Hidden Family Album


Jasmine, that’s my name.  

I’ve always hung out with girls slightly younger than I. So it couldn’t be any surprise that I would go over to Molly’s house, a 7th grader beneath me. She kept enticing me. Telling me how weird her family was, and that there was this great secret that she had to show me.

Molly was dying hard to impress me. She lived on the nice side of town, with a LARGE backyard. When my father dropped me off at Molly’s house, he was agape at the large pines blocking the view of the house.

“Those things are huge sweetie!”
“I know daddy, Molly’s a rich rolled my eyes at smiled, daddies little girl. I had a dark complexion; I was adopted as a baby by my daddy and mom- Paul and Sandy. My hair was long, dark as midnight and down to my ass, in one brushed pony tail, with bangs that fell to my eyes.

“Be good sweetie. ”
“I will daddy. ”
“Remember to oblige yourself, when ever you go to someone’s house-“
“I know daddy- you’re a burden on their stock. ”
“But these bitches don’t know what burden is. ”
“I love you sweetheart.

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“Love you too daddy. ”

As I left I felt the wind blowing across my little black panties, under my pleated white skirt. I waved.

I walked up the walkway and knocked on Molly’s door.
What a shock.
A boy I knew from the high school rugby team opened the door! NAKED!
“OH!” I say staring at his thick cock.
“Hey. ” He wasn’t amused “Molly! You’re little friend is here. ”
Then Molly came to the door, she was naked too! She was sweaty like she had been working out, with red splotches around her neck. She was smaller than me, kind of tanned and a redhead. Her pussy lips were pink- there was nothing but some fuzz. She was half the size of her brother. And looked up at him as she walked to the door.
“Hey Jasmine!” she said grabbing my arm and dragging me into her house, brushing up against her brother, my fingers ran across his cock, I had only touched one cock and that was Freddy Freeman, the boyfriend I had for two months.

“OH I am so sorry!” I said, blushing, being dragged into the house.

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He smiles. “Don’t worry about it. ”

I could see his cock start to get stiffer. I had done that?

“Molly who is that?”
“My stupid brother Jasmine. I didn’t want to say this before you came over. But my house is nudist. ”
“Is this the weird thing that you wanted to show me?”
“No, well yes, but no. ”
“Am I allowed to wear clothes?”

Molly perks up at this and looks me up and down.

“You don’t have too, but you’re more than welcome. ”
“I’d feel more comfortable-“
“But Jasmine, you must strip down to AT LEAST your bra and panties. ””Can I wear socks?”

We both laughed. And Molly showed me her room.
I pulled down my skirt and took off my shirt. I wasn’t wearing any bra, but I was wearing my black boy cut panties which made my butt looks great.
”Molly can I borrow a bra?”
“Jasmine! She said twisting her nipples! You don’t need a bra!”
“I guess…”

“Come on to my father’s study I want to show you want I found.


“Like this!?” I said looking at my topless body in the mirror. My dark areolas.

“You look so sexy! I wish I was a sexy as you. ”

I looked up and down her nervous body. She was beautiful, her tits were coming in- they stood out like apples on her. What I wouldn’t give for such a light pussy. Mine was so dark, it got so wet. I was getting so wet looking at her. She had the same light pussy like my mom.

Molly started breathing heavy. “Come on!”
We walk down the hallway, her tall ceilings and carpeted floor- the wind, the air of the house embracing my nudity.

“What does your dad do?””Oh my daddy’s in finance. ”
“Really. ” Finance, who cared he was loaded.

We got to a big doorway that had a lion on it.

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   Molly knocked loudly on the wooden panel. a gruff voice answered. ”COME IN. ”

Molly opened the door hesitantly. “Daddy? My friend Jasmine is here can we come in, I just want to show her the study. ” She opened the door further and I slipped in after her. I had never met someone besides the doctor, naked, for the fist time.

A graying man who was thick set sat behind a dark mahogany desk. My nipples were like rocks. Molly’s dad looked just like the principal at our school.
”HI” I said nervously extending my hand. Molly’s dad got up and walked over to me, his penis was even thicker than his son’s.
“Mr. Detich. A pleasure.

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“Molly tells me you’re in finance. ”
His eyes are touching me. He breathes in heavily and says that he’s in a hedge fund. I notice Molly slinking over to the bookcase. She grabs a leather bound annul.

“Don’t bore my friend daddy!”
She deftly moves the book behind her cute little naked body. And pulls me along. I say over her arm- “It was nice meeting you!”

Mr. Deitch smiles and starts to stroke himself.

