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Recently, for example, she'd gotten so horny phone sexing and masturbating to blowjob movies one sleepless night that Keri sucked off a parking lot full of men behind an adult bookstore, and ate so much cum it gave her indigestion. Another time she got so sexed up she agreed to meet a man for a drink she'd helped jack off on the phone line. He took her to his house where he tied her up and raped her; not satisfied yet, the man brought his dog in who expertly humped Keri's pussy and shot a big load of Rottweiler cum inside her. What is unusual is that the man had fantasized about this scene to Keri several times during their phone sex encounters, and had actually admitted he wanted to do it to her. Even stranger is that once into it, Keri got off with multiple orgasms and never reported the rape. If that is the warped side of Keri, her "normal" side was equally unusual. When not sexed up, Keri had the heart of a saint. She would exhaust herself helping family and friends, cry for hours from seeing others suffer, and spend her last penny on her kids without the slightest thought for herself. It was a wonderful time to interact with Keri right after one her of sexual insanity sessions because you would run into a sweet and guileless child. Her erotic catharsis always left her open, sincere, and trusting to a fault -- even her voice sounded child-like then. Still, as delicious as Keri was during these times, the sexed up condition incipiently awaited under the surface; it built up imperceptibly until it hit her like a degenerate fist punching perverse obsessions into her head. It was just such a punch that knocked Keri into a sexual realm she'd always thought even she would never fall into. Jim's absence left a lonely house and Tommy seldom talked, spending much of his time alone in his room. With only her and Tommy there the house seemed too big. Yet the relationship between Tommy and Keri was very straightforward; she had been both mom and dad much of the time because of the missing father. Although Tommy was college age, severe health problems had left him so physically and emotionally underdeveloped he looked and acted like a 14 year old – this was another source of stress and worry for Keri.

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   Yet Tommy was a nice boy, enthusiastically helping Keri clean, do laundry, shop, and anything else needed to keep the household stocked and organized. He loved his mommy but being undersized may have made him too dependent. Keri had also contributed to that, over-mothering him to compensate for his illnesses, the guilt she felt about her dysfunctional marriage, and her clandestine sexual depravities. Still, all in all Tommy was a good, if strange, kid. A change in their relationship came about suddenly. Keri's own exhibitionist bent had always encouraged Tommy to be thoroughly open about his body which led to him showering, dressing, and sleeping nude without the slightest embarrassment. Keri too didn't think twice about his nudity until, that is, the morning she saw his hard-on. Boys wake up with erections, that is nature but Tommy's slow development had delayed his sexuality until recently. Tommy had been waking up for the last couple of months hard, and always walked unabashed with it down the hallway for his shower. It's just that Keri had never seen it, and so on this particular morning when the two stumbled into each other, Tommy was as usual naively unguarded, but Keri's eyes bulged. Her son had a hard-on! And his cock was magnificent! Keri shook her head violently and looked away. "Heading for the shower sweetie?" Keri said. "Yes mommy, I'll be done in a minute if you want to use it. " "Well, sometimes I like to put my makeup on in there because the mirror is better," she lied. "Go ahead mom, you know I don't care.

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  " Keri silently followed Tommy into the bathroom. Keri's concept up to this point had been that Tommy was her baby. But her image had been shattered into infinitesimal pieces by the sight of Tommy's hard cock. Geez, she didn't even realize he could get hard, not to mention suspecting his prick could look the way it did. She'd believed he had the pencil dick of a boy, not the thick and veined piece of meat he sported. It looked far too heavy for the pale, thin, delicate-appearing specimen Tommy was. In the bathroom Tommy turned on the shower, but instead of getting in he ambled over to the toilet for his morning piss. Keri pretended to put on her makeup but used the mirror to watch Tommy – she couldn't help herself. Because he had half an erection, Tommy pulled on his dick trying to force it to yield its steamy juice. Tugging it like that momentarily made him forget needing to pee and that his mom was in the room. As usual, yanking his cock completely drew him into the pleasurable feeling of it. Oblivious to everything but his burning dickhead, and to Keri's amazement, he grabbed its base, raised up on his toes to help arch his hips, and with his other hand forcefully massaged and stroked the tip. Then, just as quick as he started, Tommy stopped stroking himself and began emptying his full bladder. He flowed piss like a horse would causing the toilet water to reverberate that deep noise you'd expect a big prick to make. Keri quickly moved left and away from revealing she had seen his mindless ritual, and Tommy jumped in the shower clueless about his breathless witness.

