Kate, My Brother, and I


Hey this is my first story. . please give me feedback!!
It was the summer, and Marcie's parents were somewhere in the Bahama's sipping pina coladas. Meanwhile, back at the house, Marcie and her brother, Thomas were home alone with absolutely nothing to do. Marcie and her brother were 15 year old twins. They were very close and often napped together, and always talked. Marcie was a tall, thin swimmer. She had light brown hair and bright green eyes. She was in good shape, and had a smooth, flat stomache, long tan muscular legs, a tight cute ass, and great plump 34C sized breats. Every guy in the school would drool over her. Even her brother found her to be very attractive. Thomas looked very similar: tall, muscular, and tan.          
For the first few weeks of summer, Marcie and Thomas had nothing to do. Thomas would often invite his girlfriend, Kate over to the house. On Friday, Thomas realized. .

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   "Hey, the parents are gone. " and Thomas took advantage of that by having his girlfriend spend the night. Kate told her parents she was having a slumber party with one of her friends house. Marcie had nothing special to do that night, so she decided she would hang out with Thomas and his girlfriend. For a while they watched movies and ate popcorn. Then Thomas had a great idea.
" Hey guys. . . want some vodka?!" He asked them.
"Hell yeah!!. . If there's any in there bring it the hell out!!" Marcie said. So, Thomas brought the vodka out and before they knew it, they were all shitfaced drunk.
While flipping through the channels, Thomas found a porno.

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   They all watched it and laughed. But in reality there were all getting hot from it. Kate put her hand on Thomas's thigh and rubbed it. Thomas put her hand up Kate's skirty until he found that aching mound of flesh that was desperately begging for attention. Her hot fluids began trickling down her legs as he circiled with him fingers around her soping hot clit.   They were all incredibly horny and very drunk. "Hey Kate, I got an idea. " said Thomas. "Get naked for me. "
Kate stood up from the couch and stood in front of Thomas and Marcie. She pulled her tight tank top off which revealed her large, hot breasts with long hard nipples. She then pulled down her skirt and thong revealing her cleanly shaven hot wet pussy.
"What now baby!" she said eagerly. She wanted to so badly just fuck him right there in front of his sister.
"Get on all fours.

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  " Thomas said. Kate obevey and got on her hands and knees and pushed her hot ass into the air, smiling at Thomas. " I'll pay you 20 bucks to let Sammy fuck your brains out. Sammie was their golden retriever. Kate was feeling so horny and so drunk , she took the bet.   Thomas called the dog over into the room. Immediately, he began sniffing at Kates cunt juice that was dripping down her thight. He started licking it up. . off of her thighs. . then he licked right inbetween her pussy lips. Kate moaned and her nipples hardened. She tried to conceal her pleasure. Sammy jumped on her with his front paws gripping her hips.

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   His long, wet pink dig was searching eagery for her hot pussy. Kate moaned in pleasure and reached one hand back to help him find it. Finally Sammy thrust his pink dog dick into her and she gasped with pleasure. He started pumping so hard and Kate arched her back, welcoming his hard thrusts. She reached one hand back and started rubbing her hard  wet clit. Sammy's dick knotted in her and he began dragging her around the room, fucking her like crazy. Kate was screaming in pleasure.
"OHhhhhhhhhhhhhh my goooooooddddddd. . hooooly fuck " she screamed"ooooooohhh fuccckk me sammy !! you dog ooooohhh goddd fuck me!!"
This was very arousing for Thomas and Marcie who were sitting on the couch. Under the blankets, Marcie secretly began circling her finger around her dripping hard clit. She inserted one finger inbetween her pussy lips. Then another. Thomas's pants were bulging. His hard erection was straining against his jeans as he watched his girlfriend get dog-fucked.

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  While fucking so hard. Sammy's balls began to tighten as he shot a hot load into Kate. Kate quivered as she came as well. Sammy's cum was still dripping out of her as he left. Minutes later, Kate passed out on the floor, naked with dog cum oozing out of her cunt. "God im so fucking horny, and my girlfriend just passed out!" Thomas complained.
"Oh i know. I am too. . . " said Marcie. She immediately reached over and started rubbing her brother's hard cock through his jeans.
"Oh damn that feels good. " She unbuttoned his jeans and Thomas pulled them off, as well as his boxers. His large erection popped out.

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   The head was purple and straining for attention. Marcie stared in amazement.
"Oh my god its so fucking big. . . . . bigger than anything ive ever fucked. " she said"well its gonna be the biggest thing youve fucked then" he said as he reached over and deeply kissed her, shoving his tongue into her mouth. They kissed for a while until Marcie stood up and began stripping.   She pulled off her sweater. Her round big tits were gorgeous. her hard nipples were poking out through her thin, blue strapless bra. She unhooked it in the back and let it fall to the floor. With a light bounce, her breasts were exposed.

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   Her nipples were dark pink and hard. She then pulled off her shorts with her blue g string. She stood there completely naked with her large, soft breats and her shaven wet , tight cunt. Thomas became harder than ever. He began lightly stroking his cock. Marcie put one leg up on the couch revealing her pussy in the fullest. Her big throbbing clit and spread hot pink pussy lips showed. Instantly Thomas reached up and kissed her pussy lips. He pushed his tongue inside of her and she gasped in pleasure. She put her two legs over the back of the couch, straddling his face into her wet pussy. He began gently ducking on her throbbing clit. She humped him ferosiously as she twirreled her hard nipples in her hand. When he knew she was about to come, he stopped.
"OHHHHH god that felt so good why did you stop?!" she asked.
He didnt answer but he pulled her down to him so that she was straddling his waiste.

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"Turn around. " he said "And sit on my lap i want to fuck your tight ass and finger your hot wet pussy. Instantly she turned around for him. He shoved his hard 6 inch cock into her virgin asshole. She gasped in pain, but he reached around her and twirreled her hot clit in his fingers. he slowly began to fuck her up the ass, as he slided two fingers into her aching pussy. He began to fuck her much harder and her large round tits were bouncing heavily up and down. He kept fucking her pussy until they were both about to come, then he stopped. He turned her around and immediately inserted his hard throbbing cock into her hot pussy. She almost screamed with pleasure. He licked her right nipple and swirreled his tongue around it. he sucked on them very hard, then he began fucking her madly while she was on his lap, straddling him. She help on to his head as her pussy swallowed his cock up and she screamed in pleasure. They began fucking so hard, her breasts were bouncing up and down. Finally his balls tighten and he let out the biggest load of cum he ever had in his life.

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   She started quivering and had nearly three orgasms.
"oooohhh my goooodddd. ooooh hess brooo fuckk me" she said as she came for the last time. Kate began to stir so Marcie quickly got off of her brother. They both got dressed and went to bed.