It all begin when i came home from school on a tuesday afternoon,my parents of course were leaving for some business trip out of town, so being that im only 15 i wasn't trusted enough to stay by myself so i was sent to live with my aunt betty, she was a nice aunt when it came to holidays as far as money is concered, but she had a nice body too, a nice rounded figure, bubble butt and a pair of tits to die for. So that night my parents drove me to her house i got my stuff and we settled in for a night of movies that my aunt had rented for that night, my parents left in a flash for the airport so i didn't even get to say goodbye, but anyways my aunt had only a robe on when we came to the door, she was all wet from the shower she had just took, i went in and put my stuff on the floor and proceed to watch tv like a normal kid, but she had other things in mind. She came out to the living room still in onlya robe and stuck in a movie for us to watch, she said "I hope you like romantic movies!" and with that said i began to watch the best romantic movie of my life as people in this movie seemed to have sex every 5 min in the movie, so i settled down on the couch half asleep, then i dozed off to a dream about my aunt betty that i had me on top of her fucking the hell out of her sweet 40 year old pussy, then i was awoken by a loud noise from the movie, i glaced over to my aunt sitting in the chair across from me in the room she was rubbing her clit with her hands in plain daylight i watched as she rubbed it over and over again, then she looked at me with a devilish glare and then procced to rub it again. After of about 15 soild minutes of watching this i could feel my manhood getting hard in my pants and i began to rub it slowly, then she looked over again seeing me rubbing my huge manhood that seemed to be pointing outta my pants, then she procced to come over to me she kissed me on the head and sat down next to me and watched the movie like nothin had happened, but after about 10 min she was getting horny again and saw that i was watching her masturbate so she looked at me and then kissed me on the lips, out lips parted and her tougne enterd my mouth and mine enterd hers and we bagan to makeout for a little over 5 min, then i took my hand and cupped her left breast and felt it all the way to were her nipples were hard enough to suck on, and that is exactly what i did i sucked on the aunts nipples hard enough to hear her moan for more, then while i was doing this she unzipped my pants and found my manhood she was already stroking it like a mad woman, then he put my manhood in her mouth and sucked me off for what seemed like forever which felt sooooo very good, then she whispered in my ear "i want you inside of me right now!" and you didn't have to ask me twice i took her and placed her on my manhood and she began to work her clit and my dick like mad then she grabbed a hold of the back of the couch and rode my cock like a 40 year old pro at her work it didn't take long to get her going, she moaned and screamed like crazy, then we changed positions to were i was banging her ass and she was fingering her clit like crazy until i pumped her pussy full of my cock again as i had enough of her ass, then she screamed out loud "IIIIIIIMMMMMM CUMMMMMMING" and her woman juices ran down my leg and hers as we both cumed at the sametime right then and there, we both gave eachother oral for the rest of night, when morning came around i was awoken by a morning blowjob from her, she had cum stains around her mouth as she had enjoyed it alot, then she made us breakfest and we fucked again in the kitchen as my parents pulled into the driveway i had to tapped it off in a hurry, this would be one of the beat fuckings i have ever had with my aunt, which ment a lot more trips over to her house in the future.