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   Half an hour later Tommy was blissfully on his way to school leaving Keri home in agony. She recognized the symptoms. Her pussy was on fire, her nipples ached, every inch of her skin tingled, and even her asshole pulsated in excitement. She stuck her big dildo in her cunt fucking herself hard. Needing more she plugged her ass with a smaller dildo, and used the bed to help her grind on it. Keri viciously pinched one of her erect nipples and then so brutally twisted and wrenched it she bled. "Fuck yourself," she said out loud, "FUCK YOURSELF," she repeated even louder. That sadistic intensity was meant to help rid from her mind the image of little Tommy's huge cock. She came violently several times, but then as she laid there exhausted with her ass and cunt spread wide by the market's latest fuck artifices, Tommy's big pissing prick still loomed irresistibly in front of her eyes. Keri moved through the day in a lethargic trance; the only thing she seemed capable of doing with energy was fucking herself with her thickest dildo, which she did repeatedly. But nothing helped. Her mind wouldn't let it go, her pussy wouldn't stop smouldering. The image of Tommy's massive cock on that skinny little body had her hooked like a worm on the opening day of fishing season. Thankfully Tommy was spending the night with his grandparents, so Keri had another day to get over what she'd seen. By midnight Keri had a few calls on the phone sex line, which helped her to redirect her lust.

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   The last caller wanted her to fuck her husband Jim, and then to suck Jim's cum out of her cunt. In the fantasy Keri had him lay down while she squatted over him pulling her pussy lips apart. She squeezed and massaged her cunt until a big wad of cum was hanging down tantalizingly over his mouth. "Open up wide boy," she ordered him, "stick out your tongue. " Keri described to her caller how Jim had dumped an enormous load of hot cum into her and it was now running out her fuck hole in a nice, slow stream. "C'mon darling, reach up and get your mouth on my big pussy lips . . . suck 'em in now like a dripping nipple feeding you the sweet and nasty dick cream you crave. " With that wicked image she could hear him groaning on the other end of the line, cumming in less than ten minutes. Then the line was dead. Jack off, Keri thought as she fell asleep. That is how most of them were, not even a thank you. The next morning Keri and Tommy barely had time to say hi as each ran out of the house; Keri was on her way to the gym, Tommy was off to school. Two more days went by with Keri going somewhere when she ran into Tommy.

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   Friday night Tommy went to a football game at his old high school, and Keri went out drinking with a girlfriend along with her daughter. Saturday Keri shopped, Tommy played video games at home. Saturday night, Keri and Tommy were home together but each were busy in their own rooms. Keri drank Tequila and worked the phone line until 2:30 AM before dozing off. She awoke still drunk about an hour later, fingering her clit. It was a lazy affair, but with her mind only half awake she again envisioned little Tommy's cock. Suddenly waking up Keri looked around and sat up in bed. Self-deceptively she thought, I wonder how Tommy is, and then began walking unsteadily down the hallway. At Tommy's room she put her ear to his door and listened. Nothing. Ever so slowly she turned the doorknob pushing it open a few inches. Tommy lay on his bed with one leg draped over the side, and with the sheet covering half his body. Keri tiptoed to his bedside telling herself she should cover him. But when she stood beside him Keri couldn't resist pulling the sheet aside to expose Tommy's penis. His heavy breathing encouraged Keri to kneel down for a closer look.

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   On close inspection Keri could see that Tommy's prick truly was gorgeous. The skin was white and smooth, and its features were delicate. The head was tender looking but fat while his bulky hairless testicles looked like a pair of misshapen baseballs. Down the left side of his cock was an enormous vein, and the over all look of his dick was that it was swollen, like it had been beat with something. Such refined detail on a huge cock was at least part of what had put Keri in a wanton state. But she had to admit that a cock like that on her son was really what sent her over the edge. To see it hanging heavy there over his thigh made her so horny. Tommy's breathing seemed to deepen, emboldening Keri to touch him. She reached out and only let her hand rest on it at first. Tommy shifted and moaned, but then breathed heavy again. Keri worked her fingers under it and gave it a squeeze; again Tommy rocked his hips slightly before sinking back into his deep sleep. With her other hand she cupped Tommy's fat balls while lifting his meaty cock up so she could feel the weight and heat of it. Still squatting on her toes, Keri positioned herself so her pussy was resting on her left heel. She wiggled and pressed it until she'd worked her cunt well down over her the back of her foot. Grinding her wet sloppy cunt hard on her foot, Keri held and gazed at Tommy's splendid genitals.

