Me and Kasey: Part I (A continuation of the Me and Mitch Series)


If you haven't read the Me and Mitch Series (8 parts) I strongly recommend it as it sets up a lot of what takes place in this story.


After that wonderful reunion weekend things went basically back to normal. Mitch and I did get together a little more regularly. Whenever we were both home we tried to make it a point to have a little fun. Kasey and I stayed very close as well. Hiding our relationship from our parents wasn't easy, but we managed.

After I graduated from college though things changed a bit. I tried staying up in the college town for a year, but that didn't work out. After that first year I moved back to my hometown. This was great for Kasey and I as she was living there as well. I shared a house with a buddy of mine (nothing sexual there), and it was very easy for Kasey to come over as he was gone a lot. As for Mitch, It actually took me 5 years to graduate from college, so it actually worked out that Mitch and I graduated the same year. He got a job out of state immediately after graduation though and moved. We still keep in touch, but that move effectively ended our sexual relationship. I still think about the fun he and I had together, and if the opportunity presented itself I would definitely rekindle that part of our relationship.

Anyway, back to my relationship with Kasey.

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   We cared for each other deeply, and the sex continued to get better. I was single all this time, but she was still seeing Sandra. Sandra was a really cool chick. She knew about us and didn't care at all. In fact, there's a bit more to it than that, but I'll get to that later. Anyway, after a couple years of this we sat down and had a pretty serious discussion. We talked about how much we enjoyed our relationship, how great it had been, and then we discussed the future. As much as we enjoyed being with each other we knew that our relationship couldn't ever be more than what it already was. As I already said, Sandra was very cool with our relationship. We knew, however, that most other people would not feel the same way. I've read lots of stories where the brother and sister just say screw it to where ever they live and just move off to some other place where know one knows who they are and live as husband and wife. That wasn't going to be an option for us. There were just too many other people in our lives that we cared about. We couldn't just up and leave them. So, we decided then that we would continue to have our fun, but with the understanding that at some point, most likely if and when I met someone, it would have to come to an end.

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Well I did meet someone. Not too long, perhaps a month or so, after that conversation. I was planning on going out for drinks with my roommate. He asked me if a friend he worked with could join us. I said, why not. Her name, was Erica, and she was beautiful! I spent that whole evening trying not to be too obvious about staring, but it was hard (in more ways than one). She had shoulder length hair of a rich, brown color. Her skin was like smooth, flawless alabaster. Her smile lit up the room. She wore a loose fitting top with a plunging neckline that showed off her gorgeous, ample breasts. Her waist curved into a true hourglass flaring out to the kind of hips a woman should have. She was simply stunning. Erica and I hit it off pretty well that night. I got her phone number, and after almost dropping the ball once we wound up dating. Seeing as how my relationship with Erica isn't the focal point of this story I'll summarize and say that our relationship went so well that we wound up married, and still are to this day.

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Now, it was fairly early in our relationship that I knew Erica would be the woman I married. We were just right for each other on so many levels. Because of that though, I was very nervous. This was a woman I loved, and wanted to spend my life with, but I was so worried that at some point the secret I shared with Kasey would come out. What would Erica think about this? I knew I didn't want to lose her, but I didn't think I could handle it if we would up married for a lot of years only to have it come crashing down because the past relationship with my little sister became public. I decided I needed some help with this, so I called Kasey.

"Hey, Pete. What's up?" she asked, answering her phone.

"I've got a dilemma Kasey, and I need your help," I replied.

"Sure, anything for my big bro. What do you need?"

"Well, here's the situation. You know I've been dating Erica for a while. Honestly, I'm pretty sure I love this woman, and I have a good feeling we're going to wind up married someday," I said.

"That's awesome Pete! So what's the problem?" she asked.

"Well, the thing is I care about her so much that I'm really concerned that someday, somehow she'll find out about us.

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   If she did, I don't know if the love she and I share would be enough to save the marriage, or whatever relationship we happen to be in. What do you think I should do?"