“Molly! You’re dad was touching himself!”
She rolls her eyes at me. What you’ve never seen that before?

I was ashamed, I didn’t know any manners about being mostly naked in other peoples homes.

“So what is it that you have to show me Molly?”
“This!” She lays open a leather book that has browning pictures of two young people having sex. ”What is this?” engrossed, I flip the pages.

There were images of all kinds, some of them very gross. ”EW! Is that dog having sex with that little girl?”

“That’s my grandmother when she was my age.

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“That’s really gross Molly. ”
“But Jasmine, I bet it felt really good. ”

There were pictures of that same girl sitting on one man’s lap while another had his cock in her mouth. “That’s my grandfather there under my grandmother. ”

“He seems like he’s fifty. ”
“Yeah, they really hit it off, things were different back then. And that’s his best friend. ”

I started to get really horny looking at all this.

“Ew, are you in this?”

Then Molly flipped a couple of pages-

There she was, I remembered her hair- was long like that last year, she was laying on her back on a couch- holding her legs back as her brother knelt in front of her pushing his cock into her sexhole. There were other naked men, all touching themselves or being touched by other women.

“This is when I lost my virginity. ”

I just stared at her!

I didn’t know what to think.

“Wouldn’t you want a picture of your first time?”
I was getting really wet, I was panting, I wanted to touch myself. ”Molly will you touch me. ”

“Oh! My dear! You’re horny! Get those panties right off of you.


She climbs over the book and on to me, pushing her hands down my body, under my panties, and sticks her fingers into my cunt.

OH! I moan, buck my hips into her caresses.
Come on, you need something I can’t give you.

I try to stand but my legs felt really weak. Molly ran over to me and pulled my panties down. She stared at my dark pussy and looked at my body.

Come on!
We run down the hallway, I feel my wet pussy freed against the air of the house. Molly opens Adam’s door.

“Adam, I want you to fuck my friend. ”

He was sitting at the computer, talking to someone.
“Bring her to me. No wait, put her on the bed. ”
I lay back on the bed. And pulled my legs back like Molly had done in the picture. I was exposing my pussy to a stranger.

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   Adam could see everything, see inside me. But I wanted to be his bitch; I wanted him to get on top of me. Fuck me.

Molly dropped to her knees in front of Adam and began to suck him, him holding her head until his whole girth was warmed and pulsating across her tongue. He pops from her mouth hard new cock ready to tear my innocence right out of my cunt. The first hard cock inside me, to make me remember- Adam lunging, those beautiful collar bones straining- Adam grunting in my ears- breathing into my ears. While his sister sits naked watching him fuck her friend, he holds my hips in place a dumps my first pool of cum into my wanting hole:
 until he got hard enough. Then she said “isn’t she beautiful. ”

“Jasmine’s fucking hot. ” Adam said sticking his cock into his sister’s mouth for a second. . He climbs on top. His cock twitching and crooked right at my hole. He touches me and grabs my tits, holds my face and kisses me. His cockhead at my entrance, me this naked dark girl in his big bed.

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The cold horny feeling all up and down my head- spine and cunt- then warmth. He starts to fill me further. MY eyes, I gasp, that cocky smile like he’s really working…

He’s inside me, tearing me. My head is resting in Molly’s lap. “its okay Jasmine. Give it a second. ” Tears on my side, I cry into Molly’s thigh. But she’s horny, and rubbing her tits. She watches her brother’s hips pick up pace. That warmth again. His cock is so hard, I squeeze his cock. “Oh!”

“You should see this Molly. She’s so tight her pussy pulls out when I do!”

I raise my hips to meet him. Fuck ME Adam!
OH OH OHHH! Molly holds my tits, my clit rubs into his pubs, I grind it on the apex of his cock shaft, he can lift my hips with his meat. He has me, I submit to his pounding.

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Molly pulls back and my head falls further between her legs, till her pussy is on top of me. I open my whole mouth and take her tiny cunt, clit and slit in all. I lick up and down her baby pink sex box. Hard on her clit and deeper into her slit. Clit- slit. I taste her sweet and sour cunt juice as she starts to shake on top of me.

And I feel an explosion inside of me. OH! I scream muffled by Molly’s cunt.
ADAM SHE’s- she’s fucking cumming in me!

Adam’s bed is bouncing. He leans over and kisses his sister deep, Holding my hips- I feel his cock- twitch then pull out, holds it in there- twitch twice- then he cums, shooting his seed into my twat, I’m being filled up till it dribbles out over my cunt, turning me white. I feel the missing space once he pulls his cock out.

