Mom Gets Im'd


This is a story involving incest between a mother and son. If such offends you please hit back on your browser now. The story is complete fiction and if it bears any similarity to any persons living or deceased that is purely coincidence. If you enjoy reading stories involving incest including with a minor, please enjoy.
    It was really getting late but I just wasn't tired. I had the house to myself and was sitting at the computer in the nude looking at some porn. My son was staying the weekend at his Dad's house, a rarity in itself, and my boyfriend had to work. This left me some quiet time and I needed it. I was enjoying a little wine and a little peace and quiet.
    Like I said I was surfing porn and I was enjoying a little self-stimulation. I'm a normal healthy 38-year-old woman and because my son and I share such a small apartment together I don't get much of a chance to enjoy this. His room is just on the other side of a thin wall from mine and to be honest, I just can't be quiet when I'm aroused.
    As I was surfing I also decided to check out some chat rooms. I really don't chat all that much while on line but when I'm in the mood I do enjoy it. I went right to the user created rooms knowing that's where the hot talk would be. Mature interests seemed like the right place to look.

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    I tried a few rooms but really didn't find much that interested me and was about to give up when I got an instant message. It was from a guy who said he was 18 years old and liked older women. He wanted to know if I'd be willing to chat. I usually wouldn't talk with a guy that young but he was polite so I figured no harm in giving him a chance.
    We chatted for quite awhile. I really liked this kid, he was polite and seemed very mature for his age. The talk was not purely sexual either. He actually seemed to want to get to know me and I liked that. Most guys on line act like complete jerks and just want to role-play or have cyber sex right off the bat. This kid however just seemed to want to learn all about me. I even ended up sending him a picture of myself and that's just something I never do.
    At one point he wanted to know what I was wearing and I told him honestly that I wasn't wearing anything. He told me he was naked too and we started describing to each other the things we were doing to ourselves. This ended up being the first time I ever actually found cyber sex to be erotic and I had a great climax from our chat. When we finished I bid him good night and went to bed finally satisfied.

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    When I awoke the next morning I decided to go on line while I enjoyed my morning coffee. I instantly got a message from my new friend and he let me know his cock was still hard from our chat the night before and we picked up right where we had left off. It was such a turn on to me to know that I could arouse a guy his age. We ended up having cyber sex three more times together before the weekend was over.
    Looking back I think I missed a few clues as to this guy's true identity Several times he asked me things about my son. Nothing off color mind you but I should have asked myself why he was interested, but I never put two and two together. I just figured he wanted to know because my son is close in age to him.    
    I wasn't on line very much the next few days so I didn't talk to him again for a while. The following Thursday though I was alone in the house again and I got an instant message from him. This once again turned into some great cyber sex. I found that he just seemed to know all the right buttons to push with me.
    It was on Friday that I got the shock of my life. I had just gotten home from work and decided to check my e-mail. Bryan, my son was not home and when he left the apartment he had made a mistake that changed things between us forever. He had left AOL running and I was just about to change users when I happened to look at his screen name.

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   It was the name of the guy I'd been having so much fun with on line. I realized that he had been using a name on his Dad's account so I wouldn't know who it was.
    The realization of what I'd done hit me instantly. I had cyber sex with my own son. I had described to him in great detail how I was fingering my pussy, touching my breasts, wishing I were sucking his cock, craving the feel of his hard shaft inside of me. I was both mortified and angry at the same time, how could he have done this to me? Then another question came to mind, why had he done this?
    I wasn't sure how to handle any of this, should I confront him about it? Should I ignore it and treat it as just a phase he's going through? Maybe I should talk to his father about it. I was just so unsure as to what I should do. I decided to take a hot bath to try and relax and think things over.
    As I lay there about a million thoughts ran through my mind. I don't think I could have been in more shock had I been hit by a truck. I tried to assure myself that all teenage boys probably fantasize about their mothers at some point. I wasn't a bad looking woman after all. I had lost the few extra pounds that I had carried around for a long time and perhaps I should just take it as a compliment and try and forget about the whole thing.
    After a nice long soak I finally got out of the tub. I threw on a robe and sat down to finally read my e-mail.