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   His meaty tissue was like a god to her, she worshipped and adored him there. Her mouth watered wanting to suck him, her pussy dripped and wetted her ankle from longing to play unrestricted with it. She wanted to stroke his heavy flesh and make him swell to further serve her unadulterated adoration, but she dared not. Yet that sort of nasty forbidden treat was exactly what turned Keri on more than anything in life, and now that she'd given in to her desire Keri knew she could never turn back. She'd have to find a way to make this cock her plaything. As Tommy lay there cooperatively unaware, Keri came hard using the rough part of her ankle on her clit like a washboard. In her convulsions she accidentally squeezed Tommy's dick harder, and he dreamily lifted his hips to her frantic passion. Just as her climax calmed, Tommy's cock gave up a little cum, not all of it, but enough to coat the top of Keri's thumb and forefinger. She licked his sweet delightful cum off her hand, and then brashly, but softly, placed the tip of Tommy's prick into her mouth. Suddenly the rest of his load began flowing unhurriedly into her mouth, and lots of it. She gently swallowed at least five creamy mouthfuls hoping Tommy wouldn't awaken. She was still savouring the taste of his cum when he turned over and brought his knees up into the fatal position. Keri stole out the door. Keri went back to her room just in time for another phone call. The client wanted her to give him a blowjob.

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   Too bored for words, Keri downed another two shots of Tequila while she moaned convincingly as he talked; to keep from hanging up she finger fucked her cunt visualizing Tommy's awesome cock and youthful cum. Sunday morning while making Tommy oatmeal, Keri wore nothing but an over-sized black slip. It was so loose her ample tits hung partially out of the sides; it was so short that if she bent over her naked pussy and ass would be fully exposed. She padded about barefoot; Tommy had always loved her feet. When little he'd lay at her smooth white feet and grind himself on the floor while looking at her perfect red toenails. Keri let him, she loved her feet too and didn't mind Tommy admiring them. What Keri had figured out this morning was that Tommy hadn't noticed her yet, he still looked at her like his mommy. Somehow Keri had to get him attracted to her so she could get off with him. And now that she was thoroughly fixated on having him, she had no inhibitions in regard to this. She rationalized, as she had many times in the past when she wanted something she shouldn't have, that if it turned her on, and Tommy, then what was wrong with it? She'd fucked so many people as a whore Keri was very skilled at convincing herself when she needed to that sex meant nothing good or bad morally – it just was. Consequently Keri's new goal in life became to make Tommy lust for her. He didn't notice her at breakfast, so beginning that night she left her door ajar while she worked the phone sex line, sprawling out on her bed in a black see-through and crotch less body stocking. It was two days before he came to her door to ask a favour while she was working. Hearing his footsteps Keri positioned her body so her bald pussy was facing the door. When Tommy tapped on the door Keri ignored him but spoke louder and breathlessly to her client to let Tommy know something was up.

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   It worked. Instead of knocking again Tommy opened the door more so he could see inside. There he saw his mother on the phone, with her legs spread wide and big dildo stuck deep in her cunt. Keri wasn't touching the dildo, she held the phone with one hand and had her other hand under her butt cheeks clearly fucking her asshole with two fingers. Seeing that huge dildo spiral around as it followed the machinations of her hips and pussy made Tommy hard. Keri too was excited, as she talked especially dirty to one of her regular bisexual client. "Mmmmm baby, you want me to fuck your ass with my strap on? Open up honey, my hard cock is aching for you. I'll slip my big prick in your tight asshole and fuck you good baby. You are my whore aren't you baby? Spread wide so I can slam your soft shit hole. " When he heard that, Tommy felt feelings he'd never known before. The nastiness of it hit a nerve he instantly cherished and felt no guilt about, even if he wasn't sure how to fully indulge the hunger it generated. He pulled down the top of his sweat pants and grabbed hold of his cock, stroking it in a relaxed and tender way while watching his mom's wicked gyrations. Keri watched him looking out of the corners of her eyes, all the while pretending only to be interested in her phone John. She knew she had Tommy's fascination now, and that his utter lack of experience probably meant it would be a long time before he would get this night out of his mind. The knowledge that she'd attracted her son brought on Keri's most depraved feelings.

