Good Neighbours


Topic: Good NeighboursThe door bell rang one sunny summer afternoon. I went to answer it padding down in just a robe - I'd had a hard day travelling most of the time and had just cleared the shower. "Is Fiona in?" Jennifer, the girl from the next door flat asked. "No - she's working late at the shop. " I kinda mumbled unsure. She was dressed strangely in a big long coat despite the weather and there was someone hovering on her shoulder - the summer sunshine was in my eyes and I couldn't quite see who. "Good!" she declared stepping in hauling her cohort with her and slamming the door. I then recognised the other girl to be Kerry from a few doors down the hall. I was bemused but then absolutely dumbfounded as Jennifer slipped off the coat leaving her standing in only her socks and shoes! My cock was instantly rigid, the bulge under my robe huge as I drank in her lovely young body. Shit she was only about thirteen, definitely jail bate, and pure dead gorgeous. Her tits were tiny but her nipples and aureole large - perhaps her nipples more so because to the way she was playing with them squeezing and pulling alternatively, "Why don't you suck my tits?" she asked. "Why don't you suck my cock?" I countered. "Think I might!" It is not Jennifer but Kerry who answered diving in under my robe looking for my cock as Jennifer came forward offering a tit to my mouth. I made contact with her perfect little tit just as Kerry kissed my knob. The effect was electric. Jennifer sighed as I sucked her tit flesh into my mouth sparing her nothing as I sucked hard on her with Kerry sucking equally hard on my knob at the same time going deeper and deeper on my huge bloated cock with every suck until my balls were lapping off of her chin on each swallow, my cock lodged deep in her hot tight throat.

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  . It was my no means the first time I'd been with teenies - my loletas as I liked to call them - but after a hard day's travelling and out of the blue with no warning with all this stimulation I knew I was going to cum - and I mean like hard and I mean like soon!! However I'd been here before - not with these two but. . . As I sucked on her tits I heard Jennifer say "Christine was right. I didn't really believe her but he's bloody well huge! Think he's going to fit in your pussy Ker?" Kerry's pussy was going to have to wait, the way she was vacuuming my cock with her mouth made me blow off in no time shooting wads of cum down into her belly before I could even warn her but she swallowed the lot, and I mean the lot for it was an intense orgasm for me and I gave her gallons but not a drop did she spill, sucking and sucking on me until I was done. Pulling me out she went to kiss Jennifer. Their tongues entwined as Kerry shared my semen with her pal. The mere sight of these two beautiful teenage girls kissing got me instantly hard again despite how totally I had just come in Kerry's hot little mouth. Kerry shucked off the few clothes she was wearing - just a tee shirt and shorts I think, certainly no underwear - and I dumped my robe leaving us all naked. I guided the girls through to the bedroom thinking it was a pity Fiona was working - she liked a nice bit of prime pussy nearly as much as I did!Let me leave you in no doubt, these girls were (are) both beautiful, both small and slim with long blond hair, perfect little tits and not an ounce of fat between them! Then there was their cunts!!! Their utterly naked cunts! Turned out they'd been seeing to each others 'needs' for about a year and each had been shaving the others cunt for nearly as long - they liked the feel! So did I! I love naked cunts regularly shaving Fiona's and Alison's before stuffing my pole into each afterwards giving both a serious seeing to making them come time and time again - sheer fucking, fucking for the sake of fucking, nothing subtle, nothing passionate, just fucking, raw sex!Guess I'm sort of blessed - I've a wife who's the perfect hostess, a Cordon Bleu cook, and who fucks like a whore in the bedroom (and anywhere else - all day, most every day!) PLUS she absolutely loves to see me make out with (as in fuck) other girls especially her twin sister Alison who lives with us (as in the same bed) or with a young virgin. Fiona has a passion for young girls and was always conniving to line me up with them having a talent for seducing them into lesbian sex before lining them up with me - with her watching of course. I also have a long thick dick and staying power - advert over. Anyhow, getting back to the matter - here was I with these two young beauties stroking my cock leaving me in no doubt what they wanted but I played it dumb. "Who's Christine?" I asked nonchalantly.

