Me and Kasey: Part II - A very special night


Part II


I laid there for a second reeling from the question I was just asked.

"Are you serious? You want my sister to join us?" I asked.

"Your story was just so hot, I want to experience it first hand," she replied.

"Wow, I must be the luckiest guy on Earth. So, how do you see this working? Are you going to watch us? Will I go back and forth between you two? What?"

"No, I was thinking, maybe, it would be more like the time you were with her and Sandra," she said.

"Wait. You mean you want this to be like a real, legitimate three-way? Like, not just me and two women, but all of us together doing things to each other?" I asked.

"Yeah, that's what I mean," she replied.

"Holy crap. Is there a side of you I don't know about? Have you been with women before?" I asked, shocked.

"I mean, I kissed a couple girls in college, but no I've never been with another woman, and certainly haven't done anything like this. You opened my eyes though. I really want to try this. "

"Well, honestly, I don't think Kasey would have a problem with it at all. She's always told me she thinks you're hot. I'm sure she'd love the chance to be with you, and I'm sure it would only be better having me there as well.

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   I mean we haven't done anything together since I met you. "

"So you'll try to arrange this?" she asked.

"Are you kidding me?! Of course!" I replied.

"Awesome! I'm so excited. Also, you don't have to refrain from being with Kasey on your own anymore either. I'm not worried about losing you. You guys have a special relationship. So, feel free to enjoy it!"

"Wow! You must be the greatest girlfriend a guy has ever had!" I said.

"And don't you forget it mister," she replied with a wink.

The next day I went over and met Kasey at her house. I was anxious to get this plan put into action. I knocked on the door, and she let me in. She looked gorgeous, even first thing in the morning. Obviously, having gotten up not that long ago, she was barefoot, wearing a pair of striped boxers and a snug fitting tank top with a nice bit of her tummy showing. There was obviously no bra underneath as the wonderful breasts of hers were beautifully outlined in the fabric.

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"So, how'd the conversation with Erica go? How'd she take it?" she asked.

"Oh, it went better than I ever could have hoped. " I replied.

"Really?! What happened?"

I proceeded to tell her all about what happened with Erica. I explained that I told Erica basically every detail of the relationship Kasey and I had shared since that week in high school. Then I told her about how Erica became incredibly turned on by the story of the three-way I'd had with Kasey and Sandra. I told her how afterward, Erica practically tore my clothes off and we proceeded to fuck like we'd never fucked before. When I told Kasey, that afterward, Erica had asked if I thought she would want to join us she almost choked.

"Are you fucking kidding me? Erica wants me to join you guys?!" she asked.

"Yep. She is totally excited about the idea of a three-way with us," I replied.

"So, like a real three-way? She basically wants to have sex with me too?"

"Yep. "

"Oh my god. That is so awesome. Pete, she is so hot.

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   I've always sort of wanted to, but I never thought I'd get a chance like this. "

"So I guess you're in?" I asked with a smirk.

"Heck yeah, and the sooner the better!" she replied.

"Oh, I think we could make something happen tonight. Oh, and one more thing. " I said.

"What's that?" she asked.

"Erica also told me that we don't have to refrain anymore. She wants us to be able to continue to enjoy the close relationship we had before. "

Kasey just sort of froze for a second. Her eyes locked on mine. Then she literally threw herself at me. I caught her in mid air. She wrapped her legs and arms around me as she kissed me deeply. I carried her over to an open spot on her living room carpet and lowered our bodies to the floor.

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   As we got to the floor she let go and pushed me hard onto my back and straddled my hips.

"You have no idea how much I've missed this. I need you right now Pete" she said.

"I've missed you too sis. I'm all yours," I replied.

With that she tore off my shirt and quickly followed with her own. As her wonderful tits bounced free I leaned up and took her left breast into my mouth. She gasped then shoved me back to the floor.

"No time for that. I need you inside me now!" she exclaimed.

She climbed off of me just long enough to rip off my pants and underwear as well as her boxers. There was nothing underneath. I stared up at her smooth, hairless pussy with eager anticipation. She stepped over me, and lowered herself over my hips. She grasped my hard cock firmly in her hand lowered herself all the way down in one motion.

