How I met my 12 year old lover


This is a true story about the first time I had sex with my Daughter. If you are offended by such things then you should stop reading now. Also all names have been changed because im friends witha  few people on here and i dont want them to know about this in real life.
Im not much of a story teller so ill just start at the beggining and let the story flow out.
My wife and i divorced when my daughter with 10, it didnt seem to bother her all that much. My EX moved 3 houses down from me so that our daughter Molly could easily see either of us whenever she wanted. It was not unusual for me to come home and find Molly there watching TV or doing homework.
It was a friday and as usual when i got home Molly was there watching TV and when i came in she ran to me and started saying how mer mother would let her friend Kathy stay the night and wanted to know if they could stay at my house tonight. I agreed and even offered to BBQ for the girls if they wanted. Molly was overjoyed and gave me a great big hug. I think this was the first time i had noticed how her body was developing. her newly budding breast were pressing into my chest and i looked down her back and could see her ass cheeks all perky and firm sticking out. I began to get a little hard in the pants and decided to break our hug. as i pulled away Molly noticed the bulge in my pants but didnt say anything, her face turned a little red and she went back to watching TV.
Around 7 I started to BBQ and i was outside when Kathy showed up. I went inside to get a few things for the food and decided to check on Molly and Kathy before i went back out.

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   They had to be in Mollys room because the tv was off and her door was shut. I approached her door and listened getting a slight thrill from the eavesdropping. what i heard changed my life ". . . and when I pulled away he had a HUGE erection!"
"OMG! What did you do?"
"I felt embarassed so i turned and went back to watch tv, but as soon as dad was out of sight i put my hand straight into my panties!"
"I bet your dad has a huge cock!"
"Ill let you know when i find out"
I couldnt belive it, my daughter was masterbating to the thought of my huge erection. and it sounded like she wanted to go further. I began to think of things i could do to give her the situation she needed to instigate a little more fooling around.
I finished the food and called for the girls to come down, i still hadnt seen Kathy and when she came around the corner into the kitchen my jaw dropped. This was a little girl, she must have been 12 but she had the face of a goddess, her body was just beggining to develop but she had the shortest shorts on i had ever seen, i could clearly make out the deffinition of her pussy beneath them and my cock began to get hard.
the girls made there plates and went to sit in the living room so they could watch tv and eat, i made my plate and went to sit in a chair opposite of Kathy so i could enjoy the show. the whole meal she kept moving her legs giving me little glimpses of her tiny twat through the fabric. I had a full hard on and i KNOW the girls noticed it.
After dinner I asked Molly to help me with the dishes, Kathy said she was going to Mollys room to use her computer and gave molly a little wink before leaving the room. Before i could get up to gather the plates molly came over and sat down right on top of my bulging pants.

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   She leaned in and gave me a hug while at the same time grinding her pussy down onto my cock. I couldnt help myself and before i knew what was happening i had my hads roaming up mollys shirt. She moaned just a bit as my fingers met her little nipples. just then i began to have a change out ehart and leaned molly forward and said we shouldnt do this. "dont worry daddy i want to do this, when you hugged me today and got turned on i was turned on to. I want you to teach me everything you know about love daddy, I love you" "I love you to sweetheart but are you sure you want o do this?" her answer was to kiss me and begin unbuttoning my pants.
At this point there was no turning back. i grabbed mollys ass and picked her up and carried her over to the couch to lay her down. I told her to hold on for a second and said i would be right back. I went to my room and grabbed my old camcorder and went back to the living room when i got there molly only had her t-shirt on and was sitting cross legged on the sofa "Whats the camera for daddy?" "well sweetheart i want to be able to watch this moment anytime i want, i will never show it to anyone baby do you mind?" "no daddy just hurry and come to me"
I set the camera up and went to my lustfull daughter, as i neared her she opened her legs and i could see her hairless pussy for the first time i could see the moisture building on the little slit and knew i had to taste it. i went to my knees and started licking, molly grabbed my hair and began to moan "daddy that feels so good" i tounged her clit as hard as i could and moved quickly to her tight little hole, i worked my tounge inside her box and could feel her tensing up, i worked a finger into her and went to work on her clit once again. her moans were getting louder and louder and her legs tighter and tighter agains my head and before i knew it she came on my face, her pussy gushed moisture that made her thighs glisten in the light. i looked up at molly with her left hand  under her shirt twisting her nipple and her right hand still in my hair, her sweet little eyes closed and still moaning from her orgasm.
Molly opened her eyes and said "wow daddy that was better then anything i have ever done to myself" "well baby are you ready to make daddy feel good to?" "yes daddy tell me what to do!"
Then i told her to stand up and take her shirt off so i could see her body, she stood up and i sat down on the couch and i stared at her tiny little girl body naked in front of me waiting to be defiled. she looked at me waiting for what would happen next, i sat up and pulled my pants and underwear off exposing my cock, Mollys eyes grew huge "daddy i didnt think it was that big!" in reality my cock is only about 6 and a half inches but in sure to her it looked huge.

