It Really was ‘Accidental Incest’ – 3


She had just finished her meal when Lesley entered the kitchen from the garage, with several bags filled with what she knew not.
“Well, there you are, lover. What’s in all those bags?”
It’s a surprise, Mom. ” He told her, his cock, which had been hard ever since he’d left the house, giving a lustful lurch in his pants as he looked hungrily at her, imagining the wild sex they would share later.
“A surprise? Well, what is it?” she asked, curiosity nagging at her.
“Not yet. ” He replied. “You’re just gonna have to wait. I can tell you that I’m gonna start building something in the basement, in the gym room; that’s ALL I’m gonna tell you for now. ”
Dione stood and stepped over to Les, hugging him tightly. Les, whose hands well full, stood there, and when she kissed him, he returned the kiss, a kiss that quickly heated-up as she ground herself against him, almost making him come in this pants! Her belly rubbing on his cock, and her hands freely roaming everyplace she could reach, caused his cock to jerk and shudder, and he was right on the edge of coming. Les took an abrupt step back, catching his mother by surprise.
“What’s the matter, Son? Don’t you love me anymore?” she asked with a girlish pout.
“I love you enough to want to spend the rest of my life with you, but Mom, I’ve gotta get going! I promise you; you’ll really love what I have in-store for you! It’s gonna take a few hours, but it’ll be well worth it!” he assured her, and turned, heading for the basement.
Just as he reached the door to the steps, he turned and said, “No fair coming down and peeking either! Just try to be patient. ”
That said, down the stairs he went, Dione standing there, looking after him and hating that her pussy was so fucking hot and wet; so ready for another good fucking on his hug cock!
Dione had waited and waited, going crazy with lust as she hungered for he son’s magnificent cock.

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   She’d tried reading, then watching a movie on TV, but nothing could keep her mind off sex! It didn’t help that she heard continuous hammering and drilling from downstairs, either.
‘I really am turning into a slut! I’ve never craved sex like this!’ she thought and laughed aloud, ‘My very own Son’s whore! I’d have never guessed that incest would be so truly wonderful? Damn! If I’d known, I might have fucked with Les BEFORE his father died! An incestuous, adulteress, fuck slut!’
Dione was sitting at the breakfast table, lost in thought when Lesley finally reappeared. She was lost deep in fantasy, imagining all sorts fuck games to play with him, when his voice interrupted her sexual fantasies.
“Mom? Are you okay?” he asked.
Her mind disjointed, Dione finally shook her head to clear it.
“Les! Oh, baby! I was lost to the world. ” She said, standing and rushing over to him. She hugged him tightly, holding him pressed against her, her mouth seeking his and finding it, their tongues dueling fervently. Les had a package in one hand, but it was light and didn’t hinder him at all from hugging her back this time.
“Oh, Mom! I want you so bad! I’ve wanted to jack-off, but I decided to wait and let you suck my first load of cum out of my balls!” Les told her, his voice shaky with the powerful, illicit lust that shook his entire being.
“I’d love to take your huge cock in my mouth and throat and suck-out all your cum, Lesley!” she told him, releasing the hug and quickly dropping to her knees, her hands going to the big bulge in his pants.
Once more Les jerked quickly back from her, and her lower lips pushed-out in another pout, a pout which made her look like a pretty little teenage girl, and THAT, he found extremely erotic.
“First, Mom, I want you to take this bag and go change into what’s I it. Then come back to me and we’ll go downstairs to your big surprise. ” He explained, and handed her the bag, which was tied-shut.

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Dione began eagerly fumbling with it, trying to open it to see what it was, but Les stopped her; “Go change, Mom. I want to see you in it! You’re gonna be even hotter than you already are, THAT I can guarantee!”
Les’ cock gave another lusty jerk when she put that girlish pout on her face, then turned to go change. Oh, was he gonna give her a fucking, and in a very perverse, exciting way!
Les had been waiting for almost 20 minutes, sitting at the table and waiting for her to return to him. He was just about to stand-up and go see what was taking her so long, when she suddenly appeared in the hall doorway.
“Gaaawwwwwd…” the sight of her tore a gasp from his throat. “Fucking shit! You’re so totally fucking hot!” he barely got the words out as his already potent lust exploded exponentially, radically growing beyond anything he’d ever experienced.
Les had immediately noticed her cunt; her cunt, which she’d shaved bare that morning while he was gone. It looked so terribly inviting; seemingly calling to him and his big, throbbing cock!
“‘Fucking’ is right!” she giggled happily, standing there in the fine, black leather crotchless panties and cut-out bra. She of course, noted his eyes lingering on her cunt, studiously ogling it. Do you like it?”
Lesley gasped again when she moved her hand to run a fingertip up and down the narrow slit. “Hell, yes, I like it! I fucking love it! Shit, Mom… you are absolutely the hottest woman on the face of this planet!”
He then raised his eyes, but only briefly, studying the way the cutouts in the bra cups displayed her . 45 caliber nipples. His plans were definitely going to work, and least he desperately hoped so.
What he was about to surprise her with was gonna be totally new to them both. Well… sure, he’d fantasized about it, but never before had he fantasized about it with her.

