Keri - Part Six


Keri - Part Six
Eric continued to be a visitor to our house for the next year or so. For a while he left college, and then returned. I was in my senior year, and Keri was contemplating going to college. In the meantime, she continued to live with me as my love and complete naked, bound sex slave. Please understand, Keri was not kept bound and tortured twenty four hours a day. We loved to go to restaurants, shows, and cultural events. There were quiet times when we would just sit and read, watch videos, talk about politics, and enjoy each other presence. Keri dressed stylishly, although her skirts were a little short, her high heels shoes were standard, and she did show more than a little cleavage. It was understood that her sexual slavery was the most important thing in our lives. No matter where we were, or what we were doing, Keri was my sex slave, and I could do anything I wanted with her, at any time. The word “no” was not in her lexicon. Life was good, however, it would soon become complicated. When Eric returned to college, he was again allowed to visit Keri and myself, and participate in our activities.
I could tell he was becoming quite enamored with Keri. On one particular evening, we were both working on her. When he arrived at my house, I had already prepared Keri.

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   She was naked, wearing the obligatory high heel pumps. She was standing in the living room, with her hands tied and stretched above her to an “eye” bolt in the ceiling. Her legs were bound together and she was stretched up tight. I had tied her about a half an hour before Eric arrived. I took great pleasure in sitting there looking at her.
Even though Keri had been my lover and slave for several years, her beauty and submissiveness continued to amaze me. Her skin was warm and silky, while her breasts had continued to mature and become more beautiful. . Keri’s breasts would considered on the large size, yet they were firm and very sensitive. As I sat there with a rigid cock, I told her to turn slowly in her bound position so I could see her. Even with her legs bound, she managed to slowly turn for my appreciation. I could see faint whip marks on her breasts and ass. Closer inspection revealed very faint whip marks on her creamy thighs. Her black hair and blue eyes matched her creamy complexion.
I had showered, but had not bothered to get dressed.

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   I got up and after I kissed her, then gagged her with my favorite penis gag and was fondling her. My rampant cock rubbing against her, Running my fingers in her heated pussy was causing her to become more excited. About a year earlier I had scraped up enough money to have her pussy fur permanently removed. Her silky smooth cunt was soaking and I could tell she wanted to cum, but I would not allow her to do so. She was softly moaning into her gag as she swayed in her bondage. .
The door bell rang. I gently slapped her breasts and went to the door. I greeted Eric, and invited him into my house. He was not surprised to see me naked When he walked into the living room, he spoke to me, but walked straight to Keri and hugged her, kissing her gagged mouth. He took his time squeezing her breasts and teasing her nipples. As he rummaged through her smoldering pussy, he was gently spanking her ass. Keri was being pushed to a higher level of excitement. While Eric was doing this, I sat down on the couch and slowly stroked my cock. Eric paused a moment and removed his clothing.


   Like mine, his cock was in a turgid state. Keri, looking over her gag, was looking at her two naked tormentors. Her eyes revealed the trepidation with which she accepted her torments, yet there was clearly the look of lust, knowing we were going to use her sexually.
Eric seemed impatient, and questioned, “So, Jack, what’s our action? What are we going to do to our little slave tonight?”
“Ooooh, I think we’ll do something a little different tonight. . Let me show you. ”
I picked up a couple of rather nasty nipple clamps and approached Keri. These were spring loaded clamps, connected with a small silver chain. This chain was short, by design. When properly installed on sensitive nipples, the chain was taught. Meaning, if I were to fondle one of Keri’s breasts, with the nipple clamped, the chain would pull in the other nipple, thus both nipples would be tormented. It was a devilishly fiendish device. I kissed her gagged mouth as I squeezed her breasts. Turning to Eric, I asked him to help me.
“Eric, suck in Keri’s left nipple.

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   Make it nice and hard. ”
He quickly went to his task. Keri watched with mixed emotion. She loved having her nipples sucked, but knew what I was going to do. Her eyes showed both excitement and some fear. A very erotic combination. When her left nipple was rigid, I had Eric moved to her right nipple. Keri’s eyes were closed and I placed the nipple clamp to her left nipple. As I let the clamp close, her eyes jerked open and she moaned, grimacing in pain. About that time Eric moved away from her right nipple. It, too, was now rigid and waiting. Keri watch as my hand moved to the exposed helpless nipple and watched as I placed the clamp on it. The moan was deep and a tear formed in her eye. These were nasty little clamps, and I knew she felt every bit of it. I grasped her left breast, causing the chain on the nipple clamp to jerk and pull on the clamp on her right nipple.

