Me and my daddys first time.


I woke up hearing daddy making strange noises, moaning like when I played with my mini.  I snuck out of bed and down the hall to peek in the door. Daddy was laying on his bed playing with his  winkie and watching little girls sitting on old men's laps.  
Daddy was rubbing his winkie faster, making my mini feel all tingly and good, and a little wet down there.  Then he called out my name as white stuff came out of his winkie.  I watched daddy put his dvd in his draw under the clothes.  I really wanted to watch that, they looked like they had lots of fun.  
Daddy stood and faced the door, I thought I was busted and took off back to my room and hopped back into bed.  
I heard daddy go turn on the shower, and quickly went to the kitchen to get breakfast out and turn daddy's coffee on.  
Daddy came in and put his arm around my waist and kissed my  cheek.  "Mmm good morning honey, how'd you sleep" he asked as he patted my bum and got his coffee.  
"Morning daddy, I also good. Did you?"I really wanted to ask what he was doing to his winkie but I was too scared.  
"Yes I did baby, quickly eat up and get ready for school, we're going to be late, daddy over slept. " He said as he poured his coffee in his car mug.  
I went and go ready for school and hopped into the car as daddy was calling out.

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"Baby I won't be able to pick you up today, I have a really important meeting and won't be home until 5pm. Do you want me to call the babysitter or do you think your big enough to be alone for a few hours?"He asked on our drive to school.  
I was so excited, I really wanted to look at daddy's secret movie.  
"Oh c'mon daddy I'm 10yrs old! I don't need a babysitter"I whined and flashes my puppy dog face I knew daddy couldn't resist.  
"Please daddy, no babysitter.  I will go straight home and then do my homework. "
I knew daddy was going to say yes, but he was pretending he wasn't.  
"Hmm but your still daddy's little baby, and need lots of looking after.  Hmm ok baby I'll let you stay without a babysitter but you are not to leave the house or let anyone in, ok?"He said as he rubbed my leg.  
"OMG Thank you daddy!"I squealed.  "I promise I won't have anyone over and will go straight home. "
Daddy pulled up to the school and lent across to give me a hug.  "Remember baby, straight home. "
I hugged daddy back,"Promise daddy, bye"I said as I kissed his lips like every morning.  
All day all I could think about was daddy playing with his winkie.

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   And getting home to watch daddys special dvd.  
Sometimes not having a mum around was hard, and I couldn't ask her why I felt like I did.  But I loved it being just me and daddy.  
My mini was tingling and damn all day long thinking about it, that by the time the home time bell rang I ran straight home like I promised daddy.  
I ran straight to my room and got undressed and had a quick shower and put on just my nighty.  
I started to do my homework like I told daddy I would, but my mini kept tingling and my head kept thinking of daddy's movie.  
I snuck into daddy's room and got the dvd and went and put it in the player.  
There was a little girl about my age (10 years old)She was laying in bed and there was a big man leaning over her.  
I turned up the volume and heard him tell her to take her clothes off.  
She had little boobies like mine, just a little bump.  She was very slim, not all bones but like she did sports, like me, I was on the schools swim team.  And her mini had no hair like mine too.  But she had blonde hair and blue eyes and I had brown hair and green eyes.  She laid back on the bed and the man started kissing her belly and going down to her mini while pinching her boobies.  The girl was making noises like daddy had today.

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I decided I wanted to feel It too.  So I took my nighty off and laid naked on daddy's bed.  
I started pinching my boobies and watching as the man was kissing her mini and sticking his finger inside her hole.  
My mini was getting really wet and I slid my own finger inside.  It was really tight but felt so good.  
The girl on the movie was screaming and moving around lots.  Then she said " please dad fuck me"
I was shocked! That was her daddy. And he was making her feel really good.  
I want my daddy to do that, I thought to myself.  
My daddy is very sexy.  He is about 6' tall, with big brown eyes and short spikey brown hair.  He has lots of muscles and always like to be fit.  
All the mothers at my school want to date him.  But daddy isn't interested.
I started pretending it was daddy's fingers inside my mini and I got lots of wetness.

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   I thought I might have pee'ed myself.  
The girls daddy kissed up to her lips and stuck his tongue in her mouth, but he was also rubbing his winkie around her mini.  
She moaned really loud when her daddy pushed his winkie inside her.  She kept telling him to "Fuck your little girl daddy".  
He really liked hearing it.  And was pushing his winkie in and  out really fast.  
I was lost in the movie, pushing my finger in my mini at the same time as he put his winkie in her.  
I didnt hear daddy come in, not until he gasped when he seen me with my finger in my mini.  
"I'm so sorry daddy!" I said as I quickly pulled my finger out and cover myself With daddy's pillow.  
I was so embarrassed  and scared daddy was mad, I started crying.  
"Aw baby girl, don't cry. Daddy isn't mad at you baby. Daddy likes seeing you like this. " He said as he paused the movie and came and sat next to me.  
"You do daddy? But I'm not pretty like that girl.

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   Or the girls at school" I said with my head lowered.  
"God yes baby. You are the most beautifulest girl ever.  Daddy thinks about you like that all the time baby. Daddy wants to do that to you. "He said pointing at the screen, which was frozen showing the girls daddy with his winkie inside her mini.  
"Can we daddy? Can we put your winkie in my mini? It's feels funny and it's very wet like I pee'ed but I didn't. "
Daddy removed the pillow from my body and let out a sigh.  
"Wow baby daddy needs to.  But you have to use grown up words to do grown up things. Do you think you can baby?Can you call your mini your pussy, and your bobbies your tits. And daddy's winkie is his cock.  Can you do that baby? Tell daddy again what you want with big girl words. "
"Yes daddy I can.  I want you to put your cock in my pussy.