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Les’ newly flaming lust and distractive love for Dione was indeed an honor to Dione. Les had never dated any but the hottest, most beautiful and sexy girls in school. He’d scored with every girl he’d ever taken out, but even considering their ages, none of the girls could even come close to touching his mother’s beauty and innate sexuality! Even their bodies weren’t as perfect as hers!
To think that she was actually 37 years-old, had given birth to him and yet had such a youthfully succulent, and flawless body, was so completely mystifying to him. There wasn’t one stretch-mark, or wrinkle on her!
Dione walked over to him and stood just inches from him, reaching-out to close her hand over the enormous bulge in his pants, feeling it jerk in response to her gentle squeeze.
Hmmmmmm…is all that for little ol’ me?” she asked him teasingly, putting-on an expression the proclaimed ‘youthful innocence’.
Grabbing that hand and holding it in his, he told her, “Let’s go downstairs and find-out!”
Les led her down to the gym room, and into it. Standing there, Dione gasped deeply with a heady mixture of fear and desire. He’d turned the room into a Bondage Dungeon; or at least what would pass for one. She’d never even remotely considered Bondage as an option in hers and her late husband’s sex life! It had just never occurred to her.
Dione loved and trusted Lesley implicitly, but couldn’t help but feel a little apprehensive about being bound and helpless! Still, despite her uneasiness, she suddenly WANTED him to take her like that! It was new, and rapidly becoming very exciting! Of a sudden, it excited her to no end! It would be like she was his slutty, whorish, fuck slave, a situation that she, on the spur of the moment, began to crave!
“So… what do you think?” he inquired, so terribly wanting her in this new way! Wanting her to suck him off, then take his cock deep inside her where his dad had never been before; where no one had ever been before!
“I want it, Lesley! Oh shit! I want you to bind me and fuck me! I want you to fuck me while I’m bound and helpless! Let’s do it, Lesley! Let’s do it right now!” she begged him with an urgency she’d never experienced.
[It might do well to explain here, that Lesley’s dad had been a gymnast in high school and college. Even when he’d married Dione, he’d built a small gym and worked-out in his basement, as-well-as sometimes at his Gymnast Training Center which he’d opened after being married to Dione for about a year. Therefore, there were all kinds of stations; A pommel horse; parallel bars; uneven bars, rings (which hung from the 16’ ceiling); a Milan vault table, and other assorted equipment, all of it uniquely suited to the ‘bondage fetish’, which mother and son were going to become extremely fond of!]
Lesley led her over to the pommel horse, which he’d especially wanted to try first.
Positioning her against the middle of one side, right between the vault handles, he knelt and attached a thickly padded, leather ankle cuff to each ankle. The ropes of these cuffs were anchored to the floor at each end of the horse.

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Gently pushing on her back, he bent Dione over, strapping her ‘in-place’ with Velcro closures, attached to each of the handles. He then walked around to the other side, now in-front of her.
“Damn, Les; you’ve really thought his out, haven’t you!” she exclaimed, her already hot, wet, cunt, getting even hotter and wetter as she quickly adjusted herself to the new fetish. It WAS gonna be hot!
“Yeah, I’ve fantasized about fucking a bound, helpless girl for a long time, picturing the ‘gym’ as a bondage dungeon. I just never expected that it would be YOU that I fulfilled my fantasies with!” he told her, his own lust growing explosively.
“What’s that for?” she asked, indicating a rope that hung from a hook anchored in the ceiling, with a chrome ring at its end.
“THAT, I’ll show you in a minute!” he told her, then knelt again, this time attaching cuffs to her wrists, also anchored at the ends of the horse.
So there she was, bent over at the waist, her belly firmly held against the top of the horse, her wrists and ankles attached to cuffs, which were attached to ropes anchored solidly in the floor. She was already helpless, but Les wasn’t finished yet!
Dione saw Les step around behind her, but lost sight of him as he kept moving. She wondered what he was up to, but it didn’t take all that long to find-out!
Lesley reappeared in front of her and held a leather hood I his hand.
“What’s this?” Dione gasped again, somewhat shocked by it.
“It’s .

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