Mom competes with Dad part 6


Mom competes with Dad Part 6.
Please catch up on Parts 1 to 5 before continuing, as this has become quite a long story with a bit of a story line. It’s always nicer when someone gets fucked that you have come to know a bit.
___________________________ _______
Wednesday after school I was relaxing on my bed in my room doing absolutely nothing for half an hour or so, daydreaming about Dad, Mom and Carla. My thoughts turned to Trish. I had avoided calling her until now, being slightly scared of her as she was a lesbian and I was not sure that I was ready for full blown lesbian sex. But then, what the hell do you call what Mom and I did? And what do you call Carla and my plans for Saturday night?
Now that I knew more about Trish, about her fashion boutique and the quarterly modeling shows she held, I was becoming very inquisitive. Knowing that she used girls my age to model her teenage designs made my daydreams of becoming a model resurface. I was beginning to look forward to meeting Mom’s girlfriend.
Please understand that I was incredibly curious about sex. I didn’t love Daddy to the exclusion of everybody else. I loved him because he gave me what I wanted and because I sensed that he understood something of my need. I was vaguely aware of an erotic, perverse empathy that existed between us that I could manipulate to get my way with him. I already sensed that I could initiate sex with him any time I wanted to. Of course once I hooked him he would take charge of me and dominate my body but that was exactly what I wanted from him. A similar perverse desire burnt in Mom and I more than willingly responded to it.


   I had this fleeting daydream of me leaning seductively against my door frame dressed in my new nightie that showed off my hooters and all of my legs just before bed time, challenging the two of them with a come-on look where they sat side by side on the couch, then retiring to my bed to wait to see who was lusting for me most and would creep to my room after all the lights were out… it was just a thought… Fuck! It made me horny and I worked it over a bit in my mind…
 And then there was Carla. Carla who had teasingly called me ‘boyfriend’. Carla who was just as keen as I was for a little bitsy of alternative sex.
I reached for my phone and called Trish’s number, trembling slightly, not knowing what to expect. She did not have my number on her phone yet so she didn’t know who was calling, but I took courage when I heard the bright and cheerful expectancy in her voice as she answered: “Trish here, who am I speaking to?”
“Hi Trish, it’s Angelique, you met me with Lillian the other night at Mike’s. You gave me your cell number. ”
“Oh my god yes, Angelique! How are you Sweetie? I remember exactly who you are! How can I forget? I am delighted that you phoned. ”
“Thanks. I’m not interrupting you in the middle of something? I just phoned to say hi. ”
“I was really hoping you would call, Sweetie, and I’m doing absolutely nothing right now, so we can chat all we want to. ”
“Oh, good. I was wondering about you giving me your cell number like that. I was wondering what I should make of it, you and Lilly being hooked up and everything?”
“Tell me first, did you like it?”
“I’m kind of very confused because of it. It was very sudden and it was as if you put a charming spell on me and then I realized that I liked it, liked what you were doing. ”
“Why? Why are you confused?”
“It excited me in a way I never expected.

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   I never thought a woman could make me, I mean, oh god! I thought I liked men. I thought I could only ever get the hots for a man, a real man, not even a boy my age. I despise boys, they are so flippen immature. Then you put your hand on my thigh and confused the hell out of me. ”
“What bothers you most, the fact that you liked me touching you or that I’m also seeing Lilly?”
“Most of all I was wondering if you gave me your number because you wanted to see me again. ”
“Sweetie, discussing this over the phone is very impersonal. We should be able to see each other’s eyes when we talk about this. Are you busy with something very important for the next hour or so?”
“I’m supposed to do my homework, but I can do it tonight. Mom comes at five thirty, that’s in two hours time. ” I could hardly conceal my sudden excitement.
“Good! Here’s what we do! Lock the house and wait for me at the gate. I‘ll pick you up in ten minutes. There‘s a cute little coffee shop with nice intimate booths just across the road from the boutique. We’re going to have something to drink while we talk. Lilleth once told me that you had thoughts of doing a bit of modeling at some time or another?”
“Yes, I dreamed like all girls, I suppose.

