Me Mom and Kathy - Part 3


Without another word, she locked her lips with mine again and her toungue again explored my mouth without reservation. She pulled me close to her and I could feel her tits pressing against my chest. he arms were wrapped around me and rubbing my back up and down. I was so excited. I followed her movements and wrapped my arms around her and squeezed her closer to me. My hands drifted down to her ass as I dared to give it a gentle squeeze. With every minute that passed, I was farther and farther away from reality. She broke off the kiss and told me to lay down on the bed and she would show me "a thing or two. " I sat down at the edge of the bed, not wanting to lay down as I feared I would miss something. Mom stepped back and crossed her arms as she gripped the bottom of her low cut shirt. I looked up at her as she smiled wickedly at me and then raised her shirt above her head. Her tits were covered in a black silk bra, and when I say covered, I do mean barely. I could see the top part of her nipples peeking above the top of the bra. She then started to unbutton her slacks and slide the zipper slowly down. My mouth was hung open as I watched this fantasy unfold before my eyes. She turned around as she slid her slacks down and I could see that she was wearing a very skimpy pair of panties (which I later learned was a thong) which matched her black silk bra.

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   I said it before and I will say it again, her ass was not the 16 year old virgins ass, but it was great for a woman of her age. She could easily compete with the women I have seen in the magazines! As she bent all the way over to remove her feet from the pants, she shook her ass for me. This was so erotic to me. I begain to rub my hard cock through my shorts as she turned around. I could see her pussy was very neatly trimmed through her almost see through panties. I was dissapointed that she stopped there, but then realized it was my turn. She walked up to me and put both her hands on my shoulders and pushed me to a laying down position. Her hands did not leave my body as they slid down my chest, stomach and then to the hardness of my dick. She rubbed it first then began to open my zipper and gently slide my pants down to my feet and then off. I wear boxers all the time and my raging hard-on almost broke through the flimsy button holding the fly together. "Mmmmm. . . . Nice, Eric.

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  " She purred to me. I could have cum all over myself right then. She kissed the middle of my foot, and made small kisses along my leg and stomach as she found her way to my neck and proceded to suck on my neck and ear. "Oh God that feels good, mom!" I sighed out as she suckled my earlobe. "That is an erogenous zone, Eric. Everyone has spots that when proper attention is asserted, they become horny almost to the point of submission. No one will tell you where these spots are for them, you have to find them on your own. That is part of the fun. However, since this is your first time, I will give you a clue. Some people will tell you where there's are by doing it to you. Now you find mine. " She said whispering in my ear. I kissed her full on the lips as they came away from my ear. Taking her advice, I kissed my way to her neck, and then to her ears. I did exactly what mom did to me, and I could tell I was doing right by her moans.

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  "Oh yes, dear, right there. That is what you need to do. Oh, baby, keep doing that. " She said quickly breathing in and out. I concentrated on her ear for what seemed like a lifetime, then as a stroke of genius in my own mind, I slyly shifted my concentration to her other ear as I could feel her breathing getting heavier in my ear as she went to work on my own neck. This is what I imagined a moment in the heat of passion would be like. Mom pushed me down again on the bed and lay next to me with one arm under my head and the other roaming my body as she gave me small kisses all over my head. My one arm was wrapped under her roaming her back and ass as the other was kneading her tits. I looked in her eyes and I could see a deep love. Something I have never seen in anyone eye's before. "I love you, Eric. " She said. "I love you, Mom. " I retorted as I squeezed her tit in my hand. Her hand made her way to my crotch where she fumbled with the button on my boxers and finally unleashed my rock hard dick.

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   Her hand ecompassed the base of it and her thumb slowly stroked in circles. "Oh!" I moaned as she giggled at me. "What?" I said. "This is definately your first time. You seem so soft down there and you seem to be overly sensitive. But we can fix that. I think your first lesson will be in oral sex. Do you know what that is, baby?" Mom asked as she started stroking my cock slowly up and down. "Yes, but I have never done it. " I answered back. "Then I will go first. A lot of the things I will do to you, you should return in favor. Both men and women enjoy the same things when it comes to this. I will show you what I mean. " Mom said matter-of-factly.

