I Swear I Locked the Door!


This is the story of being accidentally found masturbating by my 16-year-old step-daughter. Missy is now 23, a stunningly beautiful woman. Ever since she was a little girl, you could tell she'd be a real heart-breaker! Even as young as 10 or 11, she had incredible natural beauty. The events I'll recount happened when she was 16. She'd started dating boys, though none very seriously or very long. She'd had "the talk" with her mom years before, and seemed to be familiar with sexual concepts, even if she's never actually done anything herself. We made it clear to her that we were against her having any sexual relations, but if it came to that, to let us know and we'd make sure she was protected. My wife was gone for the day visiting with her mom a couple hours' drive from our house. I came upstairs and heard Missy taking a shower in her bathroom. I had been feeling pretty horny that day, so I thought I'd just have a quick jerk-off. I closed our bedroom door and *thought* I locked it (I swear, I thought it was locked!). We had a wall-mounted TV with built-in DVD player in our bedroom, and I popped in one of our pornos. It was a good hard-core video with minimal story line and plenty of fucking. I pulled my shorts off, sat on the edge of the bed and watched. The scene was a brunette sucking off two guys, and them switching off fucking her and getting a blowjob; a pretty dependable nut-blower for me. My cock sprang to life as it always did and I leaned back and relaxed, and started with nice, slow strokes.

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   After a few minutes I had a nice pre-come flow going. I took my time, just enjoying myself. Suddenly, immediately to my left I heard a noise. I quickly looked over to see my beautiful baby girl standing with a towel wrapped around her, still dripping wet from the shower. The towel was barely just long enough to cover her perfect round ass and blossoming tits. I had started looking at her differently somehow the past few months, and couldn't really put my finger on how until just that moment: I wanted to fuck my little girl!Missy stood silently, her mouth slightly open as if wanting to say something, but not being able to spit out the words. I was caught, plain and simple. I shocked myself by not trying to cover up at all; it was too late anyhow. She was standing not 10 feet away, staring at my big, angry red cock which, though I had stopped stroking, continued to bob up and down with my now quickening pulse. I felt I didn't have any control over what happened after that. It was like an out-of-body experience. Someone else -- someone evil and dirty who lusted after my pretty baby -- took my body and mind over. No, I certainly wouldn't have done such a sick thing. I knew right from wrong, and I knew this was wrong. But it happened just the same.

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  I gestured for Missy to come to me. She walked slowly to where I still sat on the bed and stood just a few inches from me. I reached up and undid the towel where she had tucked it in to keep it on her. The towel fell to the floor and revealed her heavenly, soft, pink, firm young body. I felt my cock grow harder. I reached up with my left hand to feel her stomach. She gasped when my hand touched her warm skin. I softly rubbed over her stomach, then moved my hand around to her back. I felt her soft perfect skin for a few moments, moving down to where I could feel the curve of her hips begin, then pulled her over closer to me and spread my legs, moving her between my knees. Her stiffening nipples where inches from my face and I took a moment to drink in her awesome little tits. She was up to a B-cup, and since she took after her mother in every other way, would eventually boast a great pair of 36Ds. I leaned forward slightly and pressed my nose in between her breasts, closing my eyes and smelling her flowery body wash scent, which still lingered from her shower. I turned my head to the right just a bit, and took her hard nipple into my mouth. She took in a quick breath and I felt her legs shaking just a bit. I flicked my tongue gently over her nipple, then sucked it hard into my mouth.

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   (Her mom loves it when I give her tits a good working over. ) I sucked her for a few moments, then turned to the left and drew her other nipple into my mouth. I reached up with my right hand and cupped her breast, feeling the tender skin on the underside. As I sucked and licked at her left nipple, I took her right between my thumb and forefinger and rolled it gently. I felt it stiffen further. And then, after a few seconds, a little purring moan escaped her lips. I released her nipple from my mouth and leaned back slightly on the bed. My cock was throbbing, almost to the point of being painful. I continued to caress her breast with my right hand, and I reached up with my left hand to touch her upper thigh. She parted her legs just a few centimeters, probably an unconscious physical reaction. My hand move up her thigh in small, slow circles. Eventually, I got close enough to her pussy that I could feel the heat it generated. She had a sparse patch of light brown pubic hair that hadn't grown all the way in yet, or she was keeping it trimmed nicely. Her outer lips were slightly swollen and clearly visible through her bush. I pressed my hand against her warming little cunt and felt her go a bit weak in the knees.