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  Kerry sighed "Don't come it! Your mate Jim's Christine - Chris - the one you've been fucking for a couple of years now?" Ah that, Christine! Sweet little Chris!Kerry was right about the timing - it had all started about two years ago when I got a phone call from her Dad something along the lines of "Jim? You busy today? I've something I need a hand with if you can manage. " I said that no I had nothing planed and would be along directly. I arrived at the house to be greeted by his daughter Christine who I knew was going to be thirteen the next day. The conversation went something like 'Your Dad in? He phoned. ' 'No but he said to come in and wait - something came up. ' Jim owned a couple of taxis and sometimes had to dash out at short notice if one of his drivers phoned with a problem so I just shrugged and having nothing much better to do said OK. No sooner was I in the door, it slamming behind me and Christine knelt at my feet fumbling with my zip and fished my cock out. As she tucked her long blond hair behind her ears obviously preparing to give me head I made some feeble plea for her to stop not really wanting her to as I knew from experience how good head from a young girl made me feel - not that Christine had shown any interest in me before. She took my still flaccid dick into her hot little mouth and then chocked in surprise as he swelled to his full thick twelve odd inches in an instant forcing his way into her throat. Christine looked up into my face her eyes wide! "Don't worry Honey. " I said "Not many girls can take me all the way but that feels so good. "She briefly pulled me out to mutter "The hell I can't!" before sucking me in again and with one single movement going all the way to my root swallowing the lot. It took all my willpower not to come instantly as I felt my knob slide down her throat, her mouth stretched wide round my cock but it took only a couple of minutes of her incessant little bobbing motions always keeping most of my cock burred in the mouth and throat before I went into orbit consigning jet after jet of my spunk straight into her belly. She pulled me out, looked up into my eyes, licked her lips and smiled asking "I do OK?"I could only slump down beside her drained. "Honey - I don't know how many times I've had my cock sucked by how many girls, but I've never had it sucked so good!""Ah - its OK you don't have to say that just for me! Anyway its my turn now - come and suck my cunt!" She blushed - I'm not sure it was because of my sincerely meant complement or her use of a 'dirty' word but blush she did only adding to her cuteness.

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    Christine, Chris as I came to know her - led me through to a dimly lit room with a large double bed and began to undress motioning me to do the same. Her body was divine - well to my taste anyway, her chest small, her tummy taught and hips almost boyish, her long slim legs meeting at her lightly downed cunt. She came to me and stroked my erection - despite how hard I had just come in her mouth there was no way he was staying down when confronted with this sight. "Nice Jim. Love how hard he gets. Come and eat my pussy then you can fuck me once I'm all nice and wet down there. Mind you I'm pretty wet already - it was such a turn on sucking you off!" I could scarce believe what I was hearing but slowly led her to the bed and she lay down. Positioning myself on top of her but bearing all my own weight I kissed her on the lips. Her mouth, her lips, her tongue were eager, searching. We kissed for a long time before I broke it off and started to kiss my way down her young body nibbling at her neck and shoulders before giving in to her urgent pleas to kiss her nipples. I kissed, licked, sucked and gently bit at her oh so firm little tits for as long as I could stand it before proceeding lower going ever so slowly kissing at her tight tummy, sticking my tongue into her belly button, savouring every square millimetre of her soft flesh before having to give into her desires (and mine) to lick my tongue over her downy puss just ever so gently tracing the tip down her slit. Instantly she tried to hump her cunny into my mouth but I evaded - as much as I wanted to oblige her I made her wait, teasing, tickling, just savouring her musk. I love the smell of a fresh young pussy! When I darted my tongue between her lips to touch her clit for the first time she came like a woman possessed. All the waiting and teasing had been worth it as she flooded her juices out to be lapped up into my eager mouth and swallowed down just as she had done for me. "Time for us to fuck now Jim.

