Me and my cousin


The day started off a pretty normal day. I woke up showerd brushed my teeth and slipped into some comfey clothes. . This was a day I'd be wanting almost all month. . . My cousin's coming back from Australia to come to are family BBQ. . .
I suppose I was good looking. . I had a slim figure with long fringe that couverd most of my left eye with long blonde hi-lights. I got alot of female attention but not like this. . .
There was a knock at the door and I heard some loud cheers and celebration.

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  . Obviously not the post men eh? I didnt really want to go down. . I was kinda embarrassed and didnt know what to do. . . I just sat on my bed listing to the noise, when a loud. . .
"KAZZ" rattled through the house "come down and say hello to your family kiddo"
Ok the moment of true. . . I took a swig ov vodka that had bin foolish left open by my Farther. . and Marched into the room.

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  . There were atleast 30 people on my back garden and the smell of Burgers filled the air. . When there she was in all her glory. . Pretty, pale skin, small perky boobs, nice legs, medium lenth blonde hair hair. . GORGEOUS
I was in totall shock. . . "umm hi" she said nervously   
"you must be my cousin Jes" I said smiling
"hehehe and you must be my cousin Kazz " she said with a little wink. . . Anyway one thing led to another and before we knew it we were laughin away absoloutly loving it. .

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Sooo "where about's is your bedroom she said smilling". . . there didnt feel like there was any sexuall tension but. . oh how I was wrong.
we walked in laughing at some jokes we were tellin. . . anyway we sat on the bed to watch some film's I had. . she quikly chose "The grudge"
I dimmed the lights and closed the curatins so the room was real dark. . She was terrified at the opening scene's and asked if we coould huddle because she felt scard and felt safer with me round her. .

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  So I did. .
Anyway she put a pillow on my lap and she laid there perfectly still. . . I couldnt help but look. . . her slim legs and perfect little tight ass loked so unbeliveable. . . and her small perky tits were so fucking hot. . . I could see a little bit of her bra.

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  . but not enough.
I felt my dick harden under the pillow I quikly tired to guise it down my truoser leg. . . She must have felt it, it was impossible not too.
she glanced up at me with her blue eyes and flutterd her eye lids. . . "you ok babe ?" "yeahhh I'm fine" I said then she moved the pillow kneeled up and gave me a slow but sexy kiss. . . .
She slowly pulled my new top off. .

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  . and started to bite and suck at my chest, I knew she was horney. . .
She slowly unbuttend my jeans and pulled my comic strip pants right off. . . Revealing my Cock. . . 6 inches rock hard. . . . .

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  "oooh someone looks pleased" she went to put her lips to it but then stopped. " Infact you dirty boy come here. . .  She ripped off her trouses and pulled off her top. . she laid on her side and lifted her leg high in the air. . . "see that slit there" she said playing with her pink pussy "shove your cock in there NOW"
I couldnt belive it. . this is all I had ever wanted for ages. . . and thee it was a perfect wet tight pussy laid before me.

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  . . So I went for it and thrusted my cock in as hard as I could. . she screamed with joy. . "harder harder"  she demanded. . . I couldnt belive it the feel of my cock. . much berrer than my hand when I masturbate. . the pussy was soo wet and cold. it felt amazing.

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  . . I could see sweat forming down her legs as she moaned louder and louder. . . . her feet flying in the air. .
"Im cumming" she screamed. . And so was I " ohh uhh ohh Im coming babeeeee I'm cominnng. . . she moved out of the way and grabbed my tight cock slamming it back and forth with her mouth. .

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  . while playing with her own pussy. . . "ooooooooooh" I moaned as cum shot onto her face I kept coming like there was no tomorrow. . . I rubbed it into her mouth and tongue and she loved it. . . she had already cum. . . . slowly dripping down her leg's.


  . I licked it all up in gental manly manoor along with all the sweat on her legs. . .
She loved it. .
We were both laying there fully clothes. . . heavily breething when she said to me. . . . "can you do me a favour babe" "anything sexy", I said to her well can you worship my feet. .

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  . only there so tired from the sex and the plane ride and please just. . . kiss them"
I was slighlty bewilderd but decided to do my best. . . I slowly kissed her feet and licled at her sexy toes. . . she put her feet all over my face ass I massaged them better. . . Then all of a sudden the door creaked open. .

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  . someone else was here. . . . . . . See next chapted for more.

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