Grandpa’s Pool Party


Mom told me about these parties and she said that one of these years that I would be invited to go to one and I would really enjoy myself there. Grandpa and Grandma would invite several of their friends over and they would all go into the pool area in the buff and have an orgy and all sorts of things would go on. Mom told me that it was at one of these parties when she was just about my age that she lost her virginity to one of her fathers friends while Grandma was stroking her hair and telling her that everything was fine and she was a woman now and could come to the parties all the time and join n the fun. Well this was the year that I was going to be allowed to join in on one of Grandpa’s parties and this one was going to be my coming out gala event and I was going to be the main attraction. The day of my party was very hot around one hundred degrees in the shade and everyone was sweating while mom drove us to the valley and we were glad when we got to Grandpas house and the pool. When I got out of the car there was Grandpa standing in the front yard in a terrycloth robe holding out his arms and calling out to me. “There’s my Little Pussy Cat all grown up and pretty, Come give me a hug. ”I ran up to him and hugged him around his waist and he hugged me tight to him and I felt his pecker against me stomach and it felt like a Gallo Sausage it was so big. He is over six feet tall and I am only just over four feet tall so my face was even with his chest and my small tits were pressed against the top of his rod as we held each other tight. Mom came up and joined us as we stood there and then she said that she would love to go for a swim and cool off before the party started so we all went through the house and into the back yard and on the way we shed all of our cloths so when we made it to the pool we were all nude and we just dove into the water and started splashing around. Mom and I had just driven about seventy miles to get there and I had to go to the bathroom so I told grandpa that I had to go and he said that he wanted to drink my piss from my virgin pussyIf that was ok with me. He said that he had not been able to drink virgin piss since my mom’s sister lost hers at the party held for her coming out. I looked over to mom and she told me that it was cool and so I moved over to the steps and got out of the pool as Grandpa lay on his back on the pool skirt and then positioned me so that my smooth pussy was covering his mouth and then he began to lick at my clit and pussy lips as I tried to pee he keep eating me out and I was beginning to get off on his licking and I told him that I really had to go and if he did not quit what he was doing I would go and come at the same time. He said that was what he was trying to get me to do and that I would just love the feeling and that it would get me off so much better and if I did not believe him all I had to do was ask my mom. My mom told me that it would be the best thing that ever happened to me and she told me that it would be the first of many fantastic things that would happen to me in the next several hours. So there I was sitting on Grandpa’s face with his tong slipping into my tight young cunt and then I could not hold back my piss any longer and let it flow and Grandpa was drinking my golden shower and eating me out at the same time and that got me off and I had the best orgasm of my short life, I just came and came and the feeling was totally awesome.

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   When I was finished peeing and he had licked me clean I got up off his face and he rolled up to and took me in his arms and kissed me full on the lips and forced his tong into my mouth and I got to taste my own piss and pussy juice and I loved the flavor. Then he asked if I wanted to do the same for him and I said that I would like that and he stood up in front of me and told me to take his cock into my mouth and suck him off and I did. His cock is huge and it was stretching my mouth to the limit but I was able to get almost half of its eight inch length into my mouth and he then told me to hold him in my face tell he started to flow and I did as he asked. When his pee stream started to fill my mouth I began to choke and had to pull off so I could breath and his piss jetted over my face and into my eyes and into my hair and it flowed all over my body and then I took his member back into my mouth and began to suck on it and move my face up and down the shaft and he began to moan and his piss stopped and he shot a rope of cumm into my mouth and I drank it down and kept on gulping all the cumm that spewed out of his cannon and then he held onto my head and began to piss again and this time I drank all of his golden flow and loved the mixture of flavors that was filling my mouth. This was the first of many thrills that I experienced that hot day and I will forever be grateful to grandpa for throwing the party that followed for me. After we were done we got back into the pool and cleaned up and then Grandpa told me that the guests were due to start showing up and that I was to meet them as they got thereWhat with me being the main dish of the gathering. So he took me into the house and to the room that I used when I came to stay with him and there on my canopy bed with all the stuffed animals was a pure white two piece thong bikini just my size and he helped me put it on and inspected me and told me that I was the sexiest Pussy Cat he had ever seen. The fabric was translucent and fit my body snugly enough so that my nipples witch were hard stuck out for all to see and the small patch of fabric covering my smooth cunt showed me lower lips in relief. After I was dressed we went into the entry and he posed me next to the door where everyone that came in would see me and as he said they would want to fuck me right there. In just a moment the doorbell rang and I was told to answer it and I did and there was my uncle Bob standing there. He is twenty years old and the youngest of mom’s siblings and a hunk. He had on a tight T-shirt and jean shorts and when he got a look at me I saw that his cock got real hard and he reached to his crotch and adjusted it and when he did the head popped out at the bottom of the left leg. With him was a beautiful girl that he said was his present girlfriend and she came over to me and kissed me on the lips and said that she was happy to meet me and hoped that she could soon eat me. Her name was Gail and she told me that she was sixteen in just two days. She told me that Bob and she had met at the school that she went to where he was on the maintenance crew.