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  " she softly said eyes till glazed over. "Think I'm wet enough now! I've never come so hard as when I've played with my cunt!""You up for it so soon?" I queried. Although my rock hard aching dick was desperate for release I was concerned for her having just come so intensely. "Yeah Big Boy. Let's get that big cock up my little cunt! This is going to be soo good. " Taken by surprise and despite our relative sizes she rolled us over so that my back was to the bed and raised herself over me holding my cock to her cunt as she pushed down on me "So good - so fucking GOOD. OOh!. " She literally impaled herself on me giving herself no respite as she sank all the way down my bloated member. I was lost with the feel of her tight, newly deflowered, pussy coating my cock. At the bottom, she rested and rippled her muscles. I could only groan at the intensity of the sensation. "Like that do you?" she asked. I groaned again. "Good 'cos it feels fucking well marvellous to me. I'm going to milk the cum out of your balls.

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  " And with that she started rippling her cunny again on my cock more or less doing what she had just said. There was no in out fucking motion just the flutter of her cunny grasping at my cock. Despite the many years fucking I had under my belt I had never known anything like this and I have had some blistering good fucks! How did this little Vixen know how to do this? She reached under herself and cupped my balls. "Christine! I'm going to come!""Come on - give me your cum. I deserve it!" Just as I felt my balls begin to pump I reached out and touched her clitoris, just like on my tongue the last time, and just like I expected, it was enough to bring her with me, she collapsing forward gasping for breath as I shot into her. Great wads I had for her shooting and shooting until it was leaking out round the sides of my cock as I continued to pound keeping her up there with me all the way and till we rolled onto our sides exhausted. "Good work Jim!" I nearly died - it was Chris's father! He and Chris's step-sister(ish - Jim and Zoe's mother weren't actually married) joined us on the bed naked. I started to defend myself, blustering knowing I had no defence - I had after all just been caught with my dick in his teenage daughter's cunt (OK, OK she was twelve but only just and she led me on, honest your Honour!) but Jim merely held his hand up to quieten me and cuddle his daughter to him. I was nonplussed. Turned out that Chris had slipped into the shower to the surprise of her Father only that morning and sucked him off. She had wanted Jim to fuck her but he couldn't bring himself to do it first and so had more or less set her up with me. He and Zoe had been watching quietly from the next room the whole time. Chris lay back on the bed looking up into her Father's eyes. "Your turn Dad - you come on top!" Now I've known some cock hungry girls in my time but it looked like Chris would turn out to be one of the hungrier - the years were to prove me right. Jim was on top of his daughter in an instant.

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   Just before he slid his cock into his daughter - he was nearly as well hung as me by the way - he turned to me grinning sheepishly. "Jim could you take care of Zoe for me? I have this thing about virgins. " So indeed did I - but I suspected my thing was quite the reverse to Jim's! He obviously couldn't bear to touch them while I couldn't get enough virgin cunt. I smiled, nodded and pulled Zoe to me. We watched, her hand stroking gently at my cock building him back to life as I played on her little tits (she was roughly the same age as Chris having different parents) and stroked her sopping cunt - she and Jim had obviously enjoyed a little foreplay as they watched me deflower Chris - as Jim and Christine made love, Jim taking long tender strokes into his daughter's tight hole, taking infinite care to build an intense orgasm in her before taking his own relieve. As they wound down I turned to Zoe "How do you want to do it?" I asked. "Lick me out then you come on top. Loved seeing you eat Chris - doesn't she taste good?" she replied. "Take it the pair of you have been making out?. " I asked dipping to kiss her pert little breasts before proceeding lower to eat at her precious little cunny. "Yeah! Love eating her and I love being eaten by her! Oh Jim! That feels so so good!" I was now lapping at her juicy slit. Gently I parted her lips a little with my fingers and lashed at her clit. It only took a few lashes before she came, my mouth once more flooded with pussy juice. "Take me! Get your big cock ALL the way inside me now!" she commanded. Ever willing to oblige I made my way up her body taking her legs onto my shoulders and allowing the tip of my cock to find her still blocked entrance.