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   She again felt the degenerate lust of a prostitute, and it thrilled her to the core. "Eat me out baby," she said to her phone fuck, but really was talking to Tommy. "Make me feel like the nasty cunt I am. " While Tommy stroked his big naive cock, Keri began pounding her pussy with her giant dildo. With her throbbing pussy aimed towards Tommy's face his dick began squirting cum on Keri's door and he moaned softly while massaging out the hot fluid. Although he didn't quite know why, Tommy had loved every instant of her show, but now started back to his room sleepy. When Keri saw him leaving she quickly ran over to the door, and noticing Tommy's cum dripping from the door handle knelt down in front of it out in the hallway. "Mmmmmm," she said out loud. From down the hall Tommy heard and peeked back around the corner in time to see his mom licking his cum off the door handle. She stuck her tongue out and scooped up a glob, drew it back in her mouth, and made a show of savouring it, knowing Tommy was watching. Then Keri put the whole end of the handle in her mouth and sucked on it like a cock, slurping and swallowing her son's slimy ooze. She was thrilled by her nastiness, but when she looked down the hall Tommy had already gone to bed. Keri spent the rest night phone fucking the most wicked ways she knew until exhausted she fell asleep. Keri got up late, threw on her plush terrycloth robe, made it to he kitchen just in time to see Tommy off to school. At first he seemed unaffected by the previous night's spectacle.


   He was characteristically silent and hugged and kissed her goodbye as usual. Keri let her kiss linger and pressed her hips into his, still he showed no signs of responding. But when her hand dropped to his ass as they separated from the hug, Tommy did allow his own hand slide down her back and rest on her plump round cheeks. Keri could see his eyes were a little glazed, so she pulled him close again. This time he pushed back slightly when she shoved her crotch into him, and then his hand dropped lower on her ass. Keri began subtly grinding on him, and Tommy held steady for that. She could feel him harden as his cock rose up in between her legs and exerted delectable pressure on her soft pussy lips. She thrust forward her hips so she could rub his dick better, and Tommy rose up on his toes like he'd done in the bathroom the other day. Without word from either of them they humped for a minute before Keri reached down to unbuckle and unzip Tommy's pants. With his cock hanging out Keri pulled open her robe to expose her big pussy lips. They were thick lips that hung down three long inches, so it was easy for her to wrap them around his cock. Dripping wet too, she slid her leaking cunt up and down his hard shaft while holding the underside of Tommy's dick with one hand, and slipping her other hand far down the back of his pants to knead his boyish and moist asshole with her fingers. Like that Keri stroked and worked him until she could tell from his quickening breath and hardness he was about to cum. She stopped. With Tommy firmly in her embrace on the verge of cumming, and in every way passively engulfed by Keri's whorish expertise, she looked in his eyes and said, "Oh my sweet baby boy, what do you want mommy to do?"Tommy was frozen both by her grip and her look.

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   Keri knew he couldn't answer so she said, "Do you want mommy to suck out your juice baby?" Tommy nodded slowly. "Will you give me all of it darling?" Tommy nodded again groaning. "Please my beautiful baby, promise me you will feed me your cock sap and never waste it again. " Tommy managed to whisper desperately, "Okay mommy. " Keri fell to her knees and grabbed Tommy's lovely rod with both hands. She held the base of it while stroking the upper half and tip. She jacked him and then looked in his eyes every few seconds to see his head back and eyes rolled up in pleasure. She pumped his cock harder and faster, he moaned and rocked his hips uncontrollably, and until she knew from his swelling he was going to explode. "Baby boy, shoot it in my mouth, let me suck your dick dry, " Keri said under her breath and between sucks. "I am the best cocksucker you will ever know, let me eat your cum every day baby," she whispered stroking and sucking, " I love your cum, I'll eat it all, and I will never turn you down if you will give it all to me sweetie. " With that Keri clamped her mouth on the tip of his huge cock and sucked it like a Popsicle. She rubbed and squeezed his balls with one hand and worked a finger up his warm, tender asshole with the other. Tommy tightened up at first but then relaxed so Keri could finger fuck him there. Overwhelmed by passion, Tommy started to cum. His engorged prick was so calm that his creamy cum flowed, not spurting at all, but streaming in a continuous hot emission.