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   As my cock slid smoothly into her warm, wet tunnel I was gripped with a feeling of pure pleasure. As she bottomed out on my cock Kasey shuddered once with delight.

"Oh god, I've missed this. " she said.

Then she started slowly moving her hips up and down. It felt incredible to be back inside my younger sister. Her pussy always seemed to fit me just right. We didn't really say much as she got going faster and faster. We both just panted and moaned as the passion grew. I was mesmerized by her bouncing breasts, and had to hold them. There was just something so right about feeling her soft full breasts fill my hands. I could feel her movements becoming more and more erratic. I knew an orgasm was building inside her.

"Oh, Pete. It's so good.

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   Your cock is so good. I've needed this for so long. I'm going to cum soon!" she exclaimed.

"Kasey, I missed you so much. You pussy feels so amazing wrapped around my cock. I'm gonna cum too. " I replied.

"Fill me up! Fill your sister up with your cum. I need it!"

Our passion grew to the point of no return. Her body seized up, and then she let out a loud moan as the orgasm ripped through her causing her whole body to repeatedly shudder. At the same time I grabbed her hips tightly and felt my cock erupt inside her. I came and came until our mixed juices were flowing out around the base of my cock. When we finally came down Kasey collapsed on top of me.

"That was so good. You have no idea how much I needed that.

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  " she said.

"Well, now that Erica is cool with it I'm here for you whenever you need it. " I replied.

"Be careful bro. You may regret saying that," she added.

"Never!" I responded, "Well, let's get cleaned up and get tonight planned!"

"Good idea!"

The two of us enjoyed a nice long shower together. We didn't really do much of anything in there because we wanted to save our energy for that night. We just sort of enjoyed each other's company, and got clean. After we finished I called Erica and explained that I had talked to Kasey and she was free that night. Erica was ecstatic. We decided to have Kasey come over for dinner, then we would just see where the evening took us. I got back home and helped Erica get the house cleaned up and ready. It was obvious that she was incredibly horny, but she wouldn't let me so much as touch her for fear she would want to do it right then and there. She wanted to save up everything for that night. I just couldn't believe this night was actually going to happen.

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   It was like a dream come true. How many guys can say they've had not just a three-way, but a three-way with their beautiful girlfriend and gorgeous younger sister. This was going to be a night to remember.

After getting the house cleaned the two of us got ready for the evening. The plan was to do it up right. Everyone was going to dress nicely. We were going to prepare a gourmet meal (to the best of our ability). There would be plenty of wine, and a little dessert. Then we'd finish the night with the best dessert of all. After taking a shower and shaving I put on a nice pair of charcoal gray slacks, a black button down shirt, and a nice pair of dress shoes. Erica wouldn't let me watch her get ready, so I just began prepping the food for dinner. We were going to have a nice harvest salad followed by some homemade bruschetta. For the entree we were going to prepare my signature linguine in clam sauce. Lastly, there would be a tirimisu for dessert. I was really into Italian food at the time.

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As I was chopping the vegetables for the salad Erica stepped into the kitchen. My heart skipped a beat. She was absolutely breathtaking. She had done her hair up in a simple yet elegant up do. She had just enough makeup to accentuate for beautiful features. She was wearing a pair of white gold dangly earrings. She looked stunning in her little black dress. It was a low cut halter at the top that looked classy while showing off her ample cleavage. It clung to her curves in just the right places, showing off her wonderfully full hips. It flared out a little before cutting off just above the knee. It fit her perfectly. Below the dress she wore black stockings that led down to the perfect pair of strappy, black heals (I'm a sucker for those kinds of shoes). I just stood there, half-way cutting through a cucumber. She looked back at me with a smirk.

"Well, are you just going to stand there and stare, or are you going to say something," she asked.

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"Honey, you look incredible," I responded.

"I'm glad you think so. Do you think your sister will approve?"

"Knowing Kasey, it'll be a miracle if she makes it through dinner without tearing your clothes off," I replied.

"Mmmm. I don't know if I can wait even that long," she said while giving me an absolutely smoldering look.