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   As soon as she felt my cock at her, Zoe bucked up leaving my proud erection nowhere to go except into her. She sighed loudly as I sank into her pushing her vagina deep into her body to enable her to take my all. I began to pump slowly in and out of her, savouring her hot, tight hole as she responded to my thrusts, she coming before not too long. As I continued to pump she came again even more strongly her contractions forcing me into overload. Spurt after spurt of my fluid coursed into her but I was not done yet - I have this thing about reaming girls too so I pulled out and set my well lubed shaft at her little rosebud anus. "Yes!" I heard as Chris joined us. "Let be see you take Zoe's arse!" She helped me penetrate Zoe's ever so tight back door holding me in place until my knob was wedged inside Zoe's anus. As I felt her relax and begin to push back at me I slowly sank deeper into her until she had taken my all. Holding myself all the way in I felt Chris's finger trace round the base of my cock. "How does it feel Zoe? Can't wait to try that myself!""Starting to feel good! He so bloody big though!" Zoe responded. "Come on Jim - fuck my arse! Make me come with your cock in my bum!" Taking her at her word I pulled nearly all the way out before lunging forward one more time, this time not pausing before starting to withdraw again, taking her fearfully stretched anus with long pounding strokes, making her come time and again before surrendering my load into the depths of her darkest hole. As soon as I pulled out, Chris was on me throwing her arms round me and hugging me tightly. "Liked that! Want to fuck my arse now?" she asked. I had to tell her to give me some time, my cock wasn't quite up to it yet. So after watching Jim begin to fuck his now deflowered step-daughter we went for a shower together taking turns to soap each others bodies, me taking extreme care with her little tits and pussy making her come gently and she my dick which was soon up and begging for more.

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   Chris stroked him appreciatively before mounting me and wrapping her legs round my back. "Just get him nice and wet and then fuck my bum!" So after I'd gently fucked her to her climax she climbed off and bent over flashing the cute little arse at me. I moved behind and without any further warning pressed my knob to her winking little hole. It took a bit of straining but soon I was deep inside her and we fucked, gently at first but then harder and harder Chris coming several times before I let go. She was one hell of a great lay. When we finished off we rejoined the others. Jim was now savouring Zoe's rear having done her cunt proud. Saying "You'll need to try mine soon Dad. It was wonderful having Jim up there. " she dived below Zoe to chew on her tits. Soon both Jim and Zoe came and the coupling came apart. Jim and I lay watching as the girls crawled into a 69 and began to eat each others' cunts. Despite everything by the time the girls were satisfied with each other, their show had ensured Jim and I were rock hard again. Seeing this Chris came to her Father, pushed him flat on the bed and impaled her arse on his cock. "Like that Dad? I do!" she exclaimed bucking up and down on his pole.

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   I started towards Zoe but Chris grabbed my hand and pulled me towards her. Lying back on top of her Father, he still ensconced in her rear, she flung her legs apart and said "Fuck my puss!" She didn't need to ask twice - I love double penetrations! Climbing on top I fed my meat into her. With her Father's cock in her arse she was of course fantastically tight and it took a bit of work to get all the way in but all the way in I did get before Jim and I really started to fuck her. She couldn't take much of it coming harder and harder all the time until she had to beg us to stop before we had come. Help was however at hand and I took Zoe's rear while Jim took his relieve in her cunt. All three of us got off at the same time before collapsing in an untidy heap on the bed. We were all fucked out now and as time was getting on anyway we all showered and dressed and were sitting round drinking coffee when Zoe's Mum came in. She never found out about Jim's incestuous actions or about me but that afternoon was my no means the only time I have been 'intimate' with Christine and Zoe sometimes with her father joining in and sometimes not. The pair of them really like double penetration but I like being alone with them too - one sitting on my cock while I eat the other one out changing places or position every time one of them comes - which is often. Sometimes they introduce me to some of their other girlfriends and take great delight in watching them being deflowered! As I said Christine is really cock hungry, surprising her older bother Craig in the shower not long after the day described. Like she'd done for her Dad she sucked him off but, unlike her Dad, he had no qualms about fucking his younger sister and after losing his virginity to her often joins the party with us all.   Chris and Zoe often sleep in either Craig's or Jim's bed fucking into the small hours but Zoe's Mum has never found out as she works nights at the local hospital and everyone is careful to be back in the right bed by the time she arrives home. Chris especially likes her cock, not that she is averse to cunny! Often she and Zoe join Fiona, Ali and I for long sessions at our flat. Anyway, it turned out Chris had told Jennifer and Kerry about me and now they were here to find out for themselves. Pity Chris wasn't here to see I thought to myself as I contemplated their virginal bodies.

