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   It was heaven! Her pussy was gripping my cock like an snake with it's prey, and I was the one moaning. "Ohh, James, this is so fucking good! Ohh, my God, I'm cumming again!" She shuddered as she orgasmed, and as soon as she recovered her mom walked into the room. "What the hell is going on here?" She yelled into the bedroom. Shit! I was caught! "Mrs. Edwards, please, I can explain. . . " How the hell was I going to explain her daughter riding her cousin like a fucking cowgirl? But my distress was calmed, however, when Kristine's mom decided to join us. She stripped in much the same fashion as her daughter, and I couldn't help but notice her huge tits and her hairy pussy. It looked so fresh I wanted to get into it! Now Mrs. Edwards was on my face, and I was licking at her cunt like a drunk would a bottle of whiskey, and daughter and mother were mouth-fucking each other while Kristine still rode my cock, which was still going after two gruesome yet stimulating orgasms. Now Kristine got off me and her mom got on. God, she was even better than her daughter! This was great, I thought, and after only five minutes I blew my load in her pink cunt, and my cock was spent for good. We laid on the bed for a long time after that, playing with each other, doing the after sex thing, when I asked Mrs. Edwards "why did you want to join us?""Because, I knew that Kristine was on Birth Control, and she talks about you constantly.

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