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   As soon as I logged on, I got an instant message from my son, who of course didn't know that I had found him out. He started telling me that he'd been thinking about me all day and his cock was as hard as a rock. I knew I really wasn't ready to deal with confronting him so I just sort of played along. I thought that'd be for the best at the moment and didn't see any harm in it.
    He was telling me about stroking and the things that he'd like to be doing to me and suddenly I realized that despite the fact I now knew who this was, I was turned on. I opened my robe and began masturbating with him. We once again had some great cyber sex and for a short while I forgot it was my son and just treated him as my on line lover.
     Once we had finished reality hit me hard. I had just had cyber sex with my own son and this time I did it willingly and knowingly. What had I been thinking? This is insane. He's my own teenage son. How will I ever face him when he comes home? A million other questions were running through my mind not the least of which was how do I stop this or do I even want to?
    I was so confused; how did it happen that I would find myself wanting my own son? How did it come about that he wanted me? Could I stop this thing before it went any further? Did I want it to stop or did I want to actually touch him, suck him, and fuck him?
    I kept telling myself that he was just going through a phase and it would pass. The only problem was that he had dragged me into it and now I wasn't so sure that I wanted it to be just a phase. I enjoyed our time on line together and had to admit to myself that deep down, I did want it to continue. I thought about it and decided that at minimum; I could play along on line for a while, nobody had to know.

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   He didn't even need to know that I was onto him.
    I had decided to call my boy friend and tell him that I wasn't feeling well and that I wouldn't be going over to his place that evening. I knew he had to work the rest of the weekend and would be disappointed but I needed time to think and I was in no mood to deal with him. I had no idea when Bryan would be home and how I was going to face him when he was but I knew I was going to have to sooner or later.
    My mind was going a mile a minute and I guess it just sort of shut down on me. I sat down on the sofa and the next thing I knew Bryan was coming into the apartment. I must have been asleep for at least a couple of hours and was totally out of it when I awoke. I didn't even realize at first that I was still clad in only a robe with nothing underneath.
    Bryan asked if I minded him watching some TV and of course I said I didn't. I was now wide-awake and I knew there was no use in going to bed, I'd never fall back to sleep right away. I asked him what time it was and he told me 12:30. the cobwebs were clearing from my mind when he asked me if I'd like a soda and went to the kitchen. It was then I realized how I was dressed.
    He brought our drinks in and plopped down on the love seat across from me. I asked him where he'd been all evening and he told me he stopped over at his Dad's place for a while then went out with some friends for a while.

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   It was easy to figure out that the time at his Dad's place was when we had chatted on-line.
    We made a little small talk and I realized that for the first time ever I was checking him out. When I say that I mean I was looking at him from head to toe. I found myself wondering if his cock was really the seven inches long he had told me it was. I then decided to tease him a bit; kind of hint around about the cyber sex and just see how he'd react.
     I told him I'd like his opinion about something and he said he'd be glad to give it. I asked him if he thought on line romances could work; I'd met a younger guy on line and really liked him. He grinned big time and said that yes he thought that on line romance could work, but asked me if things weren't going well with my boyfriend.
    I told him that things were ok between us but I get a little bored with him at times. I met this younger guy over the Internet and I really liked him and just thought maybe I shouldn't close any doors in my life at this time. I told him that I was seriously asking this guy if he'd like to meet and Bryan didn't say anything but he had the funniest look on his face.
    He then excused himself to go change into some comfy clothes and while he was gone I couldn't help but wonder how he felt about what I'd just said. I also took the opportunity to fix my robe so that I was showing lots of cleavage. I wanted him to get a nice view when he came back into the room.
    When he walked back in I noticed he seemed to stand behind me for a long time.

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   I knew he was getting a good look at my cleavage and it gave me quite a thrill. I could feel my nipples become hard instantly and I felt a familiar dampness between my legs. Does he really think I'm sexy? I wanted to know; no, I needed to know.
    It seemed that I was no longer in control of myself. My sexual nature took total control of me. There was a little voice deep inside of me telling me to stop; that I'd taken this far enough, but I wasn't able to stop myself. I said I was going to fix us some popcorn and stood up. When I did I purposely let my robe fall open. It was only for a moment but he got to see that I was completely naked under the robe.
    It only took a couple of minutes for the microwave popcorn to pop and as I waited I could actually hear my heart beating. I was trembling because I knew I was about to cross a line that I never before even had known existed. I had to fight with myself just to keep from touching my pussy. That may have been the longest two minutes of my life.
    At last the popcorn was ready and I stepped back into the living room. I had poured the bag into a bowl and I set it on the couch beside me.