She slowly walked up to me.

As she moved, her body did amazing things under that dress. When she reached me, she pressed herself against me and gave me one of the deepest, most passionate kisses we'd ever shared. My cock immediately stood up, poking her in the stomach. She reached down with her hand and grasped my hardness through my pants. I wanted to shove her to the floor, and make love to her like a crazed animal right then and there.

"Looks like someone's ready for tonight," she said.

"You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to this," I replied.

"Good. But remember, good things come to those who wait," she said.



With that she stepped away and winked at me. It was all I could to do contain my raging hormones at that point. My bigger head did prevail over my smaller one though. Erica helped me get the meal finished up. Just as the cooking was nearing completion the doorbell rang. Erica left me in the kitchen to go let Kasey in. I heard some chit chat off in the distance, then the two walked in. Kasey was every bit as stunning as Erica. Her long blonde hair was left down in loose curls. She, too, was wearing just enough make-up. Her dress was a deep navy that contrasted nicely with her skin. It was a simple off the shoulder, and nicely snug dress. It was cut low enough to show the fullness of her breasts, and about half way up her thigh. It rode the fine line between classy and slutty just right. She had no stockings on her beautiful legs, and wore a simple pair of matching pumps.

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   The two of them standing side-by-side made for an incredible view. I couldn't believe I was this lucky.

"Pete, don't be rude. Say hello to your sister," Erica said.

"Oh, don't worry about it Erica. He gets like this when he's around too many attractive women at a time," Kasey replied with a smile.

A little embarrassed, I responded, "Hey sis, you look incredible. "

"Nice of you to notice. Why don't you come over here and give me a little hello kiss," she replied.

I put down my spoon and gladly made my why over to the pair of them. I looked briefly at my girlfriend as I leaned in to my sister. She obviously knew about us, but this was still going to be the first time I gave my sister a REAL kiss in front of her. Our lips met, and then our tongues. Kasey pressed herself against me and moaned out. My erection came storming back.

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   If I didn't break this kiss soon I wouldn't be able to stop myself from going back. Thankfully I didn't have to as Kasey broke it herself.

"Mmm. Let's call that the appetizer. Keep it together big brother. We'll get to the meal soon enough," she said.

The two women giggled together as I tried to compose myself. I poured us each a glass of white wine as I finished preparing the meal. Soon enough it was ready and we all sat down to eat. The meal went by way too slowly for my taste. The food was terrific, of course, but the women made it a point to tease and flirt as much as they could. By the time we got to dessert I thought my pants were going to burst from the pressure of my hardon. After Erica and I cleared the dinner plates I pulled the tirimisu out of the refrigerator and served everyone.

"Seriously Pete, between the salad and bruschetta, the pasta, and now this dessert, there hasn't been one bad thing in this meal. I had no idea you were such a good cook," my sister said.

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   "If I had known you could cook as well as you can fuck I don't know that I'd ever have let you out of my sight. You are one lucky gal Erica. "

"Oh I know. When I found out that he was as good in the kitchen as he was in the bedroom I knew he was a keeper," Erica responded.

"Please, ladies you're making me blush," I said with a smile.

"Oh, believe me big brother, very soon we're going to make you do a lot more than blush," Kasey said as she sensuously licked some of the dessert from her fork.

As the last few bites of dessert were consumed the sexual tension in the room was so thick you could have cut through it with a knife. The two women got up from their seats and made their way toward me. They each took a hand of mine, and pulled me to my feet.

"It's time for the real dessert," said Erica with a smile. "I hope you're both looking forward to it as much as I am. "

"Baby, I've been dreaming of this for a while. I just can't believe it's actually going to happen. I just don't know what turns me on more the idea of being with both my girlfriend and my sister or getting to watch my girlfriend and my sister together. "

"No need to decide.

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   You're going to get all of it," said Kasey.

After that they both led me back to the bedroom. As we went in Erica dimmed the lights. They had me stand at the foot of the bed. Then they stood next to each other facing me.

"Are you ready big brother?" Kasey asked softly.

"More than you know," I replied.

