me, auntie and cousin p1 (me and auntie)


Topic: me,auntie and cousin p1 (me and auntiemy name is rob and i'm 15 years old with a reasonable muscular body and a 8" dick. this is a story of what happened to me recently while visiting my aunts. a few days berfore this event i was at my grandmothers with all my family because my great aunt had come to visit from denmark. while their i wanted to ask my auntie lyyn if i could borrow a game she said yes but she said it might take a while to find. after my visit to my grandmothers to see my great aunt just before i left i told my cousin that i would be comming over to their house to pick up a game at the weekend.
when it came to the weekend i went over to my aunts at around 12. 30pm. when i got their my cousin charlotte was in the front room and my auntie was upstairs reading. i walked into the front room were i saw my cousin i gave her a hug like i normally do when i greet her. now i'll tell u about my cousin, she's 14 nearly 15, ginger hair, quite big tits and a nice cute inosent face also quite light for her age. anyway after our hug she went straight upstairs to tell my auntie i was here and to look for the game i wanted to borrow. my uncle was out in onother city playing golf so it was just them two in the house. my aunt brought a big bag of games down and all 3 of us looked through them to find the game i wanted to borrow but no luck. my auntie said they may be in the loft so me and my aunt went to the loft to look while my cousin made us a cup of tea each. when me and my auntie got to the loft which was also my cousins bedroom she said she would look in the right cupboard and me to look in the left one so we did. after about 10mins of looking i could not see any games at all so i came out of the cupboard i told my aunt i could not see any games in the left cupboard as she continued to look in the right one while she was on all fours looking in the cupboard i noticed that i could see her white thong it looked such a nice view but i turned away because i new it was wrong and i look where my cusin stored all her games.

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   by this time my cousin came up with 3 cups of tea on a tray and asked any luck my aunt said no but just then i spotted the game i wanted to borrow.
i brought the game downstairs with a few others that my aunt had let me borrow by the way my aunt is about 5ft 6" blonde shoulder length hair big tits and a ass 2 die for. anyway now we had found the game and a few others we all decided to play a game we named many board games like monopoly and card games like poker but we all decided to play twister because it would be more of a laugh. so we got the twister mat out and my cousin went first then my aunt then me. we had a right luagh getting in strange positions and flexible ones but the one i liked was when my cousin was on her hands and feet in reach that if this was sex she could of sucked me off i could feel my cock starting to get hard and at that point my cousins mates came and called for her and she left the game to go out with her mates so me and my auntie decided to carry on playing.
it was still a laugh oven though there was only two of us. then she got into a mark were she was bent down in front of me and had to be realy flexible to gett to the mark. i made a sarcastic comment of saying "go on auntie lyyn you can do it", she knew i was being sarcastic and replyed by saying "oh, bite me" in a sarcastic voice back, so i did as a joke, i bit the top of her jeans just above her arse and bellow were, her thongs was showing and pulled them down slightly recealing her arse crack. she's an aunt were she doesn't mind that type of thing and just laughs it off. after i did this she said sarcasticly "no abit lower so i did, i bit her right on the ass crack of her jeans also with a little lick. we both laughed. then my aunt surgested we make it more interesting by saying "when we get into embarasing positions we should take one piece of clothing off" at this surgestion i was starting to get a hard on, i got to the point were i could only just hide it from my aunt. 5 turns passed and their was no embarasing positions which ment no clothing coming off then i got to the point were i was in a crab positions and my aunt had to lean over my face which she did and my face was under both her tits missing them just mm. my aunt was the one in the more embarasing position so she had to take her shirt of but she was abit shy so i said i would take my shirt off aswell just to get started i went first then my aunt. she was wearing a white bra that matched her thongs a couldnt stop staring at them and she noticed me staring and said "you like what you see" i was honest and said yes we both laughed and got back to the game.