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   I took my right hand off her breast and placed it on her hip to steady her. I stroked along her slit, all the way back to her ass and I could feel a little bit of pussy juice lubricating where I rubbed her She gently pressed her hips against my hand. I took her other hip in my hand and turned her around to face away from me. I nudged her upper thighs apart and she obediently widened her stance. I touched one hand on a hip and pressed the other hand gently against the small of her back. She understood that I wanted her to bend at the waist which she did, resting her hands on her knees. Her perfect little cunt opened up for me; it was absolutely beautiful to behold. With my left hand, I resumed stroking my aching cock. I reached out with my right hand and felt her warm, curved ass cheek. I rubbed my hand around in circles, growing wider until I reached the lovely little dimple at the top of her crack. I traced the line down very slowly with my finger, pressing it gently into her deepening cleft. I pulled her ass cheeks apart a tiny bit and pressed my finger gently against her asshole. I wanted to fuck that tight little virgin ass so badly, I had to stop stroking my cock or I would have blown my load. I continued moving my hand downward until I reached her pussy again. I turned my hand palm up and worked along the entire length of her slit, which was considerably hotter now than a few moments ago.

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   I immediately felt her juices cover my finger; she was dripping wet. She pressed down and back against my hand now as before. Moving my hand forward, I could feel her swollen little clit. With my middle finger I began to rub against her clit through the skin hood that covered it. She now began to push more strongly against me. This went on for several minutes and I could see and hear her breathing heavily with each stroke I made on her. I heard her making little grunting sounds. I reached back a bit with my thumb and felt her tight cunt hole. I pressed up gently and she pushed her hips downward in response. I was able to work the tip of my thumb into her cunt, and then pressed it all the way into her pussy. I felt for her hymen, which I couldn't find. She had been fairly athletic from a young age and I was sure it broke already. Suddenly, she started gasping loudly and I could feel her thighs quiver. I held her hip with my right hand while I rubbed her with my left. I could feel her cunt muscles spasm and grip my thumb and she came hard against my hand.

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   I reached forward inside her with my thumb to stroke her G-spot. She cried out, "fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I had never heard her say anything stronger than 'hell' or 'dammit' and I was shocked! My little girl was growing up. When her spasms subsided I drew my thumb out of her cunt. My right palm was covered with her come juice. I touched her on the hip with my left hand to turn her around. I rubbed her cunt juices on my cock to lubricate it. I slid forward so I was sitting just at the edge of the bed and pressed my legs together. I pulled her close to me so she straddled me and then pushed her gently down onto my cock. With my right hand I guided the head of my cock up against her tight little fuck hole. With her very intense orgasm, her muscles were more relaxed and I could feel her pussy loosen up just a little. She slowly pressed her hips downward, taking my cock into her little by little. The sensations of heat and tightness were almost too much for me to bear. Finally, finally she slid fully down my length and rested on my lap. I leaned forward to kiss her, and she tenderly kissed me back. I was shocked when I felt her eager young tongue probe against my lips, and I opened my mouth and sucked it in.

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  She rested her hands on my shoulders and held her face next to mine. We didn't make any other motion for a minute, just feeling my hard cock nestled comfortably in her sweet, tight little cunt. It was the purest moment of love I had ever felt in my life. "I love you, daddy," my pretty baby whispered to me. "I really wanted this. "A tear came to my eye and I whispered back to her, "I did too, baby, and I love you. "After a bit, I felt her lift up off me slightly, then rest back down again. She raised up again, a bit higher, then back down. She started a perfect, gentle rhythm riding up and down my cock. It felt like heaven. She leaned back a bit now and I raised my hands up to massage her breasts. "Daddy, that's nice," she said. She leaned forward again and put her tongue in my mouth, and then started bucking up and down harder. I began tweaking and pinching her nipples more roughly and she was definitely getting off on it. She gripped my shoulders tightly, leaned back and closed her eyes, riding hard on my cock now.

