Home Part 3-Close Cousin


By the time we reached my aunt`s house. . it was about midnight. I wouldn't get to see my cousin until the next day,i had tried to shake off the feelin that had bothered me since i got on the train and this whole trip started. I knew i would feel better when i saw my cousin in the morning. . .
I heard the crickets and bug sounding off in the night,my adoptive younger cousin was already asleep as my aunt came over,opened the car door,picked her up and took her inside. When she came back,she took her car keys and opened the truck. Allowing me to take my suitcase out,and we would go into her home. The country always had a pleasant feel to it,especially with all the crud we have to deal with in the city these days. My aunt had taken her coat off and put it on a hook near the front door,she turned to me "Your uncle and i decided to lend you the guest room again. You know where it is. "I nodded to my aunt,then went down the hallways and up the stairs.
When i was younger,i often came here,my cousin and i use to play together alot. Since neither of us really had any friends,and my parents always told me "Family are your best friends" i thought outloud.

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  I. . . was a bit tired,since the unexpected fucking my aunt decided to give me. I came to the door,opened it and went inside. Setting my suitcase next to the desk,i sat on the bed,took off my shoes and looked at the celing. I couldn't quite go to sleep yet. That feeling in my chest had come back,what was it?I couldn't think about it on the train,and i couldn't think of it now. . . because,frankly i was too tired. Taking off my shirt and pants,i climbed into the bed,spending a few minutes thinking about it before falling asleep.
The next day,i awoke shortly past noon. Pulling on a pair of pajamas,and a white t-shirt i left my room and went downstairs. I would unpack later on,after going into the kitchen i found my aunt wearing a summer dress with apron.

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  She was cooking eggs with sausage,while cooking she turned her head back to me "I'm almost done with breakfast,go upstairs and get your cousin,dear. "I nodded and shook my head as i went back up the stairs. Stopping in front of her room,i always knew it was her room with the large red heart taped on the door. I knocked and went inside,i saw her long blonde hair shimmering onto of her "Hello Kitty" pillow. She was in the covers,and was facing the other way.
I came over,and pushed her "Come on,breakfast is ready. Lets go. " she did not do anything,just slept. I nuged her again "Hey. " she only mumbled and pulled the covers over her higher. I finally got fed up,with both hands,i leaned down,grabbed the covers and pulled them off her. What i saw. . . was something i wasn't quite expecting.

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  The window overlooking her bed,let in some sunlight as i saw her. She turned so she was facing upward,her long blonde hair was still clean and beautiful,as her face was soft and cute. Slim,yet with pleasant features. She only had on a tight elastic bra,her breasts were large. Nearly as large as an adults,and easily larger than my aunt`s.
I once heard a report on tv which said that girls these days were developing better because of all the nutrients in school lunches,now i belived it. Her skin,like mine has no ugly birthmarks of any kind. Her stomach was flat and toned,we belived in exercise. Her legs were open,as i looked down,she was wearing a elastic pair of panties,she would smack her lips as she continued to sleep. I took a deep breath and felt my heart beat fast,this was the kind of thing you did not normally wake up to.
Just standing there,i felt my cock stiffen and get larger. I diddent stop this action,we. . were rather close. Using this as an excuse,i got closer to her.

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  Using my left hand to pull my underwares and pajamas down,i jerked my cock with my right hand. I have to admit,it did feel good. I would then press my cock towards my cousin`s face,i almost moaned right there. This wasn't the old body of my aunt`s or the loose and greasy feel like my sister. This. . felt so smooth,i gently rubbed my large cock,which had bloated a little against my cousin`s lips.
Nearly without thinking i jerked the cock,it felt so good. I had enough reason to jerk slowly,and quietly,i diddent want her to wake up. I wouldn't be able to explain what i was doing if did,jerking slowly,yet steadily . I felt my cousin move slightly,i was breathing through my mouth a bit,as i continued to jerk off. Not thinking about much else,a loud voice was then heard "Kids. . . breakfast is ready,come on down already.

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  " i almost cursed,as i looked back twards the door. Still jerking off,i would turn back to my cousin who had woken up. "Wha--What are you doing?" She saw what i was doing,immediately backed off.
She would turn over,and lie on her stomach in her bed. She was obviously embarrassed,i was also. The first thing i said to mind "Your going to catch a cold dressing like that. "she would put a elbow onto the pillow,as she looked at me with a smirk "So. . your turned on by me?" i shook my head,my erection falling. Reason returning to me "Sorry. . " i said weakly. She would perk up "Its ok,lets go and have breakfast. My mom might be mad at us already. "Taking my hand as she got up,we went down to breakfast.