"That is tough. I guess I hadn't really thought about it because Sandra has been so great about us. Hmmm"

We talked for over an hour. In the end we decided that it would be best for me to wait a few more months, and see if my relationship with Erica continued the way I expected it too. After all, if we broke up a month from now it wouldn't really matter then. However, if things progressed then we decided it would be best if I told her. Well, after a few more months I came to realize that Erica was definitely the woman I wanted to spend my life with. I was planning to propose at Christmas. I knew, though, that the only way this was going to work was if there were no secrets. At this point, Erica and I were basically living together in the house I was already sharing with my roommate Kellen. So I waited until one night when Kellen was going to be out late, and I told Erica we needed to talk.

"Uh, oh. Did I do something wrong? No good conversation starts with 'We need to talk'," she said.

"No babe, you didn't do anything wrong.

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   It's just that things are going so well with you, and I see us together for a long time. Because of that, I don't want there to be any secrets between us, so I wanted to tell you something. "

"Oh god. You, didn't cheat on me did you?" she asked.

She had a terrified look on her face. She loved me so much, and she didn't want anything to come between us. I felt the same way. That made it so hard to keep going.

"No, of course not. I would never cheat on you sweetheart," I said as I took her hands in mine. "It has to do with my past. It's something that many people wouldn't understand, and you also might have a hard time with it. The fact that it could cost me our relationship makes it very difficult for me to say, but I don't want you finding out later. I want all my cards on the table so you know who I am. "


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   I do know you, and I love you. I don't know what you could have done in the past, but I'm here for you. You can tell me anything," she said.

"Ok. Thank you. All I ask is that you let me finish before saying anything. Well, here goes. It all started in highschool…"

I proceeded to tell Erica about my history with Mitch and Kasey. As I began she was definitely surprised to hear that I had ever had some bisexual tendencies. As I began telling her about that first week in high school when my parents left Mitch and I alone she seemed to be comfortable with what I was telling her. I didn't sugar coat anything either. I told her how much I enjoyed having a hard cock in my mouth, and that I thoroughly enjoyed the sensation of another mans cum running down my throat. When I got to the part about the first time I fucked Mitch in the ass I think Erica was actually getting a bit turned on. Then I told her that Kasey walked in on us.

"Oh no," she gasped.

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   "What happened?! Did you guys get into a lot of trouble?"

"Not exactly," I replied.

When I told her about the agreement Kasey made with me her face blanched and her mouth fell wide open. She was speechless. I just continued on. I told her about the whole week. She now knew that I took my little sisters virginity that week. She knew that I had shared my own sister with my best friend. She knew that I enjoyed sex with a man. She knew that the week ended with Kasey's friend Elizabeth joining us in an all night orgy. As I went on, I noticed that Erica's nipples were getting very hard and her grip on my hands was getting tighter and a little sweaty. To this point, all I had hoped for was that she wouldn't storm off in disgust, but I couldn't believe it. It actually seemed like hearing all this was turning her on. Well I certainly wasn't going to stop now.

I continued on, and told her about how the relationship between the three of us grew. When I got to the surprise reunion weekend we had while I was at college she was utterly and completely enthralled by my story.

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   She was having trouble sitting still, and was obviously in a state of high arousal. To be honest seeing her like that, and reliving all those past events had it's effect on me too. I had a raging erection. I knew when I was done, one way or another I was going to need some relief. After telling her about that weekend I basically summed up the years afterward, and told her about the discussion Kasey and I had before I met Erica. As I finished the story I gripped Erica's hands tighter.

"So that's everything babe. I've been keeping that a secret, but I felt you needed to know this if we were going to have any future together. I hope you don't hate me. " I said.

"Well, I have to admit the whole thing is absolutely shocking. Let me just make sure I get this. When you were in high school you started experimenting with homosexuality with your best friend.

Your sister caught you, and instead of telling on you joined in. So for the better part of the last 8 years or so you've been having sex regularly with your sister, and at least part of that you've been having sex with your friend Mitch as well, but it all stopped when you met me?"