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   Will you daddy?" I asked as only a 10 yr old can.  
"Mm yes baby. Daddy will do anything for his baby girl. "Daddy quickly took off his shirt and was undoing his pants.  "Baby I want you to kiss me like a big girl. I want you to open up your mouth so daddy can put his tongue in your mouth and we can run our tongues together. "
I nodded my head as daddy's pants fell to the floor leaving him fully naked.  
Daddy lent in and put his lips on mine.  Pushing his tongue in my mouth and playing with mine.  
Daddy's hands rubbed my tits, pinching a little.  
"mm play with daddy's tongue too baby. Does your tits feel good baby?"
I nodded my head and put my lips back to daddy's.  This time pushing my tongue in his mouth playing with his too.  
Daddy sucked on my tongue and I did the same.  All while he played with my tits.

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   Daddy stopped kissing me and started kissing to my tits.
"Lay down baby, daddy wants to kiss down to your pussy and make you feel special"
Daddy sucked my tits and then kept moving down to my pussy.  
"Baby open your legs for daddy. "He whispered on my pussy.  
I opened my legs, and daddy pulled them further apart.  
Daddy used his fingers and opened my pussy up, and lent forward.  
I jumped with excitement as daddy's tongue touched my special love button.  
"mmm baby daddy needs to suck your clit baby, tell daddy he can"He said while teasing my clit with his breath.  
I was already panting and feeling really funny.  
"please daddy suck my clit"I moaned.
Daddy's lips were sealed around my clit before I finished my sentence.  
Daddy sucked harder and harder and slowly slid his finger in my pussy too.  
I was thrashing around on the bed and pushing my pussy harder to daddy's face.  
"more daddy!!!!"I growled.  
"hmm is daddy's baby going to cum?Cum for daddy baby.

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   Tell me to make you cum now!"He said as he went right back to sucking harder and harder.  
"Make me cum daddy!!! I'm cumming"I screamed as I felt an explosion that started from my toes and ended where daddy's mouth was.  
"Mmm did my baby like that?"Daddy said as he pushed his tongue in my mouth.  
"Yes daddy I love it. You taste yummy now too. But can you put your cock in me now like that daddy did?I asked.  
"baby that taste is your pussy juice. It is very yummy, daddy could eat your pussy all day.  You really want daddy's big cock in your little pussy baby?"He asked rubbing his cock around my really wet pussy.  
"Yes daddy. Please put it in my pussy. Fuck your little girl daddy" I said, trying to sound sexy.  
"Baby where did you hear that?" Daddy asked as he got out of bed.  
"I'm sorry daddy, the girl said it on the movie. Please don't be mad"I said, scared daddy was angry.

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"Aw baby daddy isn't mad, I need some lube to put on my cock so it doesn't hurt when I fuck my baby girl" He said as he climbed on top of me and poured lube on his cock and on my pussy.  
"tell daddy you want me to fuck you baby. Tell me you want my cock in your pussy. Beg me baby" He moaned while rubbing his cock on my pussy.  
"Please daddy fuck me, please put your cock in my pussy"I said while pushing my pussy against his cock.  
Daddy lent down and kissed me, sucking my tongue while he pushed his cock in my pussy.  
It was so tight, I didn't think he'd fit in me.  
"Baby daddy needs to push through your hymen and it might hurt a little. Kiss daddy through the pain baby" Daddy said as he kissed me again.
Daddy pulled back and slammed down really hard, tearing right through my hymen.  The pain was unbearable and I screamed into daddy's mouth.  
"Shh baby girl, it's all over now. No more pain. We'll go slow until you feel better. "Daddy said as he kissed my tears and slowly pushed his cock in and out.

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I didn't think the pain would ever end.  It felt like hours, but slowly each time daddy pushed his cock back in it started to feel good, really good like when he was sucking my clit.  
I started pushing my pussy up to meet daddy's cock when he pushed in, making me moan out loud.  
"Mmmm is daddy's baby girl feeling good? Can daddy go a little faster baby"Daddy moaned against my skin.  
"Yes daddy, faster! Please daddy it feels so good like when I cum"
I pushed harder to daddy, rocking my pussy as he picked up the pace.  
Daddy was slamming into my pussy as I bucked around underneath him.  
"Harder daddy please more more!!!"I begged as he fucked me harder.  
"Cum for daddy baby girl, cum in my cock now! Daddy's gunna cum in your sweet little pussy, MY pussy now baby"He said breathlessly as he rammed his cock harder and faster in my pussy.  
I knew I was going to cum, I couldn't hold it back, daddy's cock was magical.  
"I'm cumming daddy!!!!!!"I screamed over and over as daddy kept fucking me harderrr.  
"Tell daddy you want me to cum in your pussy baby! Tell me Now!"he shouted.  
"cum in my pussy daddy please cum. I need to cum again. Please dadddy"I begged as I stated cumming again.  
Daddy picked up the pace, fucked me so hard and fast.


"Take my cum baby. Suck daddy's cum into your pussy! I'm cumming baby!"Daddy grunting as he squirted his cum deep inside me.  
"Hmm how does daddy's baby feel?"Daddy asked as he rolled me on top of him.  
"I feel like I'm dreaming. I feel really good daddy. I want to feel that more. " I said softly.  
"Mmm baby daddy will make you feel even better. I'm not finished yet baby.  Daddy needs to show you how to ride my cock, And suck my cock.  And daddy really wants to fuck my cock in your ass baby"Daddy said while rubbing my back as I laid my head on him.  
"Can we rest a little and watch the movie first daddy?"I asked.  
"Baby we have all the time in the world. Your always going to be mine. Only my cock will ever fuck you" He said, pushing his cock deeper.

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