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Topic: A Family's Sexual Hypnosis Part 4Michael's father's heredity was Native American and Hungarian. His grandmother also went by the Jewish Faith. Michael's father never followed the Jewish faith but was more interested in his father's Native American heritage, however Michael's three aunts, Rochelle, Stephanie and Mona all followed the faith, and Mona brought up her kids to follow it very strictly. The other aunt, Aunt Diane, married Bob, who followed the Jehovah practice, and they raised their three girls to follow it to the extreme. Michael's mom's side of the family is all Italian based. Michael's parents brought up their three kids with Catholicism. Michael was born in 1974, the youngest out of three children. Although Michael was loved through out his childhood and had many pleasant memories of those times, he was always the black sheep of the family. The reasons being, is that Laurie was the oldest by thirteen years and that was a big age gap. Another reason is because there were too many women in the family that out numbered the males, and they were mostly all his cousins. Michael was also one of the youngest of the many cousins which still did not help. When Michael was growing up, many of the older cousins would always stay together, and he could never be a part of that. The oldest of the cousins was Aunt Diane's daughter, Debbie, born in 1957. Michael was always closer to the cousins on his mother's side of the family than his father's, mainly because he saw much more of them growing up, and because the difference in Religions kept his father's side of the family more distant. Aunt Mona was strict in the Jewish Faith and Aunt Diane with the Jehovah association. Jehovahs' were very strict.

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   They do not smoke, they do not believe in the American flag, and most of all very restrictive in sex. They do not believe in oral sex, facials or pleasurable wild sex. Debbie married her husband Jim in 1979, who they both met through the Jehovah association. Michael was five years old while Debbie was 21. Michael had very vague memories of this wedding. He was dragged to the ceremony by his parents which was held in Kingdom Hall. Michael did not know who a handful of his cousins were on his father's side due because of hardly ever seeing them and the big age gap. For sure, Michael did not know who this woman was on September 9, 1979. Michael sat through a wedding ceremony, wining and crying like a young kid would, while the woman who he would massively fuck someday day, was being wed and he would break the vows that her and Jim have made. Jim was a hairy man who wore a beard. He was nothing much to look at, but Debbie must have loved those hairy types back then. The following December of 1979, Aunt Diane's other daughter; Sandie married her husband Tony, also through the Jehovah association. Sandie was only 19 years old, way too young to end her life and become an old maid. Debbie never bored any children, but Sandie gave birth to a beautiful girl in June of 1982. Her name was Kristyn.

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   In June of 1980, Michael's sister, Laurie, married at only 18 years old, fresh out of High School. She married a man who was sexually molesting Michael's other sister Cheryl, since she was 8 years old, and who finally fucked her good at twelve. This was not known to anyone until 1986, when Laurie would divorce, but by then Cheryl was already sexually trained. She was always the problem child. She was very rebellious in High School, and was going wild with sex between men and women. Laurie had two girls, Chrissy and Sheri. Chrissy was born in 1981, only seven years difference from Michael. Michael was very jealous of her for replacing him as the baby of the family, and years later made him hate his niece. They never got along and it caused heavy friction between Laurie and Michael which only became worse and worse. His other niece, Sheri was born in 1984. As for Michael's parents, they enjoyed a very active sex life though out the sixties and seventies, and enjoyed many 1970's porno films together. Many, which starred the porn legend of Kay Parker who mom always idolized. One night when Michael was only four years old around 1978 or 1979, he woke up one night by loud yelling coming from his parent's room. Little Michael got up from his bed and worked his way to their room to investigate to find the bed room door shut. As he opened the unlocked door, he saw his mom flat on her back in the bed with her ass lifted high in the air and her legs spread apart to the fullest, and saw his father standing on the bed and fucking her like a pogo stick.

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   Mom was truly enjoying it, and there little Michael was speechless to see his mom's big tits with nipples like erasers. When mom saw Michael, the fucking quickly stopped as she jumped out of her bed, startled, and hurried to shut the door in Michael's face, leaving him crying back to his bed, not understanding what the hell any of that was about. Michael would never ever forget that sight for as long as he lived. Somewhere in the early 1980's, Michael's parents' marriage went wrong some where, and mom was not getting any sex anymore, and through out the 80's and 90's would remain sexless in a miserable hopeless marriage. More on that coming up. Michael was growing up on the right track and having so much fun, despite being a black sheep. He never had any complaints about his child hood. At nine years old, he was going for guitar lessons and was devoting himself musically at a very early age. His favorite music at the time was Country Music. He was also studying Martial arts at a very early age. Michael was in the fourth grade, with a strict bitch of a teacher. She was a young teacher, who had no patience with children, but one day during a Math lesson, Michael was getting very stressed out, and somehow he started flinching in his desk, making his penis feel a little funny. The more it felt funny, the more he kept doing it until Michael had a burning sensation in his penis as he stared hard at his teacher's breasts. Michael was scared because he did not know what was happening to his penis, but it really felt good. This was the first time that Michael came, and everyday in school he would do it until it happened again, and each time he would look at his teacher.