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  I was silent as we ate,my aunt had to do some errands with my adoptive cousin,so it was just me and her. .
My cousin would look to me,after eating a sausage,waving her fork at me "So. . how was the train ride?Good?" i ate some more,then spoke "It was ok. Better than using a car. "She drank some orange juice,then ate some more. After a minute she spoke "Yeah. my mom`s thinking of selling the car,gas prices are just plain ridiculous. " Not facing her,i pecked at my own food with my fork. I couldn't really stop staring at them,soon she saw me. Winking she replied "Yeah,i got the biggest breasts around. Even bigger than my mom`s. " She laughed,personally,i wanted to squeeze them.
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  Soon we were talking,after word i was washing dishes. She would get up and strech,i could have sworn she was doing that on purpose. We did not dare speak of what i did in the morning,rather than watch tv,we catched up on old times. Before we knew it,the day was over,and we were going up twards our rooms to go to bed. We stoped infront of our rooms,and wished each other a good night. I sat in bed,with my arms up,behind my head. I couldn't stop thinking of her. . i thought to myself. . "Why did not she say anything about earlier today?Was she ashamed?Awkward?Embarrassed?Ashamed?Or did she just ignore it all,and just shrug it off?"
I got horny again,i wasn't about to jerk off with a hot girl like my cousin around. It was just plain stupid,i decided to sneak out of my room and see her. . .
**From her point of view**
I sat in my bed,tossing and turning,unable to go to sleep.

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  All i could do was think of my cousin,i turned over,and squeezed my "Hello Kitty" pillow. I then turned over on my side,and looked at the wall. Dark. . i then thought "Pervert. . . doesn't he care that were family?I mean. . . we are close. But why did not he speak of it again?. . . "We are close,i actually thought that we had grown distant,but we talked alot today.

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  I felt. . so happy.
One of my hands were near my thighs,i felt my pussy become a bit wet and moist . I refused to touch myself. . i shook my head. I then remembered his cock against my lips,i felt my pussy tighten. I then started to rub myself,it felt so good. . i did not want to stop. I closed my eyes tightly,i thought "Why am i. . like this today. .

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  . " I actually pushed one of my fingers into my panties,as i continued to rub. Suddently i heard my bedroom door open,i jolted,as i tried to stay still. I heard a voice "Asleep. . " which i knew was my cousin`s. I heard him slowly come over to my bed,i opened my eyes and almost looked at him.
I then felt him lean onto my bed,and press his large cock against my cheek,and lips. I closed one of my eyes as i felt him rubbing himself against my face "AGAIN!?What kind of pervert is he?" but i diddent push him away. I never felt so embarrassed in my life,as he slowly started to jerk his cock at my face. I heard him slowly breathing through his mouth,as he jerked harder and faster. Soon i felt him moan loudly,as i felt his hot cum being shot all over my face. I tried my best not to move,but i felt my pussy feel so tight. . i thought.


  . "Wow. . so this is. . . wow. . . so this much. . . came out. . .

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**Back to his point of view**
I then looked around,it felt soo good to let go like that. But i had to get out,so i turned and headed for the door when. . "it tastes horrible" i turned. Even though i couldn't see my cousin,i knew everything had fallen appart. I shook my head "im sor-sorry,i couldn't stand it after what happened this morning". My cousin then reached over,and turned on the light. I saw her face,it was distant,and she did not even bother to wipe the cum off her face. She then pulled the covers off her,and sat on her bed.
I knew she wanted me closer to her,so i waked over. My cock was still thick and hard,but i was hoping it would just dissapear. My cousin was silent,she looked to me,then my cock. "So. . this is what it`s like" i shouted "stop it!!".

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  I was about to turn and leave when she grabbed my cock,i felt her soft hand touching it,when i turned back to her. With a angry look in her eyes she nearly shouted "Shut up,or ill tell my mom!!" she squeesed my cock. I took a deep breath,i said "Im sorry. Ok?Im sorry. " she squeesed it a bit more. "Wait hold up,im going to cum. " She thought to herself "warm. . " she then jerked it slightly. "Its alright,you wanted to cum all over me right?" i looked away.
She then let go of my cock,then put her hands in her lap. "Are you satisfied?" she leaned back partially with her hands on  the bed infront of her. "I mean,if your finished its alright. . .