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   She bit her lower lip and squealed as I twisted her little brown nipples. She was going harder now and I put my hands on her hips to keep her steady as she bounced her cunt hard against my cock. "Oh, fuck!" she squealed, "I'm going to come again, daddy!"I felt her tight velvet cunt clamp down around my cock as she pressed hard into my lap, grinding her hips back and forth so I filled up every inch of her. Her body quivered in a huge orgasm. She kept panting, "fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" until she was nearly hyperventilating. She leaned forward again, totally spent, resting her head on my shoulder. She finally caught her breath and leaned back, looking me earnestly in the eye. "Come inside me, daddy. Please. " I leaned up and kissed her again, feeling her hot tongue press into my mouth. I knew this wouldn't take long for me at all, fucking the tightest, sweetest pussy I would ever feel in my life. I grasped her firmly by the hips and waist and stood up. I wanted to get a better angle to control my movements inside her. I turned around and gently laid her on the bed beneath me. I kept my cock in her and then, once she was settled on the bed, pushed as far into her as I could.

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   She closed her eyes and whimpered. Jesus, she had an incredible cunt. I started a steady rhythm pushing in and out of her. I felt her body wrap around me and pull me in. "Come, daddy. Come, daddy," she kept saying, whispering, almost to herself. I could feel my come building and knew I couldn't hold out for long. After a couple of minutes, I had to come. I wrapped my arm under her, around her neck and shoulders to hold her firmly. She spread her legs wider which allowed me to increase my force, and I pounded my aching cock into her. "Oh, fuck, baby, daddy's gonna come!" I said to her. Her eyes were wide with passion and she pushed her hips up against me, meeting my every downward stroke perfectly in rhythm. Just as I felt myself ready to explode, I pushed deeply into her and held still. Missy reached up and pulled me down onto her. My first shot of come fired into my baby girl's virgin cunt.

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   She whimpered, "yes, yes, yes," each time I spurted another shot into her. I could feel her hot little pussy fill up with my seed. I was totally spent as I collapsed on top of her. Missy gently kissed my cheek and whispered to me, "thank you, daddy. I love you so much. "After that amazing first time, we tried to make love as often as possible. It was usually once a week or so. I also introduced Missy to the wider world of sex. She was an eager and talented pupil. She took to sucking cock like a champ and she really enjoyed it. A couple of times per week I'd take her to school or pick her up for cheerleading practice. She got so good, she could suck me off to orgasm while I was driving in just the 8 or 10 minutes it took to drive between school and our home. The danger of knowing we could get caught was really thrilling to us, as was the fact that I'd finger her pussy under her cheerleading shirt while she blew me. When my wife and I were making love, Missy would listen in at our bedroom door and masturbate to orgasm, coming when I would come. When I'd fuck my wife doggy-style and turn her facing away from the door, we had a code word I would say, and Missy would quietly open the door and stand, naked, fingering herself while I watched her.


   That always made me come almost immediately, and my wife would comment on how horny I was. Our last time together as lovers was when I drove her to college about 18 months after our first time together. Her mother had a work project commitment she had to finish and couldn't make the trip, which worked out well for us. We moved her into her dorm room, she was the first one to move in since she was a freshman and was rooming with a sophomore who wouldn't be arriving until the next day. We made love three times before I left hours later. After our last time, we talked about our future, and both decided that she was moving out into the big world and should find love for her future, and that we wouldn't be lovers after that day. We both cried as it was the end of an amazing, loving relationship but we agreed it was best. She's now graduated college and is very successful in a great job, and has a great boyfriend who makes her happy. To this day, everyone tells us how sweet it is that we grew so close and loving as daddy and daughter, despite me not being her biological father. Only we knew the secret of our strong bond. I'm thankful for our amazing relationship while we had it, but I long to make love to her again and hope I can make it happen some day and that Missy feels the same way. .

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