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   Michael did not know anything about sex at this age, and did not understand what all of this meant, but somehow women were making him do this with his penis. Cum was not developed yet in his sac, that when he climaxed, little squirts of urine would come out. Eventually, Michael would ejaculate using his hands, instead of flinching in his seat, and was fantasizing to, not only his teacher, but also to many of the hot celebrities of the time, such as Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Emma Samms, Heather Locklear, Priscilla Presley and Catherine Bach, otherwise known as Daisy Duke. By the time 1986 rolled around, Michael was a very good musician and proficient in Martial Arts. He was often told by grown ups that someday girls would like those talents when he would be ready for High School. Cheryl was a senior in High school and a total whore. Just like Laurie, her and Michael never got along, but as much as Michael hated her, she too was causing him to fantasize about her. At twelve years old, he would sneak into her bedroom to go through her bureau drawers to look at her lingerie. Many times he would put on a pair of her panties and the feeling of the fabric against his penis would make him cum right there. Michael still did not understand what sex was, only that women were making him ejaculate. Sex was never discussed by his parents, and was left too much in the dark. At this time, Cheryl confessed what Laurie's husband has been doing to her all of these years, which was not a pretty sight, but it was already too late, for the damage was done. Now it is May and she was getting ready to graduate from High School. Michael's taste in music expanded to Rock, Pop, Jazz and the oldies. Michael would grow a love for the music of the 50's and 60's due to his father who played it constantly as Michael grew up.

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   Michael appreciated the music of Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Drifters, Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, Dion and the Belmonts, The Elegants, and so much more. These were the artists who sang those great love songs that made falling in love worth wild at the age of 12, or Michael was already in love with a girl named Sara who was two years older than him in school. There was one problem, as talented and likeable Michael was, his likes were far from his time, where the style of music was already going to hell in 1986. Aunt Diane's daughter, Robyn was now 21 years old. It is May 1986 and Robyn was marrying Pat, another one from the strict Jehovah association. All of Michael's years, he only thought that Aunt Diane had just Robyn, but not knowing that Debbie and Sandie were also her daughters. He never even knew who Sandie or Debbie was for that matter. He had no memory of them for they were so much older than him. Michael always knew he had more cousins from his father's side, but was never interested in knowing, because they were so distant, but he always thought that Aunt Rochelle and Aunt Stephanie had children but they didn't. Michael knew about Aunt Mona's boys, Aaron and Alex, for they use to play when they were kids, but they hardly ever saw each other and they were very strict in their Jewish ways. May 24, 1986, would change everything once again. Michael was once again dragged to another wedding ceremony at Kingdom Hall. Michael did not want to go, but wanted to stay home and watch the Yankee's play baseball on T. V. Michael had no interest in this wedding and was glad that he was not invited to the reception due to his young age.

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   Despite Michael complaining the whole time, it was a beautiful ceremony, and Robyn looked so beautiful. She was small and looking more of 14 than 21. The wedding vow was made, another vow Michael would help break someday. After the ceremony, the bridal party was lined up outside as the guests were greeting them. That was when Michael's eyes strucked gold. He spotted Debbie, who did not see him, but he could not believe how beautiful this woman looked, not knowing this was his older cousin. She was a small brown haired woman with sparkling starry green eyes. Michael has never seen a woman so beautiful as her. She was 28 and looking so fine. He was more surprised when she spotted Cheryl and said hello to her, all excited to see her. Michael realized that she was a cousin of his that he never knew. As Michael was still stunned, another woman called his name and said hello. As she bent down to kiss him, he realized that the woman looked like Aunt Diane, but it was his other cousin Sandie. Long black hair, large breasts, 25 and beautiful. She was another cousin that Michael did not know he had, and both being Aunt Diane's two older girls.


   Michael was not invited to the evening reception, but found out that it was a great party. A D. J played all the great oldies, all the stuff Michael would have loved to dance to if he was only invited. Michael began to give more thought to this side of his family like never before. He realized he had two beautiful cousins that he never knew of, but wanted to meet and see. Debbie remained very heavy on his mind. Michael had the opportunity to see all of them again five weeks later when his sister, Cheryl, had her high school graduation party which had a D. J and dancing. Michael was very nervous that day to introduce himself to Sandie and Debbie, even though they knew him, but Debbie saved him the trouble. When Michael was not looking, she came up behind him and said, "Hello Michael, do you remember me?" She stood there with a beautiful smile across her face and standing with Sandie and Robyn. When everything was all squared away, Michael was reunited with two beautiful cousins he never knew he had along with Robyn. It was a long and great night as he spent the whole time with them, and danced it up. The D. J played the oldies, especially the favorite, "Shout!" Aunt Diane's girls were all surprised that he liked the oldies. All three of Aunt Diane's girls were soft spoken and so nice to Michael, but Michael did not have sexual fantasies for them yet, even though he was hit by the love bug.