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   Eric seemed a little shocked at the pain Keri was displaying.
“Hey, man, aren‘t those things a little too mean, you know, too tough on her“, he asked.
I replied, “No, I don‘t think so. I have used them before, and she was able to handle them. If they did not cause a little pain, then why use them? Keri knows I alone decide how much pain she endures. ”
Eric paused again, “Yeah, yeah, I guess so. ”
I turned to Eric, “Here‘s what I want you to do. Pick up that medium flogger whip there, and start whipping her sweet ass. ”
Eric did as I asked. At first his strokes were slow and light. Gradually he increased the speed and force of the lashes. Keri started moving her ass. At first she moved with the lash of the whip. Later, as the blows became more serious, she seemed to try to move away from the whip. This was common for her.

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   But, tied as she was, Keri was unable to avoid the lash.
As Eric was whipping her, I was fingering her pussy, and playing with her clamped breasts. Finally, Keri was in the zone. The feeling of the whip was melding with the feeling I was giving her in her cunt. She was consumed with the pain of the whip and clamps while her pussy was being set on fire. When I figured she was lost the reality, I took the clamp from her left nipple. She screamed into her gag. After a few seconds, I took the clamp from her right nipple. Her scream was more pronounced. I had Eric move around and told him to whip her breasts. By now, Eric was a master with the whip. His lash was true and struck her beautiful breasts. From behind, I continued to rummage through her cunt. Keri was in the ozone and moaning continuously. Her breasts bounced and shuddered under Eric’s whip.


   The silky skin was turning pink and her nipples were painfully rigid. After a couple more minutes, I called the proceedings to a halt. Eric seemed confused.
I untied Keri’s wrist ropes from the ceiling, and untied her wrists. Quickly, I retied her wrists behind her back. I grabbed a couple of rather long pieces of rope and handed them to Eric, instructing him to follow me to the Keri’s bedroom. Since she shared my bed, her bedroom had been turned into a type of bondage torture chamber. Keri was so aroused, she was teetering on her high heel shoes and needed help to walk to her room. I picked her up and carried her to her fate.
I placed her on her bed, with her bound wrists pinned under her. I instructed Eric to tie the two pieces of rope to her ankles. We then tied her ankles to the bed posts, spreading her legs as wide as they would go. Keri had a dreamy lust filled look in her eyes as we made her helpless. She was mewing softly into her gag.
Picking up a light weight multi-thonged whip, I started to slowly whip her heated pussy.

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   Even though the whipping was painful, Keri’s hips were moving with my whip. I think I could have made her cum with the whip. When her pussy was a nice pink color, I stopped the cunt whipping. I turned to Eric who was stroking his cock.
“O. K. , here’s what we are going to do. We are going to “gang fuck” Keri. We are going to take turns fucking her. Each man will fuck her until she is ready to cum, then he will stop. We will let her cool down a bit, then the other guy will fuck her the same way. Lets see how long we can fuck her without letting her cum. ”
Smiling, Eric replied, “I think she about ready now. Lets give it a try. ”
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   He pushed his cock in her steaming cunt and started to fuck her. As he was doing so, I was toying with her breasts and kissing her face, and gagged mouth. Keri was very near to being in the “ozone”.
Keri’s hips were moving, charging toward a climax when Eric stopped and pulled his cock from her. She closed her eyes and moaned loudly. Her hips were still moving as if she was receiving some invisible lover.
I picked up the pussy whip and walked over to Keri. I reached down and patted her pussy. She looked up at me, and then at the whip, She knew what I was going to do, and I did. I started slowly whipping her pussy, only this time I whipped harder, causing more pain than pleasure. I was bringing her down a little bit. When I figured I had lowered her libido, somewhat, I climbed between her legs and thrust my rampant cock into her cunt. It was if Keri had been touched by a cattle prod. She moaned deeply and pushed her pussy up to me. I fucked her.