"Yeah, that's it in a nutshell I guess," I said with a worried look.

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"If someone had asked me yesterday if I could ever be with someone that had committed incest regularly with his sister, I would have said absolutely not. The whole thing would have disgusted me. But, honestly, the way you tell it, it didn't have that effect on me at all. It seemed almost natural. To be really honest," she said as she began to blush, "the whole thing actually got me really turned on. "

"Really?! Are you serious?!" I asked.

"Oh yeah, but I have a question. "

"Sure, what do you want to know?" I asked.

"Well Sandra. Kasey's been with her forever. You didn't really talk about her. Where does she fit into this?"

"Oh, well she actually knows all of this, and she's cool with it," I said.

"Well, umm, is that all?" she asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I guess, is she cool just knowing, or, like, has she ever participated?" she asked.

"Ah, I see," I said grinning.

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   "You really are turned on by all of this. You want some more details"

"Maybe," she said sheepishly.

"Well, to answer your question, yes she has participated. Would you like to hear about the first time?" I asked.

"Yeah!" she said excitedly.

Seeing as how I haven't told this story before I'll retell it here. This happened the weekend I moved back to my hometown. It was the summer. I was a couple months away from turning 24. Kasey was just recently turned 21. I was going to be moving into a house with Kellen. He was out of town for the day and night, but he had already given me my key so I could move in. When I got to the house my dad met me there to help me unload. A few minutes after we got started a car I didn't recognize rolled up out front.

"Hey dad.


   Do you know who that is?" I asked.

"Oh, that's Sandra's car. Kasey was going to come by to help, and welcome you back. I guess she brought Sandra with her. "

"Oh right on. "

Kasey climbed out of the passenger side door and walked up. She looked great in a pair of short cutoffs, a tight tanktop that hugged her curves beautifully, and a pair of calf high athletic socks and tennis shoes.

"Hey bro! Welcome back!" Kasey said as she walked up.

"Thanks! Great to be back!" I replied.

Behind Kasey, I could see an absolutely gorgeous woman walking up the driveway. I recognized Sandra from the picture Kasey had shown Mitch and I during our little reunion weekend. I thought the picture was beautiful, but it didn't do her justice at all. Sandra was tall, with flowing flame red hair. She had vivd green eyes, and a pair of beautiful, full pink lips. She wore a snug halter top that fit a beautiful pair of breasts.

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   They weren't as large as Kaseys, probably around a 34C, but they fit her so well. Her body tapered down into a slender waist before widening again into just enough hip for my taste. She was wearing cutoff as well that just barely covered her exquisite ass. Below her hips her legs seem to go on for miles ending in statuesque ankles and dainty feet in flip-flops. It was all I could do to keep from turning into a blithering idiot. Thankfully my dad was carrying some things into the house, and didn't notice. Kasey just looked at me with a smirk.

"Pete, this is Sandra," she said.

"Nice to meet you Pete," Sandra said with a perky bounce in her step that did wonderful things to my insides.

"Likewise," I said.

"Man of few words, I see," Sandra said laughing.

"Ha. Not quite. That's just the effect you're having on him," Kasey said. "Anyway, Pete, we thought we'd come help you get moved in, and seeing as you've got the place to yourself for the night we thought we'd help you break it in properly.

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"Wow! I don't even know what to say," I said.

"Just smile, and nod cutie. We'll take care of the rest," said Sandra as she kissed me lightly on the cheek and patted my crotch.

My already raging hard cock almost exploded at that little touch. Needless to say I wanted the work to get done as quickly as possible. My dad and I did all the heavy lifting. We moved everything in, while Kasey and Sandra put things away. They took every opportunity they could to tease me. Whenever my dad wasn't around they would do little things like kiss in front of me or brush their tits up against me as we passed each other or sneak a quick grab of my crotch. It was late afternoon when we were finally done. My dad and I were a sweaty mess, but the girls, having not done any real strenuous work, were still as fresh as when they arrived. I thanked my dad for all his help and he took off. When he was finally gone, I turned towards the ladies and said, "So, you said something about helping me break this place in. When's that going to happen?"

