Lanie's Love Part 1


“Yes Papa, what’s wrong?” I asked. Turning to face him in the bed. I was wearing my blue pajamas shirt and pants, and I had noticed he was just in his boxers. “Your mom really hurt Papa tonight. ” Closing his eyes to trailing tears, I hugged him closely feeling so sorry for him and angry and confused as why my mom would treat him so. “I’m sorry Papa, you can sleep with me tonight. ” She smiled snuggling up to him. He smiled and squeezed her back tightly before looking into her eyes. “Can Papa have a good night kiss? He’s lonely. Your mom doesn’t love him anymore. ” Lanie leaned in to peck him on the lips softly. Wiping away his tears. Overcome with emotion he would lean in to return another peck on her lips. “Lanie, will you show Papa how much you love him? I feel so low and mom never pays any attention anymore. ” The girl nods slowly. “How do I show you Papa?” She asks softly.

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   He rubs his nose against hers before leaning in slowly to kiss his daughter. Letting his lips linger on hers for just a little bit longer. Pulling back a little bit to smile and then kiss her softly again. His lips were soft and comforting. They felt sweet and caring. She smiles warmly to him. “Like that sweetie. Give Papa kisses and big hugs. ”She mimics his kiss leaning in a bit unsure of herself but his lips return the kiss, his hand snaking out to caress along her cheek. Taking her bottom lip into his mouth to nibble on. Lanie giggles quietly and does the same to his. The feel of her wanting lips springing back the new life in him, he would deepen the kiss gently letting her adjust to his exploring tongue. Softened giggles against his lips though she does not push him away. Instead she too snakes out her tongue to dance over his. Their kisses would continue for most the night before they fell asleep.

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   Thus beginning the new found comfort each saw in each other. This continued for a couple weeks and Lanie could feel her father’s mood lifted when he spent time with her. Making her feel good about herself, and needed. The next level of their bond would happen the night that another fight exploded and the same process would follow through. He would be in her bed, kissing her passionately falling in love with her, his own daughter. She was beautiful, she wasn’t her mother… she was kind and giving. Her mother was cold and bitter. He pulls away from the kiss and speaks softly. “Would you like a massage?” She smiled and nodded assertively. “Yes Papa”. She grinned. “Take of your shirt and bra so they don’t get in the way. ” He whispers into her ear. She complies removing both garments to lay down on the bed, on her stomach. He moved to straddle her form and smooth her soft skin over with his big hands massaging and kneading at her shoulders and back.

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   Taking the time to not leave any muscle tense. He leans back down to her ear whispering again… “Turn over if you want the full massage. ” Not thinking anything off it, she turns easily around underneath him. He could see her delicious curves starting to pronounce themselves. She had to have been a 34/b. Pert little nipples stand at attention from the cool air tickling them. He would smile and start at her shoulders working his way down over her chest. Delicately taking her young breasts in his hands with a caring touch. Softly feeling their warmth. “You’re beautiful. ” He says softly. Lanie would blush and smile speaking at the same volume as him. “Thank you, Papa. ” He seemed so attentive and watchful of her. She could feel how much he loved her, just in his touch.

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   After savoring his daughter’s breasts with his hands. He wanted to kiss and lick at them, but not push things too far. “Are any of your muscles sore sweetie? Papa knows how to get them better. ” He smiles down to her. Blinking slowly she thought in her head he needed her. He wanted to make her feel good, she would tell him she was sore. He needed to feel wanted. “Yes Papa. ” He leans down to kiss her forehead, still kneading at her breasts, fingers trailing over the tips of her nipples. “Tell Papa where sweetie. ” Lanie moves to grab at her nipple pinching it. “It hurts Papa. ” Music to his ears, he would dip his head down letting his breath trickle over the nipple. “Let Papa kiss it and make it better. ” His mouth covers over her nipple sucking and licking at it.

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   Lanie gasps, it feels weird but she likes it, thinking of where else she could say hurt. “The other one hurts too Papa. ” She pouts to him. How could he refuse that face? He tilts his head over to the other nipple giving it the same loving fatherly attention to it. “Mmmm that feels good Papa. ” She says softly trying not to giggle. “Told you Papa make it feel better. ” He kissed his way back up to her lips to kiss them softly, deeply. She was turning him on; she was his dream woman, even if she was his daughter that just meant she was made for him. He was careful enough to not take things too far too quick. He didn’t want to frighten or force her to do anything she didn’t want to do. So he laid back on his side trailing his fingers over her chest and stomach looking into her eyes. “I love you with all my heart sweetie, you’re the only one that has my heart. ” He whispered softly to her. Lanie smiled brightly and snuggled up close to him.

