breathing slow and steady, as he enjoyed the little aftershocks of her pussy sporadically contracting on his cock.     “I love you so much Daddy,” she breathed,  “I want it always to be like this. ”
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