Me and my aunt for the first time.


I have always had a thing for my aunt. She is this sexy little thing that I've always had fantasy's about. I live in New York, she lives in New Jersey. It all happened when I was 17 and she was 28. Me and my family went up to Jersey to visit her and her family. She has her husband and 5 kids living with her. On Saturday we were all hanging out talking and having coffee at around 11:00pm. Me and my aunt would at times look at each other with a look that said "I want you on the bed now". I excused myself to go to the bathroom because the looks she gave me got me a little too excited. Afterwords we all went to bed. Sunday morning rolls around and the entire family decides to go play baseball at a small beach about half hour away. I, on the other hand, didn't feel like going and neither did my aunt. As they all left, I jumped in the shower and my aunt went to her room to watch television. While in the shower, I kept fantasizing about all the hot, sweaty sex we could have while we're alone (of course I couldn't help but masturbate). I left the shower and went to my aunts bedroom because that's where I left all my stuff. As I walked in, I see her laying down on her bed wearing her short skirt and showing off her insanely sexy thick legs and her sexier feet.

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   I stopped and stared at her for a while till she turned and saw me looking, I looked away very quickly, but out of the corner of my eye I saw her give me a small smile. I walked back into the bathroom to change when all of a sudden I got a huge burst of adrenaline. I thought to myself "ACT NOW, YOU GOT A SHOT, SHE'S ALL YOURS", so I did. With my heart beating the fastest its ever gone, I pulled out my erect penis and wrapped my towel around my waist. I walked out and back into my aunts room and said "Hey aunt, I have a question/problem". She responded by saying "What is it sweetie". "I have my girlfriend back in New York and she wants to take our relationship a little further". She says "oook?" Things were looking bad for me and was I getting nervous and sweaty, but I continued. "She wants to have sex but I've never had sex before and I don't know what she would think of my size" I said even though I'm 7in. Without even thinking twice I REMOVED MY TOWEL EXPOSING MY STILL FULLY ERECT PENIS IN FRONT OF HER. I asked her what she thought. My aunt, with a shocked look on her face, said "Oh my God, I can't believe you just did that". Ashamed and with my heart beating faster than before, I quickly covered up and started leaving her room when she says "Wait, come back'. When I heard that, my heart started beating a little slower and couldn't help but think that it might actually happen. She says " Let me see one more time, let me see what she'll be working with.

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   Hmmm, its big, its thick. I think she will be pleased" I smiled at her while she smiled at me. I kinda start to jerk off while still in front of her, she gave me a small giggle. I said "Yeah? You really think so?" She replies "Oh yeah. She will love it". Then out of nowhere she grabs my hard cock with her left hand and says "Now we just need to see what you could do with this thing". She started jerking my cock off, tugging on my dick harder and harder every time, and I was enjoying every minute of it till finally I threw my towel on the floor. She then says "ok, now lets see how it tastes" She first licks the very tip of my cock then takes the whole shaft in her mouth. Her mouth was super moist and super warm. She kept bobbing her head up and down my cock slowly, then after a while she started doing it faster; so much that I had to pull away because I didn't want to cum. We took off our clothes and started kissing passionately with lots of tongue and a good amount of spit, the spit made everything WAY better. I started sucking her huge tits and kissed my way down to her pussy; I started eating her out and she moaned and screamed like crazy. Then we went into missionary position, I slid my cock into her very wet, warm, and tight pussy. I kept pounding her pussy, enjoying her scream in pleasure; I then took her left foot and started sucking her sexy toes. Afterwords, we went into doggy style, reversed cowgirl.

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   TIME FOR COWGIRL. She jumped on top of me and started riding my cock like crazy, she put her hands on my shoulders and at times put her fingers in her mouth then straight into mine, I loved it. While jumping like crazy, we began to kiss again using lots of saliva. We were having the dirtiest, naughtiest sex ever. . . . . . . . even dirtier than my fantasy's. After cowgirl I rolled her over into missionary again, I kept ramming her pussy till I had to cum; she says "Cum inside! oh please cum inside me. I wanna have that warm cum inside of me". I went faster and faster till I exploded inside her.

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   We both yelled in pleasure and I collapsed from exhaustion. As I finished, we again started dirty, sloppy kissing passionately, BUT THEN my family comes into the house. We jumped and started to fix up but. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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  . . . . . . too late. Its been a whole month and our family still doesn't talk to us, but me and my aunt still talk to each other over the phone; we talk about that very special day, the best day of my life. THIS IS A REAL STORY. .