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   Skin to skin as her breasts pushed up against his chest, he instinctively wrapped his arms around her to keep her near. “Mom can never know about this, she’ll yell at Papa more and make Papa cry. ” Lanie had no intention on telling her; she never wanted to see her dad cry again. “I won’t Papa. ” Hearing his daughter’s words he continued to stroke the child’s body slowly. Looking into her eyes he asked with a sly grin. “Are you ticklish Lanie?” Her eyes would go wide and give a pleading look. “Yes! Don’t tickle me Papa. ” She laughs fidgeting as his fingers move to her sides and start playfully tickling her. Her laughter soft and full of life, she would try and tickle him back as she heard him laugh she knew he was just as ticklish as she was. “I bet I can find all your ticklish spots. ” He grinned eyes scanning over his daughter’s form. She gave a smirk and shook her head. “No you can’t. ” She laughed and started to squirm more.

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   His hands started tickling her all over before they found their way to her pajama bottoms tugging them down slowly as he watched her. She fidgeted. “No you can’t tickle down there! I’m really ticklish there. ” She laughed and tried to break free. His hand smoothed over her bare hip after her pulled the pajama bottoms down to her knees. His fingers trailing her lower abdomen right under her waistline as she continued to giggle and squirm. He dipped his fingers even lower letting them graze along her bare folds. This threw her into a bigger giggle fit. He laughed and slowly stroked the beautiful pussy of his daughter. Keeping a light touch so it would still tickle but start to feel good as well. “Lanie, are you still a virgin?” He thought to ask who knew how far this would go. “Yes Papa. ” She replied, her eyes watching his. “You are becoming quite a beautiful woman. ” He smiled and he could feel her start to become slick to his finger.

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   He applied just a little bit more of pressure watching her squirms turn into her hips instinctively rocking upwards and into his finger. “Thank you Papa. ” She smiled and gasped softly to his exploring finger. It didn’t feel like a tickle anymore, now it felt like a massage, one that was making her feel warm and funny down there. But it felt good and her curiosity would take over. As his finger kept working her gently along her sex he dips down to her neck to whisper against it. “You make Papa feel good. ” Lanie brightly smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I love you. ” She whispered. He would slip one finger slowly and gently inside her. He could feel her tense but then relax back onto his hand. “Are there any ticklish spots up here?” He chuckled and kissed her neck softly. She giggled and then gave a whimper as his finger probed his daughter’s virgin pussy welling in its slickness around him. He was rock hard by now, his shaft throbbing but he remained content with exploring her.

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   “Does it feel good sweetie?” He took extra care not to cause pain with a gentle slow stroking finger teasing her walls softly. “Yes Papa. ” She murred. She closed her eyes letting her dad finger her as her hips rocking slowly in tune with his strokes. “I want to make you feel good. You’re my girl Lanie. ” He leaned down to kiss her softly on the lips. Her emotions drawing forth as she returned his kiss eagerly loving his praise. Eventually he picked up the pace and his finger pushed and wriggled up against her walls. Parting her lips with his tongue as he slips in the second finger, to her surprise. Watching her arch into him, her body wanting his touch. Her body started to shiver and he could tell she was going to have her first orgasm with him. He wanted to make it special for her. Keeping his taunting pace her body squirmed beneath him. “Papa it’s starting to tickle again.

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  ” He grinned kissing her lips softly. “It will be a good tickle Lanie, you’ll see. ” In which she did her body tensing all its muscles including the one around his two fingers as he could feel his baby girl cum for the first time, trailing her juices down his fingers. Her body went still and she opened her eyes looking up at him blinking slowly. “Was it nice sweetie?” She nods slowly still a bit breathless as she speaks. “Yes Papa but it made me sore. ” He would nod and ask her quietly. “Would you like Papa to kiss it and make it better?” She always knew he could make the pain go away. So she nodded. Pulling off her pajama bottoms slowly he moved in between her legs. “Spread you legs for Papa, so he can make it better. ” He gently helped guide her legs apart. “That’s it sweetie. ” He leaned down smelling the aroma of her juices. To no surprise they smelled sweet like honey.


   His hot breath on her mound as she giggled. “That tickles too Papa. ” He smiled before pressing his lips softly to her pussy lips as if kissing her mouth. “Mmmm…mine. ” He whispered to himself as he snaked a tongue out to lick along the length of her, moving his mouth over her clitoris to suck into his awaiting mouth. Lanie gasped and arched instinctively, her body squirming with this new sensation. Using his tongue to lap the remaining juices from her, drinking her as he started her on another journey towards an orgasm. Before long she started grinding into his hungered mouth feeling the tickling sensation start to come back. “It’s tickling, it’s tickling. ” She tried to catch her breath before she started to cum. Her body shuddering from the ecstasy of this new feeling. His mouth locked on her opening drinking her continuously lapping at her juices. “I know honey, let Papa clean it up for you. ” His tongue would not let any part of her pussy be unlicked, until she was completely “clean”. “Did Papa make you feel better Lanie?” His eyes would dart up to hers as he crawled back up her form.