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   Michael was wearing a gold guitar chain around his neck, and when Sandie saw it, she said, "OOOO I like your guitar, do you play?" Then she went telling her sisters of how Michael plays the guitar and she said to him that girls in High School will like that someday. " They all had their husbands with them that night, including Sandie's children, Sandie's four year old daughter, Kristyn and her two year old son. Later that summer, there was a family picnic out in Jersey, and Michael saw everyone again. This time he was a little put out because the girls gave a lot more attention to his sisters, especially Cheryl. Michael was quite jealous. He hung around with his cousin Aaron down by the lake. Debbie was also down there, sitting on a lounge chair in the sand, and reading a magazine, but when Michael saw her, his jaw just dropped. She was wearing a small pink skin tight bikini. Her breasts were like melons sticking out, and her skin was so tan and smooth from this very hot and humid 1986 summer. He could not believe the sight, and that would remain with Michael for many years, as he had his first incest fantasy. Later in the year it would also include Sandie and Robyn. Michael was always jealous of Jim, because he was married to Debbie, and it was like he was always in his way, for all Michael wanted to do is get the attention from Debbie. Debbie never wanted any children. A year has passed to the summer of 1987. Michael, now thirteen, has hit puberty, and was always ejaculating, but still not knowing about sex.

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   Cheryl was not in college. She was doing nothing but hanging out and whoring around with her friends. Robyn had her first baby boy, and Sandie had her third child, another boy. When Michael would ejaculate, he started to notice white fluid coming out of his penis. Michael was seeing his cousins off and on. He grown very tall and very handsome, but he was very put out in June of 1988 when all of Aunt Diane's girls did not come to his eight grade graduation party. This was when he realized how much he was the black sheep, because had it been Laurie or Cheryl they would have been right there. Michael was now in High school and went through a two year dry spell of not seeing his cousins again. It became very distant again for awhile. By late 1989 and 1990, Michael became a sophomore and then a junior, and was having the best of times in his life. He was now 16 and a very fine young man. He was a black belt in Karate and an accomplished musician. He started playing in bands and doing sound and audio for others when he was not playing. Michael learned about sex in his freshman year when his friends started passing around porno movies. He saw how the cock goes inside of a woman.

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   He thought that it was disgusting at first, but in no time he was enjoying it. He saw how the man would shoot his load on to the woman's face. This excited Michael very much. He could not believe that women would love all of this, and he started looking at them very different. He thought about his family. He realized that his mother, sisters, aunts and cousins (who were all married) all experienced it, and he found it hard to believe. Now he was wondering when he was going to get his. He was looking at girls in school very different, especially since they were at the age of development. Then Michael was discovering how his cock was beginning to grow very large when erect. He noticed that his own cock was so much bigger then those he saw on any porno movie, and could not understand it. It grew a large 10 inches with three inches of thickness around, and veins all sticking out. He could not understand why it was so big. The truth is that Michael had an unusual very large cock. It was very rare. It was something that doctors would did not know at the time of his birth and because of that, none of his family knew.


   When he turned 16, every time he would ejaculate in the bathroom, he was beginning to shoot sperm all over the fucking place. It was cumming out as long white thick ribbons, non stop, and it was feeling so good. It would splatter all over the bathroom counter and mirrors. He could not control it. Meanwhile Cheryl met her fiancée, and it seemed that he had cured her, for she settled down and became a very different person then the whore she always was. Michael saw Debbie and Robyn again for Aunt Mona's Labor Day barbecue in September 1990. It was good to see them again. Michael looked all grown up with his new military flat top haircut. Debbie was looking so beautiful at 32 years old, and was complimenting Michael on his haircut and well built manly figure. It is January of 1991. It should be a happy time. Cheryl will be married by the end of the year, but when her fiancée was away she would still act up. Something went wrong in Michael's family in 1991. His parents were never getting along and they separated for a year. Michael was the only man in the house, to be bossed around by his mother and his sister.

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   When Laurie would come over it would be worse, because they all ganged up on him. Laurie was married for the second time and she was still miserable. Her and mom were going through that, "I HATE MEN," stage. Michael was innocent, but they use to give him a hard time. Michael's mom was a real bitch and hard to get along with. During this time, Laurie was a barmaid at bars and hot dance clubs. She use to bring mom out to her employment so mom can experience freedom again and help her meet someone. Cheryl use to tag along. One Friday night, Laurie took mom to a hot dance club where girls and boys from 18 to 26 use to come and dance it up, dirty dancing. They left Michael home alone, and there is no clue what happened that night, but mom never came home. The truth is that mom was fucked that night, the first time since 1980 and would be the last time until ten years later on this exact month. Things were very rough for Michael at this time. He is 17 and still has no girlfriend. It was hell living with his mom and sisters. Cheryl and him hated each other.