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   "do you want to put your big thingy inside me?" "Call it a cock molly" "daddy I WANT you to put your cock inside me!" Thats all i needed to hear.
I stood up and told molly to lay down on the floor, she grabbed a pillow and layed down. I stood over her stroking my cock and staring at her cute little girl body. i got down between her legs and began rubbing my cock up and down her little slit. "oh daddy that feels so good, please put it in my pussy daddy" i began to push into her, anyone who has ever had sex with a little girl and said they slammed all the way in quickly is a liar. i got in just the head and it was the tightest hottest thing ever, mollys moans were out of control and i could feel her hymen already. I leaned forward and said "hunny this is going to hurt at first bt it will get better i promise" "ok daddy do it" then she bit her lip and i began to push in.
Icould feelher mymen break and i saw the tears in her eyes but i was in a different world, my sweet daughters vagina was like a tight warm vice gripping my cock and sending me into a new world, ever little bit that slid in brought me closer to grabbing her and fucking as fast as i could. slowly my cock slid in and soon molly began to moan, finnaly i was all the way in "daddy it feels so good i feel filled with you daddy, is this what they call fucking daddy?" "not yet little girl,are you ready to be fucked?" "yes daddy I want you to fuck me"
I kissed her deap and began to slowly slide out of her, she bit my lip and moaned as i pulled almost all the way out and slid back in, i fucked her slow while she moaned for a few minutes and then began to speed up. "OH GOD DADDY FUCK ME" my daughters foul mouth drove me crazy, i sat up and grabbed her by the hips and began to slam her tiny virgin pussy, "YES DADDY IT FEELS SO GOOD" I looked down at my huge cock and it seemed to be spliting this tiny girl in half.
I could feel the cum boiling inside me and knew it would be over soon, then i started to feel mollys little pussy getting even smalled and her whole body tighted up and she became rigid with an intense orgasm, it was so tight but i began to pound her pussy as fast as i could. "I LOVE YOUR COCK DADDY" "Im gonna cum baby!"  "CUM IN MY PUSSY DADDY" then i slammed into her pussy as deep as possible and held her spasming body while i shot my load deep into her womb. she seemedto feel me cumming and it sent her into another orgams and this time she screamed "YES" and then fell limp to the floor.
I layed on top of her for what seemed like hours but must have been only a few minutes. Finnally molly stopped moaning and grabbed my in a huge hug.

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   i rolled over and pulled her on top of me, i was still burried inside her pussy and could still feel little spasms every time i moved "I love you molly" "I love you to daddy" "hunny you know you can never tell anyone about this or the will send me to jail" "i know daddy i want to be your lover forever ill never tell anyone about us fucking each other" "you want to do this again molly" "daddy i want to do this as often as we can" then we kissed and i said maybe we should take a shower, we got up and went to the shower and cleaned each other up.
molly said she was going to wash her hair so i toweled off and got dressed to go downstairs. as i got downstairs i thought i was in a dream hearing the moans and screams my daughter had let out but as soon as i entered the living room i relized it was real sounds, and there sitting on the floor naked wih a finger deep in her tight pr-teen pussy was Kathy watching the video i jsut made of me fucking my tiny daughter i gasped
"now its my turn. . . . . . "
to be continued
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