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Topic: Home With My Little Sister 4It took me a second to respond because I was amazed at how innocent and sexy she was at the same time.   “You must be joking.   Your absolutely beautiful and your body is so sexy.   I can’t wait to see what you look like. ”
“Are you sure you won’t laugh Jake?”
“Positive. ”  Then she gave me a huge smile as she slowly and nervously undid her bra.   Her perfect tits popped out and bounced as their support system was removed like a security blanket from a young child.
“Are they alright?”  She asked.
“Kate, they are perfect. ”  She really had no idea how hot she was.   Her smile grew at my approval, as did my cock.   Then she did a sexy panty pull off, by the way, it was a thong that had allowed me to stare at her bare ass through the mirror this entire time, she pulled off her panties with a one-leg-at-a-time sweeping motion.   My eyes were enthralled with her perfect, tight, virgin lips, and that she had shaved.   I knew Kate had had her first period long ago, and the second that it happened my mom had gotten her birth control so that there was no chance of her ever getting pregnant in her teenage years.
“So should I just get in the shower with you?”  Kate asked in a nervous and shaky voice.

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    Are you nervous?”
“Yes, I mean like I said you look so great and I have never even seen one before. ”
“Don’t be nervous, you look so gorgeous. ”  This is when I went out on a limb.   “You’re the one giving me this huge boner. ”
“What is that?”
“Oh wow I have to do some explaining. ”  Her face went down and I could tell she was ashamed.   “It’s not a bad thing, actually its kind of hot. ”  She smiled again.   “Ok, a boner is when a guys penis, dick, cock, whatever you want to call it, gets hard.   This happens when he is excited because of a girl or horny.   Do you know what horny is?”
“Of course!”  She seemed offended.
“Well I didn’t know if you did. ”
“So me being naked is making you horny?”  She asked with a little sparkle in her eye.
“Yeah! Of course!”
“So did you get a… boner” she said hesitantly, testing out the new word. “When you saw me in the pool?”

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