"Right after you take a shower," Kasey said.

"Would you two care to join me," I asked.

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"No. We've got other plans," Sandra said with a smile.

"Just be quick about it, and no jacking off!" Kasey said. "Oh, and you might not want to be wearing much when you come out. "

With that I ran to the shower, anxious to get it over with. As I washed my body it was incredibly difficult to stop myself from relieving the pent up tension. I got myself cleaned up quickly, dried myself off, and threw on a bathrobe. I headed towards my room, but saw that they weren't there. So, I made my way out to the living room. The two women were sitting there on the couch talking. They stopped their conversation when I entered the room.

"There he is. We were wondering if you'd forgotten about us," Kasey said with a smirk.

"Not likely," I said looking down at my crotch.


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   Looks like he's been a good boy and saved it for us," Sandra said as she admired the tent I was making in the robe.

They both got up off the couch and came towards me. They wrapped their arms around me as they stood on either side trading kisses with me as they steered me towards the couch.

"We're going to put on a little show for you first bro just to really get you going," Kasey said.

"Oh, I don't think I need any help with that!" I replied.

"All the same, you're just going to have to wait and enjoy the show. And no playing with this while you watch!" said Sandra as she reached into my robe and grabbed my cock giving it a couple of quick strokes.

That alone sent shivers up my spine, and caused my whole body to clench up. If she had done even half of another stroke I would have exploded in her hand, but she seemed to know this. She gave me a devilish grin and stepped away taking Kasey with her. I was left there standing by the couch in exquisite pain. I needed to cum so badly, but they weren't going to let me until they were ready. So I just sat down on the couch ready to enjoy the show.

They turned so that they were facing each other, but I was looking at them in profile. They began by sharing a deep sensual kiss.

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   Their hands roamed all over each other's bodies. Sandra lowered her hands to the hem of Kasey's top, and Kasey obediently raised her arms above her head as Sandra pulled the tanktop off revealing a white lace bra underneath. They embraced and Sandra deftly unhooked Kasey's bra quickly tossing it aside. Even after all those years I still got incredibly excited at the site of my sister's bare breasts. They were just so perfect. They were nice and plump with beautiful pink aureolas. Her nipples stood out hard and excited. Sandra leaned down and took one of Kasey's nipples in her mouth bringing forth a loud gasp of pleasure from my sister.  

After a few seconds Kasey brought Sandra's head back up and they began to kiss again. I became even more excited, if that's possible, as Kasey reached up behind Sandra's neck to untie the halter top. With the top untied, Kasey slowly pulled the top over Sandra's head. The material stretched as it pulled across her ample chest. As the hem popped past, Sandras's breasts bounced free. They were simply stunning. They formed perfect tear drop shapes.

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   Each one was tipped with a small, very pale pink nipple that was so hard it might have been able to cut glass. This time Kasey leaned down taking Sandra's nipple into her mouth. Sandra shuddered with the pleasure, pulling Kasey more tightly against her. The two of them continued to slowly remove articles of clothing until they were standing in front of me making out completely naked. No man was ever so lucky. I had two veritable goddesses standing before me in a lover's embrace.

Sandra broke the kiss first and took Kasey's hand pulling her down to the carpeted floor. They wound up on the floor seated facing each other. They stopped kissing so they could lean back and slide their bodies together in a seated scissor position. They both moaned out in pure ecstasy as their pussies made contact with each other. They started out using a slow rolling motion. The excitement quickly built though. Their moans grew louder and more heated as their pace quickened. After a few short minutes both their bodies began to quake as they shared an intense orgasm.

I was almost out of my mind.