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   I led them to the bedroom and lay down on the bed letting them call the shots. Jennifer started to kiss my cock and as he rose took me into her mouth bobbing up and down - virgin or not she had the right idea about sucking cock. I started to moan with the feeling but was suddenly muffled as Kerry planted her cunt on my face. Instantly I started to lave at her moist slit and nibble on her engorged clitoris. Before long she came, her juices sweet, and climbed off again. "Ready Jen?" she asked. "All yours Ker!" she replied after pulling my cock out of her mouth having sucked him up to a massive erection. Kerry straddled my body as Jennifer guided my knob to her love hole. "I've never done this before and I want to be in charge. OK?" Fine by me! Jennifer rubbed my knob up and down her girlfriend's slit teasing the pair of us and coating my knob with Kerry's juices before setting it at her entrance. Slowly Kerry pushed down on me gradually taking me into her before saying "Oh Hell Jim! Just push!" So as she continued to strain down I bucked up forcing my bloated cock into her. She was incredibly hot and incredibly tight. She sat there for a while just gently wiggling her hips, getting used to the sensation of having a cock inside her I guess, as she and Jennifer kissed. "How does it feel Ker?" Jennifer asked. "Fucking huge! Look how stretched my pussy lips are?" Jen dove in and kissed all round my embedded cock before frigging her friend's clit but Kerry pushed her away.


   "Let's fuck Jim" she commanded so I grabbed her by the hips and began to pump her up on down on my cock. She soon got the idea and started to rise and fall of her own accord. This freed up my hands so I got her to lean forward so that I could massage her chest. "Oh yes! I like that! I like having my tits done! Don't I Jen!". Before Jennifer, who was sitting watching and playing with her own tits, could answer Kerry gasped out a crushing climax and fell forward onto me. Jennifer pulled her off in an instant and got up over me forcing her cunt down onto my cock. So hot, so tight! Again! This time I pulled Jennifer to me and rolled her onto her back before proceeding to give her a really good fucking, pounding into her with long hard strokes making full use of my length and girth, making her come time and again before rewarding her with my cum shot all the way up her clutching cunt. Sated for the moment we lay talking. "I want you to do me hard like you did Jen. " Kerry said "And Chris says she loves having your cock up her bum too. Could we try that?" I agreed that once I was able we could try anything they liked but I suggested they put on a show for me. It would give me a bit of breathing space - plus I love to watch girls making out. So Kerry laid back and Jennifer went to kiss her, hands strayed to the others chest followed by mouths, followed by a full blown 69 as the girls drank from the others cunt drawing my loads out into their mouths as the pair of them came together. Not done they proceeded to finger fuck each other until they both got off again together. This had me hot and ready again and noticing this Kerry said "Fuck me hard and then ream me! Is that the word? Fuck my bum anyway".

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  I went to her and without preliminary stuffed my cock right up her tight cunt. "Yes, that's the word. " I told her as I began to fuck her mercilessly, she with me all the way drawing back when I did and pounding forward with me until she came and came and came. Pulling out I turned her over and set my dick at her anus and pushed forward going slowly this time forcing my larger than average piece up her virgin arsehole but Kerry simply pushed back at me to make sure I was able to get all the way into her before we started to fuck again. She began to orgasm after only a few strokes and really lost it as she felt my sperm shoot into her as I came with a massive climax. "Hope you've left some for me!" Jennifer pouted as I withdrew but yes I was still up for more. Realising this she got up on all fours begging me to take her bum. I went to her and sank my length into her overflowing cunt. She protested but I quelled her by telling her "First things first - I'll do your arse later. " I wanted to bring her off first and so reached round with my hand and played with her clit as I stroked into her, savouring her tightness. It didn't take long for her to come and only then did I withdraw and set my weapon at her arsehole. Feeling me there she pushed back taking me with some ease. "Yes that feels good. So big. So hot!" I love having a girl's tight arsehole wrapped round my cock almost as much as a tight pussy.