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  " i felt myself get embarissed. Without thinking i said "I. . kinda wanna see your breasts" "alright" "really" "you sure?" "yeah. . . " she then used both hands to pull down her bra. I then saw her breasts pop out,they were even larger than i had thought. I was surprised,they were large,and had nicely shaped nipples. "Here. . " she said,she was so embarrassed i saw the red in her face from her white skin.
I was speechless,i blurted out "Woah. . most of the girls in my class don't have ones like this.

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  . " "shuddup. . " we were both silent for a few seconds. Then i looked away,trying to keep cool. . "Er. . . its where. . you put it between your breasts. . yeah. .

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  . so. . " she nodded and inched over on the bed "alright" as she grabbed my cock with both of her hands. I got closer also,as she used her hands to push her breasts to both sides of my cock. She looked down at my cock which got firmly hard again "Wo. . ah. " i looked down at her.
"Then. . try moving it with your breasts" she used both hands to press her breasts together,and my cock was inbetween them. I cringed,it felt better than i thought. This was the first time i did something like this,my cousin kneed in front of me to get a better position. She would rub her feet together every so often,as she started to use her hands to rub her breasts up and down my cock.

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  "Like this?" i took a deep breath,as i shivered,it felt great. Her breast felt so soft,as i couldn't do anything but shout "YEEEAAAAHHH!!!"
I stood there with my cousin rubbing her breasts against my cock,she made noises also. Like she was enjoying it also,this really caught me off guard. So much so i blew another load of cum,she caught some of it in her mouth,some on her face. She swallowed the cum,moving on the bed she looked up at me. "Ugh. . it really does taste pretty horrible" now by pure instinct i climbed onto the bed and spreaded her legs appart looking at her pussy "gotta do it from the front this time" she looked alarmed and shouted "Ah,wait. No,dont look at it,im not ready. Hold up. . "
Pulling her panties up her legs,and throwing it on the floor,i still had her legs pressed together. "It looks like your all set. "Closing her eyes,and putting a hand to her forehead "You fool. . gay escort erito.girls ellen saint escort slovak beauties escort elite rome escorts escorts girls escort russia veronica carso independent escort girls 

  " like my cock,she had little publi hair,as i got onto the bed. Holding her legs together,i pressed my cock against her velvet and soft pussylips. "Then. . im going in" she opened her eyes and looked away,putting her hand back onto the bed "Okay. . put it in. . "
I pushed my cock in,she showed signs of slight pain,or rather fear. "Its in" i looked at my cock going into her pussy. "It might get a bit rough. . " ". . okay.

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  . " then we both gave into instinct. I pushed her back onto the bed,and held her legs down with both my arms as i started to fuck her hard. She gave pants of pleasure,since she wanted this too. I narrowed my eyes,we both were just enjoying this time together. She layed back,i could barely hear her bed creaking in the background.
"Start. . starting today. . this will. . be for my use only. . " i cradled her legs in my arms,as i continued to fuck her.

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  She was a bit slick from being wet,but my cock slid in and out with great ease. It felt soft,and wet. But not deep or used like my aunt or sister`s. I felt my balls slap against her ass,as she then propped herself up with her arms "HEY!! you listening!?If you use it anywhere else. . . " i had propped her against the wall,continuing to fuck her. She had her mouth open,and was looking at my cock fucking her pussy "I wont forgive YOU !!" we both could tell we came at the same time.
Finally. . i took my cock out of her pussy. It now hurt,since i was shooting cum so often. My cousin then layed back on her bed,her legs open,cum all over her pussy. She was shaking partially out of delight,i then wiped some sweat off my forehead "Can i still jerk off. .

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  ?" she closed a eye,and looked back to me "N-Nope. " i put my hand to my forehead "Ugh. . . "
A few hours later at breakfast,my aunt had made french toast. My little adoptive cousin was already eating,when  my cousin came downstairs. Sitting down,my aunt looked at her "Your happy this morning. " she had on another pair of elastic panties and bra. When my aunt offered her a plate of breakfast,she shook her head "I wont be eating breakfast. " my aunt shrugged her head "You should still-" my cousin interrupted her "Its alright. Im still eating healthy. " she winked at me with her blue eyes,and she put her arm in between her breasts as she used a finger to lick her tongue in front of me.
I looked up and thought "and she said it tasted horrible. . .


  " i stopped eating. "Wait. . . does she mean everyday!?"
The End
Copyright Eric Luna 2006
This may not be reproduced without permission from the author.
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