Mom Takes on Dad and Son In The Farm


Ray Lee had grown up on the farm and as far as he was concern that was all the world had to offer. Every year his father gave his best in the crops to make sure he could pay the bank. It was obvious all the help was needed and soon Ray Lee had stopped going to school.

Now he was sixteen and for the first time in his life he wasn’t happy. His dad was a rough man. He drank and Ray knew he sometimes took out his anger on him and his mother. Angie was only 40 years old but seemed more close to 50. Hard work will do that to a woman. She was tall and had put on some weight. She had brown eyes and curly hairs just bellow the shoulders. She was tanned from working in the sun and her crystal blue eyes stood out in her face. Horace his father was a tall powerful man. He was bald and had a permanent grumpy mood. Not a very nice person but Ray loved him.


There weren’t many people around the farm so Ray had never had any contact with girls. He was still a virgin.

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   He wasn’t ugly. He was actually very attractive with his well-built body and blond hair with blue eyes that would make a girl loose her mind if there was one for him to meet. He was beginning to feel that need in his life and it wasn’t the first time he had spied on his parents having sex. Horace was in bed like in life. Rough and foul mouthed. He fucked Angie with God’s fury calling her all sorts of names and even smacking her face around violently. Ray had observed with care his mother’s naked body. She had big breasts that although not firm seemed great to them. She had thick legs and too much flesh on her belly but to Ray she was the most attractive woman in the world. He had now made a habit out of masturbating while watching them fuck. He was afraid of getting caught but he couldn’t help himself. Little did he know Horace had seen him long ago. One night after dinner in the kitchen Angie was lifting the dishes off the table to the sink when Ray heard something that would make his brain freeze.

“Boy you need to fuck. ”

Ray stood still watching his father.

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“Get over here Angie. ”

She walked to him and looked at Ray. Angie was wearing an old red dress that hardly fit her any more. It was tight and showed her body figure even if it was very long.

“Angie you should teach that boy. Introduce him to fucking I mean. Then sooner or later he’ll get a nice young thing and know what to do. ”

“Jesus Horace he’s our son. ”

“So what? I’m not going to pay some whore to do it. It’s just fucking. He hasn’t had his mind on the crops and I need him concentrated. At least get him off sometimes. ”

“NO. ”

“Listen bitch you do as I say. Now kneel next to him and suck him off.

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Ray watched without knowing what to say or do.

“Don’t make me hurt you Angie. ”

Angie walked to Ray obviously very embarrassed. She kneeled down never looking at him.

“Now you’re going to see what’s good in life son. ”

Angie opened his zipper and took his penis out. To his surprise his cock was already hard. Still without looking at her son Angie got his cock inside her mouth and started sucking. Ray moaned as he felt her tongue going all the way down his shaft. Angie kept jerking him while her lips were rolled around his cock firmly going up and down. Then she took it out and licked its head. Horace was enjoying this. Angie started to fondle his balls as her mouth fucked his cock in a faster and faster rhythm.

“God I cant take it anymore. ”

Angie took her son’s cock out of her mouth and jerked him harder and harder until cum erupted straight into the hair and down into her hand.

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   It hadn’t been more than five minutes and it was all over.

“Damn woman this got me hard. ”

Horace picked her up from the floor and pushed her against the table. He lifted her dress and pulled down her white panties. Ray watched with his cock out and still hard while his father pushed his dick deep into his mother’s pussy from behind against the table. Horace grabbed her tits and hair as he Angie spread her legs and he got in even deeper.

“Oh you fucking cunt. ”

He made her bend over the table and grabbed her ass as he fucked her even harder. Ray was starting to get more and more excited.

“You see boy? This is how a man fucks a little whore like your mother. ”

As he finished this words cum filled Angie’s pussy.

“Oh shit. ”

He took his cock out and Ray saw some of his fathers cum dripping from that wet pussy.

“You want a piece of this? Come one boy. ”

Horace smacked her ass laughing but Ray said no.

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   Angie pulled her dress down and Ray saw tears on her face.

“Now when Ray wants to fuck, you fuck Angie. You got two men to take care of now. You got to serve him as you do me. Understand?”

“Yes Horace. ”

Late at night in his bed Ray thought about what had happened. It wasn’t right but it felt so good he decided to just follow his instinct.

The next night as they were in the living room Horace finishing another beer Ray decided to take his shot.

“I want to fuck tonight mom. ”

Angie was sitting right next to Horace and suddenly became pale.

“Well you listened the boy Angie. Go to the room. Get naked. We’ll be right there. ”

Angie didn’t move but when Horace threatened another beating she got up and obeyed.

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“Now Ray you’ve made your dad very proud son. You’re a real man now. ”

After a few minutes they went to the bedroom. The sheets covered Angie but Horace pushed them away and exposed Ray to her naked body. She wasn’t completely shaved as he noticed. Good.

“Son I’m going first to warm her up but first its blowjob time. ”

They both got naked and Horace ordered her to kneel in front of them. She started sucking Horace that fucked her mouth harder and harder making her gag. Then she went over to Ray. She sucked him gently but soon he was pushing his cock just as fast as his dad. They made her suck their balls and joked when Horace tried to see if she could get two cocks in the mouth at the same time. They pushed and pushed but it didn’t work. Horace then ordered her to go on the bed. He started to fuck her from behind with Ray still in her mouth.

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“You’re our bitch Angie. ”

Ray held her head to get as much of his cock inside her mouth as possible. She took it all sucking and licking while being pounded from behind by her husband. Ray knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He held her hair and started to go all the way in.

“Dad I want to cum on her face. ”

“Then do it son. Cum on your mother’s face. ”

“Open your mouth mom. ”

Angie opened and looked Ray right in the eyes. He jerked off for a few seconds looking at his mom with her mouth open waiting for his cum and four jets of sperm sprayed her face and hair. He pushed inside again as Angie licked the rest of the cum off his cock. Ray of course was still hard and watching his dad smacking his mom’s ass was sure going to keep him excited for a long time. He took his cock out of her mouth as Horace screamed and came inside her pussy.

“Oh you fucking bitch.

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“Lie down mom. ”

Horace sat on a chair and watched as Ray sucked those enormous tits like he had always dreamed of. He then started to play with her clit while still focusing his attention on those fun bags. That was heaven. He sucked until he couldn’t take more. He got between her legs and shoved his cock into her pussy that still had some of his dad’s cum coming out. He grabbed her tits and pushed himself inside of her even deeper.

“Feels so warm inside your pussy mommy. ”

Angie had the taste of her son’s cum on her mouth and her pussy filled with his cock and his dad’s sperm. This had turned her on quite a lot. She wrapped her legs around his waist and moaned. They were both ready to cum again. Her body started shaking as Angie closed her eyes and an orgasm filled her mind.

“Oh fuck push your tits together. ”

Ray got his cock out and immediately shoved it between those flabby breasts.

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   He fucked them up and down and cum filled her rack as Ray had his second orgasm of the day.

“Smear the cum on them. ”

Angie did as he said. Her tits were now shining with the sperm. Horace decided to take another turn and the rest of the night was spent with both men fucking Angie until finally they all fell asleep exhausted. Angie could hardly feel her pussy when she woke up. Her mouth had the taste of all the cum from both men she had swallowed the night before.

From then on she would fuck both her husband and son when they wished and sometimes both at the same time. It lasted for years until Ray Lee finally got married to a girl from another farm. She came to live with them and soon she too had to fuck both men on a regular basis.  A big happy family.  
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