It's Good To Be Family


   When my sister-in-law moved in, I didn’t foresee what was to come. She is my wife’s twin, although they really don’t look alike. My wife, Tammy, is about five-seven with long sandy blond hair. She has 36C boobs, which aren’t bad at all, and the best ass that I’ve ever seen. Her best feature is a set of lips that are really awesome. She could suck the chrome off a bumper. Her sister, Gina, is only about five feet tall. She is somewhat rounder that my wife, although she isn’t fat at all. Her boobs are bigger, and she has a cute little bubble butt.
    When Gina’s company relocated last year, they eliminated her job. After her severance package ran out, she couldn’t afford the rent at her apartment. That’s where we came in. My wife couldn’t allow her twin sister to be homeless, and I had always liked Gina anyway, so we offered her our spare room. The first couple of days were occupied with the move. We would work all evening, then pass out. By the time that the first weekend had rolled around, we finally had some free time.

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   On Friday night, we rented some videos and popped a tub of corn. After that, we settled in to watch the movies.
     Everything was pretty normal, until about halfway thru the second movie. All of a sudden, my wife pushed the pause button on the remote and stood up. “What’s going on?” I asked her. “These jeans are way too hot,” she said. “I’m going to change into something more comfortable. ” Gina hopped to her feet, and said “Me too, I’m dying to get out of these clothes. With that, they trotted off to their respective rooms, while I sat there with many horny thoughts running around my little mind.
    When they returned, I thought that my eyes would pop out. Tammy, my wife, was wearing a light blue shortie nightgown, with a fuzzy fringe around the bottom. When she moved, her panty clad ass would occasionally flash into view. She had on a pair of French cut silk panties that showed off her cheeks to perfection. My sister-in-law, Gina, was wearing a long red nightgown that was split on either side to the top of her thighs. It was cut low enough that her pretty cleavage was on view.

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   The best part was the lacy material that the top was made of. Her nipples were outlined perfectly. I had never seen her body, and I was very impressed.
    We started watching our movie again, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off Gina’s tits. Every time that she shifted in the chair across from us, a new angle would present itself. I could feel my cock getting hard under the blanket that I shared with my wife. “ Hey,” Tammy said, “ Are you staring at Gina’s tits?” I didn’t know what to say. Tammy was smiling, but that doesn’t always mean that she’s happy. “ Sorry,” I said. “ I guess I’ll have to get used to having two of you around. ” “I don’t mind. ” Gina said. “ I’ve always thought they were too big anyway. ” She lifted her tits with both hands and looked down at them. Oh my God, I thought, while trying not to cream my pants.

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   Tammy laughed. “Greg seems to think they’re fine. ”
    She ran her hand under the blanket and found what she knew would be there. She slipped her hand in my pants, grasping my rigid eight inch cock. I could see that Gina knew what was happening, by the slight smile that she had on her face. Tammy slid her head under our blanket and swallowed my engorged dick. She was completely out of sight, but the up and down motion was impossible to miss. As she sucked my cock, her sister watched in rapt attention. After about three minutes, I saw her press her hand to the front of her negligee, putting pressure on her pussy. Tammy’s ass was out from under the cover, so I slid my hand between her legs, and inside her panties. I pushed the crotch to the side exposing her shaven pussy to view. While she sucked me like a Hoover, I spread her pussy open with a finger and thumb, and began rubbing her clit. Gina, who was only three feet away, stared at her sister’s pussy. Her hand was making little circular motions on the outside of her nightgown. She let out a little sigh and licked her lips.

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   I felt my orgasm begin to build. I couldn’t help but cry out “ Yes, YES, OH Fuck YES!!” as I filled my wife’s pretty mouth with cum.
   I collapsed back on the sofa, as Tammy emerged from the Glory Cave that she had made of our blanket. Cum was dripping off her chin, and smeared across her cheeks. We all sat looking at one another, waiting for someone to say something. Tammy said, “We’ll all be living together. We can’t be bashful about these things. We only have one bathroom, and these wall are very thin. We might as well be open about our needs. Besides, we’re all family. You two are like brother and sister. ”
   Gina smiled. “You’re right, sis. We’re all adults. We shouldn’t be a bunch of prudes.