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   It was almost watery, Keri thought, so clean and pure, and she gulped it like a thirsty nomad lost in the desert. His load seemed endless. Just when she thought she'd swallowed it all her mouth would fill up again with his sticky nectar. Sucking and gulping she managed to fill her stomach with his special high-protein breakfast. God she loved to suck cock and eat boy cum. When Tommy finished flooding his cum down Keri's throat, she stood up and held him close. Her breath smelled earthy, nasty and extra-warm, but Tommy found himself enjoying it. Each hot pungent breath spread out over his face reminding him of the wonderful sucking he'd just received from his mommy, and he remembered it all day. Over the next weeks Keri sucked Tommy's cock and ate his big load of cum every day, usually twice: a quickie in the morning, and then a good one in the evening. She'd come to him each night when he was sleeping and wrap her lips around the head of his dick. She'd gently suck him into her wet mouth and hold him until he would wake up. Keri loved to feel his limp prick gradually fatten, stretch her lips, and distend down her throat; and how he'd wake up pleasantly surprised, smiling at her silently. He'd begun referring to her cock sucking as "milking," and so would say, "Are you going to milk me tonight mommy?" Keri would answer, "yes baby, mommy is going to suck you and drink your scrumptious milk. " Something else had developed too. Tommy had grown usually fond of Keri fingering his ass; in fact he had begun insisting on it, taking her hand and pressing it there when she didn't think of it right away.

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   First it was just one finger, but next he wanted two and then three. It excited Keri immeasurably when he'd lift his knees up to his chest so she could suck and finger him unrestricted. She really enjoys watching his massive balls flop around while they did that. It wasn't long until one night she crept into Tommy's room wearing a black strap-on she'd bought earlier that day. Keri sucked him awake as usual, but then climbed up in bed next to him. Squeezing and slowly stroking his hard cock she massaged the back of his neck and rubbed her tits on his chest, and then pulled his mouth close for a kiss. Tommy always let Keri do whatever she wanted, and this was nice. He opened his mouth to let her long tongue in, and spread his legs when he felt her knee prying them open. Keri positioned herself on top of Tommy and between his legs. As he felt pressure on his anus Keri whispered, "Do you want mommy to fuck you baby?" Keri lifted up some so Tommy could see the big dildo she was wearing saying, "Please baby, my dick is so hard for you. Let mommy fuck you in the ass. " Tommy moaned, overcome with excitement as Keri roughly kissed him and shoved her tongue deep in his mouth. Feeling his mom's fleshy tits swaying on his chest, tasting her warm saliva, and hearing the nasty tone of her plea to fuck him excited him like never before. He wanted her to ravish him, to use him for her own pleasure. "Fuck me mommy," he said lifting his slender legs.

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   He took hold of Keri's womanly ass with both hands to help guide her thick rubber cock into his asshole. Once she got past that initial resistance there, he opened up and she slid her hard member deep into his belly. She went slowly at first, but his boyish ass was so yielding she soon found her ten inch prick gliding easily in and out at its full length. When Tommy pulled on her hips she began pumping him mercilessly, murmuring in his ear, "Tell me you love mommy fucking you. " "Fuck me mommy, please. " Tommy begged. Keri asked, "Will you be my little whore -- my sweet ass-fucking baby?" "Yes mommy, I love you inside me, fuck me hard, please mommy. " Keri slammed his young ass for a bit and then turned him over and up on all fours. She inserted her mammoth tool into his tender asshole and while fucking him like a dog she reached around and began jacking off his bulky shaft. Keri pushed her dildo deep inside and wiggled it around, loving being so far into his squishy insides and feeling his balls flattened my her pressure. Maybe it was the force on Tommy's balls, or the grip Keri had on his cock, or the dildo buried so far up his ass, but Tommy began having the most incredible climax Keri had ever witnessed. As he writhed in exquisite agony his thick cock leisurely dripped cum, streaming out as if in slow motion. It dribbled so slowly at first Keri thought he was seeping pee; but when she took a taste she discovered it was his wonderful tasty cum. She milked his cock like a big nipple squeezing out its yummy juice, and then hurried it to her mouth trying not to spill any. But there was so much, and it was trickling out so slow, Keri just had to get her mouth on him.

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   Unhooking the dildo from the strap and leaving it stuck deep in Tommy's ass, Keri scooted under him and took his thick dripping cock in her mouth. Using one hand to fuck him with the dildo and the other to stroke his prick, Keri spent the next minutes draining Tommy's balls of its luscious treat. She gulped, swallowed and licked it from her lips, and then clamped her mouth on again to suck another swig. After guzzling every drop of hot cum she could from Tommy's meaty dispenser, she climbed up beside him and they embraced each other. Soon Keri's heavy breathing revealed she'd fallen asleep. But Tommy stayed awake to again enjoy the nasty smell of cum each of Keri's hot breaths exhaled into his face, and to dream about what sorts of play Keri might have in store for him ahead. The End.
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