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   I’m still dreaming sometimes. ” For a moment I wondered what else Mom told Trish about me.
“Lock up. See you in ten minutes. ”
I brushed my teeth and hastily touched up my lips with a bit of lip gloss. I hurriedly got out of my school uniform and put on a pleated short navy blue skirt and white cotton blouse. Trish was already waiting when I rushed out of the house. Getting into the car with her, I again thought of her as a sex goddess in the same way as that first evening and the realization that she came for me and was spiriting me away left me at a temporary loss for words. She wore a cream satin top with a wispy bra underneath so that her prominent nipples molded the silky material, and a wine red wrap around skirt that was fastened with a single button, leaving most of her legs bare while she drove.
We sat opposite each other in a very private booth. I ordered a milk shake and she had Mocca Java and we glanced at each other’s eyes for clues about our thoughts as we took up our conversation again. She told me what I sort of suspected already with mixed feelings, that she and Mom was not an exclusive couple, not an item, but frequently dated although they also dated other girl friends. They were both truly promiscuous. When she learnt that I knew about Mom’s promiscuity she wanted to know how I felt about it and her crazy mixed up marriage and lesbian preferences. I told her that I only recently came to realize that Mom was gay and promiscuous and that I was as intrigued as she was with her  marriage to Daddy.

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We hardly talked about us. By talking about Mom and Daddy and her boutique and my interests we came to know a lot about each other, about how we saw things and what we liked and I soon realized that I liked her a lot. I liked it when our eyes met and I saw a glimmer of lust shimmering in them. I knew that this sex goddess had the hots for me in no small way and it pleased me no end while making me nervous at the same time.
A little later I followed her into her boutique and she showed me her latest creations, carefully picking some out that were my number and draping them over her one arm. Then she told me to follow her, but she led the way to her office and not to a changing booth. She told her secretary that she was not to be disturbed as she was interviewing a potential model. Her secretary had brilliant red hair and very dark, almost black lipstick and wore a really short skirt that made her legs look like they went on and on forever. She said she will hold the fort with a knowing look and a big smile at me. Inside her office she closed the door behind us but did not turn the key to lock it. She broached the topic of modeling again as I expected she would. “Would you still like to do a bit of modeling? Would you like to walk the ramp strutting your stuff and displaying my designs?”
She knew I would say yes. What girl would not, especially after hearing that you were being interviewed as a potential model. “I would love to. I used to dream about being a model, all girls do, I suppose, it’s the next phase after they stop fantasizing about marrying a prince and becoming a princess.

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“Why did you stop dreaming?”
“I read an article a time ago that made me think that I am too short, so gradually the desire waned. ”
“What stupid article was that? I design clothes for teenagers like you. This stuff!” She indicated the clothes she brought with her. “In fact I want you to put some of these on to see how it looks on you. ” She picked up a brilliant red mini skirt and white see-through top and said: “Put this on and let’s see what you look like. ”
I hesitated just for a moment. She chuckled pleasantly. “You’re not shy and yes, I am going to watch because I think you have a fantastic, perfect body. I might even consider you as a specialist lingerie model. ”
I undressed, not turning my back to her. I still had my sensible school bra and panties on. “Hold it. ” She said. “Stretch your hands above your head. ” I did so, feeling my nipples harden.

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   ”Yes, like that. Reach for the ceiling. Yes, that’s right! Hold your hands like that, yes. Get on your toes, make yourself longer. Now turn around slowly. Again. Reach sideways with your arms and stretch. Yes. Turn around again. ” I did as she asked, not looking at her because it would distract me. “Thanks. ” She said. “You have a really good figure, Sweetie. Now put on the skirt and top. ”
I put the skirt on first and while I was doing the top button she said: “Take off your bra.

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   I want to see that top on you without the bra. ” I blushed a little and turned my back to her to undo the clasp. I put on the top and tucked it into the skirt. “Great!” She exclaimed. “It looks fantastic on you. Turn around and look into the mirror. ” I did so and loved what I saw. The skirt showed plenty of thigh and made my legs look longer and the dark pink nubs of my nipples were visible where they pressed into the almost sheer material.
“If you have two hours every Saturday morning for six months you are going to strut your stuff on the ramp. Are we going to talk to your Mom and Dad about it?”
“Yes. ”
“Good. I know Janet very well. She started with her new class three weeks ago already but she will slot you in. She is short of aspiring models and I have a feeling that you will learn fast. ”
“Thank you, Trish.