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  ” With that she stood up and said “I’ve got to get some sleep. You guys have fun. ” The she kissed me on the corner of the mouth. When she kissed Tammy goodnight, a drop of my cum stuck to her bottom lip. “Yum. ” she said, licking it off as she headed to bed. ***
    The next morning, Tammy and I were up early, because we had an early appointment in the city. We were both in the bathroom, getting ready to go. Our bathroom is fairly small, maybe about fourteen by fourteen. The shower has a clear glass door and we have a long vanity on the opposite wall. Tammy was in the shower, and I was in my jockeys getting ready to join her when the door opened. There was Gina, still attired in the red negligee from the previous night.
    “Gee, Guys, I’m so sorry,” she said , as she started to pull the door closed. Tammy said, “That’s OK, sis, you can come in. ” Gina looked uncertain for a minute, then shrugged.

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   “We are all family,” she said, as she stepped in, closing the door behind her. Now, I hadn’t pissed yet, so for the first time, she noticed the tent in my shorts. I always wake up with a hard-on. I guess that’s just nature. “Oh my!” Gina said with a smile. “Did I interrupt something?” “No,” I laughed, “I just need to pee. ” “Go ahead and pee,” Tammy spoke up from the shower. “I need my back washed. ”
   “Are you sure?” I asked.
   “Oh come on, we’re family. Don’t be bashful now. ” So with both girls looking on, my wife in the shower, her sister standing beside me so closely that our arms were touching, I dropped my underwear to the floor. Gina didn’t attempt to hide that fact that she was staring at my cock. As I started to piss, the stream did what it does when there is a hard-on present, and went in three different directions. Without a word, Gina reached out and took my hard cock in her hand.


   She directed the stream of my piss into the toilet for what must have been a full minute. When I was done, she even shook me off two or three times.
   “Thanks for the hand,” my wife said from the shower. She laughed at the look on my face. With a last little caress of the head of my cock, Gina took her hand away. I stepped into the shower and closed the door, but we were still completely visible to each other. My wife grasped my cock in her hand and began to jack me off. Gina slipped the straps of her gown off her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor. Her tits were spectacular. A d cup at least, and topped with perfect pink nipples, at least an inch long. Her pussy lips were full enough that I could see them while she was standing up, which was enhanced by the thin strip of hair that ended at the top of her clit.
    She moved to sit on the toilet. “Hey, that’s no fair. You watched me piss. ” I said with a smile.

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   Tammy continued to pull me off. Gina stood up, but the angle was no good, so I still couldn’t see. Tammy said, “ Get in here with us. This is a garden tub, we’ve got plenty of room. ” Gina stepped into the shower. She put one foot on the side of the tub, and leaned back against the wall. Her pussy looked great. She opened the lips, and the inside was as pink as could be. Tammy and I got on our knees, for the best view, then Gina let go. I had never seen a woman piss. It was incredibly erotic.
    As soon as she was done, Tammy rubbed her hand across her sister’s pussy. I had no idea that she had ever even thought of a woman, much less her sister. Then Tammy slid her tongue deep into her sister’s cunt. She ate Gina’s pussy like a pro.

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   Gina was cumming in a minute. The girls switched, and I got to see Gina eat my wife’s pussy. She seemed to have a little more experience. Soon Tammy was screaming for mercy, but Gina kept licking and sucking her clit with abandon.
    Gina’s position gave me a great view of her bent over ass and pussy. After a few minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore and pressed my cockhead against her tight box. When she felt me there, she leaned back, impaling herself on my cock. I fucked her for about ten minutes, while she ate her sister’s cunt. After about thirty orgasms, my wife slid around behind her sister, and watched me fucking her pretty pussy.
    She held out a hand to stop me, and I thought, Well crap, She’s mad now. To my amazement, however, she guided my cock from Gina’s pussy to her little rosebud asshole. As I slid into her sister’s ass, my wife held my balls in one hand and fingered her sister’s cunt with the other. Soon, the tightness of Gina’s ass was too much, and with a shout that must have scared the neighbors, I filled her cute hienie with cum. After we all got our breaths, Gina looked over her shoulder at me, her Brother-in-law, and Tammy, her sister - Whose hand was still deep in Gina’s cunt - and said, “It’s good to be family. ”

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