The two women began to slowly undress me. Erica began by unbuttoning my shirt as Kasey untied my shoes. After discarding my shirt, and kicking off my shoes they proceeded to my pants. They were truly working as a team. As my belt came free of my pants in Kasey's hands Erica undid the button on my pants and unzipped my fly. As my pants fell around my ankles Kasey pushed me to sit on the edge of the bed. The two of them then removed my pants and socks leaving me seated on the bed in nothing but my boxers.

"I think we'll leave you there for the time being big brother," said Kasey.

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   "Now we're going to put on a little show for you. "

Kasey turned towards Erica and pulled her close. As Kasey leaned closer I could see just the slightest bit of nervousness and apprehension on Erica's face. After all, this was pretty new territory for her. However, it melted away almost immediately after their lips met. Two sets of soft pink lips locked together in an incredibly sensuous kiss. As their mouths opened I could see their tongues meet for the first time. They softly caressed each other's tongue with their own. The kiss was simply beautiful. As they kissed Kasey reached behind Erica's head and untied her hair, letting her beautiful, rich, brown tresses fall to her shoulders. Then she slowly untied the halter part of Erica's dress. Erica was so mesmerized by the kiss she didn't even seem to think twice about it. Kasey pulled her body away enough to allow the fabric of the upper part of the dress to fall revealing my girlfriend's beautiful breasts. Her nipples were incredibly hard from arousal. Without breaking the kiss Kasey gave the dress a quick tug, making it fall to the floor.

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   Underneath the dress Erica was wearing a black lace thong and a matching garter belt to hold the stockings up. She looked incredibly sexy like this. My cock was painfully hard, and I almost couldn't stop myself from relieving the pressure on my own.

Kasey then brought her body closer to Erica's again. Taking the cue Erica slid her hands up to Kasey's shoulders. She lightly grabbed the fabric of the dress and slowly pulled it down, carefully maintaining the kiss. The fabric stretched as it struggled to pull down over my sisters wonderfully full breasts. Eventually it popped over causing her tits jiggle nicely. As the fabric reached her hips Erica couldn't lower it any further without breaking the kiss. She lowered herself and brought the dress down below Kasey's hips letting it fall to the floor. My sister was wearing nothing at all under the dress. Her beautiful, hairless slit was now on full display for both my girlfriend and me.  

As Erica slowly began to rise Kasey put her hands on the back of her head and pulled her in close forcing Erica's face towards her breasts. Once again I saw reticence in Erica's expression as she was drawn closer to Kasey's breasts. Not one to shy away though she brought herself the rest of the way forward and lightly licked Kasey's left nipple.

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   I heard a sharp intake of breath from Kasey. Taking that as encouragement Erica continued and took the entire nipple in her mouth. Kasey bit her lower lip with pleasure.

"Oh god that's nice Erica. Yes, suck my nipple. I love it so much when your boyfriend does it, and I've wanted to feel your mouth on me ever since I met you. "

Erica was clearly turned on by what she said, and became more active in sucking and teasing the nipple. Before long she moved to the other. I could tell Kasey was getting more and more turned on. After a few minutes of this she pulled Erica to her feet and kissed her deeply. They massaged each other's breasts as they kissed each other passionately. After a few minutes Erica broke the kiss panting.

With a steaming hot look on her face she said to Kasey, "I want to watch you suck your brother's cock. I want to watch him cum in your mouth, and I want to see you swallow it. "

"Gladly," was all Kasey said in return.

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Finally I was going to get some action. Kasey made her way over to the edge of the bed. She leaned forward and pulled my boxers off as I raised my legs. I leaned back to give her more room. She remained standing, but leaned over me and grasped my cock firmly in her hand.

She gave me a sultry look and said, "So big brother, how does it make you feel knowing your girlfriend is about to watch your little sister suck your cock until you cum?"

"You keep talking like that, and I'm not even going to make it into your mouth before I cum!" I responded.

Kasey then licked the entire length of my cock, from base to tip before plunging the entire thing into her mouth and down her throat. I groaned loudly from the pleasure. I knew I wasn't going to last long, but I was bound and determined to make this last as long as I possibly could. Erica stood next to Kasey and leaned forward over us. She pulled Kasey's hair back and out of the way so she could watch as my younger sister expertly sucked my cock.