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“That is not how I am thanked, but first I want you to dress up in all of these in turn. It will give me an idea of what goes best with you. ”
I had a wonderful time fitting beautiful designer teen dresses and being complimented by the designer. The serotonin was flowing and I felt wonderful, wonderful and relaxed and sexy, sexy and horny, and more horny every time I changed tops and my hard nipples attracted her gaze and I saw the lust burning ever brighter in her eyes.
Slowly turning in front of the mirror appraising the last outfit I had to try on, I said: “Trish, this was the best time I’ve had in ages. I really cannot tell you how much I appreciate it. Thank you so much for everything. ”
“I already told you that is no way to thank me, girl. ” She was reclining in a large, stuffed maroon chair with contrasting pink cushions in the corner of her spacious office from where she has been watching me for most of the time.
“How do I thank you?”
She looked at her watch. “Strip down to your panty. ”
I did so, trembling suddenly. “What do you want me to do next?”
“Come over here. ” I did so, stepping closer until I was within reach of her. She sat up straighter and reached out with one hand, cupping my breast with it while watching my eyes for my reaction.

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   I did not flinch or withdraw but brazenly leaned into her hand a little. She rubbed my breast and my tongue flicked across my lips. Her fingers moved to my nipple, capturing it and gently pinching it, pinching and rolling, rolling and tugging on it until I groaned: “Oh god, I want you too!”
In a flash she pulled me into her arms and our mouths locked in hungry, urgent kissing while her other hand slipped under my panty to explore my pussy. She tumbled my into the chair where she has been sitting and slid out of it, dragging my panty down my legs and discarding it as she got on her knees on the thick deep pile rug. She coaxed my thighs wide open, stroking and rubbing them with that special touch that one woman has for another.
I did not pretend to be coy, but yielded to her shamelessly.   She held my eyes with hers as she lowered her face to my crotch. I groaned as she stuck her tongue out, deliberately showing me the broad, pink object that was her promise of satisfaction, of wetly slaking the lust that was on fire inside me by now. She wagged its pointed dripping wet tip teasingly at me for a few seconds before slowly lowering it to my crotch to start licking my sex. She licked and sucked me expertly, first using her broad flat tongue to leisurely lick my crotch and pussy down to my asshole with a variety of different strokes and touches uninterrupted for at least five minutes before teasing open my slit to fish for my clit.
Her licking and sucking of my clit while her fingers were at the same time roughing my nipples had my ass dancing and twisting as I attempted to fuck her face. Then she inserted first one finger into my pussy and after twisting and thrusting it into my wet tunnel for a while she followed it up with a second and then she forced a third one in. It stretched me just a bit but her three fingers were still a lot smaller than Daddy’s cock. Then she sucked my tender, sensitive clit between her lips and within a minute or so I came, gasping and moaning and thrashing about as my body was racked with orgasmic spasms.
I hardly had my breath back when she said: “Return the favor, Sweetie.

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   You have twenty minutes to make me cum my brains out. Five orgasms in twenty minutes and the red skirt with the sheer top is yours. Do you think you will be up to it?”
Just for a moment I was pissed off by the idea that I was being offered payment like whore; one pretty outfit for five quick orgasms, but it did not put me off. She lay back into her easy chair and I almost flung myself on top of her. She assisted me in getting rid of her top and then her wispy bra. “God, you have beautiful tits!” They were big and firm, the product of a very good surgeon no doubt, and her nipples were dark pink and prominent, hardening to raisin textured nubs erecting themselves proudly clear of their supporting mounds. I groaned as I took one of them between my fingers and started squeezing and rolling it and she raised her breast to my hand and smiled lasciviously.
Even though I was challenged to provide five orgasms in almost no time I used up a few minutes to kiss her on her beautiful, full, inviting mouth, slipping my tongue between her lips and finding hers ready and waiting to wrestle mine. Then I kissed and licked my way down to her tits, loitering with my lips on her nipples, wasting more time sucking them before kissing a wet trail down to her baby-smooth shaven puss.
I have seen big cunts like hers in porn clips, close-up it was almost intimidating. I licked her from her asshole to her Venus bone, repeating it, licking in one direction only, thinking that I would like to be licked like this. I have had only one lesbian sex experience with Mom so far, but I have been watching Lesbian porn for quite a while, and so I just followed my instincts. I licked her with my flat tongue like that until she groaned softly and spread her pussy lips for me using her index and middle fingers. I now licked the broad delicate pink flesh of her slit, savoring the orchid-like folds of delicate pink skin, testing the dimple at the entrance to her tunnel, finding it eagerly yielding and slow to close up. Having my face in her cunt made me heady, as if the tacky moisture that I was lapping up was alcoholic.