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   His hands stroking her hardened nipples softly. “Yes Papa. ” She smiled. He leaned down to kiss her softly allowing for her to taste herself off him. The sweetness teasing her senses as he parts her lips with his demanding tongue, entangling his with her. “Mmmm. Will you make Papa feel better?” His hand took hers and brought it to his hard on gently massaging it with her hand through the material of his boxers. “It’s sore Lanie, and Mom won’t help make it better. ” He nuzzled into her neck softly. “Yes Papa, how do I?” He would smile wickedly and move to crawl back over his young daughter’s form. One knee helping to push her legs apart. “Spread your legs for Papa again and I’ll show you. ” He said softly in her ear as he started to pull off his boxers. He had her so in love with him and under his spell. She watched and did as he asked, spreading her legs some.

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   One hand moving to her hip the other moving to stroke his hard on feeling the pre-cum already peek its way out. “That’s it sweetie, spread em’ a little bit more for Papa. ” He coaxed and guided them apart enough that he could get a good angle to get inside her. Taking the head of his cock to massage along her folds getting it slick with her juices before he started to push some with his hips to get inside her. She was unbelievably tight, though he finally got his head in, he could hear her gasp as his form moved to lay down onto hers, and still held up by him so he wouldn’t crush her. “That’s it sweetie, rock your hips for Papa so he can feel you massage him. ” She complied completely rocking her hips to help him push further inside her. Gasping and whimpering the further he got up inside. “Now this is only going to hurt for a minute Lanie, Papa needs to get in deeper to not feel sore down there ok?” He kissed her lips softly as he pushed forcefully through to break her hymen as he himself gasped plunging to the hilt inside his daughter. She gave an audible cry out to the pain. “I love you Lanie. ” He whispered into her ear as he started to “massage” his cock along her walls, letting them milk his length for all it was worth. “I love you too Papa. ” He trailed kisses all over her neck and ear. Talking to her throughout their lovemaking.

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   “That’s it sweetie, let Papa get in deep. ” Rocking his hips forward as he held her tight. Her eyes closed as her body shivered to his thrusts. Moaning softly as her sweet tones drove him wild. Trying to keep himself from pounding into her, he wanted it special for her, he wanted her to know just how much he loved her. She knew he loved her. She made him feel loved and wanted. She took care of him and loved him when her mother wouldn’t. She was his love, she knew that now. His pace continued to pick up and he would send himself to the furthest depth he could, his cock hitting her cervix. He wouldn’t be able to last much longer, she was so tight. “You’re tickling Papa now. ” He smiled down at her as he groaned feeling his cock throb and ache ready to explode; he took both hands to her shoulders pulling her down as he thrusted up to cum inside her. God she felt perfect, she felt made for him. She was his, in blood and in bed.

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   Her body quivering underneath him as she moans into a cry out at the huge cock buried to the limits within her. Her father collapsing onto her form as he trails soft kisses along her neck and cheek bringing them back to her lips. “I’ll never let anything happen to my Lanie. She takes such good care of me. Much better than her mom does. ” He nuzzled into her neck. “Will you stay with Papa?” She squeezed him tightly and nodded assertively. “Yes Papa, I love you Papa. ” He ran his hand along her side down to her hips where the still were joined, he didn’t want to leave her. She felt so good inside he didn’t have the heart to pull out of her yet. “If you stay with Papa, Papa will give you that baby brother you always wanted. ” She blinked and her jaw dropped from excitement. “Really Papa?” He nodded and nipped at her bottom lip. “Your mom can’t have any more kids Lanie, only you can give us the baby. No one has to know it’s mine.

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  ” His eyes pleading as he looked into hers. “Yes Papa!” She grinned like a kid in a candy store. “When can we have him?” He smiled as he looked down to her rocking his hips slowly again. “Whenever you want sweetie. We could make him right now if you want. ” Her eyes danced over his as her hips then moved to his rhythm. “Yes!” She grinned. “But you can’t tell your mother, it would break her heart since she can’t have anymore. You can never tell her you gave me my son that I’ve wanted. ” He tilts his head in to nip at her neck. “I know Papa. I know. I won’t. ” Starting another round of lovemaking as the two lovebirds hope for a baby. -The End.

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