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  As they went through the house shedding there cloths the next guests showed up and they were my oldest aunt and her bough. Kim is my mothers oldest sister and is forty-one and still looks great, she has 38D tits that I hope to have at her age and she was dressed in a low cut split skirt red thing that clung to every curve of her body and left nothing to the imagination. Her date for the orgy was a gentleman of stature about twenty years her senior. And when he got a look at me he stepped up and felt me out and said that he was going to really enjoy getting to know me better. As I was being fondled by the old goat the rest of the clan showed up. There were my two other aunts Jen and Jo the twins and their dates and three of the older cousins, Jason, Fred and Jack all of them older than me. Jack and I were the closest in age, he was only two years older than me and he walked up to me and said that I would just love the party if it was going o be anything like the one they held for him just two years ago. After everyone got there and were in the pool yard Grandpa took my hand and led me to the pool and what I saw was enough to take my breath away. Everyone was nude and all the women were in the process of taking the guys cocks in various holes. Grandpa called things to order and everyone broke off what they were doing and gathered around Grandpa and me. He said that it was time for me to get my golden shower from all the men. He had me kneel down on the concrete in the center of all the men there and look up at all the hard cocks around me. I counted seven dicks and six sizes from six inch long and as big around as my wrist to ten inches long and about the thickness of a baseball bat, the thick end (this monster belonged to the old goat) there were two that were identical and these were attached to twins that were the dates of Jen and Jo, I wondered if they all four lived together seeing as how they all came together. When all the men were in a circle around me and the girls were standing behind them each holding onto a hard cock (Mom was holding her fathers) and aiming then down at me and the guys were ready to let fly there piss and I was looking all around me as the first stream hit me square in the face and then I was getting rained on from every angle. I opened my mouth and let them shoot there pee right down my throat and then drank whatever I caught, I spread my legs out and leaned back on my hands so that the men could get a good shot at my pussy and my tits were dripping as the piss covered me from head to toe.

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   It was over to soon and then all the women started to jack of there guys and soon I was getting drenched in hot cumm and I tried to catch as much as I could in my mouth but they were all shot out before I could get my mouth full twice. Then grandpa said that the men would draw straws for who got to take my cherry. All the men drew and the winner was Uncle Bob and so he came up to me and stood before me with his hard cock right in my face and I just opened my mouth and let him slip his tool all the way into my face. Uncle Bob then had me lay down on my back in all the piss and cumm and he moved so that his mouth was at my cunt and he ate me out tell I had an orgasm and as I was quivering from my cumm he put his dick into my pussy and shoved it all the way in to the root and began to buck into me like a wild animal. I was soon cumming over and over as he fucked me harder and harder, as soon as he shot his load into me and pulled out another cock was in me. As the men took turns at my quivering cunt the women were lining up to sit on my face and get there turn at my mouth to get eaten out. I must have drank about a gallon of pussy juice that night and love every ounce of it. The old man was last in the line of cocks and he had a treat in store for me. He was sitting in a deck chair and when it was his turn he had me sit in his lap and lower myself down over his huge monster. My mom was holding it up and guiding me down onto it and Grandpa was telling me to relax and enjoy the fullness of it. I got the head into my still tight pussy and that was as much as I could do by my self so the geezer took a hold of my hips and pulled me down over his cock and I let out a scream that I was sure the entire block would hear as my little cont was stretched wide enough to fit all ten inches of length and four inch girth of that old mans meat. As soon as he was all the way in me I began to fell better, full but better and began to fuck him with slow up and down movements and he soon blew his load deep inside me and I settled down over him and rested as he grew limp within me, when his member popped out of me I walked over to the pool and dove in and let the warm water cleanse and relax me. The orgy lasted tell the sun came up and I was fucked about forty times and then went to bed in my room and when I woke up I found that Cousin Jack was in bed with me and had his cock in my ass and was but fucking me slow and easy. He told me that he just wanted to be the first to get a piece of my ass. And I kissed him and we had a good morning ass fuck and after he was done I sucked him clean and got up to go eat breakfast and say good morning to whoever was there.

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   I saw grandpa heading for the bath and followed him and got to drink all his morning pee and then he drank mine and then we went out to see the others off and then Mom said that we would have to head out soon and we all got dressed and went home. I hope that the next party is as good as that one was. My cousin Holly would be fourteen in about three months. Just in time for the end of the summer. I just can’t wait for her party. .

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