Holiday Incest- True Story


It was Thanksgiving weekend and I was ready to head home to see family and get some great sex with my mom and to see what my aunt was up to. Its Tuesday Nov 21 and will head home Wed. Its about 4  hour drive to my parents house. About 3 weeks ago my mom came to visit if you did not read my first story then you are shit out of luck. Again Im my 20s and mom in her 40s. I try to understand what we are doing is wrong but when you are in your teens and saw family members naked and jerk off to them and seeing this sexy wet pussy infront of you and your cock feeling the heat that it wants to give her pussy.
Back to the story mom was across from me sitting on the couch. I was walking in the room when the phone rang. I sat there talking to my girlfriend and told her to hold on. I ask mom to play with herself as I watch. We have been doing some kinky stuff lately and now I got my girlfriend a vibrator but mom loves it when she has my cock in her mouth playing with my balls and feeling the vibrator in her wet pussy and sometime I place it to her ass crack and she gets so wet that it feels that if she spill water on herself. As I talk on the phone I could see my mom slowly rub her breast from the outside of her shirt. I could feel my cock growing in my boxer. She slowly open her legs apart and rub on her pussy. I saw her pink panties up her shorts and the darkness close to her ass. I pull my cock out and rubin on it and still on the phone.

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Mom slowly unbutton her shorts and unzip them and with her hand went down to feel her pussy. She gave out a little sound to tell me that she was wet and her lips where so big from watching me rub my cock. Once I hung up the phone I slowly started to take off my boxers Your pussy wet? I ask her but all she could do was nod her head for now both hands where down her shorts and I could hear her wet pusst as she played with it. Take off your cloths mom slowly I walk over to her as I grab her hands and she stood up the smell of wet pussy came out of her shorts and fill my room. Mom had started wearing lace matching set from Vic Secret Guys you know the one we like.
She was so hot in her pink set with her dark skin for Asian wowen are for some part dark my family is. Her dark skin made her pink set glow in the dark. I grad her and slowly turn her around and bent her forword and as bent forword I slowly slide my hand between her legs and to her pussy. OH SHIT mom you are so wet and your PUSSY lips are HUGE. I slowly pull of her bra and panties and started to kiss up her legs to that big wet pussy. Mom was moving and that made me know she was building her self up to cum. I started to eat her pussy from the back with her bent forword. Pussy juice was all over my face and was running down my chin. I inserted my finger in her wet pussy and once i push in a patch of juice shoot out felt like a half a cup of water. With her bent forword and her legs apart and me right below here pussy and eating it get the picture.

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I was finger her pussy and eating her pussy and ass and she was rubbing her tits. You ready to go to my room I ask she slowly got up and told me she had cum. I love to eat pussy and I ALWAYS make anygirl cum. As she turn around and I got up she went for my cock. Mom just love to suck my cock and. I see you shaved your hair mom said. I always shaved because its better for sex plus you get it ALL in her pussy. Mom was on her knees and going at it like a champ. I pick up her hair and made a pony tail with my hand and started to fuck her mouth. AH feels good you sucking my cock and playing my balls. As I slowly started to pump her mouth and hold her head.  Rub your pussy mom and play with your tits. Holding my cock in one hand and the other was between her legs. I could hear her pussy when she started to finger herself. I was ready I try to get her to come up but she was sucking my cock like it was a BIG GULP.

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As she finally release my cock she got up and we went to my room. As she laid downon my bed I pull her to me with me standing up between her legs. I started to jerk off and told her to ask me to fuck her. How you want it I ask, I want you to fuck me and cum in my pussy she said. I watch as she had her eyes close and was rubing on her pussy. It was time I got down and we started to kiss and I slowly got my dick up to her pussy. I could feel the hot around her pussy and push in. She gave a sound of pleasure and wrap her legs around me to tell me that I was not going anywhere. I was rockin her pussy and I watch as my cock went in and out of her pussy. From the night light I saw my cock had white juice on it from her pussy and I grab her hand and told her everytime my cock came out of her pussy to feel my cock. I was fuck her and she was loving it. I was ready to come and grab the vibrator and slowly rub it on her breast. As I came I pull out and told her to suck my cock and cum. As she went for my cock I had the vibrator in her pussy. Ah Ah Ah Ah.

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   Is all she could do with my cock in her mouth and the vibrator in her pussy. She pull it out of her mouth and started to jerk it off. I cumming dont stop honey dont stop push it deep in my pussy Picture this me on my knees her in the doggy but sucking my cock and me bent on her back to fuck her pussy with the vibrator. As she came we laid there and my mom went stright to my cock. . . . . . . . Hope you Enjoy and get ready for my Holiday Incest all feed back welcome txaznrussell@yahoo. com
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