"How does it feel Pete?" she asked. "It looks like she's really good at this. Do you love having your thick, hard cock in your sister's mouth you dirty boy?"

"Oh god babe. She's so good.

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   Her mouth feels amazing. The only thing making it better is knowing you're watching and enjoying it too," I responded.

"I'm definitely enjoying the show. I can't wait to see you fill her mouth with your cum. Come on baby, do it. Let it go. Kasey wants it so bad. I can tell. Fill your baby sister's mouth with your cum. You know you want to. "

That drove me way over the edge. i couldn't believe the things Erica was saying. My balls tightened up, and I erupted into Kasey's mouth. Hot cum flooded out and filled her mouth. I groaned out loud.

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   The pleasure was so intense it almost hurt.

"Don't swallow it all! Save some in your mouth! Save some for me!" Erica quickly exclaimed.

As my orgasm wound down I could see some cum start to seep out through the corners of Kasey's mouth. I was panting hard from the force of the orgasm as Kasey finished up and stood up. Erica stood next to her. Kasey opened her mouth and showed Erica a mouth filled to the point of overflowing with my cum. Erica leaned toward Kasey. Kasey spilled cum into her mouth. My girlfriend moaned out as she swallowed my cum. Then the two women kissed deeply again. After such an intense start I was going to need some time to recover. The ladies didn't seem to mind at all.

Kasey steered Erica towards the bed and sat her on the edge next to me. She stepped back and kicked off her pumps. Then she removed Erica's shoes as well.


   I watched as she slowly unfastened each part of the garter belt from the stockings. She followed up by ever so slowly rolling each stocking down Erica's legs. Kasey lightly kissed each new inch of flesh that was revealed. I looked at my girlfriend's face as this was happening. She was obviously enjoying it. She was lightly biting down on one of her fingers as she watched my sister work her way down her legs. With the stockings removed Kasey moved back up and slowly slid Erica's panties and garter belt down her legs. Kasey peeled the undergarments down incredibly slowly. Once again, she placed tiny kisses on each new inch of revealed flesh pausing just above Erica's slit. As she slid them all the way off I looked at my girlfriend. Again she looked a little nervous, but she was too turned on to stop now. Kasey positioned herself between Erica's legs. Just before she began she looked up at me.

"Well big bro, how do you feel seeing your sister about eat your girlfriend's beautiful pussy?" she asked.

"Kasey, that is so incredibly hot.

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   I can't even describe what it's doing to me," I replied.

After my response Kasey leaned in and began by giving Erica a long slow lick the entire length of her pussy. There was a gasp and then a shudder as the pleasure hit Erica. Kasey smiled briefly at the result then returned to work. I watched as my sister used her very practiced tongue to stimulate my girlfriend's pussy. All inhibitions were gone from Erica at this point. She had her fingers wound tightly in Kasey's hair holding her there. Her hips bucked, and her body flushed. She was in a state of total ecstasy.

"Oh! God! Yes! Kasey! Oh… do that! Yes! Eat… my… pussy! It's so good!" she stammered out. "Oh… Pete. She's so good. I can't… believe… I'm… just now… doing this!"

Then she lost all ability to speak. The sounds of my sisters ministrations and my girlfriend's moans filled the room. My erection had come roaring back, but I didn't want to do anything to interrupt his.

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   I watch with rapt attention as Kasey would alternate between using her fingers and her tongue all over Erica's pussy. I realized then that I could definitely learn something from my sister about eating pussy. Soon enough Erica's body began to tighten up. I knew she was about to be hit by an incredible orgasm.

"OH GOD! KASEY! I… I'M… I'M CUUUUUMMMING!" yelled out Erica.

I was not disappointed. Her entire body convulsed violently as the orgasm tore through her. Kasey, like a pro, kept at it making sure to eek out every bit of pleasure for Erica that she could. Erica's body continued to tremble as the pleasure waves ripped through her. Eventually she collapsed and Kasey stopped. Erica was panting deeply from the experience.