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   They use to fight and scream at each other. Cheryl was the biggest snot nose of all time, but Michael was secretly starting to develop deeper sexual fantasies for her. That summer of 91 he use to watch her from the window as she would be swimming in the pool in her hot bikini. Her ass was big and he wanted to slam it so bad. He would take out the bikini bottom from the bathroom hamper, and put it on himself, all wet from pool water, and he would jerk off in it. He wanted her to sit on his face so much. The following November she was married, but it did not last for more than two years, because she could not stay away from her wild side, and that marriage ended to quickly. By 1992, Michael's parents were back together, but the revival did not last long either. They stayed together but were always arguing, and the both of them were miserable. Dolores would still take it out on Michael. Michael was very depressed, as his High School graduation neared. Everyone was starting to think that he was gay, because he had no girl, but before graduation came, he met his first girlfriend, Victoria, who saved him deeply. The relationship lasted for two to three years. He finally had sex, and it was so good. Although he had a steady girlfriend and although he never cheated on her, his sexual fantasies for Aunt Diane's girls still remained.

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   Now that he knows what sex felt like, he wanted it more than ever with his own cousins and even sisters, although he hated them. Things did not work out with Victoria some years later. Even though they enjoyed great sex and he loved her, they had nothing in common, besides love, but for Victoria, money started to take over the love. She did him wrong by breaking up with him. Michael would meet many more girlfriends, some long term some short term relationships, and he would enjoy sex with all of them, but they never lasted. What was the problem? It was very simple. It was looks, money, confusion (a young girl's biggest problem going into her twenties), but not only that, the interests were never the same. They were never interested in Michael's musical talents and likes. Michael discovered in High School that with him being a guitar player in a band did not attract girls at all. All of his girlfriends only cared for material things. This went on for years, and everyone started wondering what was wrong, and all figured once again that he was gay, because he could not hold a girlfriend. (More on Michael's ex - girlfriends later).
It was the end of the nineties, and Cheryl was wilder then ever. Laurie and her family moved out to Pennsylvania in 1995. Cheryl left home and joined her in 97, and worked for her in the clubhouse of the Hideaway, where she met her whore friends, Susan, Denise, Missy, Dawn, Patty, Kristyn and Erin and some others.

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   Cheryl was now in her thirties and some of those friends were around her age and some were as young as 18. You think she would set her own brother up, but instead she turned everyone against Michael. Cheryl would also meet Joe in the clubhouse and soon moved in with him. Two sexual perverts together. They experienced orgies with all of their friends. Joe's house became the sex fun house. Then in May of 1999 the unthinkable happened. Laurie being unhappily married, participated in a threesome with Cheryl and Joe, but it was not known if Cheryl and Laurie participated in any Lesbian incest with each other. Laurie's looks has improved over the years, and she became hotter. No wonder why Joe wanted to fuck her. Since 1998, Michael decided to go back college, and found himself in a University with kids at a normal college age from 18 to 21. He was 24 and around all girls younger with him. Some of them became some short term relationships with him. As for his cousins, Debbie was still looking good for being in her forties, Sandie became heavy but was still so fuckable, her daughter Kristyn was now 18 years old and very cute and hot. Michael has been fantasizing over her since she was twelve.

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   She was a very shy and withdrawn girl. She had a problem, and it was that she hears voices in her head. She was kind of in fear of the world. Robyn is also looking great for her age, now in her late thirties. She became more hot. Aunt Mona's boys became Rabbi's and one even married. When the family would have barbecues, everyone really did not give Michael very much time. They are always interested in their Jehovah Religion, and they would give more time to Aunt Mona's boys now that they became Rabbi's. It was the turn of the century. It is January of 2000. Michael just ended another failed relationship with a girl named Desiree. It was a tough time for him, but during that winter, something was happening that he did not know about. Debbie went to see a hypno - therapist named Dr. Cynthia Claiborne. The visit was to relieve her stress and increase her happiness from her boring dull unfulfilling marriage with Jim.

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   Little did she know she was deceived by a corrupt woman whose used her talents and medical practice illegally and deceitful for the way that she wanted to see the world. She managed to tangle Sandie, Robyn and Kristyn into her web. To Michael's surprise, he had the biggest opportunity of his life to fuck all four of them the following August at Aunt Diane's barbecue. It did not stop there, because the melody kept lingering on.

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