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Let me tell you about the best day of my life but forst a little background on me.   Im 15 i live in NY and my mom is amazingly hot.   My parents got divorsed when i was in 5th grade and shes dated a couple guys since then.   My mom has an amazing ass, nice perky breasts (38 D), brunette and an amazing body.   Shes thin, tall, and tan with legs that seem to go on forever.   I have had a couple of girlfriends nothing serious though and i have a 7" incher. One day i was outside by my pool takin a nap on my hamic under a tree.   My mom came outside and must not have realized that i was there and decided to go skinny dipping becuase she thougt i was out for the day but i came home and she must not have known.   So as i awaken i see her completly naked with no tan ines or anything (she must do this a lot) and i start to jack off in the hamic.   I blow my load and when im all done i get up to go inside while she was turned away hoping she doesnt see me.   Right as i get up the hamic creeks and she turns around and sees me and she immediately went under water up to her shoulders.   I told her i haden't seen anything becuase i was napping.   I went inside to do my homework and i looked outside and i saw her get out and i was immediately hard and almost cummed.   She had valoptious breasts that i would love to fuck and a bald pussy that looked amazing.   I never really saw my mom in like a tank top or anything so i never realized how flat her stomach was but now i saw and it was flat and perfect.   i imediately went to the bathroom to jack off.

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   I decided from now on i have to try and have sex with her. The next few days were interesting. I was getting ready to go to school one morning and my mom came out with just a robe on and it wasnt even tied all the way so you could see her breasts and some of her pussy.   She said we're all amily so it doesnt matter.   LAter that day she walked in on me taking a shower and opened the door to get shampoo while i was in there.   She saw my dick for a second and giggeled a little.   I had never seen my mother naked before the pool and in the following week i saw parts of her naked about 7 times.   One day my mom was tired and she wanted me to come lay down with her. i knew this was my chance to get things moving between us.   i layed down and she had the covers up to her neck and i didnt think anything of it.   my mom took the covers off and she had nothing on and she was perfectly fine with it.   She asked me if i wanted to touch them becuase she had caught me jackin off a couple of times after i saw her partially naked.   I said ok and i felt up my mom. i played with her tits and pinched her nipple by accident and she quivered. i realized that she liked this and i did it again and she moaned a little.

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    AS i was doing this i didnt even realize my dick was hard and it popped out of my pj pants.   She just looked at my dick an gasped becase when she saw it in the shower she didnt tihnk it was as big as it was.   She said that since she allowed me to play with her tits that i should let her play with my dick.   I said ok and she gave me one of the best handjobs of my life. she was tired and went to sleep. i knew that it was only a matter of time now. the next morning was a saturday and i woke up with my mom next to me in my bed waiting for me to wake up.   I did and afetr breakfast she asked me to come to her room for a second.   When i got up there and she had no top on.   She pulled down my pants and i was hard immediately.   She layed down and pointed to ny dick the inbetween her breasts.   I knew exactly what this meant and i got right on top of her and tit-fucked her like it was my job.   After i cummed all over her she was ired and went back to sleep.   i laid there with her and we both napped until about noon.   When i woke up i heard the shower going and i heard moans.

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    I walked in and i found my mom fingering herself.   she saw me and told me to come in. i dropped my pants and my erect dick was out again.   I got in the shower and she told me to finger her.   I started to finger her and as i searched for the clitoris she kissed me passionately and when i found it she quivered violently.   After i player with her clitoris she had her first of many orgasims that day.   She has a big shower and theres a stool to sit on and she told me to sit down.   She grabbed my dick and i asked if was going to get another mindblowing handjob. she said not, even better.   She slowly lowered her head down to my dick and slowly sucked, and i thought i was gonna blow my load tight there but i held it in.   She sucked me until i couldnt hold it any longer and i shot it in her mouth and she swolled ever last but.   We both showed off and hot out and i was sitting on her bed and she cape out completely naked.   She told me to eat her out and i was a little shocked but I did so and it was amazing.   As I ate her I could feel her juices and they were all over my face after her first orgasm.   After about her second orgasm she told me to turn around so we were in the 69 position and it was better than anything ever before.

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    We both cummed at the same time and we almost passed out from the energy.   After we were done and my dick was wet and her pussy was drenched she told me to fuck her.   I didn’t have to be told twice.   We tried a bunch of different positions but the best was when I had her thighs in my hands with her feet on my shoulders.   We had sex for what seemed like hours.   We just kept going first slow and she saw amazed.   “your so big. Oooooo it feels so goooood!” she moaned and then I picked up the pace pmping faster and faster until I cummed all inside her, stream after stream of my cuz shot deep inside her “I’m CUMMING!!” I yelled.   “It feels so gooooood, don’t stop, don’t stop!’ she moaned.   After I was done and my dick went limp inside of her she started to jack me off and I immediately got hard.   We did it again only this time we each had many orgasms, each more intense than the last until we fell asleep with me still in her.   When we awoke about 15 minutes later she told me she wanted me to fuck her ass.   I was so happy because she had an amazing ass and I couldn’t wait.   I started gently and once her ass was used to my dick I pumped faster and faster until I cummed all inside of her and her ass leaked with my cum.   We showered off again and went to the hot tub still naked.

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  In the hot tub when she touched my leg she felt me get hard again and I fucked her doggy style in the hot tub.   "fuck me! yea fuck me like the dog u are"  She was so tired after that we both just went inside went to sleep naked in the same bed.   Things will never be the same for us ever again. And to think this all started when I saw her skinny-dipping in our pool.   Funny how one thing leads to another.

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