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   another 7 turns went before we got in another embarasing position were she was in a crab and i looked like i was getting ready to lick her out. so she had to take her trousers off because she was most embarased. she took them off slowly and shyly, as soon as they came off i was mesmerised she new i was staring but i could not help it i took my eyes off which was very hard and got back to tthe game.
about 10mins later we were both in our underwear but for some reason she still had her high heels on dont know why but she did and it made her look even sexier so i wasnt complaining. soon we got into another position were i was in a crab again and she was above me like a 69 position in the air so we both had to take our underwear off. i went first not knowing that i had a bang on because i was thinking of what her pussy looked like and if it was hairy or shaved, so as soon as my pants dropped my auntie noticed i had a mega bang on i then noticed and started going all red trying to cover it up my auntie refused to let me and said that its against the rules in this game so i took my hands off. then my auntie started taking her thong off she must of gotten over her shyness because she started doing a little dance as she was taking her thong off. i realy couldnt beleive my eyes when i saw her pussy, it was trimmed with a small hairline above it and it looked realy tight my jaw was litrally nearly on the floor my aunt just walked past me in nothing but her high heels and said "now were fully naked other than my heels that dont count, the next person who gets into an embarasing position has to do what the other person wants until your cousin gets back" i nodded my head still staring at her naked body.
we started playing again, it was now 2. 00 hard to beleive we had only been playin an hour and half. anyway we started playing again and we were just able to dodge a few embarasing positions but then when i thought i might dodge the position that was embarasing i dint it was right behind my aunt while she was on her hands and feet with her arse up, so as i turned into my position my fully erected 8" dick was less than a cm away from her naked arse crack. i thought i had lost and would have to obay my aunt until my cousin got back but luckely she was more embarased then me so we both ended up losing which ment we had to do what each other said to so straight away i went in with my demand on what i wanted my aunt to do and risking it all but at the same time she also said a demand to me and both demands ended up being the same. i said "let me fuck you up the arse" while she said "fuck my arse untill its sore" as soon as we both relised what we had both said she pushed her hips back while i pushed my cock forward and with one huge thrust my hole 8" cock was stuck up her arse crack as she moaned with pain and pleasure. i waited till she had stopped moaning then started fucking her arse hole slowly and getting faster and faster with every thrust. she started shouting and moaning "OHH.

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  . . . . FUCK YEAH. . . . FUCK ME HARDER!!" "DONT FUCKING. . . UHH. . . STOP".

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   i shouted i was about to cum so my auntie told me "FILL ME UP WITH URE HOT CUM!!" so i did but i couldnt hold it all in her arse hole because their was to much but as i was pulling out with cum still squirting she grabbed my cock and pushed it in as hard as she could. i couldn't beleive it she took it all in her arse hole she told me to keep my cock in her arse for a few mins to get some rest before we fuck again.
after about 10mins we started again this time we started by passinatly kissing. after kissing my aunt slowly went down to my cock kissing my chest and abbs untill she got to my cock and kissed its head before she strarted sucking on it this went on for about 15 mins before i told her i was going to cum very soon so she stopped and said "you aint gonna cum yet", she told me that i had to return the favour so i straight away went down to her pussy and started licking her out and fingering her, her pussy was so tight it was unbaleiveable i tryed my best to stick three fingers in but it was almost impossible so i fingerd her arse instead and licked her pussy she was moaning loud and it was ekoing through the house luckily noone was in so it didnt matter. i decided to be very kinky and started to try and work my fingers into her arse trying to get my full fist after about 2-3 mins i got it in and started fisting her getting faster and faster, she was screaming with agony and pleasure moaning "OHHHH. . . . FUCK!!! IT HURTS. . . UHH!" i slowed down but straight away she shouted "I DIDNT SAY SLOW DOWN YOU FUCKER!!" i was amazed at what she had said so i gave it my all. she wouldn't let me stop so i thought i would try and fist her pussy again, she was so wet i barely had to try to get my full fist up her pussy, as soon as i did this she moaned so load that i think next door heared it. i started thrusting both my fists up her pussy and arse she was in more pain then pleasure at this point but again when i slowed down she shouted at me "I NEVER SAID SLOW DOWN U LITTLE PRICK!" "FIST URE AUNTIE LYYN TILL SHES SQUIRTING NON-STOP MY NAUGHTY BIG COCKED LITTLE DEVIL" this turned me on like fuck.
i did as she said and fisted her non-stop then she shouted that she was about to cum so i quickly took my fist out her arse and fisted her pussy as fast as i could and put my face in front of her pussy ready to drink her gawjuss cum.

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   i pulled out my fist and was only expecting to only have her squirt for about 2seconds but she surprised me, she squirted for about 45 seconds non-stop i drank as much as i could but most of it going all over the twister mat and my hole body. after she stpped squirting she was nackerd panting realy loud, i lay against the wall with my auntie leaning on my shoulder, she was trying to get her breath back. we sat their for about half an hour, it was now only 3. 15pm. we then kissed passionately for about 5 mins then she got up ang got dressed and we gave each other one last kiss and then she went up stairs to go to sleep. i saw that the room was a mess with the twister mat full of my aunties pussy juices i licked some of it up because i loved the taste and then got a towel and dried the rest of it. i got dressed, tiddied the room up just in time before charlotte walk in.
TO BE CONTINUED. . . . . .

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