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  She moved her body down and began to lick around the head of my cock and up and down the shaft. I never felt anything like this before. I have used lotions and what not to masturbate with before, but it never felt like this. I layed my head down to enjoy the sensation mom was giving me when all the sudden, I felt an warm, wet sensation engulf my entire cock. I looked down to see that she had taken me all the way in her mouth and was lookin up at me as she slowly brought her mouth up and down on my cock. I could feel her toungue tickle the head of my cock as she reached the tip, just before going back down. I layed my head down again to enjoy what was happening. I felt the smoothness of her mouth bob up and down on my cock. She would occasionally pull my cock from her mouth and use her hand to jack me off for a few seconds, then go back to sucking. This was the greatest thing since sliced bread as far as I was concerned. Nothing could be better. Atleast as far as I knew at the time. "Do you like this, baby?" Mom asked as her hand made rapid movements up and down my shaft. "Oh yeah, keep going! I think I'm gonna cum!" I said as I felt my balls tighten and a knot build up in the pit of my stomach. She engulfed my cock again in her mouth and I felt my orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks.

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   I warned her it was coming, and she quickly removed my cock from her mouth and rose up. She placed her tits close to my cock as I released my cum all over them. Spurt after spurt flew onto her chest and tits. This is the best orgasm I have ever had. "Mmmm, that was nice, baby. " Mom said as she spread my cum around on her tits with my still hard cock. She literally took my breath away and I spent the next few seconds trying to catch it. Mom rejoined me in bed and started to kiss my neck and lips as she stroked my cock again and again. I was still pretty horny as I knew my lesson was not yet over. It was my turn to return the favor, or atleast try to.
    I started to kiss my way down from mom's mouth, to her neck, to the top of her tits. I reached behind her and attempted to unsnap her bra. It took some help from her before it became free and I was able to remove it. Now in front of me was the most beautiful sight. I always enjoyed the site of tits, and since the day I found myself first aroused by them, I wanted to suck them as a baby does.

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       This was finally my chance and I took it. I slowly licked around her nipple, teasing her a bit as I thought. I quickly replaced my toungue with my mouth and suckled on her tit like I was a year old again. Her hands were running her fingers through her hair and she moaned in pleasure. I was proud that I was able to offer mom so much pleasure. I gave due attention to each of her tits and then began to kiss my way down to her pussy. I had never done this before and I was nervous. I knew what a clit was, and I knew that supposedly it was an erogenous zone, but I had no idea where it was. As I made my way down, I kissed the inside of her legs, slowly making my way to the folds of her pussy. used one hand to move the crotch of her panties over to one side, while the other was massaging her tit. When I finally began to use my toungue, I moved it all over the place trying to listen to her moans instructucting me where to go. After a few minutes, I could sense her frustration, when suddenly her hands were on either side of my head drawing me closer to her as her moans got louder and louder! I knew then that I had hit the right spot and concentrated on the nub that my toungue had found. I circled around it over and over, then pulled it into my mouth and sucked on it as the tip of my toungue whirled around it like a hurricane. By then she had lifted her legs and wrapped them around my head drawing me even closer than I was. I was driving her wild! My ego was about as big as it could be at that point and finally I knew she was about to cum.

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       Her fingers that had been running softly through my hair had now grabbed ahold of it and would not let go. I knew this was the point of no return for her and I continued my onslaught of her pussy. I could feel her legs shake at first, then her arms. I buried my face deeper in her pussy and her entire body shakes and her hips rose up and down with the sensations in her body. She suddenly let go of me and fell limp on the bed. "Oh, Eric. You started off bad, but you certainly made up for that in the long run!" Mom said out of breath. "Have you dont that before?" She added. Smiling from ear to ear, I answered "No, never. ""Well baby. . . We aren't done yet!" She said as she rose up and pushed me down again. My cock had gone a little limp as I concentrated on her, but she quickly fixed that by taking my cock in her mouth and giving me a repeat performance from earlier. I tossed my head back at the sensation.

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       My cock grew hard again in her expert mouth. 'This is great!' I thought to myself. I can't wait to the next part!Just as I thought that, mom stopped and stood up. Disapointed, I looked up like a dog begging for a milk bone and she just bent down again. "Hold on to that thought, lesson two comes later on. for now, we need to nap and then get something to eat. Kathy will be over to help with your second lesson. " She said as she smiled broadly at me and kissed my forehead. We both lay on her bed in complete bliss. She fell asleep quickly while I layed there day dreaming of the night to come. Mom rolled over and wrapped her arm around me. I let go of my day dreams and fell asleep in her arms. To Be ContinuedMore Taboo Incest Hardcore AtTRUE INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.
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