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Topic: Home With My Little Sister 7I proceeded with my maneuvers as she bucked wildly.   Her hips gyrated as I gave her her first orgasm.   She moaned non stop and even screamed.   Her body looked so wonderful, as cum shot out of her pussy. I am not a “cum-eater” kind of guy, so I just let it run down the drain.   I was already more hard than before because of making her feel so good.   After she was done, I moved over top of her to see her face.   She had a couple tears of joy running down her face as she looked exhausted.   Then I kissed her for the first time.   Slowly I taught her how to make out and she became good at using her tongue with mine, we were perfectly in twined.   Then at the perfect moment she said…
“Oh Jake, that felt so good, I can’t even describe it.   Please have sex with me.   I want you to be my first.   Even though I was nervous you made me feel so comfortable.   Just stick you penis in my… pussy. ”
“Are you sure you want to do this?”
“Yes! Of course!  I am on the pill and everything.

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    Please… Fuck Me!!!”  Without hesitation, this time, I pushed my hard dick into her.   I was so hard I thought I would explode, I couldn’t even imagine being this horny.   Her face cringed as I did this, she was so gorgeous, and she was all mine.   The water began to get cold as it fell on us, but neither of us cared.   I pushed through her hymen and took her virginity and she screamed.   “Are you okay?” I said as I stopped.
“Yes, it hurt a little, but I am fine now.   Keep going Jake; make me feel good, pleaseee!  I will do anything for you if you do. ”
“You won’t have to do anything for me, I have wanted to do this for so long. ”
“Oh I love hearing you say that, because so have I. ”
It took no more prompting.   I started pushing in and out of her faster and faster.   I couldn’t believe how good her tight lips felt.   I grabbed her ass, and tits as they bounced around magically.   The water made this even better, I could fully feel the sensations and the smoothness of her every curve.

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    She loved it.   She moaned incessantly, then she screamed every time, and then the feeling escaladed.   No longer could she make any noise, her mouth just opened with sheer enjoyment and ecstasy.
“OH MY GOD JAKE!!!  DON’ STOP!! OH YEEEEAAAA…”  And then when we were both at our absolute highs, we orgasmed.   It worked out perfectly in the same time, and it could never feel any better with anyone but her.   I then kissed her and grabbed her tit with one hand, and her pussy with the other.   We felt so comfortable around each other now as the cold water fell on us.   Our relationship had reached a new level since the awkwardness of the pool.
“Well Kate that was not the quick visit that you promised at the door. ”
“No, and it never will be again. ”  Kate said as she turned off the shower with her foot and pulled me closer.   She grabbed my dick and said, “I am staying home all weekend now. ”

Please comment, this was my first time writing.
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