   Her clit was quite prominent though nothing like Mom’s and I went to work on it with my tongue and lips while I started finger fucking her with the fingers of one hand, adding fingers until I was pumping four fingers into her so that only my thumb remained outside, riding her clit while I sucked and licked it. At the same time my other hand’s fingers never stopped toying with and roughing her nipples.
Oh god! The thrill of making this sex goddess cum! The excitement that rushed through me when I felt the first stirrings of her orgasm and her first soft moan. Then followed the Ecstasy of an adrenalin rush when her body started trembling and she suddenly fucked my face until her urgent gyrations turned into the shudders the spasms of cumming as her first orgasm wracked her. I continued fucking her sopping wet puss with my four fingers and very soon and to my utter delight she was in the throes of a second orgasm. I backed off her clit just a bit with my mouth, reaching up to kiss her on her mouth and deeply and heavenly into it with my tongue before reluctantly retreating from it to suck and kiss her fantastic tits once more.
Returning my mouth to her clit made her cum inside a minute again and then the ebb of one orgasm became the flow of the next, following on each other like waves at the sea-shore. She gasped and moaned at first, then she whimpered and finally she screamed, shuddered and screamed, fucked my face with a desperate energy, grabbing me by my hair and dragging my face hard into her puss so that her swollen tacky-wet lips fitted me like an oxygen mask as she continued to shudder and scream. Low, moaning screams with a tortured, bovine sound. I would lay awake at night, recollecting the sounds of her orgasmic moaning and those lowing screams. I was getting tired. It was hard work if you were not used to fucking an adult woman continuously for thirty minutes, especially having to fight for breath as well. Then she released my head and her body went limp on me and I reluctantly extracted my fingers from her puss.
“Trish!” I groaned “Oh god Trish! That was so good!”
“Sweetie!” she exclaimed when she got her breath back. “You are one hell of a sex kitten.


  ” She toyed with my hair while she whispered in my ear: “If you let me groom you a bit you could become my favorite pet. Would you like that? Would you let me groom you to my liking?
“Yes!” I sighed. “I would love that. I would love to give you pleasure the way you like it. ” I accepted her invitation realizing that I had no idea what she meant by grooming me, but already knowing that she had quite a few lovers the idea of becoming my sex goddess’ favorite pet flattered me.
I had no idea how many times she came during the first twenty minutes or whether I had earned my skirt and top. I was yearning for her to tumble me into that chair again, or to pin me down on the thick rug. I was aching for more. Mom could wait, we were late already, I would think of a good excuse. Trish could help me with an excuse. She did pull me on top of her and we kissed, but then her door opened and her secretary’s face under the bright red hair appeared. She stared at us knowingly and asked if Trish would lock up. I blushed crimson and Trish must have felt me stiffen against her. She squeezed my bum and whispered: “You don’t have to be shy, Sweetie. She probably watched us the whole time on her monitor.