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   I had witnessed one of the hottest shows I could possibly imagine, and I hadn't touched myself once. My cock was screaming for release. If I didn't do something soon, it would probably just have exploded on its own. As the ladies came down from their high they separated and looked up at me.

"So, what'd you think of the show Pete," said Kasey.

"Girls, that was one of the hottest things I've ever seen," I replied.

"Mmmm. Glad you enjoyed it," purred Sandra.

"Oh, you have no idea what you've done to me. In all seriousness, if I don't do something about this soon," I said pointing to my painfully hard cock, "it may actually explode from the pressure. "

"Well, we certainly wouldn't want that now, would we big brother," replied my sister. "Why don't you come down and join us. We both love some pussy, but there's no substitute for a nice hard cock. "

"Oh yeah. I've been hearing stories about how good you are for years.

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   Now I get to see what all the fuss is about myself!" said Sandra.

All that said I tore my robe off and climbed down onto the floor with them. Kasey kissed me deeply as I got down on my knees.

"I've missed you bro, and Sandra's been very anxious to meet you," she said.

"I certainly have been. I've been wanting to taste this cock that always has her so excited," said Sandra.

Kasey proceeded to kiss me more as Sandra lowered herself to my cock. My sisters kiss was amazing, but a bolt of electricity shot up through me as Sandra slowly licked my painfully hard cock from base to tip. As she got to the tip she opened her mouth and slowly slid the entire length into her mouth and down her throat. I couldn't stand much more of that. She slowly slid back up, expertly massaging my entire length with her tongue as she went.

Each inch that slid out was promptly covered as she slid her hand in below her mouth. As she slid off the end she twirled her tongue around the tip and massaged it with her hand.

"Oh god. I'm going to cum soon!" I said breaking the kiss with Kasey.

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Sandra quickly engulfed my head once more and began slowly tonguing it as she slowly, but firmly stroked my shaft. The shear sensuality of what she was doing coupled with the teasing I had endured all day along with the erotic show sent me to knew heights of ecstasy as I reached my orgasm. I arched my back and thrust forward as I cried out. A mind shattering orgasm ripped through me and I erupted into Sandra's mouth. It felt like buckets of cum flooded out of me in an instant and wouldn't stop. Sandra's mouth filled to overflowing, and I wasn't done. Kasey saw this and quickly took Sandra's place. I continued to pump my cum into her mouth as well. When I was finally done I slumped down exhausted from the incredible release.  

I looked up at the two women in front of me. Each had a mouth full of my cum. They leaned into each other and began another sensual kiss. They shared my cum back and forth. There was so much that as much poured out of their mouths as went back in. Cum ran down their chins and onto their breasts.

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   Kasey pushed Sandra onto her back and began licking the cum off her body. After a minute or so Sandra rolled Kasey over and proceeded to do the same to her. It didn't take long before all traces of cum were gone from their bodies. That little show had the added affect of renewing my erection as well. Sandra noticed first.

"Oooh. Looks like he's ready to go again already! I've been hearing so much about how good you are Pete, and I just can't take it anymore. I need your cock in my pussy. Give it to me!" she said, panting with lust.

"Mmmm yeah big brother. Come over here and fuck my girlfriend while I watch. " said Kasey.

I didn't even respond. I just slid over to where they were. Sandra laid on her back and spread her legs for me.


   As I climbed between them Kasey took my cock in her hand and lined it up with Sandra's pussy.

"Oh Kasey. Do it. Give me your big brothers cock!" said Sandra.

Kasey pulled me forward with my cock sliding the head into Sandra's beautifully bare, sopping wet pussy. As she removed her hand Sandra locked her legs behind my back and pulled me in. I leaned down and kissed Sandra deeply. She broke the kiss and whispered in my ear, "Don't go slow. I need it hard. Fuck me with everything you have!"

I didn't need to be told twice. I sat up on my hands, withdrew my cock to just the tip and thrust it back in hard. I fucked Sandra at a furious pace. I drove into her with all the force I could muster. The house was filled with the sound of moist flesh slapping together. My body quickly developed a sheen of sweat from the effort of fucking this fire-headed goddess.