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   It is quite a different feeling - so smooth. Having got fully in to Jennifer I pulled back all the way out just for the pleasure of penetrating her again, all the way up her smooth, hot, tight rectum. Kerry squirmed below her girlfriend to lap at her pussy while I stroked into her rear. Jennifer lowered her head to Kerry's cunt to reciprocate. Soon all three of us came, Kerry first leaving Jennifer free to vocalise her huge long drawn out climax as I flooded into her rear. Once more we collapsed in a heap. Having sorted ourselves out the girls realised the time and had to leave but not before making me promise we'd do it all again, and soon. Quite a tale I had to tell that night as I fucked both Fiona and Alison! And fuck we did - Jen and Ker being introduced to the mix the next day, they already knew of Chris and Zoe of course. . . As for Chris, she is one foxy lady, she got pregnant by either her father or brother - it certainly wasn't me as I'd had the 'snip' by that time - a couple of years after the day described above but that only upped her libido and I did love the sight of her full belly bouncing up and down on my bloated cock. After she had bourn her daughter I really, really got my rocks off sucking on her lactating tits before fucking all of her tight holes yet again. Her Dad and I kept her in milk long after Kirsty was weaned. Chris is insatiable and has promised me her daughter in due course. .

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  . Jen and Ker were cock hungry too, making a pact to fuck each other's father as well as their own and to make out with both mothers. This was achieved in short order - the climbing into the shower trick working well on all counts. They introduced their fathers to me - it was a bit awkward at first but Jen loved having either her own or Ker's Dad dick up her ass while I fucked her cunt. She could stay up coming for hours when she was getting laid like that. Janice, her Mum, got a buzz from watching this sort of action, laying into her own pussy as she watched before getting Ker or Anne (Ker's Mum) to either fuck her with a giant dildo or fist fuck her. Every time she saw me come in her young daughter's tight cunt she insisted that I pulled out to let her suck my cock - she got something from tasting Jen's juices on me I think. She'd suck me up good and firm and then push me onto my back before mounting me either cunt or arse depending on her mood. When I was in her cunt, Ker's Dad would often come and fuck her back door - that really upped the anti for her and she literally screamed out massive climaxes on these occasions. Anything went with the girls taking any dick in any hole and sometimes the sessions went on for hours. Somewhere down the line the mothers took their younger sons virginities and they were then swiftly introduced to the equation - Ker especially loved being with her brother, he being tall, muscular and well hung. It was beautiful to see them in action, often accompanied by me gently screwing their mother as we watched. Ker tended to like her sex passionate, Jen liked it raw, their mothers would go either way. What did I care, I was getting laid as often as I could cope with and that excludes my wives. Fiona and Ali never accompanied me on my trips next door or down the hall although Jen and Ker often visited us.

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   As Fiona once put it, apart from my cock (I'm the only person ever to have fucked them by the way), they're basically lesbian. Be that as it may they take my cock often enough and Fiona has had four children by me - two sets of twins as it happens all now eight years old albeit the girls are nearly nine while John and Helen are only just eight. Things went wrong during Fiona's second delivery leaving her sterile while Ali was infertile anyway so that was when I decided to get the snip. Certainly makes servicing all these teen goddesses a bit simpler when you don't have to worry about that side of things. Ali now lives in a flat a couple of floors below my penthouse to try and keep things normal for the kids but the three of us still fuck and I mean often! Jen and/or Ker babysit while the three of us make out in Ali's flat, the babysitter(s) getting just reward when we return. . . .
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