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   She gets so turned on by watching me. ”
“Oh my god! There’s a camera in here?”
“In the corners over there and there,” And she pointed the two small cameras to me. “very good ones too. Relax! You won’t find yourself on the internet. I just love to watch a bit again later when I think there is potential to develop, and you have lots of potential. Lots of it. Just let me groom you, okay?”
“It’s fine with me. Groom me to your liking. Make me the best. ”
_________________________________ ________________
Mom was at home already. She watched me get out of Trish’s car from the kitchen window. I showed her the skirt and top I got from Trish and she said nothing to make me suspect that she knew we fucked. She asked me to put on my new outfit and I did so without putting my bra on and showed it to her and she told me I looked beautiful and very sexy in it. She said something that I supposed was meant as a hint for me: “Trish has a gifting to make clothes that make girls look fuckable. ”
Then Daddy came home and I got much the same type of compliments from him, almost to the point of embarrassing me in front of Mom.

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Later, in the bath I fantasized again about teasing the two of them. It made me hot knowing that both of them would be looking at me, lusting secretly, wanting to run their tongues over their lips at me. I closed my eyes and played with my pussy and had myself a very good orgasm.
I put on my new nightie and my new little wispy thong and studied myself in the mirror. I looked exactly the Mom didn’t want me to look in Daddy’s presence, which is why she bought me the house coat. My house coat was conveniently hanging in my room. I had to at least walk from the bathroom to my room with only my nightie on, but my hooters would be facing the wrong way. I had a great idea!
When I emerged from the bathroom I went straight to the living room where Mom and Daddy were relaxing next to each other on the couch watching TV. I stopped on the rug halfway between them and the TV and just out of their line of sight of it. Mom’s eyebrows raised and I knew it was because my nipples were pressing into the almost sheer material. “Mom, Trish asked if I would like to do a modeling course on Saturdays and I said I would love to but I would have to discuss it with you and Daddy first. ”
Before Mom could answer, probably by admonishing me for being in a state of virtual undress, Daddy asked: “How much time would it take?” and bought time for me to stay. I saw his eyes on my tits just as I thought they would be.
“It’s a six month course, Daddy. Three weeks have already elapsed but Trish recons I would have no problem to catch up.

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   She says I’m a natural. ”
Mom opened her mouth to speak but Daddy spoke first again, his eyes riveted to my tits: “How long are the sessions?”
“Two hours, from eight to ten. ” Mom was also looking at my tits, not staring like Daddy, but looking all the same. My nipples got stoned. They were harder than they had ever been in the presence of my parents, maybe ever in any situation except when they were sucked.
“What do you think, Lil? It’s okay with me. It could do her a lot of good and it will be fun for her. ”
Mom said at last. “Hon. You should really wear your house coat with that nightie. You could set a house on fire. ”
“A house on fire?” I asked innocently.
“You’re hot Honey. You are not a little girl any more. ”
“Oh gosh, Mom! I didn’t realize… But before I go, is it okay with you too? Please Mom, say yes!”
“It’s okay with me, Hon.

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   And it looks like it’s okay with Dad as well. He’s the one that would have to drive you, so he’s the one you had to convince. ” She flicked her tongue over her lips. I caught it and she knew I saw.
Before I could turn to go Daddy asked: “How much does these lessons cost? Did she tell you?” He had a can opener stare. I caught his eyes and he knew I knew what he was staring at although I tried my best to hide my lust but like Mom too, he couldn’t but see the glimmer of lust in them. They both probably thought I was doing this only for them. God I felt like a naughty little slut just then. The worst.
I half turned as if to go but it was only to show my tits in profile. I stretched imperceptibly, the way you do to make yourself longer and pulled my shoulders back a little. As a result of this my tits jutted out just that little more. “No Daddy, but I will phone tomorrow and find out. ” I smoothed my nightie with the palm of my hand from my neck down to my tummy, knowing without looking that this first molded the thin material over my tits, then stretched it, making my nipples really stab into it.
“Go get your housecoat Hon, and we’ll make some hot chocolate.

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  ”  Mom was apparently very aware of the effect I was having on Daddy and wanted to lower his temperature before his cock burst his pants.
Walking off to my room I felt such a slut. Whore!  At the same time it felt wonderful to be such a slut. I revelled in the look in their eyes. I knew their eyes were burning into my swaying ass. Good! Fucking Trish was something out of this world but it left my unfulfilled and lusting. One of you, please take the hint and come wake up this little slut, this little free whore, in the middle of the night!
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