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"Oh god! He's so good Kasey. I had no idea. He's fucking me so good! Oh Pete! Don't EVER STOP!" Sandra cried out.

I looked over and saw Kasey frantically masturbating. Her hand was almost a blur as it flew over her clit. I looked down and Sandra's chest was turning an intense red, and her eyes were slammed shut as a massive orgasm built inside of her. All of a sudden she arched her back and cried out, "FUCK MEEEEEEEE!" I drove into her as hard as I could as her body convulsed with the intensity of her orgasm. That incredibly erotic site sent me over the edge as well. My balls tightened up then my cock dumped more cum into her pussy as I grunted loudly. My vision blurred as I went lightheaded. I vaguely remember hearing Kasey cry out as she came as well. I then rolled off Sandra and collapsed next to her on the floor. I didn't quite pass out, but I wasn't very conscious of what was happening around me either. I just laid there panting and recovering.

A short while later I became conscious of Kasey and Sandra talking, but I couldn't focus on what they were saying.

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   Then, suddenly, my cock was engulfed in something very warm and very wet. I looked down, and saw my sister bobbing up and down on my cock.

"Oh yeah Kasey. Suck my pussy juice off your brothers dick!" I heard Sandra say.

Surprisingly my member responded, and I felt it stiffen up.

"Mmm. That's what I was looking for," said Kasey as she broke off.

"Yeah! Climb on to him. I've always wanted to see you fuck your brother Kase. I never had a brother to fuck, so I've got to live vicariously through you. Take your brothers cock deep inside you. "

I felt Kasey straddle my hips and take my cock in her hand. I fully awoke as I felt my now fully hard cock slide into my sister's amazing pussy. It was always the most wonderful feeling being inside her. She leaned forward and kissed me deeply as she slowly moved her hips up and down.

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   She broke the kiss and offered me her breasts. I eagerly took her nipple into my mouth as I squeezed her breasts. She bit her lower lower lip and inhaled quickly. She always loved having her nipples sucked. As I got more and more into making love with my sister I began meeting her thrusts with my own. She sat up and put her hands on my chest. Her pussy gripped my cock like a silken vice, and it felt incredible. I could see the pleasure building in her. She loved having her brother inside her as much as I loved being inside my sister. Her body began to tremble as her orgasm built. I could feel my own building as well. Sandra must have sensed what was coming. She was furiously fingering herself beside us.

"Oh yes you two. Yes! I want to see you come together.

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   Fill your sister with your cum Pete!" she said.

Her last sentence put us both over the edge. Kasey arched her back and screamed as the intense waves of pleasure hit her. I grabbed her hips tightly and thrust up into her as far as I could flooding her pussy with my third orgasm of the day, and Sandra cried out as she came with us. Kasey collapsed on top of me afterward, and we simply lay there holding each other. Sandra made her way over to us and snuggled as close as she could. We lay like that for an hour or so. I was completely, and utterly spent after that.

I finished telling the story to Erica, and she was completely spellbound. She looked me deep in the eyes.

"Get your pants off now. I need your cock, and I need it now!" she exclaimed.

Never one to argue with that kind of request I stood up off the couch and ripped my pants off as fast as I could. Erica immediately dropped to her knees and took my whole cock eagerly into her mouth. To this point she had only very infrequently given me blowjobs, and while adequate they had never been as good as Kasey's.

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   This time, she was like a whole new woman. Erica sucked my cock like it was the only thing in the world that mattered. I was so incredibly horny that I couldn't last long either. I warned her that I was about to come, but that didn't slow her down at all. She just furiously stroked me with the head pointed at her open mouth. That was an incredible site, and I couldn't hold out any longer I blasted an enormous load at her. The first shot was so powerful in fact that it shot over her mouth all together and splashed across her face. She quickly corrected and took the remainder of my cum into her mouth swallowing it all down. When I was finished she scooped the cum off her face and ate it all down as well.