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   I fucked my beautiful sister, Keri. Her breasts were moving as I fucked her. I grasped and slapped her breasts as I fucked her. She was moving her hips, meeting my thrusts. She wanted to cum,. I stopped, and pulled my cock from her. Tears came to Keri’s eyes and she moaned deeply. You could see the disappointment in her eyes. She wanted to be fucked, and she wanted to cum.
Eric climbed on her and started again. This went on for about 20 minutes. Keri was about to lose her mind. Now, that she had been so aroused, and set up for the next act, we stopped fucking her.
Eric and I stood beside her bed, looking down in a very aroused Keri, and stroking our red hot cocks.


  K. , there is a change in plans. Now we are going to “gang fuck” Keri, and lets see how many times we can make her cum. ”
I don’t think Keri heard me as she registered surprise when I climbed onto the bed. She was whimpering and crying. She need to cum, and thought we were going to continue to deny her a climax. As I worked my cock in and out of her magnificent pussy, she was humping me, trying to cum. I did not stop, and in a matter of about 30 seconds, she came. It was massive and explosive. She was beautiful.
I got off of her, and gave her no time to settle down. I told Eric to get on her. He did so, and in a about a minute, Keri was cumming again. I watched her. Keri was her most beautiful in the midst of a climax.

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   Her face was etched with the exquisite pleasure she was feeling. Eric and I continued to gang fuck Keri until she had experienced fifteen climax’. We then decided to let ourselves cum. I was first, and after all that had taken place, I thought I was going to pass out when I came. I collapsed on Keri’s magnificent body. When I collected my self, I got off, and Eric took my place. In a matter of seconds, his cock exploded, filling her steaming cunt with his issue. Keri came again as Eric was experiencing his climax. Keri was exhausted. In matter of seconds, she fell into an exhausted asleep. I removed her gag. We left her on the bed, her wrists tied behind her, and her legs spread wide, her ankles tied to the bed posts with the evidence of our sexual assault visible in her pussy. .
Eric and I walked back to the living room. He sat on the couch while I got us a couple of beers.

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   I sat on the easy chair across from the couch. We were both still naked. We talked about what we had just experienced with Keri. Eric did not know Keri was my sister, but he did know we were not married. He broached a question.
“Jack, I have never been alone with Keri. I wanted to date her, but you said no, because she was your lover and sex slave. I understand that. I guess what I am asking, is…, is it possible for me to have Keri for an evening, or a night. I would like to experience having such a hot sex slave by my self. ”
I thought for a minute, and answered him. I had only let Keri be with someone, by herself, with Damon when we were much younger. I had not thought about it since. Off hand, I could see no problem. It was exciting to think about Keri in the hands of another person, without me to protect her.


   It would really test her slave mentality. She would have no choice, and would have to submit to what ever Eric wanted to do to her. This was intriguing.
“Yeah”, I replied. “I think we could do that. How about one day next week. ”
Eric’s eyes showed his delight. “How about Tuesday? Can I have her for the night?”
“HMMmmmnnn…”, I replied. “Yeah, I suppose so. Come by here at about 8:00 Tuesday evening, and I will have her ready. I want her back here before noon on Wednesday. Let’s face it. She is the most important thing in my life, and I don’t want to be without her for very long. ”
Eric was ecstatic!
“Now, you know the rules. You have been with her long enough to know you are to never injure her.

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   I expect you will give her pain and discomfort, but no injuries. I want her to be restrained at all times, preferably with her hands behind her back. She is to stay naked, and must wear high heels all the time. No sex act is prohibited. I don’t like ass fucking, but I have put butt plugs in her from time to time. If she says ‘no‘, or resists in any way, I want her punished. I don’t want her out in public, you must keep her at your house. I will send her away with you bound and naked. I expect her to return the same way. ”
Eric thought for a minute, “Wow, you are really strict with her. I’ll do as you say, but don’t you ever cut her any slack?”
“No, I really don’t. I have read a lot from writings of other slave owners that a slave must know what the rules are, and that any violation will bring punishment. Keri and I have talked about this at length. She has been my slave for several years. She loves the way we live, and how I treat her.

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   I don’t plan on changing things now. ”
“Do you love her as a person, or just as a slave”, he asked.
I thought, and then replied, “It’s much more complicated than that. We love each other very much, but we also love our life style. She loves being my slave, and I adore her. I want very much to be her master, so I do just that. Sure, its kinda rough on her at times, but the rewards for both of us is tremendous. ”
Eric seemed satisfied with my explanation, but I wondered about his curiosity about me being so strict and demanding of Keri. We talked more about Keri, and the things that we have done with her. I was satisfied that he would take care of Keri, under the terms I had outlined.
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