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   Bryan was sitting on the loveseat again and I told him he should come sit with me so we can share the popcorn. He did as I asked and joined me. This gave me ample opportunity to show off my cleavage. Every time I'd reach for popcorn, I'd make a point of bending in such a way so that he was getting a good look into the top of my robe.
    I waited till I knew he wasn't looking and untied the sash on my robe. I knew that the first time I moved it would fall open and I wanted it to. The very next time I reached for a kernel it fell open. Bryan's eyes were glued to my breasts and I made no effort to cover them. I wanted Bryan to see them and I let him.
    Not a word was spoken for a few moments; he just stared straight at my breasts and it turned me on so much. Without saying a word I nonchalantly reached up and started to fondle them in front of him. I then parted my legs so that my pussy was exposed to him. My heart was pounding, my legs were shaking, and I was so wet that I was dripping.
    I thought of something I had told him while we were chatting on line and I said, "I told you my pussy was shaved, do you like it?"
    He seemed shocked to find out I knew it had been him and he started to apologize. I just told him to shut up.

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   Yes I was mad at first but after I thought it over I was to say the least, intrigued. Then I asked him once again if he liked the way my pussy looked smooth shaven.
    He seemed to be very unsure of himself or scared to death. As much as I was frightened by my own actions I wasn't about to stop. I spread my legs wide and started to finger myself. I even licked my fingers and told him how good it tasted. I guess I wanted him to become more the aggressor but if wasn't going to I was.
    I reminded him of how he had told me so many times of how he would love to lick my pussy. I told him to go ahead. I wanted him to; I need him to. He was very tentative but he leaned in slowly and I reached up and put my hand behind his head and pushed his mouth onto my pussy.
    The feeling was incredible. His tongue made me feel better than I can ever remember feeling. Once he got started he was shy no longer. He had his mouth buried in my pussy and had my tits in each of his hands and was pinching my nipples.

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   He licked me for about ten minutes and I was so far gone I swear I passed out. My first orgasm with him was incredible.
    As my climax subsided I knew what I wanted next. I wanted to see his cock. I wanted to feel it. More than anything I wanted to taste it. I pushed him over so that I was now on top of him and kissed him square on the lips. It was a mad passionate kiss. My tongue pushed its way between his lips and we embraced as lovers. As we kissed I rubbed my hand over his crotch and was quite pleased by the lump that I felt.
    I pulled his shirt off of him and then started on his shorts. The second that the elastic passed the head it popped out and sprang to life. It was every bit as big as he had claimed it was if not bigger. He also had the loveliest set of balls ever seen.
    I wrapped my hand around the shaft and almost came again just from the excitement of touching it.


   I was such a dirty foul-mouthed slut. I was telling him how nice his cock is, how good it felt, and was asking him if he wanted me to suck it. Of course he did want just that; he practically begged me to put it in my mouth. I teased him for a bit. Poking my tongue out and almost licking it then veering off. I kissed all around the base and even his balls.
    I sensed he was getting close to Cumming and I didn't want that to happen just yet. I stopped my teasing and gave him the chance to calm down. Once he did I extended out my tongue and gently licked the tip of his cock. I instantly loved how he tasted.
    I then opened my mouth wide with full intent of taking every inch of his cock down my throat. I came pretty damned close too. I could feel his pubes tickling my nose. I'd suck then I'd lick. I'd lick then I'd suck.

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   Every so often stopping to lick his nuts. I even went so far as to lick his asshole once. He got close to exploding again and I wanted to taste his seed.
   I told him to cum in my mouth and engulfed his shaft. I loved it when I could feel his cock swell in my mouth and started to taste that lovely salty tang of cum. I kept sucking as he erupted several times into my mouth and swallowed every drop. I've always loved the taste of a man's load but his is absolutely the finest I've ever had. I didn't stop sucking after he exploded. I wanted him hard again because I wasn't through with him yet.
    When I could tell he was completely hard again I scooted up and kissed him again. As I did I reached between our legs and guided his cock to the lips of my pussy. I felt the head slide in and I pushed and in one quick motion he was buried inside of me. I told him to fuck me hard. I wanted his cock to pound me till I screamed.
    He pumped that beautiful hard cock in and out of me with a fury.

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   He was grunting and groaning. I was screaming and scratching. I rode him for a while the he flipped me over and fucked me hard as I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him deep into me.
    I couldn't catch my breath and suddenly erupted in a massive orgasm. My head was spinning, my heart was pounding, and every square inch of me felt like I was in heaven. Something happened to me then that had never happened before. Just as my orgasm subsided I suddenly erupted into another one. My Bryan knows how to fuck!
    As I calmed down I could tell Bryan was about to climax. I pushed him off and engulfed his cock into my mouth once again. I swallowed his load for the second time and made sure not one drop went to waste. I sucked his cock till he was spent and I loved doing it.
    He then did something that finished the evening off in the most perfect of was. He took me by the hand and led me to my bed. I crawled in and he settled in next tome and cuddled me all night. I can't even describe how happy I was at that moment.

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   He held me tight as we both drifted off into the most splendid of sleeps.
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