"Damn Erica. You've never sucked my cock like that before. Holy shit, that was amazing!" I said.

"I can't believe it but the thought of you fucking your sister has got me so hot. I hope you're not done!" she responded.

"Not by a long shot!"

With that I scooped my girlfriend up in my arms, and carried her to my room.

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   I laid her on the bed and quickly tore off all her clothes followed by what remained of mine. I climbed on top of her and kissed her passionately. I then made my way down. Erica has marvelous breasts. They're a nice full 34D. The aureolas are slightly larger than a quarter, and a beautiful medium pink color. Her nipples are just a bit larger than pencil erasers. I eagerly took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked hard biting it just slightly. She hissed out in pleasure. I then kissed my way down the soft skin of her belly. She keeps a nicely groomed, dark landing strip that I made my way through on the way to her pussy. When I got there I look a long, slow lick all the way up her slit with my tongue pushed flat against it. As the lick finished I flicked her rock hard clit with the tip of my tongue. She yelped out with the intensity of the sensation. I then ate her pussy like it was the last chance I would ever get to do so.

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   She moaned continuously begging me not to stop. Her hands maintained a firm grip on the back of my head so I couldn't leave. Her body roiled and squirmed beneath me. The pleasure was almost too much for her. Suddenly she cried out and my mouth was flooded with her sweet juices. I always took pride in my ability to eat pussy, but she had never cum like that for me before. I couldn't believe how hot my story had made her. As she came down I slid up her body and kissed her deeply. She never would kiss me after I had eaten her out before. She did it willingly, almost eagerly, today.

"Oh god Pete. That was so good. " she panted out.

"Mmm. I glad you enjoyed it.

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   Do you need a break, or are you ready for more?" I asked.

"Yes! I want more. I need your hard cock inside me now," she replied.

I sat up between her legs. I ran my hands slowly down her body, until I made it to the space between us. I grasped my cock firmly in my hand and placed it at the entrance to her pussy. I looked her in the eyes, as I began to push forward. She looked back at me with a smoldering intensity I'd never seen out of her before.

"Fuck me Pete. Fuck me like you fucked your sister all those times. I want to feel you the way she felt you. "

I was struck speechless. Obviously I knew my girlfriend was now ok with everything that had happened in my past, but to put it like that to me was so amazingly hot I almost blew my load on her right there. I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock deep into her pussy as far as I could. I did just want she wanted.

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   I fucked her hard, like an animal. We never broke eye contact. There was so much passion between us right then.

"Fuck me Pete. Fuck me like I'm your sister. Keep going. " she said.

"Oh yeah. Oh Erica. This is so fucking good. You're amazing. " I said.

"Don't call me Erica. Call me Kasey. I'm your sister right now.

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  " She replied.

Hearing her say that was so fucking hot. I went at it with renewed vigor. Our passion kept building. Her body started to react uncontrollably. I knew she was going to come soon. I could feel my balls begin to tight as well. I couldn't hold out much longer. I was trying my best to hold out for her.

"Oh god Pete! I can't take it anymore I'm cumming now!" she cried out.

"Me too! Oh Kasey. You're so fucking good! Here I CUM!!" I cried out as well.

With that we shared the most intense orgasm we had ever had together before. it was incredible. As we both came down I leaned forward and kissed my girlfriend deeply.


   We just held each other for a while. Eventually I rolled off of her, and she snuggled up close to me.

"Wow Erica. I have to say, I was so nervous about telling you. I mean I was just hoping you wouldn't hate me. I never in a million years thought you'd take it this well. " I said.

"What can I say. I never thought I could get turned on by my boyfriends incestuous relationship with his sister, but here we are after the best sex we've ever had together. " she replied.

"Yeah, No kidding. " I said.

"I do have one more question though," she said.

"Oh. What's that?" I asked.

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"Do you think your sister would be willing to join us sometime?"


To be continued…


I hope you all like the new direction of this series.

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