“I’m going to take a shower. ” Adam says and leaves the room.

I’m just there twitching, totally pleased. Breathing, “Molly.


   Molly. ”

Molly is still touching herself. “I know! I know!”

The phone rings. Molly picks it up. “OH yes! Send him up to Adam’s room! Thank you Richards. ”

I start to fall asleep. My legs still spread and naked, Adam’s seed languishly dripping from me. “Umm whose Alfred?”

“Oh just the butler. ” She muses.

“Whose coming up?” Just then the door opens… “hello?”

My daddy! His jacket over his arm, Looks cautiously around Adam’s door.

“daddy!” I shriek.

“Don’t worry Mr. Smith. ” Molly said opening her legs; me weakly propping myself.

“My-“ Daddy couldn’t say anything.

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“Come here and keep me warm. ” Molly started to rub herself.
“It’s okay daddy. ”

He looks at me torn. I get myself up, I am sweaty, my bangs are clumped over my eyes, and I’m consumed by sedated lust.

I walk over to him, a woman, and hug my naked self into him. I give him a kiss. “Have sex with Molly for me?”
I start to take off his pants. I pull down his shorts. He’s standing there in his button down shirt and his cock curving over his tummy. IT was huge!

“ooooh!” Molly says, rubbing herself even faster. “Mr. Telia!” Molly grabbing her little tits. She lifts her cunt, offering it to my daddy.

I take his hand and lead him over to the bed.

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   “Lay down Daddy. ” He props himself up on the bed. And looks at me, he’s so cute having his nice dress shirt still on. Molly climbs up on him like a sex addict. Her fiery red hair and perky little tits get into his face as she hungrily kisses him. I lay down next to him, snuggling up against his arm.

Molly holds his cock at her box. Rotating her hips across my father’s beautiful cock. She ties to get it in. “Jasmine, it’s so big!”

She tries to get it in. Finally popping in just because she’s so wet. But she can only go down half way. My daddy holds her by her hips and starts to fuck her. Molly looks so small on my big daddy. He’s taking charge.



“Oh daddy. ” I whisper licking his ear. “You’re in charge of me and my pussy now. Fuck her daddy. Molly’s been bad, and you can use her all you want. ”

Daddy sits up and pulls molly off him by her arm pits and lays her next to me. He gets on top and picks her butt up, and sticks his cock back in. Molly just grabs on to the pillows for support.

“OH YOU”RE TEARING ME APART! FUCK! SUCH A BIG- UGH!” Molly starts cumming- “cock cock cock. ” Molly whines.

And when I can see my daddy is close to cumming. I say: “Daddy pull out. ”

“Oh! I’m sorry. ” His cock starts twitching in the open air. I scramble up to put my lips over the hose.

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   “ohh!” My dad says looking at me as if I let all the air out of him. I look up once I swallowed all his cum.

“I love you daddy. ”

“Now I need a shower!” Molly says with my daddy’s cum all over her face. I guess I missed some!


My daddy insisted that he wear paints in somebody else’s house. But I went naked. Molly mentioned that we might like to see the gardens and the willow trees.

We went down the back stairs, and out in the garden it was becoming twilight, and a gentle fog was rolling from the woods. There was soft mowed grass that led out of the garden. I ran to the weeping willows, I seemed to glow among the long branches that touched the ground. My father walked after me smiling as I frolicked around under the trees.

I touched one of the braches, both hands holding the girth of the branches. I felt daddy’s hands on my slim hips. One hand on my tummy reching for the little bit of dark hair on my cunt. He was leaning over and kissing my neck, pulling the hair back.

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From behind I felt his hands explore his prize, like I was his animal, his fuck pet. Rough and gentle at the same time; he knew I was his; I push my cunt into his hands. I feel something at my entrance, my second cock. My daddy held me straight and my hips up.

“Oh daddy. ” I said bracing my hands. “Stick it in me. Please. ”

I shuddered. As my daddy began to fuck me. Pushing off the tree and on to his massive fatherly cock, filling me up and making me.

Pulling me by the hair, “Whose my love slut. ””I am daddy. ”
“When can I fuck you?”
“Whenever you want to. ”
“I love you Monday, Molly came up to me with a big grin on my face.

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“I got something for you to see. ”

From behind her back she pulls a picture out,

Of me- my arms around the tree like a cross at my back, holding myself up, facing my daddy as he was holding up my ass- fucking his daughter’s cunt.

“This copy is for you, now you have to come over and play all the time. ”

I didn’t know if I should be happy or complain.
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