"Kasey… th… that was so… good. I never knew… with… a woman… it could… be that good. " she said.


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   It was my pleasure," Kasey responded.

"Damn sis. I think I could use some pointers on oral pleasure," I said.

"We'll see big brother. I don't know if I want to give all my secrets away. After all, I want to give your lovely girlfriend here a reason to have me back with you," she said with a smile.

"Oh god Kasey. After that you're always welcome back," Erica responded pulling Kasey up to her in an embrace.

The two women began to kiss again, then they broke apart. Erica had a puzzled look on her face.

"I think I can taste myself on your lips," she said.

"I would think so," Kasey responded. "You came an awful lot. What do you think?"

"I don't know. It's a little weird, but not bad I guess.

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   What do you taste like?" Erica asked.

"Here let me show you," said Kasey.

Kasey reached down between her own legs and dipped her first two fingers into her glistening, wet pussy. She brought them up between the two women and offered them to Erica. Hesitant at first, Erica then leaned forward and sucked Kasey's fingers into her mouth. I was surprised to see that she actually spent some time sucking on them. Apparently she really didn't mind at all. After she pulled them out, she pulled Kasey to her and gave her another deep kiss. Erica positioned the two of them so that this time Kasey was on her back. They kissed some more, then Erica made her way down to Kasey's breasts and sucked them in turn. Kasey was incredibly turned on. I could tell she really needed to get off.  

Erica sat up briefly and said with a smile, "I guess I owe you one. "

"Only if you want to," Kasey said.

"I really do," replied Erica.

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Then she slowly slid down Kasey's body kissing her the whole way down. They were fairly far down the bed, so that by the time Erica got to Kasey's pussy her hips and legs were hanging off the foot of the bed with her feet just touching the ground. I watched intently as Erica leaned forward to get her first real taste of pussy straight from the source. She started out just as Kasey had with a big lick across the whole length. From then on she did her best to mimic what Kasey had done. It was obvious that she was new at this, but what she lacked in experience she made up for in dedication. She truly wanted to be doing this and it showed. In no time at all she had Kasey reeling. Kasey had her knees drawn up and her eyes slammed shut as she ran her hands through Erica's hair.

"Oh, yes. Erica. You good girl. I can't believe you've never done this!" exclaimed Kasey. "Oh brother, your girlfriend eats pussy so good. I hope you'll always let her do this.

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"Of course I will," I replied.

With that I decided I'd waited long enough. I really needed some attention too. I climbed off the bed and positioned myself behind my girlfriend. I grabbed her ass in both hands and gave it a squeeze. She flinched slightly, but didn't stop what she was doing. I spread her legs out a bit, and felt her wetness. Then I grabbed my cock, which felt like a steel rod in my hand, and positioned it up against my girlfriend's waiting pussy. In one hard push I drove my entire length all the way into her. She grunted from the impact, but refused to be deterred from her goal of bringing my sister to orgasm with her tongue. I fucked my girlfriend hard, as I watched her eat my sister's pussy. The site of that added to my girlfriend's attention drove Kasey to apparent new heights of pleasure.

"Oh Pete! Fuck her! Fuck her hard while she eats me. Oh god that's hot!" she yelled. "Keep doing it.

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   I'm so close!"

I watched as Kasey gradually lost control of herself. Her body trembled and shook, and then she planted her feet and arched her back as a powerful orgasm hit her. She screamed out, and continued to shake. As she came down and went limp on the bed Erica pulled away from me, sliding my dick from her pussy, and turned around to face me.

"On the bed now. That got me so hot, I need to fuck you," she said.

Never one to argue I climbed onto the bed on my back next to Kasey. Erica climbed up my body. She straddled my hips, grabbed my hard cock, and lowered herself onto it. She then put her hands on my chest and started to ride me for all she was worth. Her pussy felt amazing. It still gripped me so tightly. I was in heaven. It's as simple as that.

"God Pete.

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   Your cock feels fucking amazing!" she said to me.

"Your pussy is incredible. Don't stop. Ride me like this all night!" I replied.

Erica was really getting into it when Kasey came to.

"Oh wow. That's so hot. I need in on this" she said.

Without even waiting at all Kasey straddled my face and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. Before my view was completely blocked I just had time to see her leaning forward to kiss Erica. Then I began to eat my sister like I'd never get a chance to again. My head was absolutely reeling. I just couldn't comprehend that I was on my back getting fucked by my girlfriend while eating my sister as the two of them made out. It was just too much. I felt like my head was going to explode.

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   So I just focused on the task at hand. Kasey's pussy was practically running with juices. I did everything I could to lap them all up as I toyed with her clit and lips. It didn't take much longer before I felt Erica's movements become erratic. I knew she was close. What blew me away was that Kasey started to move similarly. I couldn't believe they were both going to get off at the same time. Right about that time I felt my balls begin to tighten up. Holy shit! Could it be?

"OH GOD!" the two of them yelled out together.

My face was too covered for my exclamation to be heard, but it was there. Both girls shook with their orgasms, and I blasted shot after shot of cum deep into Erica's pussy. Shortly after Erica climbed off of me, and Kasey climbed off my face. Erica was clearly exhausted. I didn't feel like I had much left either.

Then Kasey said, "I still haven't had a cock inside me tonight.

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   Think you can go one more round big brother?"

"Oh wow, I don't know Kasey. That was pretty intense," I replied.

"Oh Pete. You have to," said Erica. "This night wouldn't be complete unless I got to watch you and your sister together!"

"Ladies, the head and the heart are willing. I'm just not so sure about other parts," I said.

"Leave that to me," said Kasey with a smile.

Kasey immediately got on her knees in between my legs, and sucked my whole length into her mouth. I was definitely still sensitive, but surprisingly it wasn't too bad. She sucked my cock with determination. Even more surprising to me was that almost immediately it responded. As my cock stood up I sat up and pulled my sister to me. I rolled over and put her on her back as I lay on top of her. Erica slid up next to us. I looked into my girlfriend's eyes and pulled her head in to me, and kissed her passionately.


   Then I let her go, and looked down at my sister. I kissed her equally as passionately. Then I reached between us, gripped my now hard cock, and placed it at her entrance.

"Do it Pete," Erica said. "Make love to your sister for me. I want to watch you two. I want to see how much you really love each other. "

"Yes Pete. Make love to me. Let Erica see how wonderful our relationship is," Kasey responded.

I looked at them each in turn, then a drove myself forward into my sister once again. As always, it felt like home. This act was more tender than anything we'd done all night. I loved my sister, and I wanted her to know it. I was slow but steady with my thrusting.

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   The heat between us was palpable. The feel of her soft but firm body beneath me was exquisite. I knew every curve of her body by heart. I looked over at my girlfriend again and she just smiled at me knowingly. She knew that she and I would always be together, but that my sister would always have a place in the relationship as well. I watched as Kasey and Erica locked eyes. I could see tears welling up in Kasey's eyes as she mouthed the words "Thank you" to Erica. Erica smiled back and kissed her tenderly. I could feel the orgasm welling up within me. Kasey's body was responding too. Erica could sense what was approaching.

"Yes, this is so beautiful. I never would have thought this could ever be such an amazing thing to watch. " she said.

After her words I felt Kasey's body tighten up.

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   It wasn't the earth shaking, mind numbing orgasms of earlier, but it was more special. There was a connection there as she came. As it was peaking she simply said, "Cum with me brother," and I did. I released just at the peak of her orgasm. Then, as I finished, I wrapped her in a deep embrace. After a few seconds I reached out with one arm and pulled Erica into the embrace with us. The moment was truly magical.

What began as a night filled with lust ended as one full of love. We stayed like that for a while. Eventually we separated and drifted off to sleep. We shared the bed all night. In the morning we showered and had breakfast. We talked about how amazing the night had been, and that we couldn't let that be the only time. Late in the morning Kasey left.

"Wow Pete.

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   I never imagined the night would go like that. I think a lot has changed," she said.

"For the better I hope," I replied.

"Definitely," she said.


I hope you all enjoyed this part. This series is drawing to a close. I've got one more chapter of it though. Hopefully it won't take me too long to get it released.  


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