Her Mother's Date


"OK mom, sounds like fun. By the way. Did you take my advice and start dating. Dad's been gone 2 years now. You got to get along with your life. ""Don't start that again Gloria. I'm doing fine. ""In other words you're not dating, Gloria said. Look at you. 38 years old, a body to die for, and you're setting home letting the world pass you by. OK, I won't bring it up again but I wish you would get out and enjoy yourself. ""And that's just what were going to do, Janet laughed. Were going shopping. "As they were driving to the mall her mother asked Gloria how her social life was going. "The boys at college must be hounding you to death, she said. Look at you.

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   You're so beautiful. I know how horny those college boys can get. You must be driving them crazy. "Well I can see this isn't going to be easy to tell her I'm gay, she thought. Nothing is ever easy I guess. That night while laying in bed Gloria's thoughts turned to her mother again. I wonder if she masturbates. I wonder if she's masturbating right now. Gloria thought of her mother laying in bed fingering herself. Gloria lowered her hand down to her pussy and caressed her clit. She was picturing her mother fingering herself and it was getting her hot. Her fingers were moving more rapidly. Oh god, I'm fingering myself thinking about my mother. She was past the stopping point. Her fingers were now slipping into her wet pussy.

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   Faster and faster, picturing her mother in rhythm with her. She felt her orgasm swell up in her. Her hips were bucking the air. "Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," she groaned out loudly. She hoped her mother didn't hear her in the bedroom next to hers. She had just cum with the most wicked fantasy she could imagine. The next morning Gloria had made a decision. She told her mom she had to run an errand and was going to use the car. She drove downtown to a suit rental agency. She inquired about renting a man's tuxedo that would fit her. They assured her they could. After some minor alterations she rented a suit. She went to a men's store and bought a mans hat. That evening she asked her mother if she would like to go out for dinner. "Sure," her mother replied.

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  "Well dress up real nice mother," I told her. "The dinner will be on me. Think of it as the date I'm always trying to get you to go on. "Her mother laughed. "Ok, we'll make a night of it," she said as she wentoff to get ready. "Gloria went upstairs and put on the tuxedo. She had to pin her long blonde hair up so it would fit under the hat. She looked in the mirror. Not bad, she thought. I'd make a handsome young man. Her mother was in the living room when she came down. "What in the world are you wearing?" her mother asked in amazement. "I told you I was taking you on a date and I thought I should look the part," she replied. Her mother laughed, appreciating the effort her daughter had went to make her point. They returned home about midnight after having a wonderful dinner.

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   They even danced several times as her mother good naturedly went along with the charade. As they pulled into the driveway and parked the car Janet spoke up. "Would you like to come in for a night cam sir?" she asked mockingly. "It's the least I can do for showing me a most enjoyable night. ""I'd be delighted," I said. They entered the house. Her mother spoke. "Gloria, I had a wonderful time even though it was a little off beat. I'm tired. I'm going to bed. ""May I walk you to your door?" I asked, still acting out the charade. I took her by the hand as we walked upstairs. At her bedroom door I paused. "How about a good night kiss madam. "She smiled and reached up to kiss me on the cheek.

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   I put my hand behind her head and pulled her lips to mine. I could feel her body stiffen as the kiss became prolonged. She was trying to pull away but I held her tightly. I forced my tongue into her mouth. I heard he moan. Her body relaxed as my tongue invaded her soft, wet mouth. My hands were now cupping her the cheeks of her ass. I pulled her to me as I thrust my hips into her. A long moan came from her as she felt the huge dildo I was wearing. My mouth pulled away. "Let's go to bed mother, as I opened her bedroom door and led her in. "I pushed her down on the bed. As she looked up at me I removed my hat and shook my long blonde hair free. I Then removed the jacket and shirt freeing my full, round breast. Then I lowered my pants.

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   Her eyes were now riveted on the 10 inch dildo that hung heavily from my crotch. She began to mew. Ohhhhhhhh. She set up on the edge of the bed. I pulled her lips to the head of the dildo. She instinctively opened her mouth and began licking the head. "It's so big," she cried. "Soooo big. She opened her mouth and took the head into her mouth. I pulled her head firmly as the dick slid into her mouth. It was now to her throat. She tried to take it all. I withdrew the rubber dick and pushed her back on the bed. I lay next to her as my hand slid under her skirt. I found her soaking wet pussy.

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   My fingers were pressing the crease of her pussy lips. She was moaning loudly now. As my fingers slipped under her panties and entered her cunt her whole body shuddered. "Argggggggggggggggggg," she cried. My pussy was soaking. This was the hottest I had ever been in my life. "Mother I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck you in your cunt till you can't cum any more. I'm going to stick this big dick up your ass and make you beg for more. "She came. A long drawn out groan emitted from her lips. "Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. "After her orgasm subsided she just lay there. She didn't resist when I removed her blouse, skirt and bra. What beautiful tits, I thought as her heavy mounds fell from her bra.

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  She was moaning. "This is wrong Gloria. So wrong. Please, we have to stop. "I lay down next to her and wrapped my lips around her one of her long, thick nipples. I sucked like a baby, pulling it with my teeth and bit her until she winced. I pulled myself on top of her. "No Gloria, we must stop. I felt her spread her legs submissively as i guided the huge dildo into her cunt. Her pussy made a sucking sound as the first 3 inches slipped in. Her hips slowly began to grind. "MMMMMMMMMMMM," she moaned. My thrust were more rapid now. Her rhythm was mine. The dildo forged deeper into her cunt.

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   She now had the full 10 inches buried in her hole. Her hips were humping in abandonment as she groaned and moaned in delirium. I heard her scream, "I'm going to cummmm. ughhhhhh ughhhhh ughhhhhhh. I'm pussy juice flowed from her like a river. Gush after gush exploded from her. Here come another orgasm. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggggggggg. "She couldn't get enough. I continued driving the full 10 inches into her aching hole. Then I heard a low guttural sound emitting from her throat. "Guhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. "She was cummminnng again with such force it was almost primitive. We lay there a long time the dildo still buried in her. She finally spoke.


   "Did you cum with mommy little girl. ""Yes mother I did. Many, many times. ""Good," she said. "I'm tired now and want to sleep. Tomorrow you can keep the other half of your promise, you will won't you?""Yes mother, I will. "Suddenly another orgasm racked my body. The thought of fucking my mother up the ass with this huge rubber cock sent waves of pleasure juice gushing again from my aching, swollen pussy. . . . Author, little miss blairCopyright 1999MORE INCEST PICS, STORIES, CARTOONS